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  1. Could not have said it better!! I think this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done! I have thought several times of just getting out of it all together, the but is it’s money that is already gone and I would really be upset if it ever does RV in my life time! I’m riding this horse till it dies or I die! Which ever comes 1st. ! PS never heard of Benny! I would be so gone .3 to a dime it would make your head spin! 🤠
  2. Yep a new line BS hitting the fan! I ll stand behind you so I don’t get any on me!!! 🤠! PS these characters might all be Frankie?
  3. He’s such a sorry miserable despicable miserable human being! That ******* is a child molester just like his co conspirator Jeff Epstein! !!! JMHO 🤠
  4. Hopefully omar won't be in the race!! I'm praying she riding a chain to federal prison! FOX news reported 1-16-20 that she is being investigated for multiple Fraud Felonies by the FBI! These allegations against her a very serious! If true I hope she spends a lot of time behind bars! Me, Myself, & I think shes guilty, she is a major subversive, Period! Shes a punk! JMHO!🤠
  5. US politicians any suspects??? I got two major suspects that need to be shook down! The 1st one is and was stupid enough to brag about his involvement, in 2010! That would be creepy sleepy pervert uncle Joe Biden! The other suspect is none other than his co conspirator Barry obama! This really explains how him and horse face have been buying up these multi million dollar properties across the United States! There really no telling how much they have stolen! We all know they will never be held accountable for their criminal behavior! JMHO!🤠
  6. Hope ole Frank is right for change! In my neck of the woods a blind squirrel finds a acorn every now and then! 🤠
  7. Thanks I do appreciate your work and articles you bring to the forum! No offense taken, your top notch in my personal opinion. I don’t know Jeff either. All I know are the allegations! I do and will always believe innocent until proven guilty. I believe everyone has the right to express their opinion. The thing with Jeff is when he reports he has contacts in the GOI, that is really a very big stretch for me! He may know someone in GOI, like I say I would bet dollars to dimes he doesn’t! No hard feelings from me . I was just explaining my stance on the post. I realize not everyone sees the world as I do and respect that. Case closed! 🤠
  8. Oh my God in Heaven! This is really a good one here! You have to admit at least we are getting new BS! Yes it still stinks and it’s so fresh it’s even greenish brown! I really got a big ole belly laugh, do we even know when Ramadam is this year? I need a new 1 ton truck! I just don’t have a spare $92,000.00 laying around right now!! Now when I find out when ramadam is over, I m going shopping for a new Ram to celebrate ramadam! 🤠
  9. If directed at me I didn’t trash him! (Jeff) I just reported what has been alleged! He was stopped and detained for possession. That is true I believe! He is innocent until proven guilty! Which I stated! I would bet dollars to dimes, he doesn’t know any high ranking players in the GOI! Me myself and I don’t believe there is anyone that is in this investment knows anybody that knows a damn thing about the dinar (IQD) when or if it will ever RV! All anyone knows is what these liars are putting in the news! There is major corruption there, period! I’m not trying to be ugly but the truth is the truth, If anyone believes this guy Jeff knows some high ranking official in the GOI, that is feeding him information, I got some ocean front property in Arizona for you, and I will throw the Golden Gate Bridge into for free!!! JMHO!🤠
  10. For the confused member that read the post. Jeff was allegedly stopped by law enforcement in Texas! During this stop law enforcement found a large quantity of illegal drugs in his vehicle and possession! The (note rumors) is he will be found guilty of possession and trafficking illegal drugs which is a Class A felony in the state of Texas! This carries a 10 year prison sentence for every count he is charged with!!! I’m not a lawyer or have no ties to law enforcement in the great state of Texas! All I know is what I read from reports! For all I know Jeff could be a victim of circumstances or he could be guilty of trafficking illegal drugs!! That is for the court system to figure out!!! JMHO 🤠
  11. The only person that Jeff could possibly know in IQG is the damn janitor. He should have ask him about his schedule to strip & wax the floors or to clean the commodes!! Now there is some information from Jeff that has one ounce of some maybe truth to it! From what I hear Jeff will be picking cotton in the Tennessee Colony in good ole hot central Texas!! There’s you a news flash!!! 🤠
  12. I was hoping for the 1st quarter of this year, I can tell already , (note My opinion) I think this is going to be another wasted year! To many problems, now these Jack a$$es are taking off a month and half ! That right there eats up most of the 1st quarter! 🤠
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