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  1. Iran: Targeting US bases in Iraq is a natural response to the assassination of Muhandis and Soleimani Political | 12:22 - 02/04/2020 Baghdad - Mawazine News , Chief of Staff of the Iranian Army, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, said on Thursday that his country is monitoring the American moves in the region, while he indicated that targeting the American bases is a natural response from the Iraqi people to the assassination of the commander of the Iranian Qibq Brigade Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. Bagheri said in a press statement, "The recent US moves in the region, if they have the least bad intentions towards the security of our country, will face the most severe reactions." He added, "Iran is fully watching the American moves and following them, moment by moment," pointing out that "the Iranian defense systems carefully monitor all the land, air and sea borders of the country." Major General Bagheri said, "The targeting of the American bases was a natural response from the Iraqi people and the resistance to the assassination of the two martyrs, Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis."
  2. 9 Decisions of the Presidency of the Parliament and the Government .. Get to know them Political | 09:46 - 01/04/2020 9 Decisions of the Presidency of the Parliament and the Government .. Get to know them 1 Providing the necessary legislative cover from the government’s legislative authority, in order to take the necessary and urgent measures to confront the crisis. 2 Providing the necessary financial allocations to the Ministry of Health and the Crisis Cell (Diwaniya 55 Committee). 3 Work to provide adequate places for the quarantine of the injured and urgent. 4 To secure the salaries of employees and deliver them according to the time schedules specified for each month. 5 Paying attention to the segment of the low-income citizens, through studying the possibility of issuing a salary of two months or more to the beneficiaries of the social protection network. 6 Examine the possibility of issuing a salary of two months or more for civilian and military retirees. 7 Working to secure the nutritional and medicinal needs of citizens, and to communicate the daily needs of people to low-income people through several measures that will be taken by the government. 8 Follow-up to the needs of Iraqi citizens abroad by providing means of return for those who want them. 9 to fully support the efforts of the Ministry of Health, its cadres, security forces, and all state institutions, for the exceptional effort being made to confront the crisis and its requirements. is over
  3. Trump talks about a plot to launch attacks against American forces in Iraq Political | 08:13 - 01/04/2020 Follow-up - Mawazine News On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump spoke of a plot to launch attacks against US forces in Iraq. "Based on the information and beliefs, Iran or its agents are planning a serial attack on American forces or assets in Iraq," Trump said, in a tweet on Twitter. And he stressed, “If that happens, Iran will indeed pay a heavy price!” Ended 6/29 N
  4. Under Corona ... the central bank issues new decisions Wednesday 01 April 2020 - 20:19 Baghdad - conscious The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, today, Wednesday, the absence of any change in its policy to finance trade and imports, which will resume after the lifting of the ban completely. "The various institutions in our country are joining forces to combat the Corona epidemic and come out safely from this crisis, so we invite banks, exchange companies and electronic payment companies to take their responsible role at this stage," the bank said in a statement it received (conscious). He added that "although the curfew affected the activities and actions of all official institutions, including the Central Bank of Iraq, we have taken the initiative to employ our cadres in order to sustain the payment of salaries and finance of food, agricultural, medical and all necessary materials." The Central Bank stated that, "As for the current stage, the bank will begin to enhance bank balances abroad through the foreign currency sale window, according to a schedule of working days and according to the requirements of the situation, and this will be reported first-hand, for the purposes of financing the import credits of foodstuffs, agricultural supplies, medical materials and necessary goods. For the country and citizens. "
  5. 02-04-2020 01:34 PM Shankali asks the central bank: the price of the dollar exceeded 130,000 dinars ... where do the profits and gains go? Baghdad / news Former MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Majed Shankali, criticized Thursday the measures of the crisis cell over the failure to maintain the dollar exchange rate. Shankali said in his tweet on "Twitter", "The price of the dollar against the dinar on the provincial exchange yesterday and today reached 1275-1300, knowing that the official price for selling it in the central bank is 1191." He asked, "Is this part of the solution to the financial crisis, or is it profits and gains added to the profits of those who control the window of the sale of the currency daily? !!! The central bank has to answer."
  6. The price of the dollar in Baghdad today Time: 02/20/2020 14:02:47 Reading: 2,535 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Foreign currency markets in Iraq recorded, today, Thursday, a slight decrease in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar. The selling and buying prices of the dollar in banking companies and offices came as follows: The selling price of one dollar is 1260 dinars, or 126 thousand dinars per hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar is 1,250 dinars, or 125 thousand dinars per hundred dollars. It is noteworthy that these prices are not official due to the closure of the Al-Kifah Stock Exchange due to the curfew imposed on healthy roaming against corona virus. Ammar Al-Masoudi
  7. The Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers makes a number of decisions, including securing employee salaries Policy 2020-04-01 | 15:19 Source: Alsumaria news 1,921 views On Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers held its regular session headed by Prime Minister Masroor Barzani and with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, through a video conferencing system (video conference). It was at the beginning of the meeting, the detailed report by the Minister of Finance and Economy and the head of the Council of Ministers on the financial situation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the light of the spread of Corona virus and its negative effects of the economy, particularly the decline in oil prices in world markets. The Prime Minister pointed out that "despite the decline in revenues sharply in the Kurdistan region , the government is doing everything in its power to reduce the burden on the citizens, and stressed that the priority of the government’s work is at the present time to protect the lives of citizens from the epidemic and to provide medicine and food And salaries. " While the Prime Minister said during the meeting, "diversification of the economy, sources of income and concern for most sectors, including agriculture, is an essential part of the program of work for the ninth ministerial formation." "We stress once again the interest in the agricultural sector and support the endeavors of the Ministry of Agriculture in this regard," he added. The Cabinet decided, unanimously, to grant employee salary insurance and not to prejudice it to be a top priority, and Cabinet members decided to donate half of their salaries for two consecutive months, to return to the government treasury and then distribute them to low-income citizens. In another paragraph of the meeting, the draft curriculum of the Council of Ministers was discussed to facilitate the implementation of the Reform Law No. 2 of 2020, and the Cabinet again stressed the need to implement the law, and after that, the internal curriculum for the implementation of the law was approved after being enriched with a set of amendments. The Cabinet decided to endorse the proposal of the Minister of Finance and Economy and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet to reduce as much as possible the operational expenses of ministries and institutions, to give priority to the payment of public salaries and basic services, and also decided to implement the reform law as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary expenses in a way that serves the staff . The Ministers of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research presented a report on the ministries ’plans for the current academic year and exam schedules in the event of its resumption on May 2, 2020. The Cabinet stressed the necessity not to waste the current academic year. The Cabinet accepted a proposal that includes organizing the study with assistive alternatives via e-learning in non-governmental education centers as a support mechanism until all technical, administrative and legal requirements for accrediting e-learning in the Kurdistan Region are secured . At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Health reviewed a brief about the current situation regarding the outbreak of the Corona virus , and after that the Cabinet evaluated the role of doctors, nurses, nurses, all health personnel, Asayish forces, police, municipal officials and all administrative units, in the face of the epidemic. The Council of Ministers decided to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health with regard to medicine and medical devices, in coordination with governors and heads of departments to pass the current and future stage. The Cabinet also praised the steadfastness of citizens and their commitment in this framework and invited them to continue in this manner. Editor: Ammar Tariq
  8. Reuters: US intelligence is following the clues of an Iranian attack game in Iraq Internationals 2020-04-02 | 01:14 6,149 views A US official said in a statement to "Reuters", that his country's intelligence, has been tracking the threads of a game for a while, indicating the possibility of an Iranian attack in Iraq or an assault by forces backed by Tehran there. The official added, US intelligence information about a possible Iranian-backed attack on American forces and installations in Iraq indicates that it will be a denial of attack, and not similar to the missile strike launched by Tehran in Iraq in January. In a tweet yesterday, US President Donald Trump said, "Iran and its arms are planning to launch a surprise attack against American forces in Iraq." "You will pay dearly if you do so," he added. The official did not disclose information about the timing of the attack or its targets.
  9. High dollar exchange rate in local markets Market Economy News _ Baghdad The exchange rates of the dollar rose on the stock market and local markets, today, Thursday (April 2, 2020). The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange - Baghdad recorded 127,000 dinars per 100 dollars. Buying and selling prices in exchange shops The selling price of the dollar = 128,000 dinars. The purchase price of the dollar = 126.000 dinars. Number of views 9 Posted on 02/04/2020
  10. Warnings exchanged between Washington, Tehran, and Trump threaten to pay the heavy price April 1, 2020 32 Washington - Morsi Abu Touq US President Donald Trump warned Iran Wednesday to pay « heavy price » if they are attacked Or its allies in Iraq, the American forces deployed there. According to a tweet US President « If this has happened, Iran would pay a very high price » . The Trump « based on information, Iran or its allies are planning a surprise attack targeting US forces and / Or facilities in Iraq. ” However, it was not clear whether the White House master meant that Washington has intelligence on that plan. A US official told Reuters, according to its website on Wednesday, that US intelligence information about a possible attack Iran supports it on American forces and installations in Iraq, indicating that it would be an attack that could not be denied Similar to the missile attack launched by Tehran in Iraq in January. The official, who asked not to be named, added that the CIA has been following leads for a possible attack Waged by Iran or the forces supported by Iran. The official did not disclose information about the exact timing of the attack or its targets. The United States and Iran are locked in a fierce struggle for influence in Iraq, where Tehran has the support of actors and factions. Armed, while Washington maintains close relations with the Iraqi government. The spread in Iraq , about 7,500 US troops under the US - led coalition to help Iraqi forces Countering jihadist groups, but this number has declined significantly this month. The coalition is working to return trainers to their country in a precautionary measure against the background of the emerging Corona virus On evacuation of bases occupied in Iraq. Those bases, as well as foreign embassies, especially the American diplomatic mission, have suffered more than twenty missile strikes since late October / October. The attacks, which the United States blamed on the Iranian-backed crowd, have raised fears of a proxy war on Iraqi lands. Iran was warned Wednesday the United States from the risk of dragging the Middle East to « catastrophic situation » in The crisis of the new Coronavirus, in the aftermath of Washington's deployment of the Patriot air defense missile system in neighboring Iraq, has been fought . Washington and Baghdad are negotiating to deploy air defense system since January / January while targeting Tehran 's missiles Ballistic Ayn al-Assad base in western Iraq, where hundreds of American soldiers are stationed, in response to the general's assassination Qasim Soleimani. US and Iraqi military sources told Agence France-Presse Monday that the Patriot air defense missile system was deployed in Iraq without specifying whether the United States eventually obtained the approval of the Iraqi government No The Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday that the « activities ( military ) conflict with the position The official Iraqi government and its parliament and its people » . The ministry considered that the American military activities « could drag the region into instability » and to « catastrophic situation » , calling to avoid « causing tensions ( ... ) during the Corona emerging crisis » . Iran, which is officially counted more than three thousand deaths from the virus, is one of the countries most affected Of the global epidemic. In the United States, the number of deaths has exceeded 4,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. Iranian Foreign Ministry said that it should Washington « to respect the desire of the Iraqi people and their government and leave the country » . After Washington assassinated the commander of the Qods Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the PMF Iraqi engineer Abu Mahdi in Baghdad in January / January, the Iraqi parliament voted to end the presence of Foreign forces, especially the Americans, on Iraqi soil. However, the Iraqi government has not announced plans to proceed with this project while it is still in Iraq More than five thousand American soldiers. An American military official and an Iraqi military source, who did not reveal their names, confirmed to AFP that no one was being installed Patriot batteries at the base of the Lion's Eye. The American official said that another battery arrived at a base in Erbil, the largest city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The official added that two other batteries are still in Kuwait, awaiting transportation to Iraq. Patriot systems consist of highly sophisticated radars and interceptors that can destroy a ballistic missile while it is flying. Iraq was opposed to the deployment of the American defense system for fear that it would be seen by its neighbor, Tehran, the archenemy regional enemy United, as a threat and escalation. He warned head of the caretaker government , Adel Abdul - Mahdi Monday of « the gravity of any military action without Iraqi government approval » , without reference to the Patriot.
  11. Representatives demand the government to determine "areas of donations" Wednesday 01 April 2020 93 Baghdad / Al-Sabah Members of the House of Representatives called on the government to determine the areas of disbursement of donations in light of the current crisis, and while they confirmed that the amounts of those donations are few, they expected to see more donations. Member of the Finance Committee Jamal Kujer, explained that "the donations of the banks are good despite I said that we are still at the beginning of the crisis", stressing that "there are other contributions in the event of an intensification of the crisis." Cougar expected through his talk to “Al-Sabah” that “banks will make more donations in case the crisis intensifies,” noting that “bank donations may vary between donating salaries or takafuls in support of simple private business, or sponsoring charging masks and respirators or sponsoring items Ration card". Cougar called on the government to "define areas for donors so that there is no chaos", noting that "the government focuses on medicines and medical supplies as well as food security." For his part, criticized a member of the House of Representatives, Kata Najman, "the amounts donated by banks that are not commensurate with the size of the crisis", calling on the central bank and the Ministry of Finance to have a position on this matter. Najman said in a statement to "Al-Sabah": "We hope that every bank donates the limits of 5 to 10 million dollars for assistance," revealing at the same time "the presence of Iraqis outside the country who make more contributions than banks have made today to the people." He called on banks to have a greater presence by providing medicine and providing medical and other supplies, while going towards holding a mini conference for Iraqi banks in order to have a strong competition, especially between those Banks ».
  12. Iraq is heading for reconsideration of economic and financial policies Wednesday 01 April 2020 122 Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives called for a review of the country's economic policy during the next stage and a reduction in dependence on oil. Committee member Dr. Ahmed Al-Saffar told Al-Sabah: “The government was planning to change the state’s general budget from items to goals, and its implementation should have started from this year in the education and health sectors, and then generalize it to other sectors.” He added that «the current crisis requires reconsidering the financial and economic policy of the country and reducing dependence on oil as a unilateral source in financing the budget». And Al-Saffar indicated that «the government should reduce the burden of the public sector and give its scope of participation by the private sector, and reduce through facilities and the issuance of laws and legislation that enable the private sector to do so as it exists in all countries of the world, when it manages the majority of the agricultural, industrial, health, transportation, transportation and education sectors Education under the supervision and control of the government in order not to be exploited Citizens. Al-Saffar warned that Iraq is proceeding according to a dangerous policy through which the future can be unclear and catastrophic in the event that its dependence on oil as a primary source for financing the budget remains, since its prices are unstable and depend on international relations and supply and demand on the one hand, and it is a depleted commodity, and all reserves cannot be consumed It is located in the ground, being one of the share of future generations that must be disposed of Back then. ”
  13. Parliament seeks to hold public companies {unproductive} Tuesday, March 31, 2020 100 Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif The House of Representatives intends to hold public "unproductive" companies with a review of the private law It out. An official source in the Finance Committee told Al-Sabah: “There is a delay and a decline in the activity of public companies due to the inflation of ministries at the expense of companies, as the company is supposed to have an independent activity and is accounted for production, profits and losses, while we find that the ministry is a cover for these losses Companies And disable it. " He added that "every ministry has a special mechanism in dealing with companies and restraining them and stopping them from work", noting that "the legal, financial and administrative departments and planning in the ministries have become major obstacles to these companies." And that "the Finance Committee will have a pause in the 2020 budget if it is sent by the government to host those companies for the purpose of deliberation with inquiries if they constitute significant losses on the country or achieve acceptable proportions of profits, in addition to hosting the heads of the boards of directors concerned with the activities of these companies, their budgets and their policies ". He stressed that "losing companies must liquidate, sell, or take their own concession and share it with the private sector," noting that "there are many losing companies that have a government concession while the latter has not done benefit from this concession, and it continues to pay salaries and operational budgets for these sectors." However, it is not productive. " For his part, the economist Abdel-Rahman Al-Mashhadani stressed that "this measure came too late and that time will not allow it." Al-Mashhadani added to “Al-Sabah” that “this matter can be in the budget of 2021 or later,” blaming the government for the loss of those companies when it opened the appointment in them to exceed the number of employees inside each company needed, in addition to opening borders and allowing the entry of cheap imported materials. It closed or stopped Their production. "
  14. The Finance Committee: The state will not resort to issuing a new cash Tuesday, March 31, 2020 122 Baghdad / Hoda Al-Azzawi Experts in the financial and economic field ruled out that the government would resort to printing new currencies outside the balance of the Iraqi Central Bank, noting at the same time that there are alternatives that can contribute to solving the crisis, including the possibility of internal borrowing from banks and banks as well as the private sector, in addition to the surplus of the 2019 budget Political circles circulated recently that there is an intention to issue paper editions to cover operating expenses and bridge the budget deficit due to the low oil prices that accompanied the spread of the Corona virus. The decision of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Dr. Ahmed Al-Saffar, stated that there is a difference between the printing of the currency and the process of the new monetary issuance, adding in a statement to Al-Sabah that “printing the currency is an ongoing process from the central bank to compensate for the damaged currency. As for the process of creating a new currency, it is The last solution in case the cash issue is depleted, warning that this measure means inflation and a rise in prices in exchange for a decrease in the purchasing power of the currency. Al-Saffar ruled out the state's resort to such a measure, in light of the existence of alternatives that could contribute to solving the crisis, including the possibility of internal borrowing from banks and banks as well as the private sector, in addition to that there is a financial surplus from the 2019 budget, which can be invested in case of pressure in spending and research in articles Other than oil to enhance the financial balance, enabling the government to secure employee salaries and manage the crisis at this stage. The decision of the Parliamentary Committee stressed that the current crisis is temporary and is caused by low oil prices, which coincided with an outbreak of the Corona disease, and the failure of OPEC in agreement with exporting countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia to reduce production and work to stabilize prices, but noted that this decline does not benefit the producers, and who They are likely to return to the negotiating table again to determine the quantities of production and supplies, thus contributing to a return to prices. Al-Saffar pointed out that selling a barrel of oil at a price ranging between 30 - 35 dollars, will enable Iraq to cover the salaries of employees and remove the risk of a collapse of its economy. Al-Saffar indicated that in the event of issuing a new currency, those with limited income and salaries will be the most affected, as a result of the decrease in the value of the dinar. On the contrary, Al-Saffar says, pumping a new currency will benefit the owners of flexible incomes from owners of companies, merchants and others, warning that this process poses a risk to the economic situation of a country like Iraq. The central bank had issued an explanation regarding what some officials are deliberating on the possibility of printing an Iraqi currency to avoid economic problems, stating "The printing of Iraqi banknotes is a routine technical procedure practiced by the central bank in accordance with the requirements of cash circulation, and that the printing of banknotes is a completely separate process from the cash issuance process" . He stressed that "any party cannot withdraw banknotes from the central bank unless there are balances in their accounts that cover the required amount," adding that "the saying of the dinar does not mean any meaning other than strengthening the treasures of the central bank in accordance with the cash management policy, and not for any meaning or purpose else". The central bank also stressed that "the bank law and monetary policy do not allow the issuance of cash in favor of an account without balance." Meanwhile, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. Mazhar Muhammad Salih, stated that "relying on the idea of issuing cash as an alternative financing method for real revenues, to cover the government financial deficit requires a serious decision taken by the Council of Ministers and Representatives and convinced the monetary authority." He added in a statement to "Al-Sabah" that this procedure "also requires amending Article 26 of the Central Bank Law No. 56 of 2004 which explicitly provides for prohibiting government lending, due to the deterioration in the value of the currency, especially when excessive funding of government expenses is done through this method Easy cash, whether in financing the revenue deficit or the government spending deficit. " Saleh expected the improvement of the economic situation after the end of the Corona crisis, and this may take until the end of this summer, noting that the management of the financial crisis at this stage is not without difficulties, and the government should put this challenge among its priorities by preparing standards for exchange and ensuring reasonable wages. In turn, Prof. Faleh Al-Zubaidi, a professor of monetary theory at Al-Mustansiriya University, stressed the importance of having in front of the issuance of a currency, a cover in the central bank from hard currencies of the dollar, the euro, or the yen, or the so-called withdrawal of special rights issued by the International Monetary Fund. He added in a statement to "Al-Sabah" that there is a possibility for the government to resort to borrowing from the central bank with bonds, otherwise it will cause the printing of a new currency to increase the amount of the currency in the market, and thus lead to inflation, and high prices. And Al-Zubaidi indicated that the standard of living will decrease in the event of issuing a new currency, and this will directly affect the owners of fixed income as it affects foreign imports and services. Also, issuing a new currency outside the central bank balance will increase the poverty rate in Iraq, according to the speaker, Dr. Faleh Al-Zubaidi. The first vice-president of the World Bank, Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, had announced, on Sunday, that the world had entered a period of economic stagnation. Mohiuddin, who is the UN special envoy for the 2030 finance agenda, added that the current recession is similar to the global crisis in 2008, and that this crisis may be exacerbated if the world does not take preventive measures, noting that the bet on getting out of the recession is recovering from Corona.
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