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  1. Texas Voter Fraud Ring Busted, Slapped with Nearly 30 Felony Charges By Jack Davis October 17, 2018 at 12:01pm Texas officials announced that charges have been filed against what state Attorney General Ken Paxton said was an “organized voter fraud ring” operating in Fort Worth. Four women were indicted on 30 felony counts in connection with the investigation, which involved efforts to prey on elderly voters in the 2016 election. “Ballots by mail are intended to make it easier for Texas seniors to vote,” Paxton said in a news release Friday announcing the arrests. “The unfortunate downside is their extreme vulnerability to fraud. “My office is committed to ensuring that paid vote harvesters who fraudulently generate mail ballots, stealing votes from seniors, are held accountable for their despicable actions and for the damage they inflict on the electoral process.” Some of the fraud targets spoke to KXAS-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth about the case. “I don’t send paperwork to vote,” said Rafael Guerra, whose wife, Hortesia, listed as one of those whose signature was falsified on a mail-in ballot application. “We vote in person, so I don’t know if somebody got the information from somebody or what. I don’t have the slightest idea.” Another victim of the fraud scheme was Julia Betancourt. Her grandson-in-law, Nicholas Martin, said he was glad the fraud ring has been broken. “I think the frustrating part … is taking advantage of someone who is elderly and falsifying to get ballots and vote illegally in her name,” Martin told KXAS-TV. “It gives you a good feeling knowing that they were able to prosecute these individuals.” The news release said the effort to break the rules began by getting ballots mailed to targeted addresses. “When ballots are mailed out by the election offices, harvesters attempt to either intercept the ballots outright, or to ‘assist’ elderly voters in voting their ballots while ensuring that the votes are cast for the candidates of the harvesters’ choice,” it said. “In most cases, the voters do not even know their votes have been stolen.” We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.
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