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  1. JMHO, I don’t think the US is going to let Iran get pre RV dinar! Well they should not let Iran get them! But I remember the miserable little o gave Iran billons, before he left office!
  2. Maybe Synopsis will take a look at and weigh in on it, JMHO
  3. If that’s true, I’m gone! I’m taking that and running and I never want to hear the word dinar again! JMHO
  4. Artitech

    Go Iraq

    Well Bro, I hope your right! But don’t Bro me Bro!
  5. Artitech

    Go Iraq

    I have never seen anything official from Iraq myself. After 10 years that is what I have come to understand! If I m not mistaken, I believe Adam has referred to it as program rate too! JMHO!
  6. Where and when did this Mark Z character arrive on the scene? Looks like he’s went back to the oldies but goodies store and stealing the hits, but with his own little tweaks in them! He’s a piece of work! JMHO
  7. Artitech

    Go Iraq

    It Amazes me, how they can open a new bank without a trade able currency! Still showing the program rate! Something must change really quick!
  8. Hopefully an RV before Ramadam!! Great news ! Thanks Adam!! Happy Easter to and all DV!!
  9. More Great News!!! Thanks Adam! Happy Easter to all DV ers and their families!! My the Good Lord Jesus continue to bless you!
  10. We will know for sure by mid July 2019! If we miss that window, JMHO, I believe this is another wasted year! These two are closer to right, I believe ! Hate to admit! I need this RV badly! There is a lot of positive news coming out, that gives one hope. After the 1st qt. , all the great news with the HCL, I really thought we might have seen the RV! Right now I’m holding on till July!!! Go Rv! JMHO!
  11. Your right there are no screens! Those horses are going to be in that starting gate a long time! They should be charged with animal abuse!
  12. What does QFS platform mean????? Who sits around and thinks this crap up!
  13. I have listened to Mr Brando after he was pranked on the 35 to 100 deal! JMHO, he is trying to figure this out like everyone else is. He is trying to find answers for himself and doing the best he can with information we all have access to! When I’ve listened to him, he doesn’t entertain information from tnt Frank ect. By him not promoting the gurus out there , I have given him the benefit of doubt, as to I think he means well, and trying to find clues to an RV just like most DV ers are! To sum up I think he and wife Ms Bebe mean well . Listen for yourself take the good information and pass on the bad! I think that goes for everyone including myself. JMHO!
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