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  1. This is not a news flash. I keep hoping for an RV this year. Not trying to be a buzz kill or Debbie downer. We know nothing is going to happen for at least a month! In case you forgot it’s ramadam! I believe the US has completely,all but Iraq on the back burner. Sleepy pervert Joe is so incompetent, he probably has what few brain cells he has left, all concentrated on destroying the US Constitution! These thugs in Iraq are going back to business as usual! Stealing anything that isn’t tied down! Unfortunately for us, on this roller coaster, the ride is not anywhere close to being over! No nee
  2. I feel embarrassed, I even by the wayed, one of my banking contacts! I did get a wink though! 🤠JMHO
  3. Not being negative or a buzz kill, I would be very happily surprised if the RV happens this year now! 🤠! JMHO
  4. Plus it could be true, because its not Well Fargo. I will ask some of my banker contacts to verify any truth to this what so ever. I personally think its one steam hot mess of BS! But, Im happy to take my dose of hopium!!! 🤠
  5. This is just a viscous circle ⭕️ with these criminals! That all they do is fight over their checks when are they going to get paid! P on them ! I want my payday! JMHO
  6. This sounds right on, according to the only guy that has been right about this investment, as bad as I hate to admit it! I was sure praying for March 2021, as we know that didn’t happen! I still would jump up and down with joy if they do something positive with their currency in 2021! Unfortunately all the signs are pointing to 2022! I certainly hope I’m wrong! Not upset or frustrated just looking at it for what it is! JMHO 🤠
  7. Which life time?? Ramadam starts , I believe I’ve heard a date of April 15, 2021?? That is less than two weeks away. Then right after that big Holiday they have another minor holiday! That puts us at our major holiday 4th of July! Then they come back and talk again telling us how close we are at raising the dinar then football season starts! You get the picture, this seems like the schedule, I’ve been on for the last 14 years! Go RV !!! In this lifetime of course!! JMHO 🤠
  8. Ok I give up, just what all does this BS exactly say? He said ! Because I’ve read it twice and it still is !!! JMHO
  9. Wow all I can say to you is good bye as I don’t converse with subversives! You are a real space cadet! Oh by the way Go RV! 🤠
  10. I still want another bank name to be used, so I can have a dose of Hopiem! Again folks, nothing is happening at Wells Fargo! Just for the record if the head Teller even hears a Teller use the words Iraqi dinar that will be their last day on the job! If anything happens At Wells Fargo, I will be one of the 1st to know. Again all seeing eyes 👀 of the eastern travelers or watching this very closely, I can assure you of that! JMHO
  11. Now that is taking up the Shorts! Now that is funny! I don’t care what you say! JMHO 🤠
  12. Some taxes are needed to help pay for the Military, VA, Medicare, and Social Security after that not much else! That doesn’t require a 28% or higher rate! Anything above 7% is way outline! I don’t do 70-30, deals! By the way, There is nothing stopping you or any other DemoRat from sending 50% of your money to the US Treasury now! JMHO 🤠
  13. He is a very funny guy! I can’t wait to hear his stick , live up close, and personal ! He has been the only one to really keep this investment real, for me! I have my fingers crossed and I’m praying , for the Good Lord Jesus to bring my harvest in. He knows I can’t I be the Steward, He wants me to be in my present financial situation! In closing I want to wish all DVer’s and their families a very Blessed and Happy Easter! Remember, He is Risen, alive and well on the Throne, He is in complete control of the earth and all on it! Even as bleak as things look! May God continue to Bless each and e
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