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  1. This video was initially uploaded to youTube, but they banned it, so it was posted on Facebook, only to get banned again. Eventually it wound up on an alternative sharing site, but by then the warning had been effectively silenced by the mainstream media Just think for a moment, what if he makers of this video hadn't been unfairly challenged? What if people had had a chance to hear about it and take a look? Would anything have been done to change the outcome? Could anything have been done? The five minutes you spend on
  2. Thanks, The truth of the matter is we had ample warnings, and then we allowed our "representatives" to kill any momentum to fix the many vote machines issues. Think the 2000 elections "glitch" that pushed Bush over the top when his brother was governor. I wonder how many people realize that the software for the machines was written by a George Soros owned company in Venezuela and Spain, if that doesn't give a free thinker chills nothing will. It has already been proven that one of the late night vote dumps added a zero to the total, which was explained away as human error,
  3. This election was a referendum of Trump and Biden agendas. It is well known that in a coat tail election congress and senate candidates win or lose based largely on the coat tails they are riding. 2020 elections saw Republicans make huge gains across the country in state governments, taking a governorship, and becoming majority in several houses. This is the first time in American election history that the coattails won without the coat (Trump). How bizarre. From American Thinker A first in our history, there were only four presidents who lost their second term. In ev
  4. The shock has worn off, giving way to a feeling of incredulous disbelief mixed with an ever-rising anger, born of acceptance. Not of accepting Biden, rather, accepting they really are trying to shove their agenda down our throats. If the supremes don't overturn the manufactured "results", and enforce/punish constitutional election mandates that were so flagrantly violated in so many states, I vow to become one of the worst protest destructive agitators targeting the democratic leadership to ever don black garb. That said, I will first do everything I can to bring truth to Amer
  5. I stand corrected, they had to brazenly refuse entry to GOP ballot watchers in order to finish stuffing ballots, and who knows how many thousands of ballot chasers they employed, but apparently if you have enough money and a sufficient lack of ethic, then even in this era when you can't let go a SBD without it being recorded on someone's camera, the dems were able to possibly steal the election. If every vote counted in every ballot center that refused to follow the rules doesn't get tossed, there will be a reckoning. There is no way Biden could win a fair contest against Trump.
  6. I am still overwhelmed by certain people these days, just when I thought no one could be any more shallow, self-serving, deceitful, or repugnant than an establishment politician I suppose it's the people who serve the wishes of those same crooked politicians who just might be worth even less. The short-sighted posture has to be a result of deliberate de-evolution, taking obtuse to a whole new level, they are jeopardizing their very own way of life. How could they not realize that if the progressives ever get control of all three branches out country will be gone and replace with ano
  7. Notice where Trump has been stumping the last few days. Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, these are all very blue states, the last time Minnesota went red it was for Nixon. He has not been following the path of a man afraid to lose his base. Then look at Biden, him and Trump crossed paths twice, Michigan and Minnesota, which means Biden is scared shitless he's not even going to get the states have haven't voted for republican in almost a generation. The truth about the mail in ballots is they are traditionally majority Dem, and it's the republicans that wait until election day the
  8. It's a twitter post.
  9. It loads on my screen, and I'm not techy enough to figure out what's up, so here's a link that I followed to get to the video, If you can figure out how to repost so all can enjoy please do, thanks Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs Important Film: Amanda Milius explains how @PATPmovie exposes the greatest political scandal in our country’s history and why it is important for all Americans. Watch it at #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
  10. Just as "Antifa" is the purest definition of hypocrisy in our era, so is the BLM quickly becoming the ultimate racist bigots of our new "wokeness". While the left tries to make white supremacists a conservative issue, they are counting on the masses ignorance, because those groups are 100% communists, just like their now burning in hell leader Hitler was. What people don't seem to remember is Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and Hitler was a Democrat, but I digress. I have spent the last couple years shaking my head in wonder, just when I thought they hit rock bottom, the left finds
  11. Trying to not get sucked back into politics, but the lies and deceptions of the left are really hard to ignore...DM
  12. It's ironic, but I think it's the millennials that refuse to drink the koolaid that will be the deciding factor. I've been forced lately to reassess narrow minded perception, it is true, not everyone graduating sold their soul to the ilusion. These last three years have proven what we have been shouting from our soapboxes for so long, the press is not our friend, and the government isn't either. Only the most deluded refuse to see, and while they are among the most vocal, their numbers are small. My biggest fear is what will happen once Trump wins again. I fear the dems wil
  13. We tossed the "Trump wrench" into the spokes of the globalists agenda, was the virus their response? If we are so easily forced into continued submission, I wonder if we will ever be able to regain actual individual freedom. The internet exploded before they could contain it, many truths were finally shared, and The People took notice. But then, just like J.P. Morgan did in the late 1800's when he formed a conglomerate to purchase the top newspapers of the time to control the editors and eventually reduced the number of news corporations in the US to five tightly controlled MSM
  14. Hey Moose, Last I was here you had been MIA, very nice to see you made a return. Congrats on the grandson, I just got one of those a couple years ago too. Changes your whole perspective. Peace brother.
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