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  1. divemaster5734

    DV snapshot

  2. divemaster5734

    Today's Mid Term Elections

    Ouch. I shouldn't be shocked, but still am, when working people vote against themselves. America has been basking in the result of common sense economics directed by Trump. Anyone who wants to work, and has any type of education or trade skill is able to find a very well paying job just about anywhere in America. There's still some urban innercity areas so heavily controlled by local democrats that have not experienced direct investments, but employment for every demographic is at historic levels. Several of the dems elected to the House ran on a platform of cooperation, but I'm not expecting them to remember a word of their promises once sworn in. Already dem "leadership" is calling for more division. Rather than help heal this country the dems appear to be focusing on ripping away any remaining resemblance of partisanship, and instead of constructive contribution, intend to usurp the president fairly elected by the majority of America. I acknowledge the dem billionaires pouring in vast amounts of money, but if that's all it takes to get votes, then America is already severely screwed. One thing I did notice that warmed my soul and brought a smile to my face, was the responses from every one on this thread. Having friends like you is an honor, and having a place to go when I'm feeling a little beat up and just need to hear a friendly voice is priceless. Thank you, to each and every person. I really hope I'm wrong this time, but unless the newcomers going to DC are willing to challenge the "old guard" dems, and maybe even dethrone queen pelosi, the next two years are going to be brutal on a lever we have never seen before. America needs prayer now more than ever.
  3. In case y'all forgot, I'm predicting republicans not only keep congress, we add margin today. The MSM has no choice but to go all in with their pathetic attempt to influence opinion, because it will only lead to disaster if the "Trump Train" is allowed to demonstrate the truths that so many dedicated collectivists have worked so hard to keep hidden. Just sayin..
  4. divemaster5734

    DV Prayer Family

    Hey Shabbs, That was way too young to go, and right at the age when family starts to come back together after running off to see the world, and then realizing there's no place like home. Wish I had read this earlier, but as you know I'm just not around much lately. We've had our moments, but I always knew you were the only person here who would have known what to do with a babblefish, or what to look for if you suddenly found yourself hurdling through space in the mind of a sperm whale... Hope ya smiled a little. Prayers for processing and healing sent. DM
  5. Perhaps it isn't the story, it's the posture in the presentation that causes the turmoil. In reality, the world witnessed a rare Trump moment. He was taken back and affected by their open contempt, which has left them blinded to any truth, and the only reason their brainless and cowardly reaction got in was because Trump was just about to pour his heart into his speech, because he wants desperately for every nation on the planet to succeed, but knows they don't have a chance unless their "leaders" pull their heads out of their collective asses. He was hoping to see other leaders interested in their countries having historical economic growth, but instead was met with derision worthy of 12 year old jackasses. Unless, of course, you value the opinion of all those other "leaders". Those very same idiots who welcomed the economic refugees into their own countries at the expense of the very same people who trusted them. Like Germany's "leader", who paved the way for a million German women to get raped, who was so determined to destroy her own country she ignored her own peoples pleas, and forced millions more immigrants on Germany's working class. She caused her countries currency to devalue by almost 50%, the list goes on, so if you are upset that her, and other "leaders" just like her, laughed at Trump, then I would wonder if you actually understand the issues. Even the timing of their rude interruption was bad, they simply laughed at him after his very first sentence. It was probably planned, no matter what he said, they were determined to "show" him, maybe for payback, because he is making every single one of them look like the incompetent dolt they really are, and either they convince their own peoples that Trump is not actually doing America any good, or, they are going to have to get off their asses and get to work. The problem with that is, they really DON'T know what to do, and every single one of them is in danger of losing their cushy job. Talk about bullies, they collectively tried to bully Trump, but then, we already knew they are cowards, then they call him a bully. Actually, it's called "leveraging". It's a business word. Trump has leveraged the collective purchasing power of the American Peoples to our advantage. It's what every single business does, they leverage their position in negotiations every single day. Personally, I'm glad someone finally has my back, another establishment administration would have destroyed us. The thing is, by only bringing the negative, you are disqualifying yourself in some peoples eyes just because you are so ready to jump on the bandwagon and ridicule a guy who this country may not even deserve. Sure, he's arrogant, but after the filth the demonrats keep dreaming up, the rest of us have decided he earned it. Look at what a dismal failure obama was, if your not incensed by obamas continues arrogance in the face of his failure, then you may not even have the right to criticize Trump. In reality, forcing division on everyone can't possibly help unite, so if you are all about individual freedom, pesonal responsibility, a small government held accountable to We The People, I don't understand how you plan on accomplishing it without ever trying to help educate.Trump bashing is not educating, its dividing and agitating.
  6. Okay... then why agitate? You will attract more flies with honey than vinegar.. just not too much, that would be weird..
  7. In reality, none of this matters in that all this loss of privacy is only a symptom. It's like putting a fresh battery in your car without looking at anything else because the last one went bad when it wouldn't start the car. If you checked the engine your would realize the distributor is shot, so all your going to do is wear out the new battery and never start the car anyway. It is only a matter of time until the next battery is dead too. The fight for privacy is a distraction, nothing more, and you are guaranteed to lose everything anyway no matter who is pretending to stir things up. The whole reason I fought to get Trump elected was not so the entire world could revel in his genius tweets and level headed timid comments, it was to demonstrate to every living soul in America that We The People do in fact hold All the Power. The rights we don't have are gone because We gave them away. It doesn't matter what happened 50 years ago or 250 years ago, every generation in America MUST assert their liberty of they are destined to lost it. It is so very sad to see so many Humans have allowed themselves to get hung up on TPTB's distraction via the anti-Trump deranged feckless dolts. We should have immediately organized ourselves after the "election", united ourselves, and stormed Washington DC, and thrown every single deep state, along with every other politician out, INCLUDING Trump. We could have, yeah, I know, that was my wildest fantasy, even so, I haven't seen ANYONE trying to educate the true lesson that should have been learned. Instead America has allowed itself to descend into partisan bickering not unlike the Roman Senate when Nero helped burn it down to kick off the dark ages. Only our next dark age will be subjected to our Orwellian Overlords. It is so sad to see so many otherwise intelligent individuals so completely caught up in hopeless stupid. I just can't take it anymore. The answer is so simple, and it is right out in the open for everyone to see, and instead folks are letting the main stream media, including Fox, lead them down dead end streets while the Powers That Be are busy cleaning the #2 out of their drawers after their best, most coordinated, should have been textbook rigged election was shoved down their throat. If you don't think the few trade families running this entire planet took notice, you are sadly mistaken.' They live in fear of the masses suddenly waking up. It almost happened, America yawned, but now is settling down to the mind numbing circus side show. I know Trump had some Ben Carson enlightenment, but even Ben is being quiet. It is a big part of the reason I had to step away. To focus on the "investigation", or "supreme" accusations is to wast your life, better find a hobby and enjoy life, because for as long as we have a "supreme court", stocked by a single person who takes both offices of president in one oath, we are not "free", and we will never "become" free until we take our authority to be free back from the government that has usurped it. I thank God I'm old enough that I wont have too many decades left, its just so painful to watch. Rant over, you may return to your regularly scheduled infighting, division, and disunity. Go celebrate your diversity, be strong in your uniqueness, and be sure to keep hating everyone else that is not the exact same non-binary label you have decided describes you. Screw "e pluribus unum", it's just a bunch of stupid Latin babble anyway. Too funny, auto spell doesn't like those words, no wonder.
  8. divemaster5734

    burt reynolds

    It wasn't uncommon to cross paths with some of the more down to earth actors. We had a favorite fishing spot that was just slightly past a fence, but since there were no keep out signs close by it was alway easier to say "sorry" than "can I". As the number of trips to the spot increased so did our familiarity. One day I found myself sitting on the dock when this old guy came out of nowhere heading for me, then just stopped. I ignored him in my peripheral vision but he wasn't moving, just standing there. Finally looked over and recognized Lorne Green. We just nodded to each other and he went back to the house. We would jump in a little aluminum boat and putt around Huntington Harbor on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you came across a party going on, landing at their dock was usually the only invitation needed. Then it was time to scope out the "prospects". Young ladies with wealthy parents. The objective was to gain access to a yacht while mommy and daddy were on vacation. You wouldn't believe the stuff I got to thrash. Was great until I got a 52' Egg Harbor stuck in Long Beach in low tide. All my buddies bailed, and I was stuck with the little princess, who turned into an evil witch when the crowd, coast guard, and reporters showed up. Had to wait for the tide, it was 11 hours pure hell. Next day I was reading the newspaper article about my beaching the boat and found out princess's dad bought it from John Wayne when Wayne bought the Wild Duck. Unfortunately when the story got out a few other princesses found out and I lost access to a couple mil worth of toys. We had some fun while it lasted.
  9. divemaster5734

    burt reynolds

    When I got out of the Army in '76 I wasn't too concerned about trivial stuff like traffic laws. Far more important was demonstrating proper wheelie technique, humiliating hot rodders, and finding a fresh squeeze for the night. Out terrorizing So. Cal one night I was riding the most magnificent wheelie on Balboa Island between the ferry line cars and sidewalk when I noticed a hot babe across the street. So I slowed down just enough to kick it 90° to cut between cars. Should have checked the ferry, it was unloading, and they were heading my way. So still up one one I kicked 90 again, then again to cut in front of the car that was behind the car I just cut. Imagine my surprise when I noticed it was then none other than Burt Reynolds driving a Jag. I would have stopped and said hi but he was screaming and the look of terror on his face just didn't seem very inviting. Besides, his window was rolled up.
  10. divemaster5734

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    Being a diver I have to say I've never seen anyone make a water-ring, then too weaponize it. . Then I have to sit back and wonder, how much time and air did he waste honing this skill, and exactly who the hell just straps on a tank, drops down, stacks up rocks, the stocks fingers in their mouth and spends time trying to knock down their little stack of rocks. Really, at 10 bucks a full, and hey, who needs to go freaking explore when you can stick fingers in your mouth and knock down rocks, that's something to put on a resume. . That said, it is
  11. divemaster5734

    It's Football Time...NFL favorite Team

    I tossed all nike branded clothing in the trash, wont even donate it. There's not many times I've actively hoped for a companies demise, but have to admit, I would much rather see the company crash than watch them slowly recover market share after dumping this insanely ignorant campaign. Just in case there was any chance the nfl would recover from last year, all hope of that is gone. For the record, I planned on continuing my total football blackout after the weak response to the players union. It's time for a year of replacements, I'd much rather watch 2nd string patriots battle it out than the spoiled angry morons too stupid to even understand how thankful they should be.
  12. Where you find these I have no idea, but please do keep digging up the truth. I couldn't remember the details, until reading this. Thanks
  13. divemaster5734

    George Hayduke

    Wish I knew that before. Dropped it off with a data recovery specialist that was a big fail. He "lost" the HDD on the way to the shop and number is now disconnected. I've got the company he worked for trying to recover the unit. Its one of the Seagates that were recalled. I was unaware as it worked through the recall period, then quit a year after they ended the free recovery offer. Do you have access to a forensic lab?
  14. divemaster5734

    George Hayduke

    hey, I have a couple of those.. 16 card rig...
  15. divemaster5734

    George Hayduke

    Hey bud, shoot me an email. Lost all data.

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