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  1. Thanks Adam, do you think it’s safe to start negotiations on more land?
  2. Do we think there is the slightest amount of truth to this, or is this guru poo too? JMHO 🤠 asking for a friend! 🤠
  3. Ole pimp should have my boss!! He’s put up with this for 12 years and two resignations! He hates the word dinar! He is going to fire me if hears anything about a dinar! In fact I would probably bet he’s never seen one and doesn’t want to see one! 🤠 JMHO! PS Don’t quit your day job!
  4. Hey thanks for sharing LGD, that would really tickle me! If all my gold teeth could be worth 60 grand!!! I could afford those new fangled implants, I see advertised on TV all the time!!! 🤠 JMHO
  5. What do think gold will be going for an oz.? Just wondering how far north of $1,800.00 that we are seeing now! If I’m interpreting what y’all are saying! JMHO
  6. Thugs wearing the red and yellow wing tips! He’s our gangsta clown!! JMHO 🤠
  7. Thanks so much Adam, for your hard work, all these years! I would recommend for everyone, check your security settings on all your electronic devices! Also I would remind everyone that loose lips sink ships! I don’t say anything about dinar to anyone except this site! I would recommend you do the same! We are living in very dangerous times now, not just the biological threat with this Chinese virus, but also the Marxist communist criminals that are rioting looting and burning people’s property in all outback states right now!! Stay safe, and God Bless America! JMHO 🤠
  8. Those people are getting just what they deserve! I hope those subversive criminals burn that sewer to the ground!🤠 JMHO
  9. you got brother!! 🤠
  10. I hope I can find all these people that believe all this BS! I got a new gold finding machine! This machine finds gold in places no gold was ever thought to be! I need some investors to bring this machine to market! How about you Luigi I make you a founding member! Let’s say starting at 10 million dollar’s! 🤠 JMHO
  11. Business as usual! Talk talk talk Talk! I need a lot more action! 🤠
  12. Hey I really appreciate your response Big Wave! The Dr I have been being seen by, told me he went in from the front like what you have described! Thanks again, side note, I have been going and getting Extracorporeal shock wave Therapy.(ESWT)! It has really helped me with the pain! The problem is it’s very expensive! Thanks again! 🤠 JMHO
  13. I was wondering if anyone thinks they know who the best hip replacement Dr is in the United States Of America! Also who they think is the best facility and procedures? Do you thing robot assisted surgery is better? If this RV s I want the best treatment available! Thanks in advance for any information! I really believe we have some very smart people here! 🤠JMHO
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