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  1. Index of Patents Issued from the United States Patent and ... Novel polymer compositions based on sulfonated ionomers and amine ... Arrangement for dispensing sheets from a store thereof, for example bank notes.
  2. A securities commission is a government department or agency responsible for financial regulation of securities products within a particular country. Its powers and responsibilities vary greatly from country to country, but generally cover the setting of rules as well as enforcing them for financial intermediaries and stock exchanges. LINK (wikipedia)
  3. I guess 48 hrs, and of course treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin did the trick! JMO
  4. I guess this is a prime example of the Borrowing Law - (internal borrowing)
  5. 27-6-2020 Finance Minister Ali Allawi confirmed today, Saturday, that the government has an integrated program to reform the economy. Allawi added in a press statement, "The comprehensive economic program will be presented to Parliament during the next three months." He continued, "We will boost the state's revenues by other sources, such as customs and taxes, and strengthen the private sector."
  6. Guess it is still on for today? "the idea of holding the parliament session through the electronic window has been canceled and the session will be held in the Great Hall amid strict hygiene measures," noting that "the Great Hall has been exempted and obliged MPs to wear masks, wear gloves and sit spaced."
  7. I'm hoping it may have something to do with this Twitter post by Abadi back in 2018: (This Borrowing Law is an out of the ordinary economic move)
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