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  1. ScaryMary


    Was there a hurricane in Iraq? 🤦🏼‍♀️ at the reasons giving for a delay.🙄
  2. ScaryMary

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    I vote for this bloc formation: Yota, Buti, Chuck F, Synopsis, Poker Player, Carrillo, and the rest of us here on DV to form a coalition. Then we elect Davis for Prez. 🤷‍♀️ These poor citizens are the ones that are paying the price. No wonder the turn out for voting is so low and no one is elected yet. All I see when I imagine them in session is those haribo gummy bear commercials where small children are pretending to adult. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  3. @Pitcher and @10 YEARS LATER I have voted twice in my life span. Once because my Smom told me I had to vote and once because I wanted to vote. I waited 40 years to vote the first time. I got suspended in high school for three days when I told my American History teacher at the end of the lesson that: “My vote” really didn’t count and that “my vote” really didn’t go to my candidate, because it went to the “electoral college”. . . So that means “I really don’t vote for the president, I vote for “somebody” to vote for the president”. 40 years that woman had been teaching and I was the first student to challenge her with my thought process. Exactly why I don’t discuss politics much.
  4. OMG does that monkey have a red heart around its nether regions @DinarThug? Nirvanas song comes to mind. (I will be getting a warning if I post the title.) And why do monkeys have colorful b**ts, anyways? ‘Splain Lucy ‘ ’Splain”
  5. Do we have to wait four months for “that vote” to be tallied? (sorry NoviceInvestor I sooooo could not resist.) 🤣
  6. ScaryMary

    Loss of a good man

    Dearest DV family I am very saddened at the loss of one of one of my managers, at one of my jobs. I reached out to him on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday he decided it was time to be with our lord in heaven. I wrote him a text that he will never get to read, but my heart had to tell him and let him know how sad I am and how much I will miss him, and how I felt at the loss of such a good, kind and generous man. Sometimes your demons convince you it’s the only path left to take.... I will miss you dearly for the rest of my life Darren (aka Mr. Fix-it) God speed and may you finally enjoy peace in the arms of your angels. p.s. I asked my dad to fix a fine Italian dinner to welcome you in to heaven. Love Mary
  7. But Thug Master... there is always “Soon” to add to that sentence.
  8. ScaryMary

    More New RV Windows Of Oportunities.

    King Bean lmao rotf pmp... but I pick Fr-Eid Flintstone
  9. Now we wait for IMF and others to approve. Write that letter. Can I help you with the start of said letter? Dear Sirs, Can you please move us to Article VIII? Blah, blah, blah (politically correct in the body of letter), blah, blah, blah. Sincerely, 🇮🇶 Iraq
  10. Like they need something else on top of the stuff they are dealing with. These poor souls. 😞
  11. ScaryMary

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Thank you all for the Happy Birthday’s. Now if I can just get the “I blew out my candles, may I please have my wish?”
  12. ScaryMary

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Thank you ranger173
  13. ScaryMary

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    I will too. It’s my birthday today. And I like team sportsmanship. RV/RI ‼️‼️
  14. protests in which people demand jobs, electricity, water and other public services.  unbelieveable that these citizens have to protest and demand the basic needs that I have readily available to me. 😞

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