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  1. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    I’m a night owl also, always have been and will continue to be even post RV!! Us Vampires deserve to be wealthy also.. lol
  2. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Alright bros! We are locked and loaded and ready for good news tonight!! Let’s go!
  3. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    It’s so weird that there are no articles about the IMF meeting today.. Are they hiding it or just not really that important?
  4. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    It amazes me that he went from saying a week ago, this is it! This is your weekend, it’s over!! To now saying it may be next year.. Does he always flip flop on his “predictions”? I think now is a great time especially if the IMF moves them to article VIII..
  5. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    I’m still thinking if Iraq can get to article 8, Friday, merge the edu minister on Saturday, we might still see the RV on Sunday. So n so video did take the wind out of the sails but I feel better now seeing the articles that it seems he didn’t see..
  6. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Navira, what are they doing with the education minister exactly? Hard for my little mind to understand it..
  7. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    6, what is your interpretation of this.. just curious..
  8. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Navies, that was me. My Kurdish friend told me back in early 2015 (I think) that a Kurdish delegation went to Baghdad to see if they could increase the value of the Dinar but because oil prices were low at the time, they decided not to and would revisit the issue later when oil prices were higher! Now may be the time!!
  9. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Things I hope happen in sequence this week: HCL possibly tomorrow or Wednesday Aticle VIII on Friday or Saturday Fully seated GOI on Saturday RI or RV on Sunday fingers crossed..
  10. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    At least he’s not sitting outside a bank eating hotdogs! Lol
  11. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 2

    As far as who is in control of the rate change.. This has been a big question for years. I believe the answer is a lot of people.. I think the CBI is ultimately responsible, however I’m sure the gov would have a say in it (possibly have certain laws ready, maybe even vote on it) and have to be ready for the timing of it (stability of the country, security ready to handle problems and even education of the citizens). I also think in this case outside influences like the UN, IMF, and the US to name a few would highly encourage the CBI and GOI to act.. so I think it’s not as simple as just one .org who is responsible. They have to work together and make sure everyone is on the same page before they do something this big.. JMO
  12. I agree Chuck. 15 years on this ride for me, 2 Iraqi friends and thousands of new grey hairs... but regardless there never has been such a turning point as we have seen lately from the articles and some fact based gurus, since I have been in this investment. If this is going to RV, RI or what everyone fears,,, I believe it is about to happen within days or weeks. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen real soon due to the crossroads Iraq is at right now.. I just hope DV stays up for a while afterwards we have made many friends online here over the years and I look forward to meeting them. I’ll even invite my 2 Iraqi friends to go with me to meet everyone as well.
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