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  1. An excellent story, and one our government not only hasn't forgotten, but desperately tries to make sure never plays a part again. Which is why they have severe restrictions on church nonprofit speech. The Revolution was given life through the pulpits as the truth of Freedom, unfortunately, that truth was never fully realized.
  2. As a confirmed "two wheel addict" with several in my garage, what happened to the monkey is the fate of anyone trespassing or disrespecting my bike. I hope that democrat learned his lesson and sticks to harassing the cages.
  3. We've been talking about these days coming for a long time, and yet I am still in partial denial. Flabbergasted over the proudly hypocritic and blatantly false war chants taken up by the violent left. I was stunned speechless in 2020, and predicted America wouldn't last until 2024, but am still praying I'll be proved wrong. It's going to be so very painful, all families will be affected. And then I can only feel saddened for all those kids that will never have a chance to grow up, or to experience life on a simpler wholesome context the way we did in the 50's to 90's. Have to say, the good folks I've met here on DV really did help keep me sane through these incredible changes. Prayers to All.
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