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  1. That’s a good one, love Possum and Mama Possum sightings, as you know we have been searching the banks of the clear fork now for 3 years! 🤠JMHO
  2. Well let’s see the article, where they are going to sell the oil by the dinar. Because I have a bunch of dinar, I will trade for oil! 🤠 JMHO
  3. Frank knows there is no way for the average dinar holder to be able to verify his reports of what is going on with his report about what or who is broadcasting on Iraqi TV! What a crock of $h!+ ! 🤠 JMHO
  4. It must be her time of the month! JMHO 🤠
  5. You can pay yearly, I do. But there are advantages to paying quarterly. One being you are not looking at a big nut to crack in your October surprise!!! JMHO 🤠
  6. Me myself and I,like Breitling, he seems to do a good job of answering questions and follow the news out of Iraq! I have somewhat kept up with him in the early stages of this investment. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember him ever having a specific date on a possible RV. He is very conservative about getting excited. Me personally I have hitched my wagon to Adam, now if Adam gives a window, I will be excited about his opinion. So far there has only been one guy right about this investment! I have not heard anything from him in 7 years! JMHO 🤠
  7. If Iraq was going to do a LOP, they could have done that years ago and saved a bunch of money! JMHO
  8. There was supposedly a picture of a specimen of a lower denomination that was circulated 2 or 3 weeks ago. The pictures of it, and the comments are here on DV! I just don’t know how to tell you to find it. Me myself and I think it was an old picture photo shopped of old Sadam money! I could be very wrong and it’s the real deal! JMHO 🤠
  9. Floridian, I know you are a respected member here on DV and have been here a long time. I certainly ment no disrespect in my answer on the pizza boy. I sometimes forget all the players in this game (there are many) and need to be reminded as to who they are, every now and then! 🤠! JMHO
  10. Afghanistan has nothing to do with Iraq or any effect on the dinar. If it did the dinar would have been equally the same amount as the Afghanistan currency! It was worth $1.70 to each dollar till the Biden disaster! Of course we all know Biden could screw up a wet dream! Biden is such a POS! He needs to be arrested immediately and charged with treason!!! 🤠! JMHO
  11. The pizza boy is an idiot, don’t waste your time with him or Anything he has to say! 🤠 JMHO
  12. Don't worry about his comments! He is our new resident KNOTHEAD! jmho! 🤠
  13. can someone please load raising hell with the cowboys please!
  14. I believe its tomorrow, this meeting is part of the information that was shared with me. this meeting was postponed till this saturday! JMHO
  15. What’s so sad those cowardly republicans did nothing, about the voter fraud. They just gave that POS Biden the the keys to the White House! Lindsey Graham makes me sick to my stomach! Biden is not making any decisions on anything! He just put the little “o”s henchmen back in place! This is act III of the obama regime. Now we have 13 dead brave service members on another failed mission, authored by these criminals! These DemoRats are after everyone’s weapons here in the USA , only to give these Muslim devils 84 billion dollars worth of top of the line real weapons of war! I’m just wondering how long it will take for these devils to get these weapons through the south Texas border and used on the American people here in the United States! It did not take long for China to release their biological weapon on the whole world, either! We can thank that criminal in the White House for the Chinese virus! That crack head son of Biden’s sold out way to cheap on that capper! That was worth at least 50 billion in my opinion. Typical crackhead mentality! Take a 50 thousand Rolex watch to a pawnshop and sell it for a thousand! Like I say have a plan and a plan to act!! JMHO
  16. That is not what I said knothead! I said the information coming out has not changed, from when I was told or shown some very important and positive information The information is out there for anyone, who is able to have the time to investigate it! It was the officials of Iraq that set the time frame up, not me or anyone source! I have agreed with a third party not reveal who they are! When they give me credible information! As far as an RV, let me be very clear to our resident knothead, I believe Iraq is going to RV/RI their currency, which is called a dinar! When NOBODY KNOWS!!! All we can do is follow the information and news that comes out of that $h!+ hole, and make educated guesses as to what the time frame maybe for the very elusive RV! I’m way on the backside of 30, I have a lot more yesterday’s than tomorrow’s! I have learned from my time on this big beautiful planet, you are I, are not guaranteed 1 minute here on it! I have been in this investment 12 years now, do I believe I have another 12 , No! My point is that even though it looks good for movement with the dinar, it’s still business as usual there! When it happens it will happen! Case closed!
  17. No nothing new, just the same ole crap coming out of Iraq. We all know the drill with these people. Me myself and I believe that Iraq can change their currency at any time now, or in the past as early as 2014. There is a cast of characters over there that are making a lot of money, with the way things are now! If not we would have seen some positive movement with the currency! I never really followed Afghanistan’s currency, I just figured it was in the tank too and the people were using the dollar there too! Well I find out through the event of sleepy Joe’s turn tail and run move, their currency is $1.70 to 1 dollar. So the million dollar question is how could a country that has been in a bigger mess than Iraq, has nothing but dope and terror to export currency be worth that. It has fallen now since the pull out, BUT! At this point we are all still on the roller coaster! I’ve come to the realization that I will not be alive to see an RV! My family will and I believe that they will carry out my wishes with any windfall from this investment! This is only my opinion nothing else!
  18. Well I guess we know now what that dope head hunter Biden sold China, for basically pennies on the dollar! That is just what dope heads do. They steal something valuable, then go to the pawnshop with it! They sell it for pennies on the dollar! The Chinese were hunter’s pawnshop! The sad part about all of this, America can never undo the damage that crooked Joe and his no good son has done to our country!! JMHO
  19. That goat is a made up character! Anything that dude types is a lie! I Thug traced the computer back to Germany! Plus it’s a man writing this BS! No truth whatsoever in any of his posts!
  20. Personally I think there is a very good chance of January 2022 coming and going with us still waiting! Even with the best news and evidence coming out of Iraq, the news and evidence means nothing! I didn’t know that Afghanistan’s currency was worth a lot more than the IQD! I guess I just figured that since Afghanistan was in the middle of a 30 year war, nothing but terrorist and dope to export, that they would be using the dollar too. We’ll before Biden’s big blunder this past weekend, what ever they call an Afghanistan dollar was equal to $1.70 to 1 US dollar! Now, I think it’s still worth.83 to 1 USD. Something very wrong with this picture in my mind. I know that there are a lot more smart people here on DV, that can explain why Afghanistan’s currency is worth more than a 1/4 of a penny! This is nothing but a big ole $h!+ show! JMHO
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