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  1. When reading the title of the post I was wondering if you were talking about USA or Iraq. Interesting how the two may have similar possibilities, IMO of course.
  2. Thanks Adam. Great news and definitely a Thanksgiving moment. I just logged on to catch up on your Wednesday post and thought the date was a typo. But to my joy I find there is a great deal more to be thankful for. Now let's getter done!
  3. I thought they would have gotten rid of M by now. And of course he acts like he is for the people. What a joke. Like he has always been so caring, NOT.
  4. Yota, 183 in attendance. How many should there be? Is this a majority of representatives? And why do you feel they voted down the refugee bill? So many Iraqi people... are they part of the refugees?
  5. M better be talking to Iran about asylum. He's going to need it when they come after him for all the funds he stole, and all the people he had killed. I hope they hang him high... Just saying. IMO of course.
  6. The worst thing I've ever lived through was the loss of a child and then the loss of another one. It's horrible to say the very least. PTSD sets in.. But it's amazing how overtime we start to think of all the good times, all the Beautiful Moments. Does seem to help knowing one day we will see then again. I pray for you and your family. May God be with you.
  7. I was thinking of how it appeared to blow similar to a nuclear bomb test. I assume they checked for radiation. I agree it looks like more than a fireworks explosion
  8. Well, its not $30 but I guess if you have as much oil as they do you can afford to give it away.
  9. Pitcher, that was amazing!!!! Thank you for the demonstration regarding oil production all these years. A real eye opener.
  11. Adam, oil is down, definitely. However, Iraq brought in tins and tins of gold in the past and that is UP. Not all is oil... Possibly an RV based on other assets?
  12. Thank you all for the posts. I feel this will encourage Iraq leaders to stay even further away from Iran. In addition, I read the men are doing the kissing, but I am thinking perhaps the women have been protected because of their required clothing. Of course once the men arrive home they will manage to infect the entire house hold. But very interesting that the leaders are so vulnerable. Perhaps Iran will get a new government after all. Time will tell.
  13. My Lysol can says it will kill Caronavirus. Its been around. 80k people have it, probably more, and 1500 have died due to complications. It's a virus. A cold is a virus. We have been told there is no cure for the common cold. Now everyone is saying they are looking for a cure for this virus. Antibiotics will work on lung infections, possibly a side affect of the virus. But not on the cold like symptoms. The countries are closing down everything to prevent people from being in contact with others. Its all in the news. But I am not seeing much in the news regarding wars, threats, Iraqi securi
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