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  1. Markinsa

    Silly Smiles II

    This is soooo hilarious!
  2. Markinsa

    D.V. lottery games 12/18--12/19---2018

    MM 07 28 49 54 69 MB 24 - 12-18-18 PB 31 38 42 46 64 PB 10 - 12-19-18
  3. Markinsa

    Silly Smiles II

    You would think after the first time, that cat wouldn't do that again. But as you watch this, it seems like it hasn't learned its lesson, what a glutton for punishment.. .
  4. Markinsa

    Public Service Announcement & Air Bags

    ANOTHER WOMAN’S LEGS DESTROYED BY AIRBAGS Posted by Scott Engle Date: July 16 2014, 10:51 pm in: Local / Area News (8) Comments Wednesday afternoon a fender bender turned into critical injuries for a Houston woman. A vehicle traveling east on the Beltway 8 Service Road failed to stop for the vehicle in front of it. The damage to the front was very minimal, however the airbags did deploy. A young female in the passenger seat was relaxing and texting a friend with her feet resting on the dashboard at the time of the crash. That young lady is now in a local hospital with severe facial damage, two broken legs and a shattered pelvis. The airbag which triggers in 1/20th of a second at a speed of almost 200 mph thrust her legs up. One went between the door and front seat with toes pointing down in the backseat area. The other leg was thrust into her chest and face, smashing it and both her tibia and fibula. She also suffered broken ribs. Due to the position she was in, the lap belt was not properly places and she slid partially under the seat belt causing additional trauma. This is a scene the happens daily as you drive down the road relaxing as someone drives. FROM A FIREFIGHTER WHO ALSO WORKED A CRASH ON INTERSTATE 10 I worked an accident on Interstate 10 about 2 years ago invovling a mini van vs. Deer. Upon arrival we found a 17 year old male in the passenger front seat. The only damage to the vehicle as a broken head light and housing on the front right and broken plastic on the bumper facia. The mother/driver stated she had seen several deer in a group and slowed to approx. 35mph but one deer darted across and was struck by the van. The male passenger was seat belted, but had his feet on the dash and the airbag deployed. Both femurs were broken midshaft. He resembled a Christmas turkey. He was extricated and survived. The state trooper secured a ride to the hospital for the driver/mother and the rear passenger who was the grandmother, none of which reported any injuries. The grandmother had a massive heart attack in the emergency room two hours later and died. The drivers airbag also deployed, but did not cause injury to the driver. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS We have added several Youtube videos showing how explosive airbags really are.

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