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  1. *** Frank26 *** Never in the history of Iraq have we ever seen a budget approved signed sealed and delivered and implemented. Never. has Frank been asleep for the past 17 years?? Lol
  2. GregHi


    Yes, please keep us posted..
  3. Would it surprise you to find out that these “Gurus” are actually 34 years old, overweight, still living in their Moms basement with a new Mac, several lightsabers, tin foil hats and on medication for an over active imagination? 😂
  4. Hey, I resemble these remarks.. 😂 and how much more makeup can you add to that face before people start mentioning Tammy Faye and how they thought they killed a huge spider only to find out it was an eye lash.. 😳 👀
  5. The only person that was played for a fool was you Zeff the idiot. I can’t believe he has a few people that actually pay him money on patreon when he is always wrong! What an ass! Maybe I need to start a patreon channel make predictions that are never correct and suck in gullible people no matter how clueless I really am.
  6. Your though was better than mine.. 3 men in a tub is not a pleasant picture in my head.
  7. GregHi


    Lol what did I do?? I’m just an innocent “highly attractive” actor trying to get along with everybody including clowns..
  8. What gets me is he was not very smart to start with so when He constantly belittled his followers it just made my skin crawl. Every once in a while he would have a good thought, but that’s really the only reason I would suffer through his videos. Usually I like to listen to people more intelligent than myself, so for me to continue listen to him was tough. I will sure never pay for his BS now that he went to patreon.. what a piece of work.
  9. GregHi


    Yep. Charlie and all the gurus just lie. When the RV happens everyone will know at the same time and you will be able to verify it on
  10. I have a feeling these new anti virus bills that the CBI says will come out soon will definitely be the lower denoms. If it’s the same 3 zero notes as we currently have, this ride may not be over for a long time. I think this is the CBIs way of letting the people know a change is coming with their money without telling them all the details.
  11. Yep, after he said he was going to go hide for a week and sulk, he made another video.. lol He also turned comments back on so his followers can console him and tell him everything will be alright.. lol They need to ask him what the hell happened? Why hasn’t it RVed today as he said so many times it would 100%!! Where is the homerun??
  12. Mr 100% factual just posted a video saying he was going to be busy this week and not be able to make any videos or take any calls... LOL. He even disabled the comments on his videos. What’s the matter Mr home run? RV cat got your tongue? Be a man and tell all your loyal viewers why it didn’t RV as you said it would..
  13. He’s called it at least 3 times before that I know of. If it doesn’t happen he will be silent for awhile and then come back a few days later like he never said it was ever going to RV and still talk about how he has always been 100% factually accurate. 😂
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