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  1. Love love love the 80s music! The best music ever! Glad to have been a teenager during this time, and now I’m 50! Doesn’t seem possible . If you look in my phone 80% of my music is... Big 80s, especially 80s Rock!! Love it!
  2. Longtimelurker you are correct.. I have seen them abbreviate the rate that way also in the past. They usually mean 121,000 or 120,000 for every $100.. IMO nothing to get excited about yet..
  3. Hey DoD.. both my Shia friend and my old Kurdish friend live here in the states now. They were both translators for the US Army civilians with the DOD back in 2003 or so but my Kurdish friend was a much higher level translator. He was making a ton of money from the DOD and would sometimes even translate for Gen. Petraeus.. He had some incredible stories. Anyway, he would go back to his home in Erbil where his brother lives about once a year. So he was just telling me if he had to pay taxes on dinar here, he would go back home and not have to.. He would ultimately change it over to
  4. I remember my Kurdish friend telling me years ago that paying taxes in Iraq was voluntary, so nobody really does it.. seemed odd to me.. I mentioned taxes taken out when it RVs, either capital gains or income tax and he looked at me funny and said, I’ll just change over my dinars for USD in Iraq and wire them to the US.. (meaning no taxes for him)..
  5. I agree.. They talk of reducing the purchasing power of the dinar, behind on paying salaries and now taxing the people? I’m surprised their aren’t major riots yet across all of Iraq.. I think they will start taxing them but post RV..
  6. Hey Smokey Mtn Dinar!! my Iraqi friend moved to another shift so I rarely see him now. He had surgery 2 weeks ago and is out on fmla now. so I haven’t heard anything from him in 2 weeks or so.. The last thing he told me was he was still upset over the protestors that were killed in his hometown of Najaf and it seemed like the PM wasn’t doing anything about it. And he also asked me if I thought the US would leave the embassy, he didn't think the US will leave.. That was about it, nothing much. If we do talk, I’ll let everyone know..
  7. That’s a good question... Everyone seems to think the new rate has to be in the white reform papers or they don’t have money to reform anything I guess.. 😂
  8. What a great and very telling article... Everyone is so focused on the dinar losing value, causing inflation, people earning less, things costing more, sending poverty to 70%, that nobody is even considering an RV or RI which would have the opposite effect for everything.. it truly will be a “SURPRISE!!!!” Moment when it happens soon..
  9. Not getting political here..I personally hate politics. I’m not a democrat nor a Republican so what I say is only neutral.. The only thing I will say is that Kim Clement said Trump will serve 2 terms.. And I have seen soo many things come to pass that Kim has said that I am a true believer in what he prophesied.. So I believe Trump will win. We will see..
  10. This was info I got from my Kurdish friend years ago. He just said you can choose what currency you want, dinar or dollars at the ATM’s.. He is from Erbil and was a translator for the US Army. Not sure if he had a special US card that you mentioned or not..
  11. Iraq has had ATMs for at least 20 years, especially at banks. You can chose to get your funds in dinars or dollars on the ATM screen. People use dinars for small purchases and dollars for larger purchases.
  12. I feel the opposite of the mtn goat.. The RV will be coordinated behind the scenes but nobody will know about it.. it will just be sprung on everyone... JMO
  13. Well that was embarrassing! 2, 2 year olds going at it. And one of them will be our leader for 4 years..
  14. Along with what Shabibi said years ago about having to have security and stability, he also said the delete the zeros project needed to happen at the end or middle of a year ideally. He didn’t use the word “fiscal” or anything like that which is what some gurus would like you to believe.. The HCL would need to be done as well. I think we are very close. (Hind sight is 2020 has never been a truer statement this year.. I think the next 90 days or less and we will all be at the banks saying good riddance to 2020 and hello to the next chapter of our lives..
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