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  1. Since , I’m a simple man. A simple question. Where do we find out what tier we are in ? I should be cashing in already , maybe! If I’m in tier 1 or 2. I should be able to go on to bank and cash 💰! Only to go back to the ranch and punch cows! Cause everything is on lock down! No fancy pick ups , cars, planes, horses, fine restaurants, hotels , resorts, beeches, you name it, that your money can buy is all gone! All thanks to the Chinese and their bio weapon unleashed on the world!! Here I’ve been been waiting 11 years to be rich, now those knot heads in Iraq. They could RV their money 4 to 1 today, and I can’t even buy an M-95 mask to go to the barn in! This just my luck! Waiting all these years to get rich so I could help people and now even if this so call RV happens I’ll be lucky if I could buy a mask for someone!! JMHO 🤠
  2. That takes some big ole oranges to drive that! That particular style of tractor is real easy to roll . I was glad the guy had roll cage! Plus he was smart enough to drive it, on very level ground! I liked to turn my tractor 🚜 over on me yesterday! I was moving those big 1850 lbs square bales! Got it to high and boy was that a big ole pucker factor! Luckily I got it down before I got past the point of no return! 🤠 JMHO
  3. Hey Master Yota! Glad to see you back!! Hope you and your family are doing well! I still have been praying you and family!! Again glad your back at the helm!! JMHO 🤠
  4. I really hope these rag heads make a move against us!! All I can say is they will be leading their 🐪 to a bad market!!! Bring it on!!! JMHO 🤠
  5. No auctions is supposed to be a trigger for an RV! Was always what I was led to believe’ JMHO 🤠
  6. Okie May land, that isn’t changing a damn thing! He’s still going to trying to figure out if he is winding his watch or scratching his A$$! 🤠JMHO
  7. I’ve heard conflicting reports about this product. I heard it was very good for you and ward off this Coronavirus that is cursing our great country now! Now I have heard it’s very bad for you and causing major problems for your organs by the silver metal you are taking! I have also heard it will turn your skin and eyes blue, the whites of your 👀! I hear so much scuttle butt , I don’t know what to believe. Thanks in advance for any information or experience with this product! 🤠JMHO
  8. I don’t think ole okie knows what control tower he is speaking to! That knothead has been circling some airfield for at least 10 years, that I know of ,personally! His ship has sunk! It hit a coral reef! Plus lastly I thought okie was in a very strict gag order! I wished he would abide by that order! 🤠 JMHO!!
  9. Just a question, how did this guy get to United States? Plus now he is working. I don’t understand how his kind get in the US in the first place! He is of military age, he should be in Iraq trying to liberate his country of these so called corrupt individuals there! I think that is so cowardly! There anit no way, I would leave the United States if the shoe was on the other foot! I would fight to the bitter end! Before I would leave! JMHO! Not trying to be ugly! 🤠
  10. I’ve called this window all along if it doesn’t happen during this time frame of March 2020! This is another wasted year! Praying for RV 3-22-20! PS Hunkered down on the ole Chisholm Trail! Cow market dropping like a rock! Looks like a lot of hard work for free! Well that’s the way Cowboying go! If it was easy everyone would be a Cowboy 🤠! PS still praying for our great country! JMHO
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