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  1. Artitech

    Go Iraq

    Thug your the Bro in the know!!! Happy Sunday!! Bro! 🤡
  2. Chapter 7 was big, but it didn’t trigger an RV like I thought it would. Now I m hopefully for Iraq to proceed to Article 8 . I’m hoping this will trigger the RV! JMHO!
  3. What huge crock of crap!!! Why post this? What irritates me about this $h!+, is thinking someone actually believes this trash!! Never have figured out the angle in this crap! I would like someone to let me know the motive and the pay off for running this scam! Unless they are trying to find marks to steal their money or dinar!
  4. Thanks for your question on a link. I don’t have one. This was scrolling on the bottom of screen. I think I was watching the Judge Jeanee show. When it scrolled across the bottom of screen. One thing I left off it said was President Trump was going to use executive power to go around the DemoRats. He was checking to make sure it was legal ! If he got the go ahead legally it was a done deal! I thought that was big news, as like you, I think I read here that same article, you posted. I know I have heard Breitling talk about it. Like I say I have heard it from both camps. I like, you hope it’s taxed as capital gains! I have also heard rumors that President Trump holds a large amount of dinars! This could be the reason, this is sorta coming out of the blue. JMHO. Just think of the stimulus this tax cut could provide our economy! Thanks for weighing in on this too! This what I like about this site there are a lot of very smart people here! I am going to investigate this further! This could be very important information for us next month! JMHO!
  5. I guess I’ll be first sucker then ! If rate is a .10 I’m gone!
  6. Artitech

    Go Iraq

    He seems to be a Bro in the know!
  7. That’s the problem I heard from different tax people that have the same view as your guy, then I have heard it would be taxed as a capital gains. I just thought it was interesting that this is being talked about now, when it looks like a very good window of opportunity for an adjustment in rate on the IQD! I’m just going to take Adams advice on what to do as far as tax liability is concerned! JMHO
  8. Fox News is reporting, President Trump is going around DemoRats in the House , cutting capital gains tax in half. I was under the impression that was how we would pay our taxes on any currency windfall!! This would be fantastic, if our great President Trump could pull this off! JMHO!
  9. Yes I have heard the name of the credit card company, I remember it’s out of England! Isn’t that interesting! They certainly have have a big Iraq connection now!! I m really excited about our July 2019 window now!
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