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  1. Here we go again, No hopiem for me! They used W.F. Again! Trust me folks if anything happens with the dinar there, we will be the 1st to know! More B.S. ! Have a safe and fun 4th of July! JMHO 🤠
  2. Frank knows nothing! It’s all made up BS! Yes these are oldies but goodie’s, just recycled BS! 🤠 JMHO
  3. Unfortunately, we will not see a window of opportunity for an RV/RI for at least another 6 months and a couple of weeks left in June 22! Sad but true! Almost sounds like a song! Happy 4th of July to all DVer’s and your families! 🤠
  4. poo-roo guru! They are just replacing atm machines that are broken are out dated! Because of this we are one the verge of loading new LD! These poo-roo gurus think everyone in this investment is stupid I guess! They better put a lifejacket on this dinar because, because mine has done nothing but sink to the bottom! Float my A$$! JMHO 🤠
  5. TiVon is new! this is the first time I have heard anything from this joker! 🤠
  6. I better rephrase my report a little. “Reliable sources” this person in the past has verified some scuttle-butt coming out of there as being true! This same person has articles that confirm that FSL was passed by the caretaker government. It also reads that the removal of the zeros was approved too! I don’t know who wrote it but my source doesn’t pass the information around unless there a very good likelihood that it’s true! As we all know there is nothing reliable coming out of that $h!+ hole! My understanding was this caretaker government couldn’t pass or implement any new laws! So time will tell if it’s true or not! Yota will find something to verify or debunk this information, I’m sure! JMHO 🤠
  7. Sorry to confuse you, Shab! I guess you have not seen pictures or videos of a subversive operative named Ray Epps! I think he is an FBI operative, those are the allegations anyway! The demorats know who he is! There is video of him inciting a riot at the very least! His group of subversives were responsible for the breech of the capitol ,along with the secret capitol police officers, that testified to the demorat committee. These so called officers let people in the capitol on Jan. 6th! Your confusion of the events of that day will be straighten out after new congress is seated in 2023! I so want to reverse the whip on these demorats! I want to see everyone of these subversive bastard demorats in a federal prison for treason! The truth will come out about all the events that day its just going to take till the 1st of the year! get your popcorn ready, (if you can find any)! Farmers are not planting very much of it! That's another story little Shabs! I hope this helps your confusion! JMHO! 🤠
  8. We might be moving in the right direction, I have confirmed through a reliable source that food law has been passed along with remove the zero project. Hopefully this passage of these laws will stand up since the caretaker government passed them! You know somebody over there ,is going to sue! Then tie it up till the 1st of the year! JMHO! 🤠
  9. I watched all of that, rioting by these two terrorist DemoRat subversives! It was completely out of control there in Washington, to say the least. I hate to see our brave Police Officers attacked and injured the way they were in Washington! I don’t think there is anyone in their right mind that could watch those Officers In Minnesota murder George Floyd and support their criminal behavior! All that being said Floyd was not an Angel by any means whatsoever! He was a 4 time repeat felon! He was confronted by the police for another 3rd degree felony passing counterfeit money! Plus he was all drugged out on who knows what kind of drugs driving a vehicle! Drinking and under the influence of dangerous drugs, driving in a manor to endanger lives and property. This punk could careless who he could of possibly killed or injured! Plus he had already tried to kill a woman here in Texas! This guy was a career criminal and should have still been picking cotton on the Ramsey Unit here in Texas! These thugs that did millions of dollars in property damage and injured other people plus other police officers should have all been rounded up and jailed! The DemoRats ran cover for them and bailed them out of Jail! Total sorriness at the 10th degree! Little George was a thug from the time he was about 15 years old! Google the Peoples court with Floyd’s name! Watch that and you will see how this thug ended up being murdered by the police. Again Floyd did NOT deserve the death penalty by these former officers! Neither did the Minneapolis citizens deserve what they were subjected to either, by these DemoRat terrorist subversive thugs! Protected by Biden and his ilk! My problem is with Texas, letting Floyd out of Prison in the 1st place! By all rights he should not have been in Minnesota in the 1st place. I wished I knew how to bring that video of Little George and his dad On the peoples court! That way you could judge for yourself the person these DemoRats were terrorizing Minneapolis over! 😡 JMHO!
  10. I don't know how many people have tuned in to this demorat circus! I tape the Price is Right everyday! I went to the watch show, what comes on, is this circus! I watched the hr that was taped! What a major crock of $h!+ put on by these demorat thugs! All I can say, these thugs better take their best shot! because in 150 days they are going to pay the price, for their criminal behavior! There was major voter fraud that took place in Nov. 2020! If you dont believe me go watch 20000 mules! These people that testified, are just saving themselves from any charges from this regemes DOJ! What cowards, we have in the power center of this country! i cant wait till the shoe is on the other foot! Everyone of these demorats, need to be arrested and put in a federal prison along with their co conspirators! This would be a good time to arrest old lying liz chaney and her war criminal old man too! bill barr & mike pence are POS! Let them have their fun! Because their day, is coming soon! I can't wait to see them all behind bars! Bottom Line is ,there was major election fraud that can be proved! demorats get ready your day of judgement is coming! case closed! JMHO
  11. I don’t know about this character zig. All I know is hearsay about Kuwait. The person, I heard about the dinar from told me, a Kuwait story about an airline pilot, who made a bunch of money on the deal. This woman was a flight attendant, who supposedly heard about the dinar from her pilot friend! What was sad about this story, is the lady had gotten injured on the job and was not able to work again. The really sad part about it is, she told me, she pulled out most of her retirement fund to by millions of dinar. She didn’t say exactly how much she spent, except that she was counting on information she was receiving from okie and TerryK, back in 2008! She told if I wanted to make some fast money was to buy some Dinar. Just so happens to be Ali! This all took place with out any vetting whatsoever! For everyone that has been here since 2009, we know the drill!! FedEx your cashiers check to Ali’s company with a pre-paid FedEx air bill. Because this was going to RV on Monday of the next week! My daughter who works for me, told her husband, he tells his dad, you know the rest of the story! The fuse was lit and bunch people took the bait just as I did! Some of my friends have passed on, they never got to see the RV! What is sad about this whole deal is I may not live long enough to see the so called RV, along with many others! Most of the people I know that got involved with this deal are now in their late 60’s to middle 70’s! The only people that have made money on this dinar deal are the ones like Ali, that made millions peddling these almost worthless IQD on the hope, that these sand rats will adjust their currency! Sorry for the rant! 🤠 JMHO
  12. I don’t think anyone really knows. I’m just going by what Adam said he thought it would come out at .10. I could be wrong though it’s been a while since he made that comment!
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