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  1. You can push on the button now and you can see who neg you and it was me, I don’t know you or want to know you, based on what you spew here! You strike me, as just another disgruntled malcontent DemoRat! Synopsis is a great American, I have never read anything negative or hateful by him! He certainly doesn’t need me to take up for him! No offense! JMHO 🤠
  2. I damn sure don’t see what is funny about this! I friends whose sons were over in Iraq war! These are not the same boys that left for that hell hole! For what? Someone here thinks it’s funny that isis will be returning to kill innocent people! While our hero’s that have returned home struggle to put that Bull$h!+ war behind them! I don’t find a damn thing funny about it! JMHO
  3. getting worried about you thought you might have been clownknapped! glad your back!
  4. If these stories are true,! that Iraq has 996.4 tons of gold, in its possession! Just how long can Iraq go on with the value for their currency being around the 1/4 of a penny? I thought there were some kind of world bank rules to force Iraq from sand bagging the world! How is it legal for Iraq or any country to use American money as their own money? I know it’s done in Mexico a lot just dew to it’s location of being a next door neighbor! I don’t know what goes on in Canada since I’m not near Canada! I used to see Canada quarters every now and then. People wouldn’t take them either! Bottom lin
  5. I thought they were reading the budget for second time today being 1-16-21! Am I wrong or wAs this scuttle-butt! Thanks in advance for any help!🤠
  6. genius joe is already crawfishing on his china virus plan! we need to raise billy hell with this POS everyday and worry the living hell out of him till he has a stroke or a heart attack! im going to be rasing billy hell with them till they block my phone from calling him!
  7. I hope not, but it would not surprise me either, the January window is quickly closing, if we don’t see anything in next few days when budget is passed, I think we are in for a long wait till March 2021 ! I don’t understand it! JMHO 🤠
  8. This second kangaroo Congressional sham show is a lie too! I wished President Trump would declare Marshal Law and arrest all of these subversive criminal DemoRats! What is wrong with people now?? How can you violate the constitution and stay in power! Are their any honorable and honest federal judges or lawmen now! How did our country become so corrupt? Right is Right and wrong is Wrong!! Case closed! JMHO
  9. Obama is a Piece of no good $h!+! We are fixing to see just how sorry him and O’biden really are their spy ring is going to be declassified!! Breaking news today! Both need to be arrested immediately and charged with treason! 🤠
  10. Just make me the Attorney General! I’ll make sure you have ole pervert Joe and that no good for nothing hunters overseas bank accounts!! 🤠
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