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  1. Parliamentary Finance announces the imminent formation of a committee to monitor the implementation of the budget May 3, 2021 Today, Monday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the formation of a committee to follow up the implementation of the budget paragraphs, indicating that it includes all the spectrums in the political blocs. Committee member Naji Al-Saeedi said in an interview carried by the Iraqi News Agency, "The Finance Committee intends, after approving the budget and publishing it in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqa'i’, to form a committee from i
  2. 2018 (plan to remove zeros) Central Bank, Ali Al-Allaq - " the central bank has a very comfortable foreign currency reserve, approaching 60 billion dollars, compared to 43 trillion dinars, which means that it covers 170 percent of the monetary mass" LINK
  3. Sounds like no 1:1 on the horizon for a long time. (about .00068 cents/dinar)
  4. Parliament transfers the budget law to the Presidency of the Republic April 4, 2021 Today, Tuesday, the House of Representatives referred the Federal Budget Law to the Presidency of the Republic, for approval. The following is the text of the document:
  5. America welcomes the approval of the budget in Iraq: he can now press ahead with reforms April 1, 2021 Shafaq News / The American embassy in Baghdad expressed on Thursday its happiness over the Iraqi parliament's approval of the federal budget for 2021. The embassy said in a statement today, “We are pleased that Iraq has approved the 2021 budget and can now move forward on the path of implementing economic reforms that will lead to greater prosperity and security. The statement added that the United States looks forward to continuing our partners
  6. Parliament Presidency invites MPs to come tomorrow to vote on the budget March 30, 2021 On Tuesday, the Presidency of Parliament called on parliament members to come tomorrow to vote on the budget bill. The presidency said in a statement, "Legislating the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021 is one of the important steps, because of its prejudice to the interests of the citizen, and the paragraphs it bears that directly address his needs, as well as enabling the government to proceed with the implementation of its government program and support service pr
  7. Parliamentary Finance talks about an "understanding" to approve the budget tomorrow March 27, 2021 Today, Saturday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that there is an understanding between the parliamentary blocs to approve the 2021 budget, while indicating that it does not have any decision regarding whether or not to reduce the exchange rate." said a member of the committee, Muhammad al-Shabaki, in an interview reported by the Iraqi News Agency The meeting that took place today between the committee, the ministers and the second deputy speaker of the House of
  8. Al-Gharabi: We will not allow the Kurds to choose what they want from provisions related to oil 3/21/2021 The representative of the citizen bloc, Mona Al-Gharabi, explained, today, Sunday, what happened regarding the Baghdad and Erbil agreement on the issue of oil exports and imports, pointing out that the Kurds select what they want from oil-related items, but we will not allow that. Al-Gharabi said in a statement to "Tigris", "We are determined to implement the constitution in the budget. The Kurdistan region cannot be allowed to select the te
  9. Al-Abadi calls on Parliament to reconsider the exchange rate of the dinar March 19, 2021 On Friday, the head of the victory coalition Haider al-Abadi called on the House of Representatives to reconsider the exchange rate of the dinar in order to control inflation. "The reduction in the exchange rate of the dinar has negatively affected citizens, especially those with limited income," Al-Abadi said in a tweet on Twitter followed by Alsumaria News. He added, "With the significant increase in oil prices during the past month, I call on the House of Represen
  10. Parliament holds a meeting to complete the requirements of budget legislation legislation 3/18/2021 On Thursday, the House of Representatives held a meeting to complete the requirements for enacting the budget law on Friday. The Presidency of the Council said in a statement, "The Presidency of the Council of Representatives held a meeting with the Finance Committee and heads of the blocs, to complete the requirements of legislating the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021." The council had set tomorrow, Friday, the date for voting on the 2021
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