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  1. I would ask, why the ankle monitor? but I’m sure I don’t really want to know the answer from Mr Banana hammock.
  2. Totally agree. If Trumps re-election based on the economy improving in the now 3rd qtr and really big Improvements in the 4th qtr, the RV has to happen really quickly.. All of us will be starting new businesses, investing, etc with the transfer of wealth in our hands.. It has to happen now.
  3. If the CBI is securing salaries for 3 months and they are able to get other loans then I guess we will hit the snooze button for 3 months also. Let’s hope it’s all smoke... aka lies.. I guess we will find out early next week..
  4. As soon as I read, “with the top down”, I just knew a “flock of birds flew overhead“ was next.. Lol ohh crap!!
  5. Awesome! 100Trillion dollars may be a long way today.. lol
  6. Bringing a fact from the Chinese elders.. man who go to bed with itchy butt, wake up with smelly finger!! Your welcome.
  7. Thanks KristiD!!! This just in from Ding dong Schmidt and the Chinese Elders: Man who stand on toilet, get high on pot! There you have it! Words of wisdom from the Rainbow Dragoon family..
  8. So this is an interesting twists.. If Trump will not agree to any new deals with Iraq unless he gets a 2nd term, to me this says: Iraq RV your currency now... This will catapult our economy through the roof and will secure Trumps re-election.. Iraq if you don’t RV now, the US economy will not jump start and Trumps re-election hopes possibly go down the drain, thus no new deals for Iraq... maybe I’m reading way too much into this..
  9. Pitcher, you are a smart person! I know absolute zero about trading, but I do remember Kim Clement saying “20,000”... This is in direct relation to the dinar.. My guess is that it will go back down to 20,000 as the RV or RI happens.. time will tell.
  10. Thugs! First of all Thank you!! Second of all, you just painted the best mental image imaginable.. pardon me while I go wash my brain out with Ajax!!
  11. Mine too a little bit but I am reminded what Kim Clement said... “Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Sudden Change.” When things look To be at their worst, I shall free them up!” IMO we have to Still be real close..
  12. I saw an article posted today by Thugs where the title said basically the new PM stated he is not weak.. Maybe Thugs can bring it over here as well.. I asked my friend last night how the people felt the negotiations went with the US and he nodded his head yes in approval.. I guess people now feel he is not so weak after all and the negotiations went well.. I guess the opinion of the new PM is improving with the people now..
  13. I know right... seems like he is doing everything right to me, but that’s what he said.. lol
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