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  1. i try not to post here cause im old and no good with my pc, my wife died 39 years old from ovarian cancer in 2005, i invested in the iraq dinar,raised my very young kids alone on disability, i live in a dam shack, i worked so hard to have my own bussiness and all went at the same time, i dont know and dam sure that there are many in my shape, but if God dont let this thing fly soon then my time will be over! i have done my best! please play bob seger turn the page! i cant do that on youtube, may God bless all of you and wish you the best! love always in my heart, Tim Brandon
  2. T B

    Go Iraq Part 5

    tell me i was dreaming, travis tritt, can someone play this song for me? will i ever see the dinars revalue? i buy them in 2oo5 when my wife died.
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