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  1. Lol I lasted through the 1st minute of this.. I think I have dinar older than him.. he doesn’t even know the article is referencing the decrease in the exchange rate at the end of last year and how they are calling the results from it a success. lol folks we have a brand new baby guru that doesn’t have a clue!
  2. I would sell both of my ex wife’s kidneys to load up some more..
  3. No problem. Glad to help. I’m not here as much as I used to be, but if anybody needs me or my friend to interpret every now and then, just tag me.. I’ll get the email..
  4. Hey guys, my Shia friend texted me back.. when I asked him to translate the video, I said I think it has something to do with deleting the zeros and this was his text reply: “Yes , but they also say it is difficult to remove zeros and it might not be the right move to boost the economy and have better value for the Dinnar“ also keep in mind this video is a month and a half old. anyway, there you have it..
  5. Hey Guys, I had a Kurdish friend that I have lost contact with and now I have a Shia friend that I still talk with. The video is from late June, but I have sent my Shia friend a text with the link asking him to interpret for me. He will probably reply today or tomorrow like he usually does. I’ll let everyone know basically what it says when he replies.
  6. Fingers crossed that this is it!!
  7. I remember how my Shia friend always talked bad about Sadr. Sadrs father was apparently a powerful man and he simply followed in his dads footsteps but the boy Sadr was not very smart in fact, he failed several classes in school. When the media asked the school for his old report cards, the principle of the school found them but had to lie and say he couldn’t find them, otherwise he might not live very long exposing that Sadr failed his classes..
  8. Lies! All lies!! Somebody should sue these idiots for all the lies they spread week after week!!
  9. So will the RV come back around on the flashing back computer screens? They must have passed me up if they are now in tier 4B.. apparently I’m tier 2muchBS and didn’t get the memo!! 🤪
  10. I think you are exactly right. They could have done a lop anytime in the last 17 years, but they didn’t.. I see the article as just getting some info out to the people that change is coming, (hopefully soon).
  11. According to my Iraqi friend, iraq never had a suicide bomber in the country until the 1st gulf war, so maybe it was stable from that point of view.
  12. Rvmydinar, I’m sure the article is from a real source but everything related from my Iraq Shia friend I post in the rumor section. Usually it’s conversations that we have and I just don’t want to mislead anyone potentially. Obviously I know what we talk about is true and real but with the gurus constantly lying to everyone, I just feel safer posting anything related to him in rumors. So everyone can chose wether to believe it or not. also, it looks like the article was just posted in the news section by someone else..
  13. Thanks Wealthhound!!
  14. I think this may be the same article my Iraqi friend just sent me in Arabic. It has the same picture of Dinars in it.. I can’t translate it on my phone but he said “ Now they are talking about deleting 00 from the money”. this is the link he sent me..
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