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  1. Here is another link to only Home Free covering Lee Greenwood’s, “God bless the USA” a few year’s ago, you will surely like as well. Their harmonies are pitch perfect!!!
  2. Yes, this is my favorite version!!! This was arranged by my favorite accapella group “Home Free” with the US Air force choir singing as well! Fantastic stuff!
  3. Our buddy Jeff had a swing and a miss.. “Iraq can only change the rate around the end of their fiscal year, which is April 1st to March 31st. and when it happened Sunday he changed his tune to “well, that was a small change”... umm no Jeff, if you lost 20+% purchasing power of your money overnight, I doubt you would think that it was a small change..
  4. We are hoping you can Artitech... That would be incredible news if true..
  5. So in this article he is saying that increasing the dinar exchange rate won’t hurt Iraq because they need to change from being an importer to an exporter. Only the items that are imported will raise in price so they need to switch to exporting... This is Iraq, not China.. hello!!!! Iraq has to import just about everything but oil and oil is traded in the petro dollar so it doesn’t really pertain to an export for the dinar.. How is Iraq going to magically start exporting everything overnight? This is total bs. Why would a nation that needs to rebuild and buy raw materials in mass qt
  6. The 145 really means 1450.. even my Shia friend texted me yesterday and said looks like the new rate is 145.. I guess it’s just how they talk about the rate, without the last zero..
  7. another thought.. How are the Iraqis that have basically just received a pay cut, now going to start paying taxes also on their lower incomes in 2021? None of this makes sense..
  8. I agree! They can actually do this temporarily, and then threaten them again to further devalue the dinar or at anytime in the next couple of weeks RV and surprise everybody.. I think them announcing ahead of time that they are changing the rate is not a leak, but a plan of fear exchange. Notice all other changes in the rate over the years were never announced ahead of time.. So now that the people are expecting it, the gov can initiate the plan all around them before Sunday without them questioning why.. we will see.
  9. I have a few issues with the ton of articles saying the dinar rate will devalue down to 1450 per dollar.. 1, have you noticed there has been a huge amount of articles all saying the same thing letting the public know that this is coming this Sunday, but not a single article from the CBI confirming this.. 2. We all know how this move would really hurt the Iraqis purchasing power, especially the very poor. Something they have been threatening and have admitted they wouldn’t be able to do to the citizens because it would really hurt them. 3. Iraq has signed multiple reform papers
  10. Hey guys. I just had a thought... Kim Clement at one time used the phrase, “also known as the same day blessing”. Sorry I don’t have the full quote, but I was thinking what if this “same day blessing” is the dinar RV and Christmas or the dinar RV and Trump getting a 2nd term?? If it is the dinar and Christmas, we may seriously be less than 2 weeks away.. just thinking out loud.. thoughts??
  11. Let me try.. Trump in the snow bundled up looking presidential like a model.. must mean it’s cold.. cold happens in winter. Winter is basically here so we need to stay bundled up. You can stay warm in the winter with long johns. Long Johns are available on Amazon.. result: I need to order long Johns on Amazon to stay warm during the winter out in the snow to look like a presidential model. how did I do? looks like I’m better at this stuff that I thought.. 😂
  12. I have no idea what any of this “secret code” stuff is.. The most secret stuff I have done is a secret handshake but that was 30 years ago.. 😂
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