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  1. Yota advised he had some family matters with his parents he was having to take care of. He is so caring. We do miss his wonderful posts. But understand family must come first. He has our prayers and thoughts for him and his family.
  2. Good morning all. Yes Paperboy, you are correct. I am well... and alive. So they tell me. LOL. My friend was actually my ex-husband who we had been friends for 50 years plus. We have 17 grand children and 23 great grandchildren. These past 7 months were the worst anyone could imagine. But I am thankful he no longer suffers. And the funeral was an amazing celebration of his life. Thank you all for your sweet posts. God bless and keep you all.
  3. Thanks Adam. A dear friend of mine passed away Saturday. He had been in this for 10 years and every time we spoke he asked me how the RV was looking. We bury him tomorrow. I told my son NOW it will RV. A joke in the family was that the RV will be Tuesday, every week. My friend had so many wonderful plans for cashing in. I am sorry he will not be here to be apart of the RV, however, thankful he is no longer in pain from the ravage and damage the Agent Orange and Purple did to his body. Praying we all see the RV soon and will have an opportunity to take advantage of all the blessings it will bring.
  4. Thank you all for your posts. While watching the attacks on tv my thoughts were why wasn't even one of the mistles intercepted? With all the technology the military has, and we knew of the threat, what am I missing here?
  5. Adam what is your take on the 3 names Sader presented for PM? I don't have a good feeling about this. President resigned... Sounds like he doesn't like it either. Am I missing something?
  6. Thank. You!!! I love where this is going and never recall seeing them move so quickly on anything prior.
  7. Do we feel this is a currency to be considered for long term holding? Thank you Yota, as always.
  8. Open it in Texas!!!! That's what I'm talking about. They know we will have more millionaires than any other state once it RVs. Lol. Thank you yota. Nice read. Sounds promising.
  9. Yota, took me a moment to pull up the Watters' World on Trump. That was eye opening. Thank you for sharing.
  10. HCL? Looks like a great deal was addressed and accomplished. But did I miss a mentioning of oil and has? Thank you Yota.
  11. Paperboy, are we thinking the Vietnam dong may RV as well? I assume you are talking about currency and nothing distasteful. I have some of the Vietnam dong and wouldn't it be great if both RVed at the same time?
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