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  1. GregHi

    Go Iraq

    Thanks Airtech, after so long I guess I am just trying to sort out old guru talk vs facts. Over time they seem to blend together for me or I’m getting older and can’t remember anymore.. lol
  2. GregHi

    Go Iraq

    Air tech, I’m only playing devils advocate and asking because I truly don’t know.. but what if it’s not a program rate, but the real rate? Are there articles out there from iraq that talk about the Dinar rate being a programmed rate, or is that a term we have heard from the Gurus for many years that they made up? Just wondering.
  3. This reminds me of other posts we have seen in the past.. I find it funny when people say, and we have heard this for years.. “ Well they can’t do that with a worthless currency”.. lol actually sure they can and the Dinar is not worthless, if so, I’ll take a Billion Dinars, Free of charge please.. lol wheather you pay $10 US dollars, or a swipe of your debit card or even 1,000 pennies for a Big Mac and fries, it all equals the same amount in the end, It just takes more “less valued” zeros to cover it. And not to mention huge purchases are done digitally anyway.. so huge purchases can be made in IQD, just add 3 more zeros than you would with our old green backs.
  4. Let us know what the bank says.. let us know if we are now all billionaires..
  5. Thanks Chuck.. wish I had some real news to pass on. I will try to contact him soon to see how he is doing..
  6. 3n1, my friend did well. While he was a translator working with the US Army there for several years, he was a US civilian, paid by the DOD 15,000 USD per month.. A great salary even by our standards. He owned a restaurant in Erbil and his house was 5 bedrooms in a gated community in Erbil. (Yes, there are plenty of wealthy Iraqis).. Something I hear people say over and over is how poor Iraqis are and how they have to have this RV to put food on the table, etc.. Not entirely true.. There is no doubt there are homeless and poor people in Iraq, but the poverty rate probably isn’t too much higher than here and the nice areas such as Erbil in the mountains can be packed with wealthy Kurds and Iraqis. Just something to ponder... and here’s an interesting fact.. did you know in Iraq there are no speed limits? (Well this is what I was told about 3 years ago by my buddy).. but it might be fun to take a hot rod over there and see what it could do.. lol
  7. I don’t believe the Iraqis are holding their money in their houses because they believe it will RV. My buddy held over 300 Million Dinar in his house in Erbil simply because nobody trusts keeping their money in bank accounts there.. (nothing to do with an RV). They only see banks as a building where you perform a transaction.. if it’s exchanging money for USD or making some kind of transaction monetary type change. Here in the US we are brainwashed to direct deposit our hard earned money into a bank account ( giving them a free loan) so they can use our money (usually interest free for the bank to conduct business). So if you look at it that way, who is actually smarter, us or the Iraqis holding on to their hard earned money at home.. lol
  8. Hey pp, No, I haven’t spoken to him in almost a year or so.. The last time I talked to him, he was opening up a pool hall here and was exchanging a ton of his Dinar to USD to start his new pool hall. He had gone back home to Erbil to see friends but that was about all.. no earth shattering news then.. I’m sure he would still call me or text if he did hear something. He knows how I am about wanting to hear any important Dinar news he can provide.
  9. Ahh the old.. Friday pump fest. Quick buy your dinars from our link this weekend before the rate changes so Monday we can forget what we have said and slowly build up our next set of lies for next Friday’s huge climax again.. lol
  10. I guess a question will be, is it going to be extended again?
  11. Yes guys, Randy Koonce is/was a guru several years ago that claimed several Countries including the US would be able to buy Oil from Iraq for about 1/3 of the price or like $30 per barrel back then when it was $100 per barrel. The US treasury would use the Dinar that we received in exchange for the 1 Billion we swapped to buy their oil real cheap for like 20 years once it RV’ed.. (Some of the details have left my aging mind over time). He was the only guru I half way listened to.
  12. This is very interesting to me... Anybody remember what Randy K used to say about how the US and others will be buying their oil dirt cheap when the RV happens?
  13. Until these “Gurus” are sued and or stopped, they will continue to lie to everyone to pump Dinar sales. I learned early on in the Okie days that they just like to feel important and make a commisions off of the sales of Dinar they were pumping. It is evedent they have never even stepped foot in Iraq when they first said there were no ATM machines in Iraq and that they were just then being delivered and teaching people how to use them.. what idiots!!
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