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  1. Amazing how the U.S. population is the largest and yet we have to explain the need for greater security. Thank you for the update on standings. I'm not so certain Iraq should be so low on the list. They have come so far.
  2. Iraq will remain in debt until 2070 Well, join the crowd. That's the name of the game, isn't it? Every country out here is in debt and will remain in debt until hell freezes over or it RVs and they take it all for taxes. So, I don't know that I am so concerned about Iraq being in debt. It cost to have a government up and running. Take care of your people and get it done boys.
  3. Thank you Yota. I am a bit confused as to why Russia would purchase so much oil. They have such a large supply or fields in Russia. Do they not have the pipelines or adequate tools to drill sufficient amounts for their people? Will they resale it to the world? What am I missing here?
  4. Take out M and that should clear up a great deal of chaos. He should have been hung for his crimes a long time ago. IMO
  5. Interesting posts Yota. Thank you. But I too am wondering how this can actually be pulled off. If someone wants to exchange currency for US Dollar who is to say they have to tell you they are going to spend it in Iran? Now if the bank is going to do business with another business in Iran, they could have some control over what they "electronically" work with in the way of currency. But this doesn't sound feasible to me. IMO.
  6. How do you think this may affect the RV?
  7. Interesting chat. Great questions and especially with where the economy here in the US currently appears to be heading. Texas is drilling more oil than ever before. Therefore, it is hard to believe the cost per barrel will fluctuate up much. However, while the budget is based a great deal on the oil in Iraq there are other factors, such as gold and farming, that can stabilize the budget, IMO. Will they RV before the end of the year, I think a great deal would depend on the 2018 budget being finalized and the 2019 budget issues addressed. It COULD happen if they put the peddle to the medal, but will they? Time will tell. This late in the year and the way things happen in Iraq I feel we are looking after the first of the year. But it would be sweet if they surprised us all. Amazon keeps trucking forward, Tesla is in a game all its own. Import taxes on items we have been use to having available to us at a lesser amount will cause people here in the states to have to adapt. But that's what we do.
  8. Interesting and yet strange. They can't just keep the students from bringing in any electronic devices? Lets close off the entire country?
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments and input. I am wondering (1) when "next week" is, as this is the 7th and a Sunday, isn't THIS next week? (2) has anyone seen the new currency in use? (3) is the 1,000 I have still good (a gift from Adam a LONG time ago and I carry it with me everywhere for emergency to get home when it RVs)?, (4) a change in form means what? Size?
  10. Ok. So I go into a 711 in Texas and tell them I want a power ball ticket and they will know what state and which ticket I am asking for?
  11. Well, better make my statement a little clearer. Was in a hurry and didn't check my wording. My bad. Chuck, I agree. Interesting the QA people didn't catch it, since it has been happening so often of late. Have a great weekend everyone. I am going to a BBQ and see about 10 of my great grandchildren. The other 16 had other plans. LOL. This should be sufficient. Come on RV. Mammaw needs to take another trip.
  12. I was renewing exchange rate with my son who is big in 4x and we both agreed this is highly unusual. I will take 1 to 1 in a heart near. Hopefully it is a sign of bigger things coming.
  13. Thank you You a. Interesting it went on for days. Don't recall them doing that... As though they are rushing to meet a coming deadline. IMO
  14. Granny I don't see a new post for questions this week. I read this morning what I believe is A saying he isn't going to be any part of this new government. I am wondering what Adam's thoughts are on the matter. The fact they showed M as getting the most votes.... I am confused and very concerned for the people of Iraq.
  15. It has to be rigged anytime M gets the most votes, with all his corruption and past dealings. The people can't be that blind. IMO
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