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  1. I'm really getting senile. I thought I read Iraq President. I've been wondering how this will work. But it's Iran. Well, they will just stick the next one standing up and not afraid of dieing next in the position. Someone probably was ready for a change. IMO of course.
  2. If or when the US market and currency tanks, based on debt, recession and probable depression looming, businesses and banks closing, how will this affect the dinar? Asking for a friend. 😉
  3. US has unfortunately pulled out of several countries these past few years, and we saw and see the results. Time will tell, in my opinion.
  4. And the Dictator M is back. Just when you think the world can't get worse the snake pops up his head. And no matter what he says, you know it isn't good for the people of Iraq. IMO
  5. Adam always indicated never to expect any action during Ramadan. So time will tell. Praying blessings for all. It's not just about us. The Iraqi people need the RV as well. Just saying.
  6. Ok, so I've been sick for 6 weeks with one virus after another. Flue really took a toll. And then other issues propped up, i.e. strep, bronchitis, etc. bedridden for a great deal of it. Seldom, very seldom on phone or computer. So I'm just going to put this out there, DID I really miss anything that says RV?
  7. Ok, so... Dinar paper currency, how will we cash in? Same as before? Just asking for a friend. Lol
  8. Cashless society. I read where China is already pretty much cashless. If you have a cellphone you pay for everything from a cup of tea to checking in to the hospital. So with the electronic world we live in, is it really that far fetched? Question is, how much will the dinar be against the dollar and how do we cash out? Same plan I am assuming. And if there are any changes in cashing out I'm certain Adam will advise. Just my 2 cents. Freeze in the forecast. Black ice will be on the roads. Be safe and be prepared.
  9. Now I'm hearing Iran is calling fo a new world order, something to do with the Brics... Crazy...
  10. My grandson just called to say he heard Iraq is getting away from the US currency and going to go with Brit. Causing the dinar to explode in value. With Adam not posting much of late and Yota popped his head in but no recent post noted, I'm sceptical about such news. Have I missed something important here?
  11. Kurds wouldn't do this without a reason, IMO. I smell something sweet... Praying for something substantial. Come on now.... come on, come on. Old woman needs a winter coat.... and so much more. Just saying. With all the craziness in the world right now, why not an RV?
  12. Wow, really? So, how is this going to help the war? What will it accomplish regarding the war and killings? Hamas has been allowed to grow, expand. There are innocent people on both sides of this war. Palestinian woman, children, and people not involved in this attack. People Hamas wouldn't hesitate to kill, and puts them as humans shields. And then you have the Israeli people who are attacked by Hamas. This is a war where the innocent on both sides are paying the price. Parading in the streets isn't going to resolve these attacks, in my opinion.
  13. Now if justice could only be served. Clean our own house, instead of being so concerned about cleaning others'. IMO of course.
  14. One of these days I'm going to get on here and it's going to show 1 for 1. Or even 10¢ to 1. Just something we can cash in and move forward. Of course I say that, it wouldn't just be for our benefit but can you imagine the purchase power it would give that little family living hand to mouth? Those parents to be able to provide their families with a life style they only dreamed about. Time will tell.
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