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  1. Looks like this is going to get a lot worse before anything good can come from it! It’s just a sorry shame more people must die before these criminals can be rooted out! JMHO 🤠
  2. That boy made a big mistake, bringing those drugs into Texas! I really hope he enjoys his stay, at our resort, called The Tennessee Colony! I hear the summers are brutal there! I really hope he enjoys his time in Texas!🤣
  3. Wow I cannot believe someone would dispute these people are Un convicted felons. Let’s take the little “o” for example. How does this person that has never done anything for a living except being a community organizer (what ever that is) never owned a business never invented anything, him or his militant, subversive, horse faced old woman, end up with millions & millions of dollars! These to thugs have acquired multi million dollar properties in Chicago, Washington DC & Martha’s Vineyard.,, that we know of! I’m not trying to be ugly or anything, if you’re that stupid to believe that it doesn’t cost millions to just to do the up keep on these properties it is my opinion you need to go get your head checked! So don’t think that sorry creepy crazy uncle joe and his crack head son we’re the only ones in that billion dollar aid package to Ukraine! JMHO you Red ruby givers if you are really invested in this deal (IQD), you’ll be broke with in a year after you cash out! I hope I get to meet you cause I’ll relieve you of a few bucks! (LOL). I could submit to you many more criminal charges against all of these un convicted felons! Our department of un Justice is full of corruption and to be investigated, NOW! JMHO!!
  4. This so sorry, sad part about it is, It’s happens right here in the good ole USA!! obama Biden, clintons, holder clapper and Brennon, just to name a few criminals that need to be in a federal prison! JMHO!!
  5. I don’t know anything about the above trash. I did hear on Tuesday morning 10-29-19, they have been protesting, fighting, shooting, and killings since last Saturday! It seems to be getting worse over there! This is Baghdad where they are reporting the violence is going on! This investment looks to be taking a turn for the worse case scenario possible! From the looks of news footage from FOX there in Baghdad it was total chaos! JMHO 🤠
  6. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this statement. I see this investment dragging on well into 2020 and beyond. Every time you think they may RV there’s always a problem that’s causes a set back! These people could live like they are now, from now on! The one major thing that we all forget or try to is, these people don’t think or reason they way people do in the U S . Don’t believe me. There are a lot of us that have been to our neighbor to the south, Mexico! It’s almost night and day different than the US. So just multiply that by a 1000 times, for Iraq! Our veterans that have been to Iraq already know this, they have seen these people for themselves! I will know a lot more about how things really are, around Christmas, as my God son returns from his tour of duty in Iraq! I know those guys and gals don’t get off the base and go into town the way we used to. But they still have a fill for the violence still going on! Bottom line the political figures are getting rich off these auctions and they aren’t ready to see their watering hole dry up! 🤠 JMHO! Happy Halloween 🎃 to all DVers!
  7. I would give both sides, guns and amo and let these bastards fight to the death! Keep them surrounded so they had to stay in the ring, if any of them tried to get out the ring shoot on sight! I say let them fight to the death! 🤠
  8. Sold our uranium to the Russians for one major crime! There is a lot crimes committed by this un convicted felon! 🤠
  9. You need to get back on your medication, quickly! 🤮
  10. Weegi you been hoodwinked and black balled all in the same thread!!! 🤠
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