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  1. so much for so called reliable information! One thing that was mentioned on broadcast TV! A TV preacher & teacher Perry Stone, implied on his broadcast today that the Iraqi dinar was a scam. I thought it was interesting that he would come out with that opinion today! Now we know they are not stopping the auctions! Looks like we are going to 2022! JMHO!
  2. There were several articles about this event in late Aug. and Sept. I read them too! That was what give me some hope of a possible RV this year,2021! That was also, some of the information I received in early Aug. 2021! This should be an interesting week! JMHO, we should be finding out, if this investment is going on through the 1st quarter of 2022,or longer! We all need this RV badly just to protect our own families, from what biden and his hynch men, demorats, have going on with our economy here in the US! Believe it, or not, we are in for some very rough times here in the US! The demorats are already warning us of shortages of the products we use everyday! As we all have been an eye wittness to this fact, at your local grocery & drug stores. I believe beef prices are going to go through the roof, in the next couple of months! One reason, myself included did not sell their calves this past spring due low prices at the sale barn! I refuse to sell at $1.80, when it cost me $2.75 to get 600 lbs. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out! Listening to that idiot that sleeps in the white house, he has tipped us, to who is running the show! That being one barry obama! Hold on to your Stetsons folks, we are in for some very dark days here in America and there is not a damn thing you are I can do about it, except protect our selfves ! Have a plan and a plan to act! Case closed! JMHO!
  3. Help us out, what does it say ? No RV till Tuesday! Thanks in advance! 🤠
  4. I’m going to take you advice and drive my new Dutch Star up there!
  5. There are news articles out stating this, that is where I got information. Use to the Thug would bring them back. I don’t know how to do it. It’s on DV here where CBI made this announcement last month!
  6. I wouldn’t put much stock in the price of oil since we have been in this through $100.00 a barrel oil to .01 a barrel. Al of which were to trigger an RV. Sunday should be the trigger! I’m not holding my breath on the auctions being the trigger, it’s a great thought anyway! Remember time marches on with you are without you! It waits for no one! Sounds like a song I once heard!! Good luck everyone I hope we are all in Vegas next weekend!!! See you there!!! JMHO 🤠
  7. Well the 17th is this coming Sunday! I’m under the impression that Iraq is doing away with the auctions as we know them! Adam has always said that this is a major trigger for the RV, if my memory serves me right! I believe he thinks that the RV could happen when they stop the auction are shortly afterwards! I’m praying he is right on his assumptions! We all need this to happen!!! JMHO 🤠
  8. I just hope this true and they hang everyone of those criminals! Especially Potato 🥔 head!🤠 JMHO
  9. Till these fraud mail in ballots are done away with, the DemoRats will never lose another election! Republicans are to stupid to pull off the kind of election fraud we saw last November! Unfortunately I don’t see anything happening on doing away with the corruption going on in Washington! Both parties are corrupt! The trick now is hiring the best tax professionals available to keep as much of your money that you can!! We are in one of the darkest periods in US history!! These DemoRats think they are entitled to 60 to 65% of your hard earned money! That’s your fair share of your money they think their entitled to!! You have not seen anything yet!!! JMHO 🤠
  10. I don’t think Adam has bailed on this investment. There is really nothing else to hash out! I believe Iraq has completed everything that needs to be accomplished! I believe that they are Article 8 complaint and they can RV / RI at anytime the cbi wants to! Supposedly on the 17th of October the CBI is stopping the auctions, as we know them! If my memory serves me right, Adam has said that when this happens we should see the RV the same day or shortly after that! I could be wrong, but I think that is a trigger we have been looking for all these years! If I’m wrong in my assessment I’m sure someone will correct me! Adam has given everyone here on this site very solid information on the crypto currency’s mainly Bit coin! If everyone would have taken his advice about 4 and half years ago, we wouldn’t really give a rats rear end if the dinar RV ed or not! I realize not everyone was able to take advantage of the bit coin situation. I know I just missed the boat this second go round! Then it was to late for me, to get involved, if we do see an RV , I will get involved! I think they are supposed to have their elections this weekend! So we should start seeing some very positive things happening this week! JMHO 🤠!!
  11. This is just such a rigged deal, Iraqi dinar worth less than a 1/4 penny but the Afghanistan currency is worth.75 to the dollar!! Something is wrong with this picture! JMHO
  12. I’m like you, I don’t know what it’s saying maybe some of our smart people could weigh in on it! Not say we are dumb, I would like others opinions as to what they are saying! JMHO 🤠
  13. Well Said!! Welcome to the Twilight ZONE! Praying we all get our money back and then some! We all have put up with a lot of crap, with this deal! When the dust settles and history looks back, if there is a windfall! The people not associated with this investment will think we all made some very easy money. In my opinion the ups and downs associated with dealing, with the mis information coming from the Iraqi's and the so called gurus, has been very difficult ! Plus the friends and people we have come to know that have passed are have had major health issues, before the could see their dreams come true, is sad and heart breaking to say the least. In the end I believe we all be happy with whatever happens!! I'm ready to get of the train to Willowbee
  14. Well I got very Lucky on the Warka bank deal back in the day! I was going to put, if I remember right around $2,000.00 in an account. Since I’m not real computer savvy, I was going to have my Daughter do the deal for me, she didn’t come home from college that weekend and the next week is when the wheels come off that bank deal when they went on silent running and would not communicate with anyone! I have several friends that have money tied up in that Warka bank, they still have not got their money back! JMHO 🤠
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