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  1. Do you remember what it was 6 months ago? Higher or lower than now?
  2. Call Okie! Make sure next time before they are ready they adjust the antenna!! For all of you that have been in this investment since about 2010, you will get it..
  3. Awesome! Since I’m obese I think I’ll sue the company that made my silverware. Ridiculous!!
  4. Another post of useless info from my Shia friend.. The reason I post these is because he clarifies a lot of things for me and I hope it might bring some clarity to others also. He told me that the protests are still happening, just in fewer numbers. The protestors are not happy with the suggestions of the UN this week. They want a full replacement of the Government.. There is a large bridge called the republic bridge that connects Tahir square with the green zone. This is where the police have set up a block aid to keep the protestors from entering the green zone. There is also an unfinished 6 story building where a lot of the protestors are camping out. Also you might think Cleric Sistani lives in a huge palace? He actually lives in an old rented house in old town Najaf.. anyway, nothing earth shattering just news from a Najaf native.. Hope you enjoy..
  5. We had an interesting conversation about their flag also. I guess the 3 colors and stars represent the old Bathe party under Sadam. The Arabic writing between the stars says something like “God is Greatness” or “God is the Greatest”.. he said when they made changes to the flag by removing the stars, they should have changed the whole flag not just part of it because it’s still a sign of the bathe party era.. anyway, they are angry about a lot of things that need to change there..
  6. Spoke with my Shia friend last night and we talked about the protesting. I told him that the people should be given money for the oil and he kind of stopped me. He said the Iraqis don’t have big dreams of making money or big dreams like us in the western culture. He said the reason they are protesting is because of lack of basic things like electricity, jobs, etc.. he said they are simple people just wanting the simple things in life and be able to adequately provide for their families. He also said the UN is there now so this week and next will probably be very interesting... his opinion. I guess we will see.
  7. I agree! We all remember that Trump supposedly has a lot of Dinar that he purchased way before he was President.. if that is the case, you know he wants the RV... so he’s been in office about 3 years, if he is in control Of this event, why hasn’t he flipped the switch?? This move will be up to the CBI in conjunction with GOI.. nothing more..
  8. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Just some more useless stuff my Shia friend told me... My Shia friend grew up and went to school in Najaf. Apparently Sadr went to the same school “district” years earlier, when he was growing up but dropped out of school. My friend said the principle used to tell everyone that Sadrs grades were really bad. And he (The Principle) couldn’t lie and say his grades were good to Sadrs father.. so, like I said it means nothing but apparently Sadr did not do well in school and even dropped out.. #notthesharpestswordinarabia
  9. I was just telling my wife this yesterday.. of course I may have had a dozen drinks, but that’s beside the point.. lol
  10. Just do it!!! Enough of the proposals and plans and thoughts!! Innocent Iraqis are being killed daily and these idiots want to “propose” what should be done! JUST DO IT!! Learn how to take action and not just talk or suggest or form committees, etc.. Do Something for a change!!
  11. So true! My Shia friend said after the last round of protest, the people that signed up for the low income money they promised, the protestors found the list of those peoples names in the trash dumpster.
  12. Wait, what happened to $25 per Dinar!! Liars!!!! Lol
  13. GregHi

    Go Iraq Part 9

    He also (very angrily) said.. They were offered 400 jobs all of the sudden.. where were these jobs before?? The protestors are seeing right through their BS...
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