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  1. I was amazed, not that hrc was plotting, but that anyone even bothered to report it. Scheming, plotting, planning, or stealing, lying, cheating, or murdering is all the Clinton's have been doing for over forty years. The dems spent years doggedly determined to dig the hole they are currently in, and I am content to sit by and watch them flame out in November. I told you guys Trump would be elected 11 months before the election, and guess what. The only reason berny is getting the level of attention is because the entire dem candidate field is so very weak it has emboldened the few true despots in waiting to beieve their messiah has a chance with main street dems, because dems would rather vote the bern than Trump. Truth is, there's not very much separating the main street dems from main street republicans. A few times they realized the thing they were mad at conservatives about was actually a position of the left. Trump may set modern voting history in 2020, his support is at least equal to Reagan's. Where it's lacking in the dem party the slack is taken by independents. Heh, not only that, those bombs he love to toss around aren't having the same impact, the snobby elitists have begun to tolerate him and the rest of us still just laugh at the words, glad someone is finally voicing the obvious. I just hope he finally accepts the reality of the US Government. I know he is close, or probably already has had his epiphany. His only path is to educate the American People as quickly as possible. Mainstream media has been working to get us programmed to accept the lies since JP Morgan organized the consortium in 1890, the DOE has been rewriting history since the 1930's, and the deep state was so entrenched they actually thought Trump was the anti-American, some are still openly declaring they were right to tell the lies, make the leaks, and plot to overthrow the will of The People. Every facet of our government has been broken for a long time. The "justice system" is a joke, welfare has become a generational entitlement and a perfectly acceptable career choice for some, the power has corrupted, nothing less then a total restructuring of government, with incentives built in to support justice, not just convictions. Originally, I only supported Trump as an illustration of the truth I had been talking to anyone who would listen, that We The People had the power the whole time. We still do, it can NEVER be taken away from us, we would have to work very hard to actually give it away. Our government has been lying to us for a long time, since 1932 in earnest. Even so, there are so many who instead talk about Trump gonna fix this, or fix that. He'll do what he can, but the truth is, it's up to you. It is only with the essential knowledge in each individual that can we finally begin to see with different eyes. That is the only way to approach the issue. New eyes will show people how totally corrupted we are, and illuminate out path forward. I've been pretty busy lately. Resigned my post when I moved and the GOP just drafted me back. Have been trying to close down the company for the last year, and it's finally close. Have missed you guys here at DV, there's too many to list, I pray you are living well. Dive
  2. So nice to see you guys here fighting the good fight. I've been on a crazy roller coaster that has taken all my time and energy to just hang on. I'm on a remote jobsite now. Got the hotspot working, but it's only good for about 15 minutes before the satellite disappears. It's obvious the democrats don't understand the meaning of the words they are throwing around, they are like a 2 year old using cuss words. They don't have a clue of what's coming out of their mouth, they just know they like the attention they get when they use those words. They only recently started using a potty all by themselves, and would gladly just keep announcing that to everyone in the room for attention, but they get this weird gut feeling their time for telling everyone they not going potty in their pants anymore is over, even though they not quite sure why. After all, all they want is attention. All the attention, all the time. It was easy for so long, once they started crawling, once they stopped crawling, when they started using pull ups, it was all so easy. Everything they did got so much attention. But now they have to earn attention, and saying bad words gets more attention than anything else they know. Even people they never met react to them, and all they gotta do is say a word they learned to pronounce. At two years old words have no meaning, unless it that one word, "hungry", or that other word, "hurt". Only those two words mean anything, but they can't use them all the time or mommy quits listening. Otherwise, how can they continue to call themselves democrats, when Hitler was a democrat too?
  3. Excuse me, before anyone disrespects the diesel, please, let me cure your ignorance. Why is it there are no gas engine driven generators powering any railroad trains? Ever hear of a gas powered ship? nope, they all diesel gensets. How about a gas powered tractor trailer? nope, nope nope. The truth of the matter is gasoline costs a lot more to produce and doesnt contain as much energy as diesel. Even taking into account the pollutants, diesel is still far better than gas. Why don't we just use diesel? Because your politicians have accepted bribes from the petroleum industry lobby for over 100 years. I drive diesels, pound for pound, if you need to actually get real work done, use a diesel. Besides Diesel is now better than gas, study says Credit: THINKSTOCK Modern diesel cars emit less pollution generally than cars that run on gasoline, says a new six-nation study published today in Scientific Reports whose groundwork was laid in part by an American chemist now working at Université de Montréal. And since diesel is so much cleaner than before, environmental regulators should increasingly shift their focus to dirtier gasoline-powered cars and other sources of air pollution, says the UdeM scientist, Patrick Hayes. "Diesel has a bad reputation because you can see the pollution, but it's actually the invisible pollution that comes from gasoline in cars that's worse," said Hayes, 36, an assistant professor at UdeM. "The next step should be to focus on gasoline or removing old diesel vehicles from the road. Modern diesel vehicles have adopted new standards and are now very clean, so attention needs to now turn to regulating on-road and off-road gasoline engines more. That's really the next target." The study, led by researchers in Switzerland and Norway with help from Hayes and colleagues in Italy, France and the U.S., looked at carbonaceous particulate matter (PM) emitted from the tailpipes of cars. Carbonaceous PM is made up of black carbon, primary organic aerosol (POA) and, especially, secondary organic aerosol (SOA), which is known to contain harmful reactive oxygen species and can damage lung tissue. Particle filters required on diesel engines In recent years, newer diesel cars in Europe and North America have been required to be equipped with diesel particle filters (DPFs), which significantly cut down on the pollution they emit. In the lab (at the Paul Scherrer Institute, near Zurich in Switzerland), "gasoline cars emitted on average 10 times more carbonaceous PM at 22°C and 62 times more at -7°C compared to diesel cars," the researchers noted in their study. "The increase in emissions at lower temperatures is related to a more pronounced cold-start effect," when a gasoline engine is less efficient because it's not yet warned up and its catalytic converter is not yet on, the study noted. It added: "These results challenge the existing paradigm that diesel cars are associated, in general, with far higher PM emission rates, reflecting the effectiveness" of engine add-ons like DPFs to stem pollution. That said, it is true that older diesel cars do pollute more than gasoline cars, because they don't have DPFs, and diesel cars in general emit far more nitrogen oxides, which cause smog and acid rain, the study also noted. The air in traffic-heavy LA ... and in the Arctic For their investigation, the researchers utilized field work on air pollution that Hayes carried out in California in 2010 and published in 2013 when he was a researcher at the University of Colorado working with Jose-Luis Jimenez (also a co-author of the new study). Over four weeks in a parking lot of the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, Hayes analyzed air coming from nearby traffic-heavy Los Angeles, drawn through a tube in the roof of a modified construction trailer. Now he's doing something similar up in Canada's Far North, "the final resting place of atmospheric pollution," said Hayes, a New Yorker from Albany who has lived in Montreal since 2013. He's interested in whether the carbonaceous PM up North exacerbates climate change. Soot that settles on snow makes the snow darker and, warmed by the sun, the snow melts faster, for example. To better understand the origins of PM in the Arctic, for the past two years Hayes has been taking measurements at Eureka, Nunavut on Ellesmere Island. He plans to publish his findings next year.
  4. America was not formed with the intent of being the only free country on the planet, rather, as proof individual freedom was possible. True patriots do not plot ways to make all others dwell in envy, rather, we dedicate ourselves to helping every human see the truth, and understand how they too deserve the same, because in reality, we are no different. Every society desires the same goals, the right to earn a lifestyle that will enhance the family. We each wish our children a life of peace, the security of knowing they are loved, the joy of childhood unmolested by hate, civil unrest, abundant healthy food, the opportunity to grow, to learn, to create. Governments survive by sucking the wealth out of the citizenry they pretend to support. America was, until 1776, a template for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, almost immediately, enemies within began to sabotage, and politicians worked to expand their control over the trusting electorate. America is at a crossroads, soon we will either stand as free humans united for a cause, or we will fall, a weak and divided populace willing to concede morality and ethics for an easy meal.
  5. This is what I and others have been talking about for so very long. Everything politicians do is designed to divide, freedom IS NOT safe. If you want safe, you are suffering from delusion. NOTHING is "safe". Not having the freedom to protect yourself and your family is less safe than any other option. Every single human reading this is exactly the same. Each has a right to life, prosperity, and happiness. The only difference is the degree of brainwashing you have accepted as "truth". We chose the republican party to begin our revolution simply due to the Party had strayed the least. That does not mean the GOP, as it is today, is any better than the dems, they both only want to control, oppress, and subjugate. The only way to see a Free America is for Americans to take our country back from the imposters in DC. I believe Trump will support Americans in this endeavor, he is the best opportunity Americans have had since Ronald Reagan. However, if a person can not set their personal dislike of an individual aside to see the individuals value, if people continue to refuse to acknowledge common sense and instead continue to dishonor themselves with the anti-Trump un-American morons, then each of those individuals must be acknowledged as also an enemy of the State, and then suffer the punishment due a traitor in the course of battle. It is time to grow up or be recorded in history as an agent of evil. If we can not keep the elected from becoming corrupted then we need to revolt against Washington DC. Time is running out. Pray for election 2020. It may well be our last chance to avoid another civil war. DM
  6. Is this a spoof? HSBC is owned by China, and is one of four "main" banks, don't remember all the other ones they own, Lloyds and Royal bank of Scotland are two. Remember when they were fined in 2012 for helping launder drug cartel and Saudi terror funds? Can't say I'd be calling them up any day soon. It has to be a spoof, I just didn't bother watching to the end, right? Just did a quick search, here's info on the fine. I remember articles talking about how the fine was a joke, that they easily made 100 times that off the deposits. Stepped away from politics, but am pretty certain the earth didn't start spinning in the opposite direction lately. Have a great day everyone. Turn off the 'puter and get some fresh air. Try a two stroke, the most fun you can have with your clothes on...DM
  7. To all Liberals, Take 2 mins and 13 seconds to learn TRUTH Awesome find, profound words. And it went straight over the trolls head. It's going to be a rough two years. Hope you have been well, my friend.
  8. There is obviously nothing that can be said, nothing that can be done, that would ever motivate you to take an honest inventory and accept the truth. You hated Trump from the first day he was sworn in, and you have refused to quit screaming your hysterical hyperbole long enough to realize or acknowledge the other reality, which is I and a great many others hated Obama before he was even sworn in. Yet, despite the loathe and contempt I had towards him, I still steadfastly refused to humiliate or embarrass myself by disrespecting the office. You never Trumpers not only lost your self-respect, you lost your pride, your morals, your compassion, and every other decent virtue that defines humanity. You have no "higher ground" for as long as you continue to froth at the mouth and bark obscenities at the mere mention of the name Trump. Whats even worse, you are so self absorbed you people are totally ignorant of the significance of what you have done. Your words mean nothing to me, they have no value, as you have refused to play the game the way the adults are supposed to play it. You have rendered yourself feckless, and you have shamed yourself in front of the entire planet. You have helped to open a pandora's box of anti-Americanism. I have no desire to waste my time with you, because you refuse to listen. I am tired of your double standards and hypocrisy. You demand everyone listen to you and believe your deceptions while at the same time refusing to even take an honest look at reality. I am so very disappointed in you dems. Even though I believe you to be one of the biggest threats to America, until now you had the self-respect to refrain yourselves from cheating until you were actually in office, and even then there were lines that even the most fanatic did not cross. Do not expect sympathy, or relief, from me, when you are suddenly forced to reap what you have sewn. This country is nearly ready to burst. If that ever happens, don't you people realize that the hunters, veterans, and peace officers you have been harassing are the very same people with 99% of all the guns? I mean really, how freaking stupid is that?
  9. Thanks. It's a pretty diverse crowd here. WHich is an excellent way to explore alternate view points without the explosive profanity so prevalent on other sites. Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.
  10. I used to believe every human was inherently honest, that truth would win over deception, and love would find a way. After the last two years, not sure what I believe in anymore. I never imagined so many people were so filled with hate that they would much rather see America destroyed than have to admit they were wrong. The far left has created a divide that I doubt can ever heal. I know I will never trust a democrat's word or intentions again. They've certainly proven their promises mean nothing, other peoples property mean nothing, and they will stop at nothing to get their way, lying, cheating, even murder, are all valid options. With folks like that running around it would be insane to allow an RV to happen with the potential to make a number of those petty lost souls insanely wealthy, so they would have nothing left to do but plott their next immoral and/or unethical event with no regard for the wishes of their neighbors,or care for the burden they impose on the innocent. Can you imagine 1000 Bin Laden's running around with minions stuffed into their pockets? Or 5000 brainwashed millennials made sudden millionaires when grandpa left them a garbage bag full of Dinars? I could be wrong, but it would take an rv to find out, and then it could be too late. If I am wrong, then I'm still holding you to that dive we talked about. Hope all is well.
  11. awesome post. Its what I've said before, the RINOS are dems in drag, I didn't list a lot of stuff, like when as gov of Florida Jeb announced he was going to sell off some public land, as part of reducing government overhead, and declaring a private owner could do something good with it. It turned out to be the biggest land transfer from public to private. The mailed in sealed biddding was won by the ST Joe Company, wonder of wonders, H Bush was on the board of directors of another corp owned by the St Joe. I'll have to go through my old HD's and dig up the pictures of US Army solders taking the poppy harvest from the Afghan farmers and storing to keep safe. Have news stories about US bombing runs on "major" cities, along with footage of jets dropping munitions on industrized cities. Only problem was a google satalite picture showed a couple dirt roads intersecting in the middle of nowhere. From H bush on the white house has had at least one sitting member of the CFR in #1 or #2 position, or both.
  12. I started to see what was actually around me during the HW term. In truth, it was Ronald Reagan that ended the cold war and brought down the wall in Germany. Bush was on clean up duty, but he was a war hawk, and that's what helped keep our enemies in line. Once I started to read far more between the lines than what was in print, I wasn't very impressed. That said, after Clinton and Obummer, Bush seems almost downright patriotic. Until you understand what motivated him, then you realize almost everything he did was to fulfill HIS agenda, it just happened to work out that bush's agenda and America's needs were very similar at that time, but when you look at what he did for the globalists agenda behind the headlines, you soon see he never took his eye off the ball, he was definitely Prescott Bush's son, and faithfully followed his instructions. The only reason he was even allowed to be Reagan's 2nd was because the RINO's in power refused to give Reagan the nomination until he agreed to let them pick the VP. Even then Reagan fought against bush, declaring that he refused to have a sitting member of the CFR in his inner cabinet. They tried to make it a done deal about a month after Reagan was elected, but the bullet missed his heart by a fraction of an inch. HW's daddy was none other than Prescott bush, president of the American Socialist Party for three terms, convicted for violating the"Trading with the Enemy" Act, as pres of The Union Bank, grandpa bush authorized a few large loans to a guy named Hitler for something called the Third Reich, Hitlers vision of the next Empire. I always wondered why nothing was ever said of The Bank of England's role in WWII, they gave Hitler most of his start up money. I'm not going to keep raining on everyone's parade by going on about everything bush did to subvert America's sovereignty, just please do remember why he was a one term wonder, after what Reagan did bush should have easily been able to ride those coattails for two terms, except bush got so caught up in his agenda he forgot it wasn't America's agenda too until he screwed up so bad it cost him the election by a landslide. Don't you remember? He introduced America to the globalist's agenda, a One World Government, and the second he talked about it in a speech is the instant he lost. Heck, his VP was a straight out freaking dem in drag who came out of the closet just a couple years later , and bush CHOSE him, but then, thats what all the RINO's are, and it's only a matter of time before they grow a beard, start wearing sandals , and then figure out a scam to perpetrate in order to make some quick cash, heck, I hear he's still hawking global warming. bush did love America, unfortunately, it wasn't the same one we did.
  13. Was he high? He was probably doing one of his surveys and took a drink of some dudes kewlaide, not realizing the large amount of vodka was used to mask the even worse taste of all the drugs that were dissolved in the kool aide. Poor dude is gonna be frying for a week, and that come down has to be a *****. Work boots or skirt, decisions decisions.. lmao
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