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  1. Thanks Adam , are you going to be doing any other updates in VIP, about what are our updated plans are, if any! I know this is not the place to discuss this. Thanks again for all your hard work in bringing this site and professionals together post RV! JMHO 🤠
  2. Plus Santa Clause is coming, with my sack of money on Dec 25th 2020! I’m going to be very rich come Christmas 2020! I already got my new hip, so I’m starting my world trip! 1-3-2021! Chinese virus or no Chinese virus! 🤠JMHO
  3. Not a big fan of the ole cattle prod! They will wake you up in a hurry though! JMHO
  4. Up and moving good out of pain, for the first time in 2 years!!! Feel like a new man! Now I’m ready for a big RV party! Thank you for asking! Main thing is being pain free! I’m on a cane and doing my rehab! Plus I would like to Thank everyone for your prayers! I could actually feel them too! I encourage anyone that is experiencing severe joint pain, to find a good Dr. and get on the road to recovery! I know not everyone surgeries go as planned, but it is a risk you have to take! 🤠
  5. That pizza boy, can’t even deliver a pizza to the right address, much less know anything about the dinar! JMHO 🤠
  6. It’s widely used in Mexico too! In fact they would rather have the green back than pesos! It’s been that way for the 55 years that I have been going into Mexico! JMHO ! 🤠
  7. If obama had not gotten elected in 08! I fully believe that Iraq would have already RV Ed ! Biden and his miserable despicable brother stole millions out of Iraq! Via their housing fraud scheme! There is some truth to this! I can assure you the Biden’s are very greedy people! They have not stole all the money they want either! Biden is an un convicted felon and he and obama should spend the rest of their miserable life in a federal prison! JMHO 🤠
  8. It’s so amazing to me, how people can rationalize the Murder of babies! There will never be a me and the DemoRat, party! Morales in this country are non existent with this despicable miserable DemoRat party! I don’t know how many people saw the video of 2 LA County deputies being shot point blank and left for dead. Not one word from Biden and his co conspirator Harris condemnIng this hideous criminal behavior! The DemoRats represents a sector of the population in the USA, that are as evil as any enemies we have ever faced! I don’t know where it goes from here, there is only one answer, The Goo
  9. Your never did say, when you get your investment money and the RV. If you are going to give the irs, 75% of your money! I’m sure you will since you are for me paying a higher tax rate! Biden is a subversive and a despicable miserable human being! Trump 2020! 🤠
  10. Oh but you will support a DemoRat party that advocates the murder of babies! There are things that can be compromised, that isn’t one of them! If Biden does manage to steal this election, and there is an RV, I’m sure you will hand over 75% of your money to the irs, to pay for your white privilege! Oh btw vinman is a traitor and should be in a federal prison! JMHO 🤠
  11. I will admit John McCain was a war hero! He was a POS as a senator! He had the opportunity to be a hero in the senate, he chose to sell the American people out on obama care, when he had the opportunity to protect us from this miserable despicable piece of legislation! What McCain did as a POW was heroic! I think President Trump had the McCain affair to do differently he would! I think Mad Dog was a great Marine General! In his case he was put into a position, based on his record as General, that he was not qualified for! Generals give orders and are not used to taking orders from civilians. I
  12. I think, that could possibly be the dinar note they decommissioned a few years ago, I forget the domination of the note now! I could be wrong! Plus I don’t know if, I have ever seen a $100.00 note or not! JMHO 🤠
  13. President Trump would never say, what the DemoRats are accusing him of saying! About veterans! As a veteran I have witnessed the change in the attitude of the personal at the VA! This Army Hero said with his on mouth he did NOT authorize the DemoRats to use his picture! I wished he would sue the hell out of Biden and his co conspirators for using his picture without his permission! I don’t know how many people remember the obama and O’biden’s VA . I damn sure Do! VA personal in Phoenix,AZ and other locations were so sorry & miserable, that they would not call a funeral Director to come p
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