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  1. What is ex currency counter? What authority do they have? Thanks in advance for your answer if you know!๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. I have been restricted from osi I have turned a request to find out what is going on . I have submitted a request at least 5 times now still no response! Respectfully Submitted
  3. I may have reverse my edict! this could happen before the first of the year! Even if it comes out at .10 Im gone and I will be one happy camper! JMHO
  4. Didnt it reach $ 24,000.00 before it crashed back down last year?
  5. she has not ansewered my emails either!!! ๐Ÿค 
  6. Well its almost over!!! Hope they got plenty of bacon & ham down them!!!
  7. Well thank you for your question. Im only going by, what I was an eye witness to, plus all of the evidence that has now surfaced from the 2016 election cycle here in the United States. First let me be VERY CLEAR! I stand to protect and preserve The Constitution of The United States Of America and the Bill Of Rights with my life if need be! I went To hear, what Donald Trump had to say at a speaking engagement he held in Ft. Worth, TX when he was running for President, in 2016, The venue holds around 15,000 people are more just my guess. This venue is surrounded by a sidewalk, with a street that circles the venue and sidewalks. The US police force was in charge of the security of the building, they were shaking everybody down before you could enter, Most men in Texas carry a knife of various lenghts. This made getting in to the venue very slow resulting in a line I would estimate at a mile and a half long. The people in line were wear red mega hats or some type Trump shirt, I was wearing red hat standing in the line the people. The people in line were very peaceful laughing talking, when all the sudden this group of about 30 to 40 people showed up by the entrance carring signs, noise makers, one guy with megaphone shouting at all of us in the line. He was calling us various names, his co conspirators were using obscene hand jesters at us. The were mainly directed at the younger men trying to agiate them into a fight! I told a few young men around me to ingnore them and the police will arrest them for trying to start a riot. Well that didnt happen the police retreated! So basicly, it was those troublemakers and the folks in line trying to get in the venue in a peaceful manner being subject to all the insults and obscene words! This was being done in the presents of women & children by the way! These people to use your words (socialist thugs) were wearing old woman clinton shirts and other demorat clothing! Plus the were flying foreign country flags. I didnt know who the guy carry the megaphone was at the time, I do now know who he is! He is the same subversive trouble maker with the phony Hispanic name claiming to be Hispanic descent, when he is nothing but a white trouble maker! While all this was happening low riding cars and trucks appeared on the street flying different central american countries flags, hollaring obscene words and jesters at everyone in line. The women in line started trying to get the police to do something to get things under control. They did do something the retreated to a defensive formation and watched it go down, they were taking pictures also. There were also men that had communist logos on there shirts, Hammer and cicle, I always took that to mean communist. We now know that old woman clinton was paying these thugs to come and cause problems such as fighting and rebel rousing. If I'm not mistaken she was the demorat canidate! Things were starting to really heat up, that is when I decided it was time for me to get back to my truck and get out of the area to a more safe location! I still subscribe to MLK theroy I judge a man or a woman by their Character not by the color of ones SKIN!! That is all these demorats do now is race bait and Im sick of it! Men and women that serve or have served in the US Military are not racist its just NOT possible in my opinion! These people, that are so called protesting are there for nothing more than to destory our great country! I will not put myself in that position every again for these potential attackers to kill, hurt me, or my family! I run in a lot of different circles here in Texas, I dont know any white supremacist or right wing nut racist, I have never even heard someone talk or act like that! The people I know, and go to church with have never called me names or said obscene things to me or my family. I dont I will be attacked there.This is the reason, I dont understand all this racist allegations stuff thats being thrown out by all these demorats! Like I say, Im pretty sure I wont be attacked by anyone at my church or Masonic Lodge, because we dont act like these demorats do, I want be around or tolerate anyone that does act or speak that way! PERIOD! I was an eye witness to this behavior in 2016! The only PEOPLE I saw and heard that was acting crazy were these demorat supporters! We have some very bad problemsin this country, The only way this republic can be saved is for people to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior! CASE CLOSED!
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