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  1. I’m so ready to work one job 2 days a week instead of three jobs 7 days a week. I know, I know....but I like to work. 😎🤞
  2. @navira if you are in the Bay Area and you can smell it, it must be the high winds being predicted!! Just so that PG&E can shut off our power. Ps. I love your enthusiasm on this investment, you and 6ly410 keep a smile on my face. God’s morning to y’all❣️
  3. I bought mine in Berkeley Ca at Mechanics Bank in the currency exchange office located inside the branch here. I have some receipts and others I’ve lost/misplaced. I really don’t think it will matter much when it comes our time to exchange.
  4. So true. The gas manufacturers are in Martinez California and the gas is the most expensive right near there. I’m tying to bail...
  5. My price is $3.69 a gallon here in the Tri-Valley area of California. I am having stressful thoughts that it will hit close to 5.00. And it will hurt the farmers/ranchers here horrifically which in turn will raise food costs. @Mammaw from your moth to God’s ears ❤️. I am also praying for peace, love and a great RV. God’s morning to y’all.
  6. Someone had to give the police a “heads up”. Because I’m pretty sure he’s been flown in his private jet before this. Maybe they are starting the roundup of missing funds and maybe prosecuting crimes is next.
  7. The Burmese Red mined ruby. . . .like the kind I wear on my finger courtesy of my grandparents. ❤️
  8. @ChuckFinley and @zul I can’t wait to meet you 🥰 and enjoy Maui. @6ly410 and @navira I really enjoy your enthusiasm and your non guru posts. I’m patiently waiting for my third grandchild to arrive. And would love to just never work again and play with my grands.
  9. I used to get annoyed in the rumors section but that changed when the Go Iraq thread began. I’ve never been to the islands but now I’m ready, and @zul told me to remember his name as he’s got my back, so no fear for me when arriving there solo.... I’m getting so excited. It really feels like it’s started.
  10. Thanks I appreciate it.😎
  11. I wanna meet y’all in Maui but...... I’m a little creeped out that this is a public forum. Won’t people figure out or can’t they figure out who we are and kidnap us and hold us for ransom. (yeah I may have had a few stalkers in my life previously, and might have had to move to a different state to hide...) And I also might be a tad bit apprehensive. 🤔🤭
  12. @umbertino I’m the opposite. My mother is Sicilian and my father was Northern. I did a dna test and I’m actually 86% Italian. I love my heritage. And in reality I am only 2nd generation American.
  13. Like they say when you’re Sicilian.... “Anyone can have an accident”.
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