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  1. Aritech, you may be referring to me and my Shia friend. I had a Kurdish friend from Erbil who I have lost contact with a few years ago and then I met another Iraqi from Najaf who is a Shia. I. I longer work with my Shia friend either, but we are still in touch. Keep in mind, all Iraqis know their Government is corrupt, so they are going to have negative thoughts about the future with everything they have been through. The reality regardless of what gurus say, is that they don’t believe things will get better because they don’t trust the government at all. They have not heard the rumors that we have of a possible RV, so no, they won’t believe it’s possible because their hope and trust in good things from their leaders have vanished. Hope that clears it up.
  2. Old Frank is slippin.. he should know this is the time of year you tell everybody we will see the RV at the stroke of midnight (even though Iraq will have already had 9 hours of 2022 at that point), and that all his blue couch fire sticks agree because they were all told a new year = a new rate and they all saw it on Iraqi TV.. Poor Frank, missed the opportunity this year for the huge lie!!
  3. I want to like Pimpy, but his thoughts on Sadr being a “good guy” after all the US troops he killed and my Shia friend telling me how stupid Sadr really is, along with Pimpys view on crypto, especially XRP, let’s just say, I don’t listen to Kermit much anymore.
  4. Trust me if what Frank says is true about what is being said on Iraqi TV my Shia friend would be texting me everyday! Don’t believe lying gurus!
  5. 4B??? Really?? We are still doing the tier lies?? Lol The only 4B that is real will be my 4B 1st class plane ticket seat when this is all over!!
  6. Lol I lasted through the 1st minute of this.. I think I have dinar older than him.. he doesn’t even know the article is referencing the decrease in the exchange rate at the end of last year and how they are calling the results from it a success. lol folks we have a brand new baby guru that doesn’t have a clue!
  7. I would sell both of my ex wife’s kidneys to load up some more..
  8. No problem. Glad to help. I’m not here as much as I used to be, but if anybody needs me or my friend to interpret every now and then, just tag me.. I’ll get the email..
  9. Hey guys, my Shia friend texted me back.. when I asked him to translate the video, I said I think it has something to do with deleting the zeros and this was his text reply: “Yes , but they also say it is difficult to remove zeros and it might not be the right move to boost the economy and have better value for the Dinnar“ also keep in mind this video is a month and a half old. anyway, there you have it..
  10. Hey Guys, I had a Kurdish friend that I have lost contact with and now I have a Shia friend that I still talk with. The video is from late June, but I have sent my Shia friend a text with the link asking him to interpret for me. He will probably reply today or tomorrow like he usually does. I’ll let everyone know basically what it says when he replies.
  11. Fingers crossed that this is it!!
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