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  1. Thanks for searching screwball. I remember watching all of these back in the day. I remember how he kind of dodged (understandably) the Rv questions. I don’t remember him ever saying the Dinar could rv to $5.00. In Jackson hole,WY he did an interview once where he made the statement Iraq is very wealthy.. And again like the trump statement of “putting all the currencies on a level playing field”, it got blown out of context by the gurus.. my opinion is that it could revalue anywhere from a penny to where it was in the 80s… but that’s just my opinion only and my guess is no better or worse than the gurus..
  2. I did watch Shabibi when he came to the US Chamber of Commerce in DC, I think in 2011, but I don’t remember him saying even $5. Do you have the link?
  3. That’s the problem with these damn gurus.. They say crap all the time that are lies and over time people assume or can’t remember that the lies the gurus told, were said by an official or not, but assume it was true. I don’t even remember Shabibi giving a high value like $5:1…
  4. I love bank stories where even if they were true, pinning your RV hopes on a $16 per hour bank teller is pretty funny. Because they are surely in the know!!
  5. JohnnyV, I want to be wrong, trust me. And you being up valid reasons why it might RV.. I still believe in this RV. We will find out this month apparently.
  6. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but something I have noticed over the years is that when the CBI comes out and says very specific things like the exact new rate above, they are usually correct in what they say, much to the dismay of all of us hoping they are really going to RV this time. I remember back I think 3 year ago at the beginning of the year the CBI told us they were changing the rate by a few Pennie’s like now and we all thought this was our RV, but they did exactly what they said, changed the rate a a fraction of a penny or so. So why is this time any different? Could it be because USD won’t be used anymore? Possibly.. What other evidence would make this time any different? Just wondering and trying not to get my hopes up.
  7. Artitech is absolutely correct. Years ago my Iraqi friends said they would use Dinar to play for small items and USD to pay for expensive items. They don’t care about weather the IQD has the same purchasing power as the dollar, they just use the dollar..
  8. I think it will happen soon. I think it’s all part of the financial collapse that we will probably see this fall. I am a huge believer in Kim Clement and have listened to his prophecies for hours and hours over the last few years. I believe around Sept 22 or so (maybe a few days earlier, maybe a few days later) there will be major changes. This is the time when he prophesied that “Summer reaches to Fall”, the change of the seasons. When “Summer reached to Spring” we had R v Wade happen. I Think this will be bigger and like Kim said, “Kings will fall in the fall”. I believe the year he spoke of is this year. We had a “crazy July” here in Dallas with record temps. And in Iraq right now, “Things seem to be at their worst!” We shall see..
  9. Aritech, you may be referring to me and my Shia friend. I had a Kurdish friend from Erbil who I have lost contact with a few years ago and then I met another Iraqi from Najaf who is a Shia. I. I longer work with my Shia friend either, but we are still in touch. Keep in mind, all Iraqis know their Government is corrupt, so they are going to have negative thoughts about the future with everything they have been through. The reality regardless of what gurus say, is that they don’t believe things will get better because they don’t trust the government at all. They have not heard the rumors that we have of a possible RV, so no, they won’t believe it’s possible because their hope and trust in good things from their leaders have vanished. Hope that clears it up.
  10. Old Frank is slippin.. he should know this is the time of year you tell everybody we will see the RV at the stroke of midnight (even though Iraq will have already had 9 hours of 2022 at that point), and that all his blue couch fire sticks agree because they were all told a new year = a new rate and they all saw it on Iraqi TV.. Poor Frank, missed the opportunity this year for the huge lie!!
  11. I want to like Pimpy, but his thoughts on Sadr being a “good guy” after all the US troops he killed and my Shia friend telling me how stupid Sadr really is, along with Pimpys view on crypto, especially XRP, let’s just say, I don’t listen to Kermit much anymore.
  12. Trust me if what Frank says is true about what is being said on Iraqi TV my Shia friend would be texting me everyday! Don’t believe lying gurus!
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