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  1. BRICS GLOBAL Currency. If Iraq followed, would it make a difference?; I'm thinking not. Value would remain same. Currency we are holding, would it be obsolete? Perhaps it's in another chat and I missed it. Just speculation on a what if.
  2. I don't understand why this should be a surprise. Hacking, spyware, I mean REALLY? And we're just considering this as a possibility? Here's your sign. Our tax dollars at work...
  3. US Stock market in 3rd wave. Appears to be a major drop ahead. If this plays out as it predicted, the dollar will be worth nothing. A loaf of bread $100. Gold will be in demand even more so. If this happens, how will the IQD be valued? Just asking for a view on possible futures.
  4. US is about to default this summer unless Congress raises the debt limit and keep printing more money. And US wants to counsel Iraq on the dollar. Politics, you got to wonder where they trained in economics and bookkeeping. Scary times. And Iraq turns to US for input and assistance in how they should proceed. Just saying out loud... Just IMO of course.
  5. This is interesting. I wonder how it's going to play out. We already know the dollar is losing value. With our economy being in such bad shape and no one seeming to even notice anymore, or should I say yet. As long as the RV or the value of the dinar goes up this should be interesting indeed. Only time will tell. In my opinion of course. Just saying.
  6. Really, we're going to go by what M has to say? Why is this man still part of the government with any say so, especially when it comes to the dinar and the US dollar? What hole did he crawl out of this time around. Just saying. IMO
  7. The old switch and bait. Which hand is the stone in. Nooo we won't change it for years! You might as well cash in! And the people will take up arms and then let's see if it changes... Hunnmm
  8. So happy to see the site is back up. I've been working so hard that I haven't been able to get on here very often and thought oh my goodness did this thing RV? Did I miss the call? Where is everybody? Well baby we're back. We're back up and running and waiting for that big old day when we can say Money Money Money. Miss you guys!!
  9. With that much dinar, when it RVs, it would be an astronomical amount in assets on hand. But the fact they have drawn in that many, in a slow but sweet process in accumulating it before the borders would be closed during the RV. Just saying. IMO
  10. Glad to hear someone is. Dow down another 800 points in pre market, I'm told. Wonder how US and Europe markets will play into a possible RV. Get'er done!
  11. So am I reading this correctly? Iran backed ... To form new Iraqi government. Does that suppose to be a good thing? REALLY?
  12. With all that is going on in the world and the way you travel all the time, I worry about you Adam. Praying you and yours are ok. Know that your posts are missed, but mostly because we just want to know you are well. God bless and keep you my friend.
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