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  1. Its criminal, how these U.S. government employes, congress & senate waste taxpayer monies! They know that they can just go steal more money from the taxpayers! If you dont pay your so called fair share of taxes, the irs will either put you in jail or confiscate your home, money, business or anything they want, that you have! Biden and his hynch men need to be arrested and their money taken away, for this criminal retreat out of Afghanistan this past summer. They left billions and billions of dollars there for the taliban terrorist. This is the problem I have with Taxes! These people need to be held accountable for criminal behavior!! JMHO!
  2. I believe I have those bases covered, Vital Brad!!! That's the reason I have my wagon hitched to Adam! 🤠
  3. If we have not seen the so called RV, of the IQD by March 15, 2022, go ahead and put your IQD back on moth balls! We have sailed almost right through Jan. 2022 without nothing, but the same ole song and dance out of these miserable human beings! I'm still very hopeful that 2022, is our year! I'm sure everyone here in the US, has seen or heard about the sorriness of a certain group of people ,that brought their sorriness and despicable behavior, to the old Chisholm Trail last week! I know we don't hear about all the sorriness going on in Iraq, this terrorism put out by these people must STOP! Period! I will be eating a lot of ham and bacon during Ramadam this year! So Happy Ramadam to everyone! Eat more PORK!
  4. Because there is NO video or other evidence to Frankie’s claims! It’s all made up BS! Trust me if that evidence was available it would be plastered all over Frank’s web site or what ever platform he uses to shovel this BS out!! JMHO 🤠
  5. She is not the only one drinking the DemoRats kool aid ! Unless we all stand against this voter fraud scheme the DemoRats are pushing, this country is a lost cause! If you live in a so called blue state, you better start raising some hell with these DemoRats! Respectfully though! 🤠
  6. I hate the loss for Okie, and his family, but me, myself,and I believe she was probably a Co conspirator to all of Okies lies and deceptive behavior!, regarding the IQD! The woman who shot me up with the Hopiem the 1st time was an avid follower of the old okster ! What was so bad, that lady was taking money out of her retirement account to buy IQD, based on this pumpers lies! Nuff Said! 🤠
  7. OMG, what next! Well, here we all are! The 1st two weeks of a wide open window have come and gone, with little or no movement, except that of the Poo-Roo Gurus, stink-a-Roos! They are pulling out some oldies but goodie’s! I’m still trusting that we see the IQD RV this year! We still have a month and half left in our window 🪟 of opportunity! Hopefully, 2022 will not be another wasted year!! Go RV! JMHO 🤠
  8. Could someone explain what this means. Thanks in advance
  9. IMO, opinions are like A holes everybody’s got one! Sorry I could not pass up the opportunity for an opinion! January is trucking right on by, hopefully we will see some type movement by next weekend! I don’t put much stock in the government being seated or not. I think we are on settled law that it’s strictly up to the BOI to make the decision to increase the value of the currency! They sure didn’t need the GOI when they devalued the currency last year! Just my humble opinion!!! 🤠
  10. What MM is saying is a true fact! CBI is in complete control of their currency! Bottom line! Frank has been spewing this for over a year now, about the LD! One of these days he’s going to be right! I’m praying that he is right about this 1st quarter! Could it happen yes it could and I’m believing it will happen too! Hell if he’s right, I’m going to buy him a new big blue couch! We all need this RV to happen, plus we deserve it too, for the crap we have put up with!!! JMHO!!! 🤠
  11. I have not bought any significant amount since 2017! I’ll have to admit I’m holding Pat myself! Like others here, I will go to my grave holding the dream! I get them out ever so often, remind myself of how could you be that stupid! On the other hand if this so called RV hits in the next 3 months when I go trade these things in, I’ll be another Albert Einstein! 🤠
  12. I would celebrate it too! By Pi$$!ng on his grave, I just don’t think there was a body left to Pi$$ on! He was blown into a million little pieces!!! 🤣🤣🤣! Couldn’t have happened to the most despicable person on the earth! 😁
  13. Franks rabbit ears must be super duper! To be picking up Iraqi TV! Like I say, he knows that 95% of the people in this investment can not verify his 📺 stories! My thoughts about the TV, is if the TV broadcast were true and he is seeing it, why wouldn’t he show clips from the broadcast. Easy to debunk, there are not any!!!! 🤠
  14. We have seen it go at least 6 months or more. If my memory serves me right!
  15. I don't remember the time difference, from here in the U.S. and Iraq. If it's noon here in the U.S. It might be early evening in Iraq. The point being the window of opportunity opens wide in just a few short hours, for the so called RV! We will all know by March 15, 2022, if we see an RV this year!!! Im praying to the Good Lord Jesus for this event! He knows I can't be the Steward, He's called me to be in this final earth age, In my present financial condition ! This event will be a major transfer of wealth for a lot of people, in fact biblical transfer of wealth for many people world wide! The Word can NOT LIE! This Transfer will happen on Gods time frame not ours! As we ring the new year in, we will find out SOON, how the RV story goes for 2022! I'm wishing All DV'ers and their families a very Blessed and Happy New Year! 🤠
  16. Look at the bright side, you got the date right! 🤠
  17. I drive the 3500 Ram, it’s a pulling machine. It rides like a caddy with a load, no load and it beats you to death! I have ordered me a new 3500, waiting on it to come to the dealership! If you are hauling a trailer with hay are cattle, the Ram can’t be beat! I have a recall on the 2021, something to do with the lug nuts. According to recall they can break off causing a potentially dangerous accident! 🤠
  18. How can I contact you, your message says you can receive messages from this site. How do I get my dinar in a Roth
  19. You are right, I didn’t know that Afghanistan money was at a $1.37 till O’biden pulled his treasonous act back about a 120 days ago, I guess it’s been now! This Iraq deal is crazy, one of these days the truth on this deal will rear it’s ugly head! There is nothing that makes any sense as to why the program rate hasn’t been changed! I would bet dollars to dimes there is some major corruption attached to some high ranking DemoRats in this country, that have the dinar tied up! JMHO! 🤠
  20. Almost all the old dinar people are into crypto now! I just wished I would have listened to Adam about 5 years ago, I would not be watching this dinar deal as close as I do! Happy New Year! PS not crying over spilled milk! 🤠
  21. Seems like I remember Erbil and the HCL of being the same thing. If I remember correctly Erbil was where they were meeting to discuss the HCL. If that is the same thing, like the way I remember it, the answer is no the HCL is still a stumbling block. I could be wrong though! JMHO!🤠
  22. If they were going to do the so called LOP, they could have done that years ago and saved a lot of money! Plus not paying Kuwait a dime! 🤠
  23. Merry Christmas to everyone. We are taking the cover off the pool and having our eggnog, while putting on the cooper tone!! No turkey and dressing this year!! Hamburger’s, hot dogs and fireworks! 4th of July in December!! 88• today 90• Christmas Day in Texas! How’s that for global warming!!! Happy New Year too! 🤠
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