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  1. Alrighty then. The old woman has 3 Mil left to disburse. Do I hear 3 mil???? Any part of the 3 mil? You can ask Boosterbglee, I am good for it!! On a side note, lived through 9/11. Was getting on a plane from DFW to LA when they grounded us. 2 other men on the plane with me. Just we 3. I know in my heart they were terrorist, especially since I knew they were acquainted out in the hallway and they acted as they weren't when we were seated on the plane, and I truly believe they were headed for CA to cause more destruction. One even got in my face as we were departing the plane and asked me why I moved from the seat next to him. I explained the plane was empty, and I wanted to turn on the over head fan and didn't want to bother him. He didn't like that answer. Truth was, the plane was empty and I didn't see any reason for sitting next to anyone. When 9/11 came around this year I had an anxiety attack recalling that day and concerned what they would do this time around. So thankful it seems to have passed without any interior attacks having been accomplished. God bless and keep you all. Come on RV!!!!
  2. I still have 3 left if anyone is interested. All uncirculated from Dinar Trade years ago...
  3. Thank you again boosterbglee. That helps a great deal. Ok people 4 mil left. Of course if it RVs its off the board. LOL.☺️
  4. Thank you, I sent you an email just a bit ago. I appreciate your help.
  5. Anyone have any suggestions regarding how I can move this dinar, so as to make ends meet this month?
  6. Can't hurt in these hard times. Hate to move it, but some times you have to do what you have to do. I figure about the time I sell it the RV will happen. But I still have a little in my back pocket I am holding on to.
  7. Selling $1000 per million, all uncirculated, all purchased from Dinar Trade. If you are in the DFW area I can meet you, if not I can do paypal and ship with tracking...
  8. BTW, after all these years... why am I showing to be a "newbie? LOL
  9. Looks of all the great things in the news, and the talk about the dinar value changing I hope to here some fabulous news from you very soon my friend.
  10. When reading the title of the post I was wondering if you were talking about USA or Iraq. Interesting how the two may have similar possibilities, IMO of course.
  11. Thanks Adam. Great news and definitely a Thanksgiving moment. I just logged on to catch up on your Wednesday post and thought the date was a typo. But to my joy I find there is a great deal more to be thankful for. Now let's getter done!
  12. I thought they would have gotten rid of M by now. And of course he acts like he is for the people. What a joke. Like he has always been so caring, NOT.
  13. Yota, 183 in attendance. How many should there be? Is this a majority of representatives? And why do you feel they voted down the refugee bill? So many Iraqi people... are they part of the refugees?
  14. M better be talking to Iran about asylum. He's going to need it when they come after him for all the funds he stole, and all the people he had killed. I hope they hang him high... Just saying. IMO of course.
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