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  1. In the document .. Exemption of a senior official in the Ministry of Oil Editorial Date: 2018/10/22 23:01 • 1780 times read [Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Oil Minister Abdul-Jabbar al-Allaibi issued a ministerial order to exempt a senior official in the ministry. The According to the document, obtained by {Euphrates News} a copy of which was "based on the guidance minister based on business requirements decide Mayati: first / exemption Haidar Jabbar Abdullah from office as director of the board of distribution south of the distribution of petroleum products. Second / direct penalty to draw the attention of the master of the above based on the article {8} / I of Chapter III of the discipline of State No. {14} personnel Act of 1991 {amended}. III / transferred to oil projects company without functional class. IV / performs this thing from the date of 21 October 2018. Ended
  2. Rafidain issues clarification on the theft of 2 billion dinars from one of its branches Banks Economy News _ Baghdad Rafidain Bank, on Tuesday, reported the theft of 2 billion dinars from one of its branches is exaggerated, while promising to hold accountable for manipulating public funds. The media office of the bank said in a statement received by "Economy News" a copy of it, "The news reported by some media about the theft of funds amounting to 2 billion dinars from one of the bank's branches in Baghdad is an exaggerated and contrary to the truth." The office added that "the bank and within the regular regulatory and inspection work to inventory safes was limited to some of the existing money connections," noting that "the shortage of these bonds were counted up to two hundred thousand dollars." The office said that "it was discovered later that the shortage of the secretary of the fund of the branch that was neutralized, which is responsible for that act," pointing out that "measures have been taken to recover that amount has been opened investigation and accounting of employees who default and violators of control controls that prevent manipulation of funds the public". Views 301 Date Added 23/10/2018
  3. Learn about the value of contracts Iraq has made with Siemens and General Electric energy Economy News _ Baghdad The Ministry of Electricity announced on Tuesday that the value of the contracts in accordance with memorandums of understanding signed with the German companies Siemens and General Electric will reach 25 billion dollars, indicating that it will contribute about 25 thousand megawatts of energy over the next five years. "The contract with Siemens is worth 10 billion dollars and will be paid by 15 percent of the grant from the German government of 350 million dollars," ministry spokesman Musab al-Mudar told the official Sabah newspaper. Which was awarded to the ministry in accordance with the donor conference held recently in Kuwait, in addition to the one and two grants of 500 million euros in 2017 and the same for 2018. The teacher added, "As for the rest of the amounts, the ministry called for a meeting including the Ministries of Finance and Planning and Siemens (Siemens) to develop payment mechanisms in a manner consistent with the interest of all parties and ensure there is no delay in the completion of projects." "The roadmap set by Siemens is based on three levels, the first is short (3 - 6) months to add 805 MW to the system, and the second average between (10 - 20) months to provide the system card up to 2400 MW, The third is a long (24 - 36) months to add six thousand and 300 MW. He explained that "the road map prepared by the company (Siemens) is to equip Iraq with new generating units in addition to the delivery of Iraq two large power stations each of up to 2400 MW will be located in the provinces of Nineveh and Babylon," noting that "the memorandum of understanding contains several contracts, Work between the Ministry of Electricity and the Council of Ministers' Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. " On the memorandum of understanding signed with General Electric Company, the electricity spokesman said that "the agreement provides for the system to be supplied with 14 thousand megawatts (3-5 years) for 15 billion dollars, noting that the company has submitted a plan by means of payment and funding method, The ministry is currently studying them. " "The agreement also provides for the maintenance and servicing of existing power stations and the conversion of simple cycle power plants to the vehicle, which can help add new energy without additional fuel consumption or emissions, as well as the construction of new power plants with Efficient and reliable energy generation technology ". Views 623 Added 23/10/2018
  4. Symposium on the reactivation of the initiative of the Central Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises October 23, 2018 The Central Bank of Iraq - Basra Branch, in the presence of the Director General of the Department of Financial Operations of the Bank, Dr. Mahmoud Dagher, held a dialogue seminar on reactivating the initiative of the Central Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises. The attendees discussed the implications of activating this initiative on the economic reality of Basra Governorate and the southern region in particular. The Central Bank of Iraq has launched its initiative amounting to 6 trillion dinars for the sectoral and private banks for the implementation of small and medium enterprises.
  5. The Supreme Reference calls for the intellectual and ideological movement to prevent the return of the adverb 07:08 - 22/10/2018 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The supreme religious authority on Monday called for intellectual and ideological action to prevent the return of terrorist organizations to the forefront again and in any way, while stressing the need for peaceful coexistence and avoiding violence that disturbs stability. The representative of the religious authority, Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Karbalai during a meeting with a delegation of clerics and tribal sheikhs from the provinces of Kirkuk, Nineveh, Salah al-Din and Anbar, according to a statement of the threshold of Husseiniya holy: "has been eradicated intellectually, but it is necessary to move towards the ideological and doctrinal direction, That "this task falls on the clergy in the primary grade." "The cleric must start himself and be valid in all life curricula and call for goodness and sustainability to take responsibility for reform and good." He stressed that "the need to spread peaceful coexistence and stay away from violence that disturb the stability and create hostility between all components," pointing out that "the supreme religious authority urges and emphasizes this aspect through the platform Friday." Karbalai stressed the importance of "the clerics and clans have a role in urging the government to rebuild in the affected areas and provide services," urging them to "urge and pressure directly or through their representatives in parliament and other circles." He called for "intellectual and ideological movement and not to give any gap or room for a return to the facade in any way," pointing out that "it is necessary attention and caution of the media and social networking and what is raised." The representative of Mr. Sistani highlighted the position of the processions of Husseiniya, saying "yesterday we found the positions of the processions of Husseini and spare citizens support the security forces and volunteers from the food and clothing and the provision of other inputs, and this is an example of solidarity," calling for "the need to follow the same trend and strengthen solidarity among citizens. 6 n
  6. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Deputy: We have not received an invitation to attend a session of parliament on granting confidence to the cabinet 02:29 - 22/10/2018 Special - Mawazine News The deputy in the House of Representatives Hreem Kamal al-Din, on Monday, not receiving a call to attend the House of Representatives any meeting of the Council related to granting confidence to the new cabinet. Kamal al-Din said in a statement to Mawazine News that they, "as deputies have not been informed of attendance on Wednesday next, for the purpose of holding a meeting of the House of Representatives to vote on the new ministerial cabin." He added that "the political blocs submitted their candidates to the ministries and provided more than a name and remained a decision when the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi." Kamal al-Din said that "all the media from the media about some names are mere media leaks and the option remains for Abdul-Mahdi, but so far the names have not reached us as deputies." The Prime Minister's Office announced on Wednesday (October 17, 2018) the intention of the latter to submit the names of members of his ministerial group with the ministerial platform this week.
  7. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    The first draft of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi 03:18 - 22/10/2018 Baghdad - Mawazine News The first draft of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi based on cross-information and multiple leaks, according to (Al-Akhbar).
  8. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    In detail .. Learn about the ministerial division of the government of Abdul Mahdi and Nawab Saleh Twilight News 3 hours ago Shafaq News / revealed a source familiar with, on Monday, on the way adopted by Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the division of ministries between the political blocs. The source said, for the twilight News, who asked not to mention his name, "Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the Department of ministries between the political blocs according to the points system, only (9) deputy ministries of service and ministries of sovereignty with (13) deputies." The source said that "the vice-presidents, which will be obtained by one of the Shiite forces and the other Sunni, also distributed within the points system, this position with 15 deputies according to the division agreed by the political forces." Abdelmahdi is required to present his new Cabinet during a constitutional term ending next Wednesday. Keywords:
  9. Suron: The current parliament will have a big role in opening files of corruption 08:40 - 22/10/2018 Special - balances News The spokesman of the parliamentary bloc moving, Hamdallah Rikabi, Monday, that the current parliament, it will have a major role in opening all files around suspicions of corruption, which led to the collapse of many institutions. Al-Rikabi told Mawazine News that "the House of Representatives has a great responsibility for all the joints of the state, especially the files that are subject to suspicion and corruption," noting that "it is the duty of the parliament to open all files and know the reasons that led to the collapse of many institutions and retreat Services". He added that "the current House of Representatives, will have a significant role in the opening files of corruption and other important files such as the fall of Mosul and the collapse of the military system in 2014 and other important files." From: Hussein Al - Nasser
  10. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Source: More than 120 deputies sign a request that makes voting secret on the ministerial cab Number of readings: 7402 22-10-2018 08:58 PM 22-10-2018 08:58 PM Urgent: Source: More than 120 deputies sign a request that makes voting secret on the cabinet cab
  11. ECONOMIE Kuwait Finance House: The Exchange Rate Decision In The Ahli United Deal In Two Weeks By Reuters On October 22, 2018 KUWAIT CITY: The board of directors of the Kuwait Finance House (KFH) will make its final decision on the exchange rate of Ahli United Bank in Bahrain within two weeks at the latest, the chief executive of Kuwait Finance House said on Monday. Kuwait Finance House (KFH), Kuwait's largest Islamic bank, has received the adviser's study on the exchange price of the merger in days ago, Mazin al-Nahed told reporters. But declined to disclose the price suggested in the study. He said the deal was awaiting the decisions of the boards of directors of the two banks on the approval or non-approval of the exchange rate. In July, the banks signed a memorandum of understanding and information confidentiality to start the assessment, investigation and other actions necessary to "create a single banking entity" with HSBC and Credit Suisse selecting a "fair exchange rate". KIA, which manages Kuwait's sovereign fund, owns 24.08% of Kuwait Finance House. On the other hand, Al-Raim said today that the position of the Bank's unit in Turkey is stable and that the net profits of the Lira depreciation will be limited due to the growth of the unit's financing portfolio.
  12. Iraq sells 2 million barrels of Basra light crude on the Dubai bourse energy Economy News _ Baghdad The Iraqi oil marketing company "Sumo" sold two million barrels of Basrah Light crude through the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) on Monday at a 20 cents per barrel premium over the sale of the official price for November. In a statement on its official website, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange said that "Iraq's Sumo raised the price of Basra light crude to Asia 60 cents per barrel." Iraq sold the same amount in January at a premium of 42 cents a barrel from the official price for the month of March. Views 280 Date Added 22/10/2018
  13. The Association of Private Banks holds a course on the human resources management system Side of the symposium. "Economy News" Banks Economy News Baghdad On Monday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a training course on the human resources management system. "The four-day course will seek to raise the level of human resources staff and managers and increase their understanding of HRMS requirements," said Ahmed Al Hashemi, Director of Administration and Training at the Association of Banks, at the opening ceremony. He added that the target in this session are the staff in the field of human resources, whether they are employees or managers, stressing that it is consistent with the directions of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi private banks to go bankrupt in the banking sector in Iraq. Views 20 Date Added 10/22/2018
  14. The US Treasury is hinting at changing the criteria for currency manipulation tests 22 October 2018 01:30 PM Direct: The US Treasury Secretary, he was ready to change how the United States to determine the countries that is manipulating its currency, a move that could lead to the granting of President Donald Trump the opportunity to label China as a currency exchange Bmtlaab. "There is a possibility that the 1988 Commercial Code will be used with a broad definition of currency manipulation to determine the country that manipulates its value, even if there were no specific tests under the 2015 law," Stephen Menuchin said in remarks on Sunday, quoting Bloomberg. "The second option is to change the criteria that help determine whether the state is engaged in a competitive devaluation. The Treasury Secretary of the world's largest economy said it is likely that on some issues they will discuss whether the tests should be changed or not. "We are always looking for these things." Despite the US attack on China over its alleged currency manipulation, the Treasury Department last week refused to accuse the world's second-largest economy of manipulating the currency, but at the same time expressed its concern about the recent decline in the value of the Chinese yuan. "In my last meeting with the Chinese central governor, their goal was not to devalue the local currency," Manochin said. By 1010 GMT, the yuan fell 0.2 percent against the dollar to 6.9413 yuan.
  15. Nujaifi: Kurdish agreement force for Iraq and ensure stability Monday, October 22, Alsumaria News / Baghdad The president of the alliance of the Iraqi decision Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, Monday, the Kurds , " the power of Iraq and to ensure the stability agreement", while the leader in the detection of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) Pavel Talabani , near the drafting of a new agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party . "The head of the Iraqi decision coalition Osama Najafi received today, the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan consisting of Pavel Talabani and Khalid Shuani," noting that "the delegation confirmed his deep desire to develop relations between the two parties and contribute to Building a common Iraqi future. " Nujaifi said, according to the statement, that "differences and differences of views should be resolved by dialogue and understanding, especially with regard to the future of the province of Kirkuk, as it is not lost or defeated when it comes to a national issue is important," noting that "the agreement of the Kurds force of Iraq and ensure its stability." He stressed the "necessity and importance of improving the relationship with the Kurdistan Democratic Party," calling for "effective Kurdish partnership in Baghdad and to a method that leads to strengthening the national cohesion and overcome the crises and obstacles." For his part, Talabani said that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has suffered problems following the illness of the late President Jalal Talabani, but they are now united and are in the process of drafting a new agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party of agreement and understanding and resolve all crises."

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