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  1. Dan Bongino has a new book coming out too. Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal by Dan Bongino and Post Hill Press
  2. Forwarding from Facebook : ME is not ME. ----------------- Literally every conversation I've had with a Trump hater about the upcoming election: Hater: I can't wait to get Donald Trump out of office. Me: Why? Hater: Why?!?! Don't tell me you don't think he colluded with Russia! Me: According to Robert Mueller's exhaustive, multi-million dollar investigation, there was no evidence of that. But there was evidence that the Obama administration spied on him and his campaign using the FBI.
  3. Coronavirus: COVID Deaths in U.S. by Age, Race By Alex Berezow, PhD — June 23, 2020 While coronavirus is obviously concerning and a very real threat to some people (namely, the elderly and immunocompromised), these data also show that the risk for the rest of the population is quite low. Public health officials and the media have been warning us that coronavirus kills not just old or immunocompromised people but young people too. While this is true, it remains relatively uncommon. Th
  4. MM 07 28 49 54 69 MB 24 - 09-25-20 PB 31 38 42 46 64 PB 10 - 09-26-20 Back to Back - Make it happen! Thank you Jesus!
  5. TERMS for Weekly Powerball Entries 1) Pool(s) is (are) open to identifiable/registered DV MEMBERS ONLY (Sorry, no extended family or friends... or Lopsters, as they are not allowed in the regular forums, and therefore cannot comply with the rules). 2) One SET of numbers per ENTRANT per POST per FAMILY (Multiple members in a family may participate under ONE ENTRANT ONLY). (Please select CASH OPTION when purchasing numbers/ticket). Annuity tickets will not be disqualified and will be factored accordingly if determined a winner, but our preferred intent is for the lump
  6. When was that last time you walked into a Retail Store where everything was made in the USA? The Trump Store Website the very best from our retail shops across the globe. The video I provided President Trump talks about how he wants to bring Manufucturing and their jobs back to the USA. That is FAR MORE than any other President has done in our lifetime. Not only did he talk about it, HE actually DID IT. Results. Results matter.
  7. Why should they? You are making unfounded assumptions like most of you Trump without doing any real investigative work. You are slaves to the left media. So sad. .
  8. According to the Trump2020 Website Official Trump hats are Made In America.
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