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  1. Iraqi-Egyptian meeting to discuss the mechanism of reopening Rafidain branch in Cairo 14/10/2019 Economy News _ Baghdad An Iraqi delegation has held an extensive meeting with the Egyptian delegation to discuss arrangements for reopening the Rafidain branch in the Egyptian capital, Rafidain Bank said Monday. "An Iraqi delegation comprising the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Director General of Rafidain Bank Khawla Taleb Jabbar and a number of officials in the relevant departments and authorities discussed in a meeting in Baghdad with an Egyptian delegation represented by the Assistant Foreign Minister," the bank's media office said in a statement. "The mechanism and conditions for the reopening of the bank's branch in Cairo," he said. He added that the two sides discussed the settlement of indebtedness between the two countries and the elimination of all obstacles and problems facing it and the two sides exchanged different views on the outstanding issues that hinder the opening of the branch, pointing out that the two sides stressed the need to accelerate the completion of this important event of interest. And benefit both sides and the public interest. " Rafidain Bank is one of the main government banks with branches in neighboring countries in addition to Lebanon.
  2. مسؤولون في مكتب رئيس الوزراء التقوا اليوم مطالبهم وانهوا تظاهراتهم بعد اللقاءات translation: Officials in the Prime Minister's Office met their demands today and ended their demonstrations after the meetings LINK
  3. Yota - I was able to get most of it: عاجل# على جميع اتباع 0 محافضات العراق غدا ثوره عراقيه تشبه ثوره العشرين الساعه السابعه صباحا ساكون في ساحه التحرير ومن ثم التوجه نحو الخضراء translation: Urgent # To all follow 0 Governorates of Iraq tomorrow, an Iraqi revolution similar to the revolution of twenty seven o'clock in the morning I will be in Tahrir Square and then go towards the green
  4. Communications denies reports on cutting Internet service across Iraq 2019-09-29 The Ministry of Communications denied the news on the disconnection of Internet service throughout Iraq, starting on Sunday The ministry said in a statement that it "denies the deliberation of some websites regarding the disconnection of Internet service nationwide on Sunday and until further notice," stressing that "all trading in this regard is untrue." The ministry called for "taking news and information from reliable sources ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Is something of GREAT Importance going to happen this week ?? - DWS112)
  5. Sorry, I didn't have time until now to do the entire pdf Here is the PDF: Pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (IV) of article (1) and the provisions of articles (4) * and (") of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law No. 9" of the year © 2011. We have issued the following controls: - No. (1) for the year 1111 "the first amendment to the controls on the declaration of funds when entered and exited across the Iraqi border No. (1) for the year 111" 1. Add the following to paragraph (5) of the controls 1 and item (c) have: (C) The customs authorities shall have the power to inspect persons and to inspect 1 persons to verify the authenticity of the information declared upon verification or suspicion of a false declaration, a state of withholding, or in case of suspicion that the funds being transferred are illicit. Paragraph (6) has the following: - / - Amounts allowed to enter or exit them to and from the territory of the Republic of Iraq; The amounts below (10000) (ten thousand US dollars) or equivalent in other currencies without being declared. B- Amounts exceeding (10000) (ten thousand US Dollars) to (20,000) (twenty thousand US Dollars), subject to the declaration of termination with the necessity of showing the support for the purpose of inserting or removing these amounts »In case of lack of supporting documents C - It is prohibited to enter or remove amounts exceeding (20000) (twenty thousand US dollars) or The process of entering or taking out such amounts shall be through Financial institutions exclusively. D - It is forbidden to enter or remove amounts exceeding (1000000) (one million Iraqi dinars) until The amount will be seized and legal action will be taken. These controls shall be implemented five months after their publication in the Official Gazette. Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Council Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Agency
  6. Last statement in the PDF: تنفذ هذه الضوابط بعد (5) أشهر من تاريخ نشرها في الجريدة الرسمية. رئيس مجلس مكافحة غسل الأموال وتمويل الإرهاب محافظ البنك المركزي العراقي وكالة These controls shall be implemented after (5) months from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.
  7. I think the individual banks could be fined or penalized because of a lack of replacement notes, but that penalty has been canceled, since new notes are on the way?
  8. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh: Iraq's financial situation is reassuring Sunday 15 September 2019 Baghdad / morning Certainly, the financial situation in Iraq is reassuring and the deficits that are talked about are hypothetical, and that financial sustainability is not threatened with the presence of reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq and the government estimated at $ 87 billion, as well as a surplus ranging between $ 13-12 billion and we in the last quarter From this year. Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh said: "The deficits in the budget hypothetical, and that the financial situation of Iraq is reassuring and does not threaten financial sustainability and under control," pointing out that "Iraq in the fourth quarter of the year and there is a surplus liquidity between 13-12 billion dollars." Opening balance He added that "the public finances act according to priorities, and that the Ministry of Finance governs control of expenses, and recognizes the important thing that must be spent," stressing that in the "2018 budget there was a surplus of 20 trillion dinars, and thus a large opening balance" He pointed out that "the fiscal deficit that is being talked about is hypothetical and not realistic, as ministries provide many requirements are taken important and required and determines the importance of disbursement according to the financial situation," pointing to the "rationalization of spending and this comes from the imperative to control liquidity." Financial sustainability He explained that "when preparing the budget requests are very large, so the figures appear large, but at the same time not all requests are taken, but are adopted important things that do not strain the country and maintain financial sustainability." Saleh said: "The abundance of strategic crop production and cover local demand and the federal budget provided the amount of 10 trillion dinars were allocated to import from global markets, and will rotate these funds Within the joints of the national economy to activate the joint. " He explained that "the reserve of the central bank along with the reserve of the government amounted to 87 billion dollars, and this is very positive gives a great resilience to the state in the most difficult circumstances." Labor market Saleh pointed to the "need to encourage the private sector to take its right role in the management of the economy, and provide tools to activate it in a way that serves all sectors, and praised the mobility witnessed in the housing sector and its impact on the movement of the local labor market," pointing out that "the provision of funding for the private sector makes it able To activate a lot of sectors. " Economic aspect In a press statement, MP Eng. Mohamed Sheaa Al-Sudani stressed the need to focus on legislating laws that support the non-rentier state and increase the activity of the economic side by activating the industrial, agricultural, commercial and tourism sectors. Not to rely on the rentier economy in light of fluctuating oil prices and the possibility of the emergence of alternative sources For energy. " Al-Sudani pointed out to the importance of activating the supervisory role of the audit and internal control departments, the bodies of the Financial Supervision Bureau and the concerned departments in the ministries to prevent the risk of corruption spreading in many parts of the economy.
  9. اولاً: تقرير ومناقشة (القراءة الثانية) لمقترح قانون التعديل الاول لقانون زرع الاعضاء البشرية ومنع الاتجار بها رقم (١١) لسنة 5١1١5. (لجنة الصحة والبيئة)ء (5١ مادة). ثانياء تقرير ومناقشة( القراءة الثانية) مشروع قانون تصديق بروتوكول عام 4١١٠ المكمل لاتفاقية العمل الجبري رقم (5؟) لسنة ١17١.(لجنة العلاقات الخارجية)؛ (؟ مادة). ثالثأ: تقرير ومناقشة( القراءة الثانية) مشروع قانون انضمام جمهورية العراق الى اتفاقية حماية الامومة (مراجعة) رقم (”8١) لسنة ١٠٠7 . (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية. لجنة المراة والاسرة والطفولة)» (؟ مادة). رابعاً: تقرير ومناقشة ( القراءة الثانية) مشروع قانون تصديق اتفاقية اعفاء حاملي جوازات السفر الدبلوماسية والخدمة/ الرسمية من سمة الدخول بين حكومة جمهورية العراق وحكومة جمهورية صربيا. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية). (؟ مادة). خامساً: تقرير ومناقشة (القراءة الثانية) مشروع قانون انضمام جمهورية العراق الى اتفاقية اليونسكو بشأن حماية التراث الثقافي المغمور بالمياه. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية» لجنة الثقافة والاعلام والسياحة والاثار)؛ (؟ مادة). سادساً: القراءة الاولى لمشروع قانون تصديق اتفاقية تشجيع وحماية الاستثمار بين حكومة جمهورية العراق وحكومة المملكة العربية السعودية. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية: لجنة الاقتصاد والاستثمار). )5 مادة). سابعاً: القراءة الاولى لمشروع قانون الشراكة بين القطاعين العام والخاص. (اللجنة المالية» لجنة الاقتصاد والاستثمار)؛ (4 ؟ مادة). Translation of document: First: Report and discussion (second reading) of the proposed law of the first amendment to the law of transplantation of human organs and prevention of trafficking No. (11) for the year 2015. (Committee on Health and Environment) (51 items). Second Report and discussion (second reading) Draft law ratifying the Protocol of 411 supplementing the Forced Labor Convention No. (5?) Of 1771. (Committee on Foreign Relations); Third: Report and discussion (second reading) Draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Maternity Protection (revision) No. (81) for the year 1007. (Committee on Foreign Relations. Committee on Women, Family and Childhood) »(? Article). Fourth: Report and discussion (second reading) Draft law ratifying the Convention on the exemption of holders of diplomatic passports and service / official from the entry visa between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Committee on Foreign Relations. (? Matter). Fifth: Report and discussion (second reading) Draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage. (Committee on Foreign Relations »Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities); Sixth: The first reading of the draft law ratifying the agreement for the promotion and protection of investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Committee on Foreign Relations: Committee on Economy and Investment). Article 5. Seventh: First reading of the draft law of partnership between the public and private sectors. (Finance Committee »Committee on Economy and Investment); (4? Article).
  10. Here's another article with similar content but a different twist on the title: Parliamentary Finance is considering deleting zeros from the currency, despite the exclusion of their application SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2019 Compatible with supply and demand movement and equal to «difficult» Baghdad - the new morning: The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed a study to delete zeros from the national currency, but ruled out the application at the moment for several reasons. The committee's rapporteur Ahmed al-Saffar said in a press statement that «the proposal to delete the zeros had been submitted from the House of Representatives to the parliamentary Finance Committee in order to study the change of the national currency and all categories and the printing of new currencies, but the preliminary study showed that the costs needed by the project large». He added that «the budget deficit for this year and the debt of Iraq is one of the most important reasons that will delay the deletion of zeros (three zeros)», noting that «the Finance Committee has assigned specialized bodies of monetary policy to study the project carefully to submit to the Finance Committee to put the main lines of this project, which "Its beginnings go back years." Al-Saffar pointed out that «deleting zeros is a project with psychological effects more than being actual, as the citizen will feel that his money is compatible with the requirements of his life and the movement of supply and demand and equal to hard currency». The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, said at the end of August, that «there is a tendency to re-work the coin, which was used for decades in the country». She stressed the importance of pre-empting the coinage process by step «delete zeros» from the current currencies to be a value for small cash groups. Committee member Hanin al-Qadu, that «during meetings and discussions with officials at the Central Bank stressed the need to re-work coins that were used in Iraq during the past decades, rather than paper that is damaged and printed in large quantities again». He added that «the use of metal categories and their descent for circulation gives a notional value of the currency», pointing out that «the exchange rates of the currencies of a number of neighboring countries are very high against the dollar, however we find that it has a coin in order to preserve the currency and not need to ask for more banknotes Especially the small ones. ” He expressed surprise at the policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market. For his part, a member of Parliamentary Finance Majid al-Waeli readiness of the Committee to prepare any legislation required by the Central Bank, which could benefit the economy and the Iraqi market, including the circulation of coins. A member of the Finance Committee, Ahmed al-Saffar, he saw that «the cost of coin is more than paper, as well as the harder to carry on the citizen». Al-Saffar suggested that «there is a step to delete the zeros preceding the coinage process to be a value for the small groups versus the large».
  11. Maybe, we will see something happen this coming weekend, (Fri, Sat and Sunday Sept 1st.) It is the Islamic New Year, a National day. LINK
  12. Talk about re-work coin and delete the zeros from the paper 19/08/2019 A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that there is a tendency to reintroduce the coin that has been used for decades in the country, while another member of the Committee proposed to pre-empt the coining process by “deleting zeros” from the current currencies so that there would be value for the small cash classes. The committee member, MP Hanin al-Qadu, that "during meetings and discussions with officials at the Central Bank stressed the need to re-work coins that were used in Iraq during the past decades, rather than paper that is damaged and printed in large quantities again." He explained, "The use of metal categories and their descent for trading gives a notional value of the currency," noting that "a number of neighboring countries (exchange rates are very high against the dollar) and yet we find that it has a coin in order to preserve the currency and not need to request more papers Cash, especially in small categories. " He expressed surprise at the "policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market." The Central Bank of Iraq announced in April 2005 to offer coins of denominations of 25, 50 and 100 dinars for circulation for the first time after it was canceled by the regime of Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War in 1991. The Iraqi currency was canceled in 1991 when the international economic embargo on the country to increase the rate of inflation in Iraq by 1000%, and the result of the situation under the economic siege and a significant rise in prices led to the destruction of the value of the Iraqi currency and reaching a very low and severe exchange rate , Which made the coin and the few currency denominations without value. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi dinar, which was equal to 3.22 dollars before the occupation of the former Iraqi regime of Kuwait in 1990, its value fell to one dollar equivalent to three thousand dinars by 1996. Another member of Parliamentary Finance said, "The cost of a coin is more than paper money, and it is more difficult to carry it on the citizen." MP Ahmed al-Saffar said that "inflation in the economy prevents the minting of coins and make them circulate among citizens," suggesting that "there is a step to delete the zeros before the coinage process to be a value for small groups to large."
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