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  1. If you share I’ll be able to smell the Maui Waui too. 🥰
  2. God’s morning y’all, I went to a psychic last year to ask a few questions about things. One was not a question really I just showed her a dinar note. She told me it would come out at at least $1.00 but I had to be patient, and to exchange at least half of what I had so I would be comfortable for life. And that I should change careers at that time. I laughed and said I’ve be waiting 7 years so I have lots of patience. She then started talking about the Rial (she had family members from Iran, who were holding and I had no idea what a Rial was) and she said when you hear about the Rial changing value then Iraq would soon follow suit. I believe we are almost there. I completely forgot about the topic of conversation until I read the thread here. Here’s to being comfortable for life. Move That Bus and Add Value to the Dinar Iraq. 😎💰🤩
  3. Why would anyone give you a ruby for this.....? I love Sizzler! And Ruby’s (but the pretty kind that you wear on your fingers, ears and neck.)
  4. LaidBack thank you for your thoughts and opinions. My brother said the same thing to me this morning. This roller coaster ride is getting exciting, like we just hit the top andaré ready to go down the pike screaming in delight.
  5. Thank you ChuckFinley and LaidBack for reading ALL of these pages. My brother loves to read these type of articles also and shares the info with me. I try to read these but I get extremely lost after a few minutes and don’t quite understand what I’m reading. God Bless you for taking the time to read and share what you learn with me. 😎🤩
  6. nfire I’m praying for you, your family and your son. Make-A-Wish is pretty 😎 with the wishes they grant. I’ve had a couple of friends that had their children’s wishes granted also. Here’s to hoping “our wish” will be granted sooner rather than later. 😉
  7. I’ll take now. Okay now. Waiting a minute.... and Now. Lol I love this thread. It’s all positive and hopeful.
  8. It just gives them purchasing power in Iraq.
  9. It’s my birthday, how come they haven’t changed the rate yet?🤣🤣🤣😂😂
  10. @Theseus Your response/comments are hysterical and made my morning. Thanks
  11. Obviously I have spent way too much time with my 20+/- year old coworkers. I am constantly asking them what those letters you are texting stand for.... FML!! 😳🤣Scheduled for a vote.... (totally different meaning) but made me laugh out loud.
  12. Lol it’s Carly Simon. I sing that to myself all the time regarding this investment.
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