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  1. What currency are they buying it with? Is the bigger question, than who are buying it from in my mind!
  2. Artitech

    Harmonization of customs tariff

    Sad but true!! People think it’s just Mexicans or Central American people coming through the boarder! Their catching about 50,000.00 people a month from all over the world plus u name it comes a cross in those backpacks you see on tv with them! All types of contraband! It’s a damn shame what’s going on. Nobody gives a rats a$$ about it either! JMHO!
  3. Artitech

    D.V. lottery games -- 2/19--2/20--2019

    MM 2-19-19. 23, 47, 54, 56, 62 M.B. 19
  4. Artitech

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    I don’t want to live in a nursing home! I want to go out fast! I watched my sainted mother and mother in law die in a nursing home, after the doctors got through with them! That kind of death anit for me! It’s the worst way to die in my opinion! I watched my dad die of a massive heart attack. One second alive doing good, one second on your back dead as a door nail, In my opinion the massive heart attack is the better way! No doctors or hospital!
  5. Artitech

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    You got that right!!! Lol! Hope I have plenty of Red Bull and vodka on hand if I see the twister coming!!
  6. Artitech


    Do we know for sure the HCL has been signed and agreed to! I believe it has, I would sure appreciate someone verify this information, Please! Thanks in advance! Also if it has we will find out if Adams theory is correct, pretty soon! I also thought Iraq was article 8 compliant too! I been told they are Not, they need to accomplish this too, I believe!! Thanks in advance for anyone’s thoughts on these important issues. I believe we need to see these before the RV can happen! Respectfully Submitted!!!
  7. Artitech

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    This is what I m talking about! I could handle a few days of this place it was 29 degrees at the barn this morning, here on the old Chisholm Trail! The old cows were a balining this morning when they seen me!
  8. Artitech

    Harmonization of customs tariff

    My boss hates the word Dinar!! Back in 2010 when I listened to Okie Lies I quit 3 times and would call in , the last time I came back! My boss, told me if he ever heard dinar come out of my mouth I was gone! It will be 9 years ago in April that I pulled my last dinar sit in! I’m going to retire anyway the 1st January 2020 so I guess 10 more months isn’t going to hurt me after 32 years of doing the same thing over and over again! If we see a rate change here in the next few weeks, if don’t happen now, our next window will be in July! JMHO!
  9. Artitech

    Harmonization of customs tariff

    I thought you could always bring in or leave most countries with $10,000.00 as long as you declare it! My guess is it’s scuttle-butt ! But I really don’t know one way or other! I think it’s fake though! JMHO
  10. I wrote this before I heard about the Supreme Court ruling. I really think we are at the end of the ride! We know the budget has been passed and in Gazette! With this ruling news coming out which is big, I think this is going to be a very interesting week to say the least!! Sure would be great to see the end of MCP this week!!! JMHO
  11. Well no Rv on Monday the 18th ! So much for the 3 day bank holiday! Back to the drawing board!
  12. Artitech

    D.V. lottery games 2/15--2/16---2019

    The next set of mm numbers are coming from a town a little band ZZ Top made famous!!! La Grange! Get ready we need a winner!

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