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  1. Ohh no! Not Beny the cussing self proclaimed profit... lmao! Between him, frank26 and Okie, it’s a wonder any sane normal people are still in this investment.. I can’t believe anybody even follows those baboons..
  2. I just asked my Shia friend what those pictures meant and he said the Arabic writing next to 60 says “month” so it maybe some kind of loan or something.
  3. Ohh boy!! Now where did I put my Dinar goggles.. oh yes, they are on my nose.. wonder what this is all about...
  4. This makes at least 4 quakes in a week that has hit Iran. I can’t help but remember what Kim Clement said... something along the lines of “and the earth shall be shaken, and shake again.. “ something like that.. pretty crazy.
  5. All my opinion.. Austin is a nice area, but is probably the most liberal city in Texas. They have a bunch of bands and bars on 6th street.. Their motto is “keep Austin weird”. Houston is about 45 minutes or so from the coast and is very humid.. San Antonio is nice, rich in history and has the river walk, which is gorgeous at night and with a predominately Hispanic demographic. I am in the Dallas Ft Worth area which is home to America’s team.. lol 😂 So there is a lot to chose from, depending on your taste..
  6. Texas is a good choice.. ok, I may be a little partial born and raised here.. Do you know what area of Texas you want to move to? Remember Texas is as big as many Country’s..
  7. I guess we need to ask trump if 35 Billion means 35 Billion USD value or just 35 Billion Dinar value.. 😂
  8. This right here is enough to tell me there will be an RI or RV in our future to some degree.. I can’t for sure say how long, or how much or how little but the US basically controls the IMF. I mean after all the US and IMF devalued the Dinar when Sadam invaded Kuwait. So for us to have this much of their money (140 Teillion Dinar equivalent), when the time is right, the US will be debt free..
  9. Are these idiots still forgetting about the protestors demands for a new PM? Somebody just needs to physically take these morons out period!!
  10. Thanks Airitech.. He said 53 “Billion” correct?
  11. Aritech, Steve, what was the discussion about? Why did he tell everybody that? In what context? Just curious..
  12. Areco, if they got it all at an exchange rate of 4,000:1 back in 2003, that would mean the US has 140 Trillion Dinar..
  13. I think this article is simply addressing why the dinars value fell slightly lately and out of the 2% range due to the Iran / US conflict. I doubt this really has anything to do with what we seek..
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