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  1. 13-12-2019 11:42 PM US State Department: We call on Iran to stop assisting third parties in Iraq Baghdad / Akhbariya: The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has pledged that the United States will respond decisively to any attack by Iran or its followers that could harm the American forces or their partners in Iraq. "We strongly condemn the attack by Iran's followers, which wounded 5 Iraqi soldiers near Baghdad airport this week," Pompeo said in a tweet posted Friday evening on his official account on Twitter. Pompeo threatened, saying: "For Iranian leaders, the United States will respond resolutely if Iran or its followers inflict any harm on American cadres or our Iraqi partners."
  2. Expressive After the vote on the reforms law .. the Kurdistan region earns 100 billion dinars 2019-12-13 Special- the Iraq solution Member of the Kurdistan Region, "Soran Omar," confirmed today, Friday, that the reforms law approved by the region's Council of Ministers will save about 100 billion dinars and return it to the treasury. Omar said to the Iraq solution: “Under the reforms law, the salary of more than 200,000 employees who were receiving illegal salaries, or are space employees, or would combine salaries would be cut.” Pointing out that «the law will reduce the privileges granted to former and current officials, and end the issue of space employees in a number of government departments and institutions within the region». Under the aforementioned law, "social wages will be cut off from those who are not eligible, as well as canceling the concessions of members of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament and reducing their salaries," according to Omar's assurances. The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region voted in its session held last Wednesday on the reforms law and referred it to the Kurdistan Parliament, to vote on it for it to take effect. The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government # Masrour Barzani has pledged in a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 100th day since he assumed the presidency of the government, to eliminate corruption within the region and to request the assistance of the various Kurdish parties to carry out this task. Prepared by Muhammad al-Amir
  3. In the document .. Al-Sadr decides to close the institutions affiliated with the thoracic line for a year Policy 2019-12-13 | 16:51 Source: Alsumaria news 17,093 views In the document .. Al-Sadr decides to close the institutions affiliated with the thoracic line for a year Continued..
  4. White: The names nominated for prime minister are completely rejected - 14-12-2019 12:19 AM - Views: 1 الابيض: مرشح رئاسة الوزراء لم يحسم بعد وما يثار من اسماء مرفوض تماما 966 views•Premiered 106 minutes ago
  5. Abdel-Mahdi apologizes for sending the 2020 budget to parliament by Ali EjamEconomy23 Hours ago Baghdad: A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed that Iraq will enter in 2020 with a "temporary budget" due to the delay in its dispatch by the current caretaker government due to a procedural legal problem. Committee member Ahmed Al-Saffar said in a press statement: It was hoped that the budget would be sent to Parliament last Thursday, but we were surprised that the Prime Minister apologized for sending it because there was no authority to send any draft law to Parliament, including the budget, because his government is now a caretaker government. He added: The House of Representatives inquired about that and it appeared that the Prime Minister can send important bills to the parliament in the first week of the caretaker government, stressing that: The parliament, in turn, cannot read and discuss the budget and vote on it if it is sent during the current December. And Al-Saffar said that: Iraq will have to adopt (a temporary budget) that is paid monthly for salaries, and the operational budget only, and the investment budget, contracts and job grades are excluded from voting until the 2020 budget ./
  6. Sectarianism and rivalries crossed .. Middle East: The Tahrir Square protests gave Iraq a new birth The Turkish restaurant or Uhud mountain has turned into an unprecedented symbol of protest movement The current movement has become a cultural revolution even if it fails to achieve a political revolution Baghdad - Agencies: The Middle East Eye website published an article saying that the "Turkish restaurant" - a 14-storey building on the side of Tahrir Square - is a sight worth seeing, and this building occupied by protesters in mid-October has turned into an unprecedented symbol of the protest movement in Iraq. The article written by Fanar Haddad indicated that "the building has become covered with national emblems and Iraqi flags, and a look worth photographing and a recognizable symbol: In Tahrir Square, miniature models from the Turkish restaurant have become memorials for the fallen demonstrators, in addition to that the front of the building is drawn on Shaped keychains and other souvenir pieces. The writer points out that a great debate is taking place on Iraqi social networking sites among the demonstrators, about whether what should go on in Iraq is called a revolution, indicating that, as expected, the debate is between those who are more enthusiastic about the protest on the one hand, and less enthusiastic, or opponents on the other side. Haddad says: After I visited Tahrir Square several times over the past two weeks, I found that there is no doubt: even if the current movement failed to achieve a political revolution, and even if it was not a revolution, it is undoubtedly a revolutionary movement that has so far achieved a cultural revolution . The writer shows that, unlike Al-Khulani Square and Al-Senak Bridge, where violence is more present and the prevailing feeling is the feeling of confrontation. Haddad notes that among the jungle tents in the square you hear everything, from hip-hop to poetry to Shiite condolence readings, and you see what is mentioned because of the Iraqis going to the street at any price, from pictures, murals, memorials, prayer gatherings and other forms of memory. Young people who fell during the past two months of crowd crowd. The writer finds that the flourishing of the expressions presented exceeds its great artistic value, for it is more than just an interesting display or a suitable background for taking selfies. The cultural output of the liberation square and the popular effort to keep the sit-in throughout the square reflects the topography of an emerging political culture far from the Baath period and from the early years after In 2003. Haddad reports that he is beyond the incentives for opposing the regime, because the tendencies of protest cannot be limited to a specific direction or ideology, and while you watch a mural depicting an American dagger that drains Iraq and carries the slogan (America is Righteousness), you hear a repeated recording of a chant saying that Iraq is occupied by Iran, and reflects Tahrir Square is a cross section of political trends, religious convictions, classes and age groups. The writer notes that most of the people in Tahrir Square are young people from poor areas in Baghdad, such as Sadr City, but they reflect the demographic composition of the capital: most of them are youth and most of them are poor. Haddad notes that the tents that do not fill the protest area reflect the diversity of Iraqi society. On any given day, you find everything in the field from civil activity to concerts to tribal marches to religious rituals, the culture of solidarity and the participation of everyone that kept Tahrir Square is in itself an achievement Big. The writer states that the infrastructure of the crowd and charitable services associated with Shiite events, such as Ashura and the forty, were employed to serve the civil movement that intends to occupy the square indefinitely with the aim of imposing a change in the system, and this is more than the active participants or those already in the Tahrir Square. Haddad notes that donation boxes have been allocated in stores all over Baghdad, and Iraqis from all walks of society offer what they can provide to the demonstrators, from blankets to food to money, so that some rich businessmen finance supplies and infrastructure for the protest movement, and beneficiaries have become Corruption and practitioners have a dislike for the negative impact on their interests. The writer says that these protests come at a time widely believed to have crossed the horizon of sectarianism and sectarian competition, and this does not mean that sectarian identity has disappeared. Haddad concludes his article by saying that the people who built the spirit of Tahrir Square, other protest sites, and Iraqis in general, deserve the best.
  7. Goldman Sachs: Corrective movement for US stocks if Democrats win elections December 13, 2019 09:37 PM Mubasher : Goldman Sachs analyst said that US stocks will be on a date with a major corrective movement if the Democrats sweep the elections in 2020. "Timothy Mo," co-chair of the college's Asia Research at the bank, said in comments with the US "CNBC" on Friday: "The occurrence of a full democratic result, as the party believes in the presidency as well as both houses of Congress would make partial or complete abolition." Tax cuts approved in 2017 are highly likely. " And Mo added that if that happens, the profits of Standard & Poor's companies will decrease by about 12 percent if the tax reduction is canceled completely, which in turn may lead to a big corrective movement in the US markets. US stocks made very strong gains this year, with the S&P rising nearly 26 percent so far. The analyst explained that the market is likely to face some challenges and the three most important dates that investors must understand are March 3, the primary election day, and July 13, when the Democrats officially announced their candidate for the presidency and vice president, in addition to the presidential election day in November 3, 2020.
  8. Trump was right again, Rate hikes was another way to make Trump look bad, didn't work. This could have really explode but the Hate America Never Trumpers only want to destroy. They could careless about the lower, middle and the upper deplorable American People even those that defend and support the chaos, they don't care about you...98.7%... Fed member: interest rate cuts will boost US economy growth in 2020 December 13, 2019 11:25 PM Direct: The President of the Federal Reserve in New York said that the central bank's interest rate cuts this year put the US economy on the right path to strong growth in 2020. "The housing market is already thriving in the United States from where it was a year ago, and consumer spending is very strong," John Williams, speaking in New York on Friday, added. "With the adjustments we've already made, and the lowering of the interest rate, we have made the economy on a very strong and sustainable base, in order to achieve good growth next year," Williams said. At this week’s meeting, the Fed decided to fix the interest rate unchanged after cutting it 3 times this year to a level between 1.50 percent to 1.75 percent. Williams said that some of the risks that prompted the Fed to cut borrowing costs now seemed closer to a solution. Earlier in the day , the United States and China announced an agreement on the first phase of the trade deal, and the decisive victory for the Conservatives in the general elections supported the completion of the Brexit deal on time. The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicated that he expects the economy to grow by about 2 percent in 2020 and that inflation will return to nearly the goal of 2 percent for the next year or so.
  9. Trump: Remaining tariffs on China will push it to continue trade talks December 13, 2019 10:42 PM Direct : US President Donald Trump said that the remaining tariffs on China will pay it to seek the second stage of the trade deal. "China wants to start talks on the second phase of the trade deal immediately and that's what we want," Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday. The US President announced earlier in the day that Washington and Beijing reached an agreement on the partial trade deal with the abolition of the American tariffs that would come into effect next Sunday, in exchange for China buying more agricultural products from the United States. But the US president made it clear that the 25 percent tariff on Chinese goods will remain the same. The US president indicated that it is possible that China will buy $ 50 billion in US agricultural products after Washington and Beijing announced the initial trade agreement.
  10. Updated .. the US dollar is changing globally with trade developments December 13, 2019 9:54 PM Direct: The US dollar turned higher against a basket of major currencies from the lowest level since last June during Friday's trading, with a focus on the details of the trade deal. The United States and China announced agreement on the first stage of the trade deal, with the removal of the tariffs that are due to enter into force next Sunday. But US President Donald Trump stressed that the tariffs of 25 percent on Chinese goods will remain intact in order to pressure China into negotiating the second phase of the trade deal. Today's economic data revealed that retail sales in the United States increased less than expected, while US import prices rose at the fastest pace in 6 months. By 6:45 pm GMT, the greenback was up 0.1% against its European counterpart, pushing the euro down to $ 1.1121. While the dollar stabilized against the Japanese currency, recording 109.29 yen. While the green paper lost about 1.3 percent of its value against the British pound, the British currency rose to the level of 1.3332 dollars. The results of the British elections showed that the Conservative party won a majority, which paves the way for passing the Brexit deal and then completing the process of leaving the European Union on the specified date. Meanwhile, the US dollar fell against the Swiss franc, 0.08 percent, to record 0.9842 francs. As for the main dollar index, which tracks the performance of the American paper against a basket of major currencies, it rose about 0.1 percent to 97.219 The green paper recorded the level of 96.719 earlier in trading, the lowest reading since late last June.
  11. World Bank: Donors agree to provide $ 23 billion to poor countries December 13, 2019 08:04 PM Direct: The World Bank said that 52 countries and other donors pledged 23.5 billion dollars in new funds to the world's poorest countries, bringing the resources of the International Development Fund to a record package of 82 billion dollars. "We seek to achieve good development results that achieve more growth, reduce poverty and achieve better results with regard to gender inequality, climate change, conflict, violence and economic transformation," World Bank President David Malpas said in a statement released on Friday. And Malpas added that IDA resources will support about 500 million people in 74 countries where two-thirds of the world's poor live. The World Bank indicated that 6 new countries have joined this effort, and others can follow suit in the coming weeks. The International Development Association (IDA) is one of the largest sources of financing to combat extreme poverty in the world's poorest countries, and provides low-interest loans or country grants to projects and programs that promote economic growth.
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