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  1. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 8

    This is the very reason I think something is up.. I don't know if they have ever met 7 days in a row before.. I am hopeful that 1, they pass the HCL and important stuff and or 2, when they are done we see the RV buy 10-1-19..
  2. I think something is up.. Parliament is meeting every single day next week???? They have been taking an extra long recess and only held 2 or so sessions since July and all of the sudden they will be meeting every single day next week? Looks to me something has to get done all of the sudden by the end of September!! Fingers crossed!!
  3. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Don’t worry, we all do the hokey pokey and we turn our self around. That’s what it’s all about. Lol couldn’t resist..
  4. Dumbest thing I have ever heard.. well except for Okie, TNT Tony, Dave Schmidt, Frank 26, Beny, ...... man we sure have a bunch of whack jobs to guide us through this investment.. lol
  5. Yea I saw Breightling’s video. He sounds like a smart guy but who do you believe? The gurus that say the oil has to be worth more for them to RV or like Breightling says, it needs to be worth far less for them to RV? All I have to go off of personally is what my Kurdish friend told me back about 4 or 5 years or so ago that the Kurdish Gov and Baghdad met and decided at that time not to increase the value of the Dinar because oil prices at the time were too low, they wanted oil prices higher, so that’s what I have to go with.. who knows...
  6. Sorry if this was old news.. I don’t hear much actual news lately.
  7. Not much meat here, but thought I’d pass this along nonetheless.. My Iraqi friend says Iraq wants to buy the Russian made S-400 missle defense system. I’m sure the US is not happy about this at all.. maybe one of the reasons Iraq signed 8 deals with China recently.. I guess we will see. To be continued..
  8. Always wondered why TNT Tony had a thing for hot dogs outside of a bank, now I guess we know where that came from. Lol
  9. Dr. Shabibi stated almost 10 years ago that “people print all kinds of things”... so that’s why I only concentrate on CBI articles..
  10. Any article that comes out from the GOI about anything to do with the deleting of zeros or really anything related to the currency for that matter, I don’t really pay it any attention. I only study those articles directly from the CBI..
  11. Agreed! The only reason why the CBI will need to work with the GOI during the process is really setting up security and giving Parliament a heads up as to what the CBI is about to do.
  12. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 7

    That’s what she said..
  13. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 7

    That’s cool! The current Governor of Texas (Greg Abbott) graduated from the same high school as I did, only he was in a much earlier class. For his high school reunion he had it held at the governors Mansion in Austin. I thought that was pretty cool..
  14. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Had to watch it another dozen times or so just to see if she had nails..
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