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  1. Biden Calls U.S. Service Members “Stupid Bastards”, Campaign Said it Was Just a Joe Joke ByShore News Network Posted on September 25, 2020 A video that surfaced today shows U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden calling members of the U.S. Military “stupid bastards”, but tonight the campaign said the candidate was just kidding. The video was reportedly filmed during a meeting with troops in Abu Dhabi in March of 2016 when he was still Vice President. Here’s how the Biden campaign spun the
  2. KRG FINANCE AND ECONOMY RUNS FIRST CURRENCY EXCHANGE: SOURCE (KRG) Finance and Economy Ministry building in Erbil, Kurdistan Region(File) 2020-09-24 1060 View SULAIMANI — After announcing plans to do so earlier this month, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Finance and Economy Ministry ran a currency exchange on Wednesday (September 23) in Erbil city. A source told NRT Digital Media that $35 million ($41.9 billion Iraqi dinars) was exchanged. “The [finance and economy ministry] received 122,800 Iraqi dinars for each $100,” the sourc
  3. That on the table, don't think for a second it not.. Tariq Harb reveals: Saleh and Al-Kazemi can dissolve parliament
  4. US continues to reinforce military bases in Syria September 26, 2020 at 11:52 am | Published in: Asia & Americas, Europe & Russia, Middle East, News, Syria, Turkey, US A military convoy of US forces along the border of Syria on 21 October 2019 [Yunus Keleş/Anadolu Agency] September 26, 2020 at 11:52 am The US Army has sent 70 trucks to Syria through the Al-Waleed border crossing with Iraq, local sources said Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. The convoy, including 12 armoured vehic
  5. Deutsche Bank: Suspected of facilitating funds to Daesh in Iraq September 20, 2020 at 5:51 pm | Published in: Article, Asia & Americas, Europe & Russia, Germany, Iraq, Middle East, Opinion, US Deutsche Bank sign is seen on 24 August 2020 in Berlin, Germany. [Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images] Hala Nouhad Nasreddine hala_nasreddine September 20, 2020 at 5:51 pm The Islamic State’s infamous rule over vast areas of Iraq during 2014 and
  6. Postponing the vote on the electoral districts clause to the tenth of October Time: 09/26/2020 17:52:53 Read: 273 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives announced today, Sunday, the postponement of the vote on the electoral districts clause to a session on Saturday, the tenth of next October. And the House of Representatives adjourned to tomorrow, Sunday
  7. The House of Representatives votes to adopt the 2010 census Time: 09/26/2020 17:37:34 Read: 598 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives voted today, Saturday, on a paragraph committing to adopting the 2010 population statistics issued by the Ministry of Planning, in implementation of the provisions of Article 49 of the Constitution. Wafa Al-Fatlawi
  8. Distribution of dues for the farmers of Kurdistan on Sunday 09/26/2020 725 Baghdad / Al-Mawred News The Director of Commercial Control in Erbil announced, on Thursday, the distribution of financial dues to farmers in the Kurdistan region on Sunday. Hayman Syed Murad said in a statement, which Al-Mawred News received a copy of, that "the financial dues for the farmers of Kurdistan will be distributed tomorrow, Sunday," explaining that "the process will be in two stages in order to ensure social distancing."
  9. Al-Halbousi: We received a request to postpone the clause completing the vote on the election law to a specific day this week Time: 09/26/2020 16:57:44 Read: 520 times
  10. Urgent Parliament votes on electoral districts tomorrow Time: 09/26/2020 16:52:12 Read: 715 times (Baghdad: Al Furat News) An informed source said, today, Saturday, that Parliament will vote on the electoral districts on Sunday. The source told Al-Furat News that "Parliament will vote today on the criteria for electoral districts." He added, "The vote on districts will take place tomorrow's session."
  11. Since you tube deleted the first one, here another UKRAINE: Records of conversations testifying to international corruption 815 views•Jun 23, 2020 Sen Johnson on Hunter Biden report: I think we've caught Biden in a lie 965,958 views•Sep 24, 2020
  12. 26-09-2020 04:35 PM Urgent: Postponement of voting in multiple districts after the Al-Fateh and State of Law blocs deliberately broke the quorum Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya Today, Saturday, an official source said that the vote in the various districts has been postponed after the quorum was disturbed during today's session. The source said, "After the Fatah and State of Law blocs deliberately broke the quorum, voting was postponed on the multiple districts." Noting that "the Fatah and State of Law blocs withdrew from the parliament ses
  13. Presidential source: Pompeo told Saleh to close the US embassy unless its bombing stopped 09/25/2020 1226 Baghdad / Al-Mawred News A source in the office of the President of the Republic said that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told President Barham Salih that Washington would close its embassy in Baghdad unless it stopped targeting it with missiles. The source said in a press statement, "Pompeo informed Saleh in a phone call two days ago that his cou
  14. Breaking the quorum of the voting session on the multiple districts 09/26/2020 2 Baghdad / Al-Mawred News
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