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  1. You got to admit I'm batting a 1000 for 7 straight months now! Dont mean to hurt your feelings, that you bought in to this BS story! We only have 5 months left in this dead year before, the next window of opportunity of March 2022 for the RV/RI ! Like Adam Said no News is good News! Welcome Aug. 1 2021 ! Look on the Bright side just 5 months till Santa brings you a sack of money! 🤠
  2. What ever happened to Mr. NOPE, when you need him! Well I'll stand in for him! NOPE! 🤠
  3. Well, it is Friday 4 days after the meeting Kazemi , had in the White House, with the moron, that is squatting in there! I have not seen any announcement of Iraq joining the WTO! Maybe I have had my eyes closed are something! This should have been something the lame stream media would have picked up on. Nobody knows what went on in that meeting. Even that knothead that was sitting right next to Kazemi in the press conference held after the meeting doesn’t know. JMHO!🤠
  4. That’s all right, I guess 30% of something is better than 30% of nothing! 🤠 JMHO!
  5. I don’t know why they can’t. I believe Iraq could have RV or RI their currency 10 years ago. Could they RV their currency, in the remaining months of 2021? Yes !!! But will they? JMHO No ! I’m not trying to be ugly or rude it’s my opinion based on some information I was exposed to! JMHO 🤠
  6. Goat is a made up character. It’s all BS. Anything that comes this character! 🤠 Lighten up little man it’s just a joke. I don’t post in the news section anymore. I have made my thoughts known there before! By the way, I come by that opinion from an Iraqi who was with the Iraq shadow government, here in the United States Of America! He’s the only one person that has been right so far, he’s batting 1000! Myself and about 50 other people paid him quite a bit of money to hear his thoughts on how the Iraq government was operating and the chance of Iraq RV or RI of their currency, 2011! We all made a pac that we would Not release the details of that meeting, which I have honored. I really would like to release the taped two day meeting, to get other DV members thoughts! To make long story short, that’s where I get my opinion from. No, I don’t need followers what ever that means. In closing this, I don’t need the money, that I will make if it RVs . I plan on starting a charity to help a lot of hurting people, to show them the love of Christ in these final days of this earth age. I apologize if I hurt your feelings! JMHO
  7. Well one thing we know for a fact is their physical year begins in begins and ends in October. The only part of this post that is the truth is that, there will be no RV in 2021! Which I need badly, along with a bunch of other DVer’s! Sorry folks for the bad news! 🥲 JMHO
  8. Does anyone have the address and telephone number for the cash in center. Because I need some 💰! JMHO! Thanks in advance! 🤠
  9. To much corruption, there! Everyone in the Iraq government is on the take, there. They have learned from the best criminals in the world. The DemoRat party of the good ole United States Of America! The Biden criminal enterprise, stole billions out of there! Creepy pervert uncle Joe’s brother was the head rat during the first two obama terms. Here just 6 months into Obama’s third term, it looks like they have went right back to the well! It’s just we don’t know who is leading the criminal enterprise yet. I have my candidates but in my opinion it’s to early to get a clear picture of what is going on there! I think once obama reveals his new stealth tax increase policy, that crooked Joe and his criminal enterprise has been lying about! We may see the RV in March 2022! These DemoRats have got to have a plan that will provide an estimated 78.6 billion per year in welfare checks to families with children who owe no income tax, plus all of these illegal aliens that are rushing the boarder here in Texas and the rest of the southwest boarder! I can assure you, the DemoRats are very aware of the piggy bank, of Americans holding IQD! The DemoRats are figuring out, right now, just how to get their crooked little hands on it to!! When they think they have it figured out, you will see a RV of 1 to 1 ! You have not seen anything yet! Hold on to your hat and your check book! JMHO!! 🤠
  10. Hope to get to visit y’all’s neck of the woods someday! Hopefully in the fall of the year! 🤠
  11. You have to hand it to ole Frankie, he’s able to tell this BS week after week, with a straight face. I have watched the videos posted on here before. He’s pretty convincing about what ever story he’s telling, if you didn’t know he was full of $h!+, I can see where people would take his bait! JMHO 🤠
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