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  1. Disclosure of the number of job grades included in the budget Nov 12, 2022 Today, Saturday, a member of the House of Representatives, Ali Al-Bandawi, revealed the number of job grades included in the 2023 budget, while he expected the date of its approval and the fate of the dollar exchange rate. Al-Bandawy said in an interview with the Balmakhtzal program broadcast by Alsumaria TV, that "the budget will include more than 850,000 job grades, 200,000 of which are for the wages and contracts of the Ministry of Education, and 200,000 for the Ministry of Electricity, while 300,000 degrees are distributed to the governorates, and the rest is divided among the other ministries." Pointing out that "the employment law that was issued recently includes all those who have served more than two years." He explained, "There is a relative disparity with regard to the issue of job assignments. For example, 133 thousand job degrees were allocated to Sadr City, which has a population of about 3 million, while 35 thousand jobs were allocated to Diyala Governorate, which has a population of about 80,000." And Al-Bandawi indicated that "the number of lecturers who will be confirmed on the permanent staff after approving the budget is 35 thousand and 491 lecturers," stressing that "they are all contracts and there is no new employment." He added, "The Iraqi youth began after 2003 to rely entirely on state institutions with regard to the employment process, due to the absence of government interest in the private sector," stressing the need for "attention to the youth segment and creating suitable opportunities for them," noting that they are "looking for a guarantee for their future." Through their pension, they tend to look for government jobs.” With regard to the date of approving the budget and the fate of the dollar price, the member of the House of Representatives confirmed, “There is no deficit in the budget, which amounted to about 135 billion,” considering this amount “sufficient to cover Iraq’s needs,” and expected it to reach Parliament “at the end of this month, but its approval It will be the beginning of the new year, specifically in January. He pointed out that " There is no intention of changing the price of the dollar; This will create a problem and a major economic shock that will affect Iraq."
  2. The state administration sets the date for voting on the government with all its members 10/18/22 Alsumaria News - Politics The State Administration coalition has set today, Tuesday, next Saturday, the date for voting on the government in its entirety. The coalition said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that it "held its periodic meeting, which was devoted to discussing the formation of the government, in the office of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi." The statement added, "The coalition discussed the latest political developments in the country and the need to expedite the formation of the service government." According to the statement, the coalition announced, "its intention to invite the House of Representatives to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the government with all its members."
  3. Iraq has a power sharing system. President - Kurdish Prime Minister - Shia The speaker of parliament - Sunni Could Kadhemi find a way? (He might have 3 diff birth certificates )
  4. Iraq's new president Latif Rashid, veteran Kurdish politician 10/13/22 Iraq's new President Abdul Latif Rashid is a veteran Kurdish politician and former water minister with valuable experience in navigating the fractious politics of Baghdad. The 78-year-old, British-educated hydraulic engineer, chosen by parliament on Thursday to replace Barham Saleh, also faces the task of mending ties between the central government and Iraq's Kurdish minority. Rashid's first order of business is to nominate a prime minister to form a government to replace caretaker premier Mustafa al-Kadhemi, filling a year-long political vacuum since an October 2021 general election. He had served as presidential adviser since 2010, after seven years as a minister. "Rashid's strengths would be that he is no stranger to Baghdad," said political analyst Hamzeh Hadad, a visiting fellow at the European Council of Foreign Relations. Nothing "should be new to him, even if he will be a new face to younger Iraqis." Hailing from Sulaimaniyah, a major city in northern Iraq's northern autonomous Kurdistan region, he speaks Kurdish, Arabic and English. He served as water resources minister until 2010 -- experience that could be valuable for Iraq, ravaged by drought and considered the fifth-most vulnerable country to climate change, according to the United Nations. Last-minute candidate Since Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003, an informal arrangement holds that a Shiite Muslim becomes prime minister, a Sunni serves as parliament speaker and a Kurd holds the presidency. The largely symbolic post of president had been held since 2018 by Saleh of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Rashid, also of the PUK but who ran for president as an independent, is close to the party's founder, Jalal Talabani. While the pro-Iran Shiite Muslim bloc the Coordination Framework pushes to form a government, Rashid emerged in the last stretch of the presidential race. Rashid became water resources minister in 2003, serving in the first government put in place following the US-led invasion that ousted Saddam. His election comes at a time when rival Shiite factions are vying for influence in Baghdad. In multi-faith, multi-ethnic Iraq, "he has a good standing with both Shiite and Sunni politicians", said a government official close to Rashid. He is "respected" by the faction of influential Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, the official added. He is also close to former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, a prominent figure in the Coordination Framework, which is powerful in parliament. Water expert Rashid will face the daunting task of breathing new life into fraught relations between the central government and the autonomous Kurdish region. "Barham Saleh will have left a mark of being a charismatic president, but that did little to improve ties between Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan," analyst Hadad said. "If Latif Rashid is able to improve that, then that will overshadow anything his predecessor did." Born in 1944, Rashid studied in Britain, earning degrees from Liverpool and Manchester, and obtained a doctorate in hydraulic engineering in 1976. He returns to issues he dealt with as minister: disputes with neighbouring Turkey over sharing waters of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and the struggle to rescue the dried up marshes of southern Iraq, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A father of three, Rashid is keen on painting and opened a gallery in Sulaimaniyah in 2014, showcasing the works of local artists.
  5. The Central Bank intends to issue a category of 20 thousand dinars of the Iraqi currency 9/27/2022 There is no intention of the Central Bank to reduce or change the exchange rate of the dollar, and Iraq is still in the early stages and to reap the positive effects of changing the exchange rate Erbil (Kurdistan 24) - The Central Bank of Iraq announced today, Tuesday, that it intends to issue a new banknote of 20 thousand dinars from the Iraqi currency, stressing that there is no intention at the Central Bank of Iraq to change the exchange rate of the dollar. The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Mokhif Ghaleb, said in a speech at the Al-Rafidain Forum, "The Central Bank, within the currency chain, is working to complete a new category of 20 thousand dinars based on study and research compared with neighboring countries and is working to complete the form of the paper and during the coming days, an announcement will be made." . The governor added, "The Central Bank has reduced the interest rate on loans provided to finance projects, and that the initiatives have largely targeted the housing sector, which occupies more than 30% in various sectors." He pointed out that "there is no intention of the Central Bank to reduce or change the dollar exchange rate, and Iraq is still in the early stages and to reap the positive effects of changing the exchange rate, and there are some negative indicators that we are working to address during the coming period." He continued, scary, saying, "There is a previous project submitted by the Central Bank regarding the process of deleting zeros, and this matter needs to legislate a law and this project requires some amendments, and that the pursuit of this law needs to stabilize the situation in the country and the atmosphere must be provided to accept such transactions." The Governor of the Central Bank is clear, “The Central Bank has a plan and strategy for five years and it may be delayed due to what it faces in several areas, and the Central Bank has taken several steps to develop the banking and financial sectors, including canceling interest and setting simple fees for the development of industrial, residential and agricultural projects.” The governor added, "All sectors are affected by the general situation in the country, especially the banking sector, whether it is political or security, and despite that the banking sector had a role in moving the wheel of the economy, especially in the housing sector in particular," stressing that "the Central Bank took the initiative to develop the banking sector and strengthen relations." with Arab and international banks.
  6. The Central Bank: We are working on a new 20 thousand currency September 27, 2022 Baghdad / Obelisk: The Iraqi Central Bank revealed, on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, a new denomination of the Iraqi currency. The governor of the bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, said: “We are working on a new currency, a category of 20 thousand dinars, after studies in order to keep pace with the requirements and to match the neighboring countries.” "We will start announcing the new category after completing its requirements," he added. It is noteworthy that Iraq owns 7 categories of local currency issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, which are “250 dinars, 500 dinars, 1000 dinars, 5000 dinars, 10,000 dinars, 25000 dinars, and 50,000 dinars.”
  7. Al-Kazemi Heads To New York Tomorrow..And A Source Reveals The Reason Sept 18, 2022 Earth News/ The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, will head tomorrow, Monday, to New York City, to participate in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. An informed government source told Earth News, "Al-Kazemi will travel tomorrow, Monday, to the American city of New York, in order to participate in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly." He added, "During this visit, Al-Kazemi will hold meetings with a number of world leaders, led by US President Joe Biden."
  8. The Text Of The Resignation Of Finance Minister Ali Allawi (Documents) Aug 16, 2022 Earth News / Earth News publishes the full text of the resignation of Finance Minister Ali Allawi, which he submitted today, Tuesday, during the cabinet session. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi assigned Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar with the tasks of managing the Ministry of Finance as an agency. Below is the text of the resignation:
  9. Is The Minister Of Finance Entitled To Submit His Resignation? Legal Answer Aug 16, 2022 Earth News/ Legal expert Muhammad al-Samarrai confirmed today, Tuesday, that the current government is dealing with daily matters following the dissolution of the House of Representatives to itself and in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 64 of the Constitution, which states (and the Council of Ministers is considered resigned and turns into a management of matters). Al-Samarrai said in a statement received by Earth News, “The submission of the resignation request submitted by the Minister of Finance and approved by the Prime Minister is not governed by a legal text, and it is not considered a resignation in the legal and constitutional sense. To be an executive government. He added, "This measure is considered an evasion from performing his temporary duties in managing affairs, because he is basically resigned, and the constitution has laid down on him and his peers in the Council of Ministers a constitutional and legal obligation, which is to remain in his position to go about the daily affairs until the formation of the new government. This behavior can fall under the concept of leaving the position or requesting Exemption from performing constitutional duties at a critical stage in the country, or under any other name except resignation. Al-Samarrai continued, "There are constitutional obligations and norms that must be adhered to. This resigned government or the caretaker government is charged with a very dangerous mission related to a temporary and transitional phase separating two governments with full powers, and there must be a role of receiving and handing over, especially since there are very serious files that have been dealt with in the current government and must be taken into account." in the next government or highlight it. Earlier today, Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, submitted his resignation during the cabinet session.
  10. Al-Kazemi’s Advisor Sets An Alternative Path To End The “Exchange Rate” Crisis Aug 15, 2022 Earth News/ Haitham Al-Jubouri, technical advisor to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed that it is impossible to return the dollar exchange rate to its previous position, while the value of the dinar can be raised against the dollar. Al-Jubouri said in a televised interview, followed by Earth News, today, Monday, that "returning to the old exchange rate is a fantasy, as the losses that Iraq will pay in the event of a return will be more than the dollar's survival at its current price." Al-Jubouri added, "We have to say how the strength of the Iraqi dinar can be restored, against the dollar, but not by a government decision, and this matter is achieved through supply and demand." He stressed that "the only source of dollars at the present time is the Central Bank, for what it receives in dollars from the Ministry of Finance, for Iraqi oil sales." He pointed out that “the currency sale window cannot be stopped by the state, as it considers the department to withdraw the dinar and pump the dollar, as it delivers the dinar to the Ministry of Finance and receives the dollar instead, and then the ministry distributes the dinar in various forms, including salaries as well as investment projects.” .
  11. Alaa Al-Rikabi: Dissolving Parliament Without Setting A Date For Elections Means That The Current Government Will Remain Aug 13, 2022 Earth News / The Secretary-General of the extension movement, Alaa Al-Rikabi, said today, Saturday, that the dissolution of Parliament without setting a date for a new round of elections means that the current government will remain. Al-Rikabi wrote in a blog post on the “Twitter” platform, which was seen by Earth News, that “the parliament is now dissolved … without forming a temporary rescue government for a year, for example, and it will be formed of independent ministers, without setting a date for a new round of parliamentary elections, without changing the election law.” What does it mean... it just means that Al-Kazemi and Barham will remain, both of whom have expired, and the government will remain, but without parliamentary oversight.” About ten months after the early parliamentary elections were held in Iraq, the political process is witnessing a blockage, which began with the opposition of the coordinating framework forces on the results of the elections, followed by the suspension of the sessions for selecting the president of the republic by the framework, and the failure to form a “majority government” by the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr, which prompted the Sadrist bloc’s deputies to resign from Parliament, before Al-Sadr directed his supporters to an open sit-in inside the parliament building in the Green Zone in central Baghdad; In protest against the nomination of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani for prime minister, it was met with an open sit-in similar to the tire crowd in front of the Green Zone gate from the side of the suspension bridge, in response to al-Sadr's calls to dissolve parliament and re-elections after his demand to change the system and the constitution.
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