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  1. Thanks keylime! This should be really crazy soon then. Any idea on a timeline of when the price will go insane? Thank you again..
  2. I would also like to share my appreciation to keylime for educating all of us and showing us this opportunity. I was able to buy just a few more shares, not like most in here, but it will surely be a blessing. keylime, I would like to ask a question, maybe you have answered this before. If so, I apologize.. I’m a numbers guy, so in order for the price to go higher and higher, there has to be more buyers than sellers the entire way. (Supply and demand). I know we need everyone to hold and not sell to make this happen, however the reality is once it keeps climbing we will se
  3. I haven’t spent as much time on this site as I used to, so I’m sure I’ve missed a lot, but why are they still talking about the 2021 budget and getting ready to start projects and such when the budget was approved and passed months ago? Shouldn’t they already have the money from the budget and spending their funds, OR are they waiting on something???
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the info Keylime!!
  5. Key lime I saw your post late. And finally bought 1 share. I know that’s nothing but if it takes off like you say, I will be extremely happy. Do you know when this will happen? If it never does that’s ok too... I don’t have much money but $12.50 isn’t going to kill me..
  6. I just bought an ounce of silver on eBay. Yes I know I paid far more than spot, but at least it will be actual physical silver and may have a much greater value soon.
  7. Yes, it was Kara and Nate. I still follow them on yt..
  8. *** Frank26 *** Never in the history of Iraq have we ever seen a budget approved signed sealed and delivered and implemented. Never. has Frank been asleep for the past 17 years?? Lol
  9. GregHi


    Yes, please keep us posted..
  10. Would it surprise you to find out that these “Gurus” are actually 34 years old, overweight, still living in their Moms basement with a new Mac, several lightsabers, tin foil hats and on medication for an over active imagination? 😂
  11. Hey, I resemble these remarks.. 😂 and how much more makeup can you add to that face before people start mentioning Tammy Faye and how they thought they killed a huge spider only to find out it was an eye lash.. 😳 👀
  12. The only person that was played for a fool was you Zeff the idiot. I can’t believe he has a few people that actually pay him money on patreon when he is always wrong! What an ass! Maybe I need to start a patreon channel make predictions that are never correct and suck in gullible people no matter how clueless I really am.
  13. Your though was better than mine.. 3 men in a tub is not a pleasant picture in my head.
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