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  1. Well we are down to 4 months and we will all know how 2023, is going to shake out! I have already did 13 years in this pie in the sky deal, another 4 months is a bowl of ice cream! If nothing happens by the end of the 1st quarter, I’m going in a different direction! So I could careless as to what all these poo-Roos are saying! It’s either going to hit or it isn’t!!! Merry Christmas to all DV’ers and your families!!! Case closed! 🤠
  2. Well this is an oldie but goodie! 🤠
  3. According to Adam if I remember correctly he is going to keep the site open, for future investment strategies! If I remember correctly Adam has a series 64 license! I do know he has something’s in the works, when the IQD RV/RI occurs!! Also there has been talk of a get together in Vegas when we see a change! The people that were talking about it rarely if ever post anything anymore, for what ever reason! It could be that I’m not going to the area’s that they are posting in to! I’m on a 4 month count down myself! If nothing happens, I will be holding a lot less IQD, so I will be very limited as to what I can invest after 4 months! I will have enough for a little party in Vegas though! I was thinking maybe a good wheelchair race!! Hopefully we see some movement in January 2023! Merry Christmas to all DV members and their families!! Praying for a great outcome in January 2023
  4. Well, we can all take a big dose of Hopiem, here on Thanksgiving Day! The good news is, in just 4 short months we will all know the answer to the question will we still be broke next Thanksgiving! 🤠
  5. This is a real crazy report, but I will share this anyway. I watch a lot of Christian TV now, because I just can’t take the the stupid stuff being broadcast over network TV and most cable programs! I know this guy has a checkered past, but like with most human beings, when there is a lot of money involved they do stupid things and make bad decisions. I have always liked this guy Pastor Jim Bakker, I like him now for one thing he still is very pro America supports President Trump, even though the US government brought charges on him, eventually being put in a federal prison. He has admitted to his criminal behavior and has asked for forgiveness! I truly believe he is sincere . All that being said, I was watching his show last week when he had a Rabbi on talking about his book he had just written! About 15 to 20 minutes into his program, I couldn’t believe it. Because, I had just heard a few days earlier, the chatter about the EMP. Pastor Jim interrupted his guest and the subject they were talking about. Basically he said, two trusted wittiness told him that a strike from an EMP could strike the US in 3 weeks! He even had a clip of an EMP blast! He repeatedly said he could not give any more information about this at this time, only to say he was very confident in information that these witnesses gave him. The only reason I’m telling this now is because some of the members here on DV seem to be a lot more knowledgeable about this threat than myself! You can research Jim Bakkers web site and see past shows! I believe it was last Wednesday broadcast I saw this! Like I say, I’m just starting to read up on the EMP!! Like others I have not thought about the threat Markinsa wrote about! Could this happen, you bet it could. Again I report you decide!! Have a plan and a plan to act!!! I hope everyone and their families has a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!! 🤠 JMHO
  6. I hope so too! This bomb never his the earth as I understand it. It goes off a couple miles above the earth! I also think it, effects our satellites too, by knocking out, some of the ones in orbit around our planet! As I state, I'm not really up to date about this! This threat, maybe the one of the major reasons President Trump started the Space Force! This is just my opinion, I don't know if there is anything going to happen or NOT, my sources truly believe in their hearts, this attack is going to happen in just a few weeks! This is the reason I wrote this, in the first place! I agree with you if the US, does have the ability to retaliate, to whoever did detonate this EMP, it would devastating to the whole world! The Biden regime is just so out of their league, that I don't doubt anything, any more from happening! I just want people to be prepared for any type disaster that may happen! Like I say have a plan and a plan to act. JMHO
  7. It has come to my attention through different resources. That a EMP bomb could be discharged over the USA in the next few weeks. I don’t know how reliable this intel is! BUT I DO know how incompetent the Biden regime is! I don’t want to scare people with this intel. Just the very fact that Russia and China see the US as very weak and ripe for the taking! The Generals that Biden has in charge couldn’t win a paint ball war! We are in a very sad state of readiness in my opinion! This EMP bomb is a very new technology, to me! This bomb if detonated over Kansas could destroy all electronics not properly protected in the United States! Plus our electric grids, not protected! I know that the electric grid in Texas has never been full repaired from the major freeze we had in 2021! So I sure wouldn’t hold my breath about it holding up to this type of threat! Now, it possibly could be protected, I just never heard or read anything about it being protected from this type of threat! Which I hope is the case! I’m going to research it! I already have surge protection on my house which prevents a electric surge from lightning or a surge from the electric lines destroying my breakers and box or my house wires! Plus surge protection on my electronic devices! Not everyone does, though. As to put this in, is not cheap! In my former life and career, I used to see peoples homes or businesses severely damaged or destroyed, because of lightening strikes or surges, so when I would see different things happening, I would always check my home and address those issues, so that I didn’t have to go through that same wreck! If you can protect yourself do it. Before it’s two late! When a major disaster strikes this government is NOT going to protect you! FEMA under Biden is inept to say the least! Your not going to be a real happy person if you are dependent on them! If this EMP bomb is as destructive as advertised then FEMA or state governments will be severely overwhelmed! I hope DV ers have a emergency water &!food supply for each family member for at least 3 months, just for any type emergency! I’m hoping more better intel about this threat is more forth coming! I have heard stuff before and it has never materialized! I just believe with what is going on in Europe very troubling! I think Putin is crazy and could do anything! China has Biden compromised. China since they got away with the biological attack on us and the world, could think they could pull something like this off!! Hopefully this is nothing!! I would feel bad if it did happen and I didn’t at least put out advance notice of the chatter! Have a plan and a plan to act!! I report you decide! Anyway Happy Thanksgiving, to all DV ers and their families!!! JMHO ☠️
  8. Your exactly right! These poo-roo’s have an angle! I think most of them just like to tournament people that are invested in the IQD! One day will find out what all was behind their behavior! JMHO
  9. Mark and Mt goat are made up characters that have put out false scuttle-butt about the IQD for as long as I have been involved! The dinar thug clown was very good at blowing the cover on a lot of these characters! I just thought I would remind everyone of who you are dealing with, when anything they say comes in here! Bottom line file 13 for these two! I do miss the clown! I was hoping to meet him one day! JMHO 🤠
  10. Can't happen now! There are not enough republican senators to convict biden and harris! You know old willard is not going to vote convict! If the demorats hadn't gotten away with their voter fraud in the same old states it was an option!! JMHO
  11. Liars will Not inherit, the Kingdom of God! This B!+ch has told the same lies so much she believes them! Pretty hard to repent of your lying, when you don't believe you are a LIAR! Her old man is a boo-foo buddy too! We still do not know who was the passenger in old Paulie's car, when he was involved in a felony DWI accident! That is or would be a felony, if it would have been you or I, involved with this type criminal behavior. I would bet dollars to dimes, that his homosexual lover came back to the ole compound wanting, some more hush money, When old Paulie told him NO, that is when the Hammer came out!! Then old Paulie got a ride to the hospital! Hopefully the Republicans take the house this year! Then the truth might come out as to what really happened at the compound the night of hammergate! Just maybe there might be just 1 person in the capitol secret police force, that has made a copy of the tape, of the homosexual lovers fight ,at the compound! Then just maybe ,the California Highway Patrol might release the identity of the person in old Paulie's car the night of the felony DWI wreck! The old battle axe, will then have the opportunity to finally tell the truth about what is really been going on with her bi sexual husband secret affair! Again nasty nancy will try and pi$$ on our leg and tell us its raining! This old bag could tell me the sky is blue and I would go outside and look up to see if it was!! Hopefully in about 6 weeks we may never have to hear her nasty voice again!! JMHO!
  12. Unfortunately for me I bought in to the hype of a big red wave! I have been saying to everyone who would listen till states like Pennsylvania deal with the voter fraud scheme that is happening there, nothing is going to change! I have finally figured out what is going on here in the USA! There is a very large group of subversives here in the U.S.! How or why they got here really doesn’t matter at this point, the fact is that they are here! These people hate the constitution and the bill of rights! They are on a mission to destroy these two ideas, and our country! People in Texas can do nothing to stop what is going on in other states like Pennsylvania Arizona Georgia, and Nevada! Unfortunately what goes on there does effect us! The border here is a complete disaster!! I don’t know what is going on in other parts of the country, there is beggars on every corner,and the thieves are stealing anything that isn’t tied down! Things that are tied down they will ram it with their vehicle! The dope heads are running rampant, they are selling and distributing more drugs than CVS , Walgreens and Walmart! Things are just not bad enough right now to stop what is happening! Don’t worry it will get worse! We just have to figure out, a way to stay out of the line of fire! The sad part is I believe there are more of them than Patriots! I guess when Biden runs in 2024. He can enlist fetterwoman to take old knothead Harris VP job! Only when things get so bad can we expect a change! When gas gets up around $10.00 and no diesel fuel to haul food! Just maybe we could get rid of the subversives!!JMHO!! 🤠
  13. JMHO, this is the next window of opportunity for the so called RV/RI! 1st qt. of the new year 2023! If we don't see it , in this time frame of 2023. This will be another dead year! I'm basing my opinion from the only guy that has been right on this investment so far! His view was if the RV/RI did not happen in 2024, it might not RV/RI for another 10 years. Which by the way things are going in Iraq and the US, 2034 is a real possibility!!!! Do I like this, HELL NO! I didn't like it when I heard it in 2013 and I sure don't like it in 2022!!! I'm just being realistic about this pie in the sky deal. Like I say, After the 1st qt. of 2023, i'm going in a different direction. I'm going to keep a few million and sell the rest of what I have. Am I still going to be a Steward for The Good Lord Jesus, YES ! Just not on the scale I dreamed of! I don't know how many DV members are like me and have lost their Bitcoin account with the FTX bankruptcy! Another bad business decision, based on bad advice! One thing about it, when I screw up it's a major disaster !!! Will the IQD ever RV/RI yes!! The Major question is, in who's life time! 🤠
  14. No I think the did it in December! If I remember correctly!
  15. That's the way, I thought too!! The IQD could only RV/RI at the 1st Qt of the new year! It's been several years now since this was discussed, here on DV! I think there is an official GOI Statement to this fact. Like I say it's been several years now since this topic come up! This is the main reason for my next window of opportunity, starting 1-1-2023 till the end of the 1st qt.! After this 1st qt. I'm having a fire sale of IQD. I have had enough hopiem! JMHO!!
  16. No, I'm going to sell most of my dinar, I'm going to keep a few million, just in case it does hit in my life time! Me personally, it seems as we have seen this movie before! We are seeing a lot of good and promising news coming out of this $h!+hole! A lot of new players involved, that are talking a good game! Just my opinion, when the start seeing just how easy it is to start stealing money, the game starts all over again! Hopefully I'm wrong! Whats going on now, sure looks like an oldie but goodie starting rear its ugly head. I am still very hopeful for this next window of opportunity! I do think this is settled law, I could be wrong, I know it's been reported on DV, maybe someone knows how to find it. What i'm referencing is the only time the CBI can RV/RI is at the start of a new year! 2023! There has been so much scuttle-butt come out of Iraq nobody knows anything really of what's going on!! JMHO. 🤠
  17. This is no news flash! I think 95% of DV members knew in June of 2022 that this was going to be another dead year! We have another window of opportunity for an RV starting 1-1-23! Me myself and I are going in a different direction if no RV/RI by the end of the 1st quarter, of 2023. I think 14 years of hopiem is enough for me! JMHO
  18. its been down for me too! I was just hoping Adam was upgrading the site! I hope no one has hacked the site and has everyones information! JMHO!!
  19. I know for a fact that the goat & mark are full of. Sorry this was just an easy layup! JMHO
  20. I'm right there with you in believing in a miracle for this investment, I'm staying till the bitter end! After the 1st qt of 2023, I'm going to limit my exposure with the IQD & ingest a lot less HOPIEM. I'm going to hold enough IQD that, I can still help a lot of hurting people! Plus maybe buy a few more cows and a new 1 ton Dodge Ram! IF this Miracle could happen right now, It would be tremendous, I'm sure everyone has seen the catastrophe in Florida, from hurricane Ian!! It would bless my heart so much, If I could write a 2 million dollar check to The Samaritan's Purse, that are on scene now, there in Southwest Florida! I encourage everyone to give to this ministry. I'm an eyewitness to the work they do! Especially, back in 2017, with the work they did in Victoria, TX. I had the opportunity to ask people that they helped what they thought about The Samaritan's Purse. The people almost came to tears telling me, If they were not there to help them, they didn't know how they were going to feed their children or continue to stay in their hotel room till their work came back! The Salvation Army does really good too! The Red Cross is way down the list, as to getting any support from me! Like you I believe the IQD will RV/RI when, I don't know! I personally don't believe the CBI will LOP their currency! If they were going to LOP they could have done that, years ago plus saved a lot of money! JMHO!!
  21. This just a question for a friend. Do you are anyone here on DV believe any money that was put in the Warka bank gone! I'm just thanking my lucky stars, for not getting caught up in this scheme that was going around in 2011, If my memory serves me right! Full Disclosure, I tried to put $5000.00 in an account! Lucky for me, I didn't know how to work my computer very good. My daughter was gone to school the day, I was going to transfer my money. she had an out state game, and was gone for 3 days. Bottom line the account was not opened, the money was never transfer so I saved that money!! Last I heard the people that opened accounts were going to get their money back! I guess that scuttle-butt! As this investment rolls on, the more & more it looks like we, that are invested in the IQD will take it up the shorts! I hope I'm very wrong, because I stand to lose a lot of cash. I'm going to stay positive, but it sure looks bad for the home team at this point in time!! JMHO
  22. What is the name of the thread his explanation is in? Thanks in advance!
  23. Well if the pizza boy is right about the lop, We have all, wasted a lot of time and money! Plus taken a lot of Hopiem! I personally don't buy a lop, I could be wrong too! I think we will all know which way we are going by the end of March 2023! That's my red line in the sand! I Know, I will NOT be following the IQD into another dead year! Good Or Bad. I think 12 years addicted to HOPIEM is enough. I'm headed for rehab after the 1st QT of 2023! Am I still going to be a Steward for The Good Lord Jesus? YES! It's just not going to be on the scale that I dreamed of! There is still a chance I believe for a great outcome for the IQD. Only time will tell! It's too bad I'm not in position to help on grand scale now with this bad catastrophe, that has hit Florida! I will be supporting the best charity out there, that really helps people. I'm an eyewitness to their work! Please if you want to help, give your money to the Samaritan's Purse! They are one of the 1st in and the last to leave! Not just my opinion, I used to ask other people that have been effected by the disaster! JMHO
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