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  1. Thanks to everyone that is praying for my Buttons. 🙏🙏
  2. TY. Praying for you and your kitties as well.
  3. TY Adam—found the quiz and took it. I would like to ask a favor of my fellow DVers—it’s been a bad year for everyone with the Corona virus, and now I have another reason to hate 2020–my five year old black and white tuxedo kitty, named Buttons, has been diagnosed with osteo sarcoma in his left shoulder. He’s special, because he showed up in our garage on June 4, 2015, a year to the date that we had to put our other 19 year old tuxedo named Mittens, to sleep. We think he’s a gift from God because of that. The vet wanted to amputate his leg and shoulder to maybe give him maybe a year to liv
  4. Hang in there RL--I, too, am in the same shape due to financial and health issues--plus I have a boss as of almost 2 years who apparently detests me, even though they've never taken the time to get to know me--and I live with the thought I could be fired any day--which would be financially disastrous for my family. I am praying this RV's any day--for all of us.
  5. Hang in there Presence--I've had the same thing for the past 5 weeks and am just now getting over it...
  6. Floridian Senior Member Members 696 345 posts Posted 13 hours ago · Report post WOW! Thanks, Yota. I believe it now. I'm amazed that they are holding a rally for the Kurds in Tennessee, Germany and Sweden. Whooda thunkit? 0 Floridian--I live outside of Nashville and it actually has the largest Kurdish population in the US. TripleA1960 (sorry if this is messy, first time I've responded to
  7. Even though I show as a newbie, I have been watching and reading this site since 2009-ish. Like others, my family could use this RV--job loss due to forced retirement, illness, unexpected bills, etc.--the life things we all have. I hope and pray this happens sooner than "Soon", and is a blessing for all that need it, the Iraqi citizens as well. God bless to all and thanks for the enjoyment of reading this site, even through the frustration of waiting for this elusive RV to happen, and thanks to Adam and his staff for all that they do to help us.
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