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  1. I love the guy's honesty. When the liberal media was trying to discredit him by insinuating he sexually attacked a woman a long time ago, Mike Lindell just started laughing and replied "I couldn't have done that, I was in jail at the time for cocaine". No hesitation. He is proud of the fact he went from a homeless crack addict to where he is today, as he should be, and he refuses to dwell in shame. He accepted Christ into his life, and the rest is history. It is his full acceptance of what he was through his quiet philanthropy that has exasperated the critics. To be honest I'm impressed, aside from unshakable faith and business acumen, apparently he's something of a gifted mathematician. Won't it be something when he turns out to be the singular force that provides the evidence that forces America to accept the election fraud? Now, besides Arizona's audit, there's one in New Hampshire, supposedly a secret audit took place in Georgia that is about to be released, and there's legislation moving through several other states authorizing actual forensic audits of their elections. It isn't Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, or even Trump that is as responsible for the evidence coming out, it's Lindell. He has spent million's, been attacked by every libtard hack, and fought hard when the rest of us were either in shock, or too financially crippled to be of any use. For a ex-homeless crack addict he's still standing and telling the left "so what, bite me", without actually saying it. It just proves once again, God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the Called. I'm waiting for my order to arrive actually, ordered a medium one last month. Please say "Hello" the your Angel for me. Thank you, I'm doing well.
  2. I wonder how many of us have worked on building project for Amazon, myself included. You take their money, and keep taking all they are willing to pay. In truth, there is nothing we can do as builders to impact Amazon. Their growth is only a symptom of the volume of orders they receive. To turn down a project will only impact your personal status, an we both know there are 100's of contractors trying to underbid you on every project. Please, don't feel bad, you have nothing to be shamed about. Actually, you are obviously a competent builder, Amazon doesn't tolerate baboons. Also, as another Amazon contractor, I know how often they change their minds regardless of the cost or consequences. I've had entire sections done, only for them to decide to "shift" everything 1 1/2' over, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor and materials, only to have them change their minds again, deciding to put it all back where it was in the beginning, and then pay again for the change. They spend hundreds of millions to prepare for technology that doesn't even exist yet, hasn't even been invented yet, no prototypes, but they know someday it will be useful, so they have no problem with the expense. I apologize if my earlier words caused you grief. The only way to stop Amazon is for all of us to stop using Amazon. Unfortunately there is no viable alternative, especially after this fake pandemic has wiped out almost all of the small "mom and pop" independents. There's specialty control parts I can't get anywhere else except on Amazon, unless I can wait for a month, which is impossible if I'm in the middle of a custom design/build for a manufacturer. I have been searching for alternatives, I make a point of sourcing local independents first, even if the increased cost is significant. One thing I realized very quickly was the local items were a much higher quality than online. Back to topic, we didn't get to this place overnight, and the fix will take at least as long. If we keep spreading awareness, and people just start examining their use of Amazon, and start to find other sources, the overall effect will be pretty dramatic as volumes drop, so also will their shares, and with the reduced market share will also come reduced standing, and they will be forced to examine their policies. In the coming weeks more videos are coming out detailing the corruption of the 2020 election. Once Arizona releases their findings I believe that will trigger a wave of similar audits across the nation. We already have 100% proof the election was stolen, once the chorus of voices demanding an accounting becomes a deafening roar, the traitors in the supreme court will no longer be able to bow to their corporate owners demands, and the evidence will finally be heard in a court. Until then, keep on keeping on my brother.
  3. By now most have heard of a guy named Mike Lindell? He's in the process of building an Amazon alternative, and a Facebook alternative. The shopping site launched but has some issues so I'm not gonna post the link right now. However, he has also launched a strong conservative site immune to big tech censoring. That means uncensored, unapologetic, and unabashed articles, videos, and commentaries. These times are tight, how many of us with we had 30 or 40 million cash on hand to venture right now? Jealousy aside, it's about time someone put their money where their mouth is. Mike Lindell was a homeless crack addict, in an interview recently he had to defend himself after he was accused of unethical behaviour. His response, "That's a lie, I couldn't have done it because I was in jail then". The rumors were instantly stopped, and a lot of us were shaking our heads in admiration. One day he was saved, and God has been working miracles through him ever since. I admire him for who he is, and I trust his sincerity. The new site is It launched yesterday morning and was immediately hit with a DDOS attack that shut him down for a few hours. Which means the left is terrified. They cant touch it, cant control it, and can only ask permission from him to log on. Personally, I would not be bothered at all if I never had to use Amazon, was never forced to log into Twitter to read an article, and never again had to log into facebook to check up on some of the clubs I'm associated with. To have a place to be able to plan and organize a national dont work day. That's about all we would need. One or two of them and we would have everyone's attention. Until we hit the big corporations where it all counts for them, they will never back off. DM
  4. Mike Lindell has spent over 1 Million Dollars of his own money gathering, verifying, and organizing all the facts related to the 2020 national election. He has expert testimony from several sources, including U.S. military warfare cyberwar intelligence officials who occupied top level positions, statistical analysists, and other ground breaking cyber experts, including V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, you might not know the name, but you may have benefited from his work. Aside from holding four computer scientist related PhD's from MIT, he's the guy who invented email. Then to realize he is but one of the many experts going on record, to hear and see the proof from cyber companies that began independent investigations BEFORE the election, who are employed by the US government to provide data analysis and cyber protection to the most crucial military and intelligence facets charged with protecting America, AND WERE READY BEFORE THE ELECTION TO SPOT AND COLLECT THE DATA in real time on election day proving collusion and data interference by foreign countries should open the eyes of all but the corrupted individual who knowingly participated the the coup against America. The qualifications of the individuals are nothing short of impressive, that these people are willing to put their entire life's work and reputations on-the-line and on the record is nothing short of inspiring. This video has been banned by almost all video formats. If this doesn't open your eyes and motivate you to action, then nothing ever will. We are deep in a fight for the very survival of America. Make no mistake, if the fraud is not addressed, we will never have a fair election again. America as we knew it will fall, and we will become just another communist country. Republican or Democrat, Independent or Green Party, it doesn't matter. If you love America, if you believe in the American Dream, if you cherish your voice through your vote, or if you want your children, grandchildren to have an opportunity to live in peace and prosperity and enjoy the fruits of their labor, then please, click the link. Sincerely, Divemaster
  5. I don't know why these wont open in DV. Take a look, have a listen. If they refuse to air the fraud for all to see, We will not go without a fight.
  6. The many issues surrounding the November General Election controversies have been exposed to the singular root. Anyone familiar with Project Management knows there are some common guidelines that are core to every process. It just dosent matter if you are Waterfall, Lean, Agile, or Scrum, whenever you encounter a bug, (something that stops progress), you can only solve it by ignoring the symptoms and locating the root cause. If you watch this video you will understand how the mainstream media has intentionally manipulated the narrative to distract the American People. They have tried desperately to convince you that unless your are a computer scientist, or at least are able to write C+ or C++ you will never be able to understand why the fail rate was so high. Once you watch this video you will understand that what they are saying is a bold faced lie. You will also understand fully why they are trying so desperately to destroy the artifacts from the election that they even firebombed the AT&T servers as the distraction to conceal the theft of some printing presses. Once past that, you may become upset when the realization hits you, that whoever planned and executed the fraud did so because they are so convinced you are so stupid you don't even have the ability to see. This is so far beyond Trump or Biden that if anyone is still getting stuck on their personal dislike of either one as justification for the fraud that person may easily be actually too stupid to vote, because if this is not corrected now, America will never have a true election again, and for all practical purposes, the American Experiment has been concluded. I'm not leaving for DC until mid January, I'm hoping there's just enough ethic, morality, and patriotism left in our politicians to remedy this wrong, otherwise, it's time to grab a pitchfork. By the way, the Georgia Senate just ordered a forensic exam of all ballots today.
  7. There is still the possibility of the supreme court hearing evidence of some of the fraud and deception used to alter or create votes for biden. What action they will declare for remedy is anyone's guess. No matter how much evidence, regardless of the video's showing blatant crimes of stuffing ballot boxes with fake ballots, videos of Republican poll watchers being denied entry to counting areas, videos of democrat officials demanding obviously fake ballots be included in "audits", or all the other videos showing how every facet of the election process was corrupted, and in spite of the thousands of very creditable witnesses sworn statement and testimony describing the flagrant disregard of the American election process, there will be people who will scream in indignation, there will be riots, and there will be destruction if this fake election is overturned. It will be a mess. However, that will be nothing compared to what will happen if they refuse to right this wrong, because if they seat biden in that office and expect 74 million Americans to just roll over and allow their vote, their voice, to be silenced, there will be war. Let us pray this fraud is stopped before "We the People" show the "deep state" and their foreign sponsors what a real mess looks like.
  8. Guys, I know there are lot of people experiencing cognitive dissonance, even now I am questioning our reality, in spite of the truth of the traitors intentions being screamed at us through the actions of the militias openly deployed on our streets in support of the coup. You didn’t actually believe BLM stood for unity, did you? They are the definition of racist bigots, just as antifa Is doing exactly the same things a Hitler’s brown shirts. The groundwork has been done, under the guise of anti racism, symbols of American greatness have been torn down by mobs of angry, screaming, hate filled America haters determined to shove their way of thinking down your throat and intent on controlling your life. Just as any free thinker has learned to read between the lines as quickly as if actually printed, we are living in a reality that demands we stop living in denial about our situation, otherwise the lack of situational awareness can in fact get you killed. As conservatives our moral compass directs us to be unassuming. Unfortunately you don’t know anyone who has not been victimized by a morality challenged degenerate fecklessly abusing common respect for personal gain. As I have said before, once people understand that they have nothing without their freedom they will then make a stand. Revelations over the last few days have confirmed without any doubt the years of planning, preparation, posturing, and deflection undertaken by the far left in order to rig the election and forcefully attempt to take over America. I hope time will tell I’m just babbling incoherently, but in the meantime, please update your emergency plans. We have seen the violence escalated steadily to outright murder of political opponents, with their leadership openly calling for all republicans to be sent to re-education camps or a firing line. We have learned to tune out the violent rhetoric of the left, the problem is they may have finally talked themselves into it. Im seeing lots and lots of evidence that says this is no drill. If this theft of America is not stopped it will result in extreme civil unrest. Please, at least prepare for extended periods of no utilities, etc. The “supremes” shot down the challenge on a technicality. I question the courts integrity anyway, considering all the authority they have managed to give themselves to exponentially expand their authority beyond what hey were created for, and I am outraged they refused to even hear arguments or explore any evidence of fraud, especially considering the implications and consequence of a cheated election. I pray we meet on the other side. DM
  9. This video was initially uploaded to youTube, but they banned it, so it was posted on Facebook, only to get banned again. Eventually it wound up on an alternative sharing site, but by then the warning had been effectively silenced by the mainstream media Just think for a moment, what if he makers of this video hadn't been unfairly challenged? What if people had had a chance to hear about it and take a look? Would anything have been done to change the outcome? Could anything have been done? The five minutes you spend on this video could change your perspective.
  10. Thanks, The truth of the matter is we had ample warnings, and then we allowed our "representatives" to kill any momentum to fix the many vote machines issues. Think the 2000 elections "glitch" that pushed Bush over the top when his brother was governor. I wonder how many people realize that the software for the machines was written by a George Soros owned company in Venezuela and Spain, if that doesn't give a free thinker chills nothing will. It has already been proven that one of the late night vote dumps added a zero to the total, which was explained away as human error, but at first nothing was being done about the obvious fraudulent and 100% Biden votes that were being counted as legitimate until several conservative news sites wrote in and complained. The good thing of all this is at least I have managed to fully wean myself from and Fox viewing whatsoever. I've known for a long time they were the plant to distract, but it was convenient to have the diversity of issues in one place. After their Chris Wallace, (an enemy of conservatives), debate fiasco combined with their blatant left leaning agenda on display during the election and ongoing now, I've been forced to build a comprehensive collection of sites to stay informed without existing in an echo chamber. As I understand it, I'm not alone, and disgust with Fox as resulted in noticeable ratings drops, I can only hope that continues. I'm sure there are a LOT of folks here on DV who are as equally disturbed by the 2020 election. It would help to barrage all their reps with emails, there is always a possibility it may guilt one of them to stand up. I think the biggest issue I have with the reaction to the fraud claims is the insane ion your face double standards. All they needed to open four years of Trump investigation was a rumor and a obviously fake report, they tried to impeach him on another rumor that they knew was started by one of them. Now they saying there's no "proof". Well, no duh! Proof is the result of an investigation. Evidence is what initiates investigations, and we have more evidence of fraud,(aside from the already admitted fraud), than we ever had in 2000 for gore/bush, or even for the 2008 liar vs traitor race, and 16 democrat officials have been sent to prison for various illegal vote manipulation or candidate acceptance fraud schemes related to that one. There's at least six states with video evidence of illegal activities by individuals employed by the democratic party related to vote tabulation or denying certified and designated poll watchers access. Unfortunately the greatest damage is already done, and there are literally millions of illegal votes given to Biden that have been separated from the voters declaration and signature, which is going to become one heck of an issue in the next coming months. Aside from a do over, I really don't know how they going to proceed. Just throwing out the ones in question will be an insult to the millions of innocent Americans whose voice will be silenced, but then that might leave Pelosi in charge for a minute, and then someone would just have to go and shoot that witch.
  11. This election was a referendum of Trump and Biden agendas. It is well known that in a coat tail election congress and senate candidates win or lose based largely on the coat tails they are riding. 2020 elections saw Republicans make huge gains across the country in state governments, taking a governorship, and becoming majority in several houses. This is the first time in American election history that the coattails won without the coat (Trump). How bizarre. From American Thinker A first in our history, there were only four presidents who lost their second term. In every instance they lost popular votes, getting around five million less popular votes than previous, but in 2020 Trump GAINED OVER FIVE MILLION, being the first in history to gain votes and still lose. Then there's Milwaukee Officials Have Some Explaining to Do Wisconsin had an 88% turnout, that insane, considering they're continuously historical turnout for election year voting had been around 60% for decades, which means some counties had even higher turnouts, into the 110% bracket. From The New American Basically, for the Biden numbers to be believed, he pulled a bigger voter turnout than Obama ever dreamed of.and, if the late night ballot dumps are to be believed, 138,000 biden votes to ZERO Trump assaults the proven statistical fact, 2-65,000:1 against this possibility, that two to the 65 thousand power odds against, folks, it didn't happen. Also, democratic candidates did not win, which is the norm, republicans did, indicating Trump did actually take it, but the dems are trying to steal it. I've said enough for tonight, follow the links, see for yourself, this is far from over. DM
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