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  1. Al-Rafidayn begins distributing the salaries of retirees for the month of July Time: 7/20/2020 18:58:11 Read: 8,476 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Al-Rafidain Bank announced that it started distributing the salaries of civil and military retirees for the month of July. The media office of the bank said in a statement, which the {Euphrates News Agency} received, a copy of it. The statement added that "civil and military retirees can received their monthly salaries from wherever they are" .anthy Ammar al - Masoudi
  2. For not tying Iraq with debt .. A representative committee calls for the approval of this budget Time: 7/20/2020 20:59:11 Reading: 3,367 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} A member of the Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Government Program and Strategic Planning, Inaam Al-Khuzai, called for financial adjustment in light of the fluctuations in oil prices and the continuation of the Corona pandemic. Al-Khuza’i said in a statement, {the Euphrates News} received a copy of, that “although the Financial Management Law No. (6) for the year 2019 in Article (13) / third, in the event that the Federal Budget Bill has not been approved for a specific fiscal year, the final financial statements are For the previous year, a basis for the financial statements for this year was submitted to the House of Representatives for the purpose of approval, "noting that" of course this does not fit the financial and economic reality that Iraq currently lives due to the Corona pandemic and the collapse of oil prices. " And she warned against "approving the disbursement (1/12) of the 2019 budget due to insufficient oil revenues needed to finance public expenditures, and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a report on the rate of public expenditures and revenues until April 2020," noting that "the report discloses that the total expenses were (22,564) One trillion dinars during the first four months of the year, which means that the monthly rate of spending is approximately (5.5) trillion dinars, while Iraq achieved total revenues of (22,571) trillion dinars. Al-Khuza’i indicated, “In light of the oil revenues accrued last June (approximately 3.5) trillion dinars, the fiscal deficit is expected to be approximately (2) trillion dinars only, which means that Iraq’s need for internal borrowing will not exceed (12) trillion dinars during the months The rest of the year 2020 instead of (15) trillion dinars proposed by the government as an internal borrowing to finance the deficit. According to all available data to Khuzai it called " the government 's commitment to the adoption of the monthly budget for fiscal adjustment with fluctuations in oil prices on the one hand and not burdening the economy and the citizens of internal and external debts is required on the other hand , " .anthy Wafa Fatlawi
  3. A statement of the capital of banks operating in Iraq and the assets of the central bank Time: 7/20/2020 09:43:51 Read: 5,577 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Iraqi Private Banking Association revealed the Iraqi banking sector, as the capital of banks operating inside the country reached more than 15 trillion dinars. "The Association of Banks provides to all media and researchers financial information for the banking sector that explains its size and impact in Iraq during the year 2019," said Ali Tariq, executive director of the Association, Ali Tariq, in a statement received by the agency (Al Furat News). To increase the capital of the banking sector to more than 15 trillion dinars. " He noted that "the banking sector has witnessed a great development during the past years, and was able to increase the volume of lending and deposits in banks, which will positively affect the Iraqi economy, especially after the central bank reduced interest on small and medium enterprises." Tariq stressed that "the capital of Iraqi banks amounted to more than 15.3 trillion dinars until 2019, divided into 3.3 trillion dinars, the capital of government banks, while the capital of private banks amounted to 12 trillion dinars," noting that "deposits in the banking system amounted to 82.1 trillion dinars, of which 71.38 trillion Dinars in government banks, while in private banks amounted to 10.72 trillion dinars. He pointed out that cash credit amounted to 42 trillion dinars divided into 34.2 trillion dinars provided by government banks and 7.8 trillion dinars provided by private banks, while pledge credit amounted to 25.2 trillion dinars divided into 17.2 trillion dinars from government banks and 8 trillion dinars from private banks ". Tariq stressed that "bad debts amounted to 4.1 trillion dinars, divided into 2.37 trillion dinars in government banks and 1.77 trillion in private banks, and this failure is due to the lack of commitment of borrowers to pay back borrowing money, explaining that the profits of banks during the past year amounted to 1090 billion dinars divided into 956 billion dinars for government banks and 134 billion dinars for private banks. " On the other hand, the Iraq Future Foundation said that "the assets of the Central Bank of Iraq for the month of May 2020 decreased by 1.83% compared to April 2020, but it increased by 3.93% compared to May 2019 to reach the value of the assets 105.6 trillion dinars." She attributed "the reason for the decrease in the assets of the central bank to the continued volume of sales from the dollar for the purpose of import, with the decrease in the volume of purchases from the dollar from the Ministry of Finance, which leads to the trend towards using the reserve to compensate for the shortfall." She added, "Cash and gold reserves rose by 0.54% compared to April 2020 and by 15% compared to May 2019 to reach 21 trillion dinars." It indicated, "The percentage of decline in investments amounted to 4.64% compared to April 2020 and 11.3% compared to May 2019, to reach 43.5 trillion dinars." "On the level of the issued cash, it increased by 1.3% compared to April 2020 and 26% compared to May 2019, to reach 58.6 trillion dinars, and to represent 55% of the total liabilities of the bank, a large percentage due to the decline in bank deposits and the balances of government institutions As the banking sector suffers from weak banking transactions that reduce the volume of its deposits with the central bank and also the need for government institutions for funds, which causes them to withdraw part of their assets with banks to cover their expenses. Predicted an independent institution that "witnessing the coming months , a further decline in central bank reserves as a result of the purchase of the dollar and the continued buying rates of the dollar for the purposes of import decline from the Iraqi government as a result of the weakness of imports at the same pace, leading to the withdrawal of more bank reserves to compensate for the shortfall , " .anthy Ammar al - Masoudi
  4. American Administration Options To Address The Repercussions Of The Deepening Crises In Iraq On July 5, 2020 Hamed Shehab Experts from American politicians and from the countries of the region confirm that the American administration's options towards the deepening crises in Iraq and the exacerbation of the threats fueled by leaders and political figures loyal to Iran, within the Iraqi government, in order to escalate with the United States, places the latter in front of difficult options, most notably that the country needs Indeed, to a "new confrontational strategy", its scenarios should be drawn up from now, to confront Iranian threats, which the US administration takes seriously, which pose a danger to the Iraqi situation, and to the interests of the United States, not only in Iraq, but also at the level of the whole region !! One of the possible scenarios for dealing with the Iraqi situation is to deliver a strong message from all American military and political leaders. The lack of seriousness of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in curbing the hostile tendencies of the United States, and with direct incitement from Iran, the support of the United States for his government will stop entirely, and the administration may have to American to take the "worst options", to reconsider the entire political process in Iraq, and to take more serious steps in the search for other partners, more able to limit the Iranian role and put an end to its domination of Iraq's capabilities, and even have a desire to strengthen the state of stability in Iraq and the countries of the region, through Establishing an Iraqi political system embedded with military and political leaderships from various Iraqi components, from outside the current ruling system, has a willingness to put an end to instances of chaos and chaos, and to seriously and effectively address Iranian blatant interference in Iraqi affairs, some of whom are political figures from within the “Shiite center” itself, who have the desire to achievePopular sectors, subjected to social collapses and low standards of living, do not believe in the Iranian domination of the capabilities of Iraq, and they wish to achieve the country's sovereignty and independence, instead of the "bitter dependency" that governed the path of most political orientations of the leaders of the divided Shiite alliances, and there are circles willing to end the political process A more just and more stable political system is established than it is now, and the demonstrators and the popular forces are one of its important pillars of the expected change !! American military leaders have warned the Pentagon, the CIA, and research centers that one of the proposed alternatives for the Americans is to move the American embassy from Baghdad to Anbar, incite the western provinces to rebel against the government, and also urge the Kurds to harmonize with this trend by finding a common alliance that puts An end to the loose situation in Iraq, and the invitation of the Iraqi Shiite leaders to join this axis, if it wants to rid itself and its people of the consequences of risks not intended to divide Iraq as much as it is redrawing the features of the new path of the American alliances, and they feel the existence of a “Sunni desire” from the leaders of those areas and from Its oppressed people, to pursue scenarios of this kind, they have military and civilian leaders who are more able to save the Iraqi situation from its ongoing collapses, and they can restore consideration to their lost Iraq, after these leaders expressed their fears of continued Iranian domination through the loyal crowd forces It has its capabilities, and it is fromIt prevents the ability of those governorates to re-consider them and the return of thousands of their inhabitants to their areas, which are themselves those that dominate the capabilities of the features of economic advancement and the wealth they possess and prevent those components from benefiting from the sources of their wealth, and their continued existence precludes the achievement of economic development, and those groups exercise their imposition on The capabilities of many officials in those provinces who are tired of their interference in their regions, and of attempts to dangerous demographic change within their provinces, constitute a serious challenge to them, and they hope that the United States will be present in their regions to limit Iranian hegemony and to curb the influence of those groups outside the law, in its attempts To impose its authority on the capabilities of those regions that suffered the two things from the presence of these groups outside the law, especially in border crossings and some security institutions, and it is a limitation of the authority and leaders of those areas to have a role in building the cities of all these western provinces without exception !! American officials also confirm that the Kurdish leaders and even their audiences do not hide the existence of a desire to sympathize with the trends that put an end to the pro-Iranian "Shiite" persistence and implement its agenda from the pressure being eased from them if they get rid of Iranian hegemony, and they will find better American support, and the presence of important headquarters for the American embassy in Erbil In harmony with trends of this nature, and they hope that it will be a starting point that will get rid of them from serious economic pressures and defaults on which the people of Kurdistan are suffering due to the deficient policies, marginalization and exclusion of the rest of the components to totally acquire their capabilities !! American military and political figures stressed in strongly worded statements that all US administrations, old and new, will not leave Iran to dominate the capabilities of the region, and it is determined to strike the pillars of the Iranian regime at any time, and trim its fingernails, and that the siege that it suffers is very severe, and has sent Iranian leaders From within the government, there are messages through intermediaries that the worsening internal Iranian situation can no longer be tolerated, and that internal public discontent with the government as a result of its blatant interference in the affairs of the countries of the region presented the interests of the Iranian people to the dangers of collapse, and even its reliable force, the Revolutionary Guards, was not promised with that brute force that was Calculate it, and that there are leaders from within it that are ready and willing to participate in any possible change of leadership in Iran, and there is a popular desire to support these trends and wishes that the United States was quick to show its public support for its activities, facilitate the task of rubble on the Iranian regime, and work to choose People inside it, they havePopular support, signs of "transitional rule" in Iran could save the countries of the region from the chaos of chaos, chaos and collapses on more than one level, and provide them with the pillars of safer stability and prosperity, and there are scenarios prepared for this purpose, not far from the investigation as it is said !! And all the evidence from the viewpoint of observers and followers of the Iraqi issue indicates that Mr. Al-Kazemi cannot achieve the goal of the Americans or the Iraqis themselves in restoring balance to the Iraqi situation, and that his cool reactions, slackness, and retreat from the pledges he committed, emerged in the recent crisis in the confrontation with The popular crowd from those pro-Iranian groups, Al-Kazemi is much weaker than the Americans imagined, and he has missed many opportunities, to be able to move his people to a better life, especially since the country's economic and living crises are escalating horrific, and he is not able to continue like this. It is a weakness and hesitation that the character on which the Americans and the international community attach hopes to restoring sovereignty and maintaining internal security, and they find that all of his steps are still confused and frustrated, and he is unable to paint the features of hope to save the Iraqis from the crises that threaten their future, and they are the Iraqis assure They will not stand idly by if the series of failure remainsThe failures are the same, and Iraq may go in the direction of massive popular chaos, the Shiite milieu is its first pillar, and other components will find in it an opportunity to show solidarity with it to restore the consideration lost over decades, and they are the homeland of most popular revolutions upon which the international community relies, to rid Iraq of its decaying sectarian system And it is full of contradictions and carries the features of the collapse between its elements, which makes American thinking about changing the current political system more accessible and easy, if the situation in Iraq worsens to the extent that it is no longer acceptable anymore, and one of the worst bitter options is a total military and political withdrawal from Iraq, and leaving the country He faces his destiny on his own, while another American scenario emphasizes supporting Iraqi groups of all Iraqi components who want to rid Iraq of Iranian hegemony, and have the willingness and ability to restore the prestige of the military and security establishment, impose security and order on all regions of Iraq, and extend their authority over the various regions of Iraq, With American support, you find atLeaders from western and Kurdish provinces are a sure desire to support such trends, and with the support of Shiite leaders, who have inclination to harmonize with American trends like this, in order for the Shiite component to participate in the decision-making authority with other components fairly and without exclusion or marginalization of other components, and that the majority and minorities system end, and be All Iraqis are equal before the law and the constitution governs them in all their dealings and relations with other countries. Rather, the Americans are able to curb other regional threats if there is a popular response to the new political system in Iraq that you wish to establish, which is something that will not be prolonged for sure, from the viewpoint of observers !!!
  5. By documents .. two Lebanese banks close their branches in Iraq Economie 2020-07-05 | 08:47 11,492 views Alsumaria News publishes two documents issued by two Lebanese banks announcing the closure of their branches in Iraq. According to the two documents, the bank’s branches and credit in France were closed.
  7. THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION ASSIGNS AN UNDERSECRETARY FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND HEAD OF THE SUPERVISORY BODY Sunday, 5 July 2020 9:30 PM Category: Iraqi Baghdad / National News Center - Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Nabil Kazem Abdel-Sahib, today, Sunday, appointed Ghassan Hamid Abdul Majeed as undersecretary for scientific research affairs and Alaa Abdul Hassan as head of the Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Authority at the Ministry. A ministry statement received by the agency, "The National News Center", said that "the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Nabil Kazem Abdel-Sahib valued the efforts of the ministry's leaders, especially those who were referred to retirement who had registered in the Iraqi academic institution." The statement added, “The Minister thanked and appreciated each of Fouad Qassem, Salam Khoshnaw and Nabeel Al-Araji, expressing his hope that they will continue their tender in the community service that does not end with the end of the official job or referral to retirement.” He emphasized that “the Ministry of Higher Education will be keen to Communicate with these respected personalities and benefit from their experiences. ” He pointed out that “the minister presented the letter of assignment to each of the new undersecretary for scientific research affairs, Ghassan Hamid Abdul Majeed, and the head of the new Scientific Evaluation and Supervision Authority, Alaa Abdul Hassan Atiya,” noting that “the current circumstance requires a double effort to meet the challenges and enable our university institutions to achieve their scientific goals.” .
  8. ASSIGNING NABIL JASSEM AS HEAD OF THE IRAQI MEDIA NETWORK Sunday, 5 July 2020 7:56 PM Category: Iraqi Baghdad / National News Center - The Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network has dismissed the head of the network. According to a statement, the National News Center Agency received a copy of it, "The Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network voted today, Sunday, to end the mandate of" Fadl Mohsen Abbas "as head of the Iraqi Media Network." The Council mandated "Dr. Nabil Jassem to head the network."
  9. RASHID BANK BEGINS TO PAY THE SALARIES OF RETIREES Sunday, 5 July 2020 8:47 PM Category: Economy and Business Baghdad / National News Center - Rashid Bank announced direct to raise the salaries of retired civil and military personnel for the month of July. The bank's media office said in a statement that the salaries of civil and military retirees had been started for the month of July. The statement added that retired gentlemen can receive their salaries from electronic payment outlets and bank branches.
  10. News ID 450728 ۱۳۹۹/۰۴/۱۵ - ۰۲:۱۰ Following the decision to publish the Euro deposit: Where did the government's decision to pre-sell the currency go? Abdul Nasser Hemmati Abdul Nasser Hemmati, while announcing the decision to publish the Euro deposit, announced that the government's pressure on this bank in 1996 to pre-sell foreign currency did not reach anywhere, and this action could lead to the birth of "Sultan Euro"! According to Eqtesadonline , quoting Mehr, Abdul Nasser Hemmati , Governor of the Central Bank, announced the bank's decision to publish the Euro Deposit Certificate on July 29, and wrote on his personal Instagram page: The Central Bank will soon submit the Euro Deposit Certificate to the Monetary and Credit Council. Will provide. According to Hemmati, this will be done in line with the current monetary policy framework and the implementation of open market operations, in order to manage liquidity and drive inflation towards the 22% target, and based on that, the central bank is set to issue a Euro certificate with a clear profit. , And by selling at the market rate, to collect Rials. In this plan, the central bank is committed to paying the same amount to the euro at maturity, relying on sufficient reserves of its euro banknotes. Where did the previous government decision to pre-sell the currency go? This is not the first time that Hassan Rouhani's government has decided to issue a currency certificate. In February 1996, at the height of the currency market challenge , the central bank was required to pre-sell the currency in addition to pre-selling coins. This assignment was one of the meetings that has been held twice a week since September 1996 in the presence of Ishaq Jahangiri, First Vice President and the Central Bank, to manage the foreign exchange market. The decree, announced on February 8, 1996, required the central bank to provide the conditions for pre-selling foreign currency within two weeks. The government's goal was to raise liquidity from the community, but this decision was not implemented with the resistance of the Central Bank, so that another bitter experience would not occur along with the auction of the country's gold reserves; This was one of the few times during the tenure of General Director Valiullah Seif that the central bank opposed the government's wrong decision. The Central Bank intervened in the market from January 1995 to May 1996 by order of senior officials to lower the price of the dollar on the eve of the presidential election (the price of the dollar rose from 4,170 tomans to 3,710 tomans on the eve of the election). The heavy intervention continued in the two months after the election, injecting $ 2 billion in foreign exchange, and then, with daily (average) injections of several million dollars, but as a salty blue, only to The market thirst quenched. In such a situation, the pre-sale of Tir currency was to get rid of the country's foreign exchange reserves, and in the end it remained a decision and was not implemented. How was the Sultan of Coins born? At the same time, by order of senior officials, 50 tons of the country's gold reserves were auctioned in the form of pre-sale of coins, and a total of 7,600,000 Bahar Azadi coins were sold; The pre-sale that led to the birth of the "Sultan of Coins"; Vahid Mazlumin was arrested in July 1997 with two tons of gold in the capital and hanged less than four months later. Meanwhile, the National Inspection Agency announced that a 31-year-old citizen had bought 38,250 coins in a pre-sale plan for a gold coin by the Central Bank. He had paid more than 53 billion and 500 million tomans for these purchases. At what cost to collect liquidity? The issuance of the Euro deposit certificate is now on offer to the Monetary and Credit Council, and the details are not yet known. But there are a few important things to keep in mind: 1. This proposal shall be approved by the Monetary and Credit Council by any mechanism, and its maturity shall not extend beyond the lifespan of this State, and is an obligation established by the Twelfth Government for the Government of 1400. Therefore, it should be decided with more sensitivity and accuracy. 2. Although "collecting liquidity" is an acceptable goal, it should not be forgotten that at the present time the "market thirst for currency" is very high and the inaccuracy in issuing euro deposit certificates can lead to the birth of "Sultan Euro" in the Iranian economy. 3. International conditions (due to the spread of the corona and the tightening of sanctions) require the government to be more careful in maintaining the country's foreign exchange reserves; Accordingly, and in the context of months, the country's production flow has been interrupted due to the central bank's strictness in allocating currency (even Nimayi currency) with the aim of managing foreign exchange expenditures, and the forthcoming outlook does not seem to open in the Corona area any time soon. (Which will lead to the revival of international trade) and sanctions, by what logic did the central bank decide to issue a euro deposit certificate?
  11. Come on Jake.....So what you wearing Jake...Khakis!! Hope everyone had a Great 4th of July....
  12. Rafidain Bank Begins Paying The Retired Salaries For The Month Of July On July 5, 2020 (Independent) ... Today, the Rafidain State Bank announced that it will begin distributing the salaries of civil and military retirees for the month of July. The media office of the bank said in a statement it received (the independent) ... Today, the salaries of civil and military retirees for the month of July have been commenced through electronic payment tools The statement added that civil and military retirees can receive their monthly salaries from anywhere they are. The Rafidain Bank and the government rational government announced, on Friday, the start of the payment of state employees ’salaries for the month of June. (End)
  13. The International Trust Bank: Localization Of Defense And Interior Salaries Has Strengthened Services On July 5, 2020 (Independent) .. The International Islamic Trust Bank revealed an expansion mechanism for the services it provides to the public, especially after the salary settlement base of employees from the Ministry of Defense and the Interior expanded. "The salary settlement base has grown in the presence of the security system represented by employees of the Ministry of Defense and Interior, which pushed the bank to provide global services and adopt them in a phased manner commensurate with the sacrifices of the security forces," said Maaran, the managing director of the bank, Wehbe Al-Khaffaf. Al-Khuffaf pointed out that "the expansion of products represents the most important objective of the bank during the coming stage, which coincides with a plan that enables human resources to develop the sophisticated systems witnessed by the financial sector in the world." He pointed out that "the bank provides services through 13 branches distributed between Baghdad and the provinces, pointing out that despite the challenges facing the country, the bank provides its services, taking into account the directions of the crisis cell."
  14. Posted: Monday - 2020-07-06 - 12:00 120 Iraqi oil stopped and controversy affecting the domestic oil market Refinery: We have sufficient oil and other import sources Dr. Fathi al-Aghawat , stopping the export of Iraqi oil to Jordan, raises many questions about the causes and about the extent of the impact on the local oil derivatives market. Experts in the energy sector and in their conversation to $ excluded the presence of confusion in the local oil market with the exception of effects affecting the work of more than 400 tanks, including 250 Jordanian tanks, which means the failure of the livelihoods of their owners, in addition to the failure of other support occupations that will be affected as a result of the suspension of this fleet from work. The media spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said in a statement to $ he said that the amount of imported Iraqi oil does not exceed 7% of the Kingdom's daily needs of crude oil, as these quantities are compensated by increasing the quantities imported from Saudi Aramco. He indicated that the Kingdom's need for oil derivatives is secured through the three derivative marketing companies, by importing from abroad or buying derivatives from the Jordanian Petroleum Refinery Company, which imports crude oil and repeats it. He added that the refinery production covers about 40 percent of the Kingdom's needs of the main derivatives, as the Jordanian oil refinery imports crude (Arab Light) oil from Saudi Aramco at a rate of 1.5 million barrels per month according to an agreement renewed annually. The expert in the energy and oil sector Hashem Akl denied that the Iraqi oil outage has any impact, and that we import 10 thousand barrels of oil out of daily consumption of about 70 thousand barrels per day, pointing out that this amount is simple and is not dependent on it as a source of influence, pointing to Iraqi oil has been stalled since the beginning of the Corona crisis and the closing of the borders with Iraq. And that closing the borders is the main reason for the continued interruption of Iraqi oil, pointing out that Jordan takes a discount from the international price of Brent at the lowest of $ 16 a barrel. Akel pointed to a previous statement by the Minister of Energy on the return of Iraqi oil, in conjunction with the opening of the border. He pointed out that the Jordanian oil refinery imported during the past months 2 million barrels of crude oil. In the context, the expert in the oil and energy sector, Engineer Amer Al-Shobaki, said that stopping the export of Iraqi oil to Jordan caused several problems, pointing to the suspension of work of more than 400 tanks, including 200-250 Jordanian tanks, and this means that the source of the livelihood of more than 200 Jordanian families who were dependent on these drivers was dependent. The tanks and the calculation of these drivers are on the list of unemployed people, and there are other support occupations that will be damaged as a result of the suspension of this fleet from work. Al-Shobaki called for clarifying the real reasons for stopping the supply if they were for force majeure and out of control, especially as what was issued by the Iraqi Oil Ministry that the collapse of oil prices is the reason. He pointed out that the Iraqi justification is illogical and unacceptable, indicating that even when oil prices reached 10 dollars a barrel, Iraqi oil was not cut off from Jordan, noting that Jordan at the time was bearing losses from buying Iraqi oil. Al-Shobaki said that the interruption of oil supply in this way is surprising from Iraq, because the price of a barrel of oil reached 43 dollars for Brent crude and OPEC basket was closed last Thursday at a price above 40 dollars a barrel for the first time in four months, and this is an appropriate and profitable price for Iraq to some extent. Although the oil supply agreement between Jordan and Iraq stipulates that the barrel be sold at a price less than Brent at $ 16, to cover transportation fees and the quality difference, it does not represent a loss or burden on the Iraqi side, because the transportation fees and the quality difference are also borne by Iraq while choosing to export Oil is transferred to other countries and transported from the Bebji refinery in the north to the port of Basra in the south. Al-Shobaki asked if there were provisions in the oil supply contract signed with Iraq that contained a penalty clause that would be executed in case of breach of the agreement. Economic writer Khaled Al-Zubaidi estimated the amount of oil imported from Iraq at about 8% of the kingdom’s daily oil needs, which amounts to 70 thousand barrels of oil per day, and added that its effect is limited on the refinery and that it bought and at preferential prices during the period of low world prices about 4 million barrels of crude oil as part of the reserve At the refinery. Al-Zubaidi expected a near return of Iraqi oil at its preferential price, which is around $ 20 a barrel, after deducting $ 16 a barrel. To that, the Jordan Petroleum Refinery confirmed that it has a high stock of crude oil and oil derivatives, whether it is located in Zarqa or its facilities in Aqaba, while the units operating inside the refinery site in Zarqa operate within their natural production capacity. The company said in a statement issued yesterday, that stopping Iraqi oil supplies to the Kingdom since the beginning of last May continues until now and has not caused any confusion with the company, given that the quantities received from Iraq are not large and the company has other import sources such as Saudi Aramco, and that what was received On some websites regarding the interruption of Iraqi oil supplies causing confusion to the company, it is not right. The company said that it received about four million barrels of crude oil during the months of April and May, where about a million barrels were stored on a floating ship that was previously chartered in addition to what was stored in Aqaba and Zarqa. It is noteworthy that the agreement with the Iraqi side stipulates that Iraq will supply Jordan with 10 thousand barrels of oil from the Bebji refinery to the Jordanian oil refinery in Zarqa.
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