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  1. The House of Representatives raises its meeting to next Thursday Editorial date: 2019/6/25 16:33 • 11 times read
  2. After the selection of security ministers .. Parliamentary defense plans to present the draft of the removal of US troops in parliament June 25, 2019 - 11:05 Number of readings: BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Security and Defense Committee on Tuesday confirmed its intention to present a draft law to remove foreign forces from the country after the election of the defense and interior ministers. Committee member Mahdi Taqi said in a press statement that "the removal of foreign forces from the country and in particular the US forces has become necessary and urgent violation of sovereignty and control of the region and make Iraq a base of military operations," pointing out that "the strategic agreement does not provide for the presence of US combat on the ground And this is a violation of international norms and agreements between the two countries. " He added that "the federal government is obliged to take a courageous and firm decision towards American violations and movements in the country through diplomatic methods," noting that "the Security Committee is determined to present a draft law to remove foreign troops from the country (Turkish and US) after the completion of the selection of ministers of defense and interior" . He pointed out that "the presence of the international coalition led by the United States of America inside Iraq is not necessary and has completed his duties since the declaration of victory over the gangs of terrorist Daash." The parliamentary security and defense committee for "information", on Monday, there is great pressure on the presidency of the Iraqi parliament, to prevent passage of the law to remove US forces from Iraq
  3. 25-06-2019 04:01 PM Bolton: The door is open to Iran to negotiate with the United States Baghdad US national security adviser John Bolton said Tuesday that his country was still ready to hold talks with Iran. "The president (Donald Trump) has left the door open for genuine negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminate Iran's nuclear weapons program," Bolton said at a news conference held in the framework of the so-called Israeli-American-Russian security summit in Jerusalem. Its ballistic missiles and its support for international terrorism and its other harmful actions around the world. " "All Iran has to do is to get through this open door," he said, in comments that came after the United States tightened sanctions on Tehran. Iran's UN envoy Majid Takht Rawangi told reporters on Monday that his country would not accept talks with the United States while bowing to the threat of sanctions. Bolton was speaking at the start of a meeting with his Israeli and Russian counterparts expected to focus on Iran and Syria. The Gulf region has been under growing tension between the United States and its allies on the one hand, and Iran on the other, since Tehran reduced some of its obligations under the multilateral nuclear deal, signed in 2015, and pulled out of the United States last year. The tension was exacerbated by the announcement by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on Thursday that a US aircraft was on its way to infiltrate Tehran's airspace. The US military claims it was flying over the international waters of the Strait of Hormuz.
  4. Specialized site: 4 Arab currencies among the most expensive in the world Tue, 11 Jun 2019 12:27:27 Views: 80 The website "fxssi" reported that four Arab currencies top the list of the most expensive currencies of the world for the year 2019, according to the exchange rate against the US dollar . The website said in a report published earlier that the rise of the currency does not necessarily reflect a strong economy. Here are the 5 most expensive currencies in the world: - Kuwaiti Dinar: (1 KD = US $ 3.29) - Bahraini Dinar (BD 1 = US $ 2.65) - Omani Rial (OMR 1 = 2.60 US $) - Jordanian Dinar: ( 1 JD = 1.41 USD) - GBP: (£ 1 = $ 1.26)
  5. Arab Front: Kirkuk crisis needs a consensus process between all parties Political | 04:14 - 25/06/2019 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Kirkuk crisis has been delayed a lot and needs a real consensus process, and there is a common vision among the parties, and we welcome any initiative that contributes to strengthening the situation in Kirkuk, security, economic, political and social, . "There is a new formation in the presidency of the region through Nechirvan Barzani, as well as the formation of a new government, and we are keen to be close to this situation, and we hope that these initiatives are real and serious and take the range In reality and on the ground, not just initiatives, media, seminars and programs, and then forget after a while. " The leader of the Arab Front, that "the issue of Kirkuk need to stand with all the brothers and parties so that we go to the results serve the public interest, hoping that there will be a meeting between the Democratic Party of Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and that there is harmony and consensus. There are initiatives in Baghdad in the presence of representatives of the United Nations with a view to resolving the outstanding differences and problems. The people of Kirkuk, with all their components, are frustrated by the current situation in light of the conflict. And existing competition. "End / 29q
  6. Deputy: The House of Representatives can not finish the file of special grades during the current semester Political | 03:50 - 25/06/2019 Private - Mawazin News MP on the coalition of construction Hassan Arab, on Tuesday, that the resolution of the file of special grades linked to the government, noting that the House of Representatives can not finish the file of special grades during the current season. "The House of Representatives is waiting for the names of the candidates for the special grades to vote on it, but it is related to the names being sent by the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi," Arab said in an interview with Mawazine News. He added that "the Council can not finish the file during the current legislative term and that it was forced to extend, everything in the hands of the Council," pointing out that "the number of special grades up to more than 4000 degrees, especially, they need to review the names of candidates and their curriculum vitae and career." / H
  7. The House of Representatives concludes the discussion and report of the draft law of the Supreme Iraqi Navy Release date: 2019/6/25 15:52 • 18 times read (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives ended, Tuesday, discuss and report the draft law of the Supreme Iraqi Navy. "The first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan al-Kaabi, sent a list of all temporary committees, the problem since the beginning of the session so far, and the presentation of the results of its work to the House of Representatives as well as follow up the topics raised by the concerned bodies, including addressing the province Baghdad to rehabilitate the entrances of the capital. " The statement added that "Al-Kaabi directed the follow-up conversion of the certificate holders in the security ministries to the civil departments within the ministry or outside," noting "directing a letter to the Ministry of Planning to give priority to service projects, especially sanitation and water, stressing the need to follow the laws in force and its regulations."
  8. Central Bank: $ 190.3 million in currency sales by auction Tuesday US Dollars 25 June 2019 01:08 PM The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) data showed a rise in the value of foreign currency sales at Tuesday's auction to $ 190.37 million, compared to Monday's sales of $ 188.82 million, up $ 1.55 million. The exchange rate was 1190 dinars per dollar, according to the central bank data, at the auction held with the participation of 31 banks, in addition to one financial transfer company. He pointed out that the sales executed results on Wednesday, indicating that the total sales totaled $ 214.94 million. The Central Bank of Iraq, the volume of funds sold to strengthen the bank balances abroad amounted to 190.01 million dollars, while the total cash sold 360 thousand dollars. During the auction on Monday, data from the Central Bank of Iraq showed a decline in the value of foreign currency sales to 188.82 million dollars, compared with the sale of the auction on Sunday, amounting to 204.69 million dollars.
  9. The House of Representatives concludes a report and discuss the draft law of the Supreme Iraqi Navy Political | 03:38 - 25/06/2019 Special - Mawazin News The House of Representatives on Tuesday, the report and discuss the draft law of the Supreme Iraqi Navy. A parliamentary source, for / Mawazin News /, "The House of Representatives, finished a report and discuss the draft law of the Supreme Iraqi Navy," pointing out that "the First Deputy Speaker of the House, Hassan al-Kaabi, the inventory of all the temporary investigative committees formed since the beginning of the session Now and presenting the results of its work to the House of Representatives. " The source added that "Al-Kaabi also directed the follow-up of the topics raised by the concerned authorities, including addressing the province of Baghdad to rehabilitate the capital's entrances, in addition to the conversion of the certificate holders in the security ministries to the civil departments within the ministry or outside, and guide a letter to the Ministry of Planning to give priority to service projects Especially sanitation and water. " Al-Kaabi stressed the " The House of Representatives held its 27th session for the fourth parliamentary session, the first legislative year, the second legislative term, under the chairmanship of its chairman, Mohamed Halboussi.
  10. Al-Gheshmi: The head of the age, Hisham al-Suhail, headed by the Integrity Committee until the re-election Editorial date:: 2019/6/25 15:28 • 53 times read
  11. El-Geshmi: Candidates for the chairmanship of the Integrity Commission did not get the absolute majority and postponed the elections Editorial date:: 2019/6/25 15:06 • 8 times read (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Revealed member of the Committee on Integrity Parliamentary Khaled al-Geshmi, Tuesday, that any of the candidates for the presidency of the Committee did not get enough votes that qualify them to win the presidency. "Three candidates competed for the chairmanship of the Integrity Committee, which are the deputies Ali al-Sijeri, Abdul Rahim al-Shammari and Ahmad al-Mashhadani. None of them in the first round were able to obtain the absolute majority," al-Geshmi said in a statement received by Al-Furat News. "In the second round, MPs Ali al-Sijeri and Ahmad al-Mashhadani competed. Eleven votes were obtained and al-Mashhadani received 10 votes. They also did not get the majority, which is supposed to get 12 votes out of the total number of 23 members," he said.
  12. Russia tops oil suppliers to China superior to Saudi Arabia Economy | 02:53 - 25/06/2019 Follow - up to the balance of News Russia has become the largest supplier of crude oil to China in May, supported by strong demand from private refining companies beside the lower supply of Iran. Imports from Russia reached 6.36 million tons in May, equivalent to 1.50 million barrels per day, according to data from the Chinese Customs Administration on Tuesday. On the basis of the number of barrels per day, imports rose four percent from the same period a year ago, but stabilized compared with April when China's total crude oil imports reached a record monthly level. For the first five months of the year, shipments from Russia reached 30.54 million tons, or 1.48 million bpd, up 9.8 percent year-on-year, according to customs data. Iran's supply to China fell to 254,16 barrels a day in May from 789,137 barrels per day in April and 763,774 barrels per day a year ago. China's two major oil companies, Sinopec and CNPC, stopped buying oil from Iran in May after the expiration of exemptions from US sanctions. Imports from Saudi Arabia fell 25 percent last month from a year earlier to 1.108 million barrels per day from 1.53 million bpd in April.
  13. Deputy for wisdom: We strongly suppor t the option of extending the work of parliament for one month Policy 2019-06-25 03:15 Source: Alsumaria News 1,041 views MP Hassan Khalati said on Tuesday that there are many laws and challenges that need to continue the work of the House of Representatives, stressing that wisdom strongly supports the option of extending the legislative term for a whole month. He said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "wisdom has demanded and is still demanding and emphasizes the need to extend the legislative term of parliament for a month," noting that "we have many reasons that make us an urgent need for extension." He added that "there are many important bills that need to be speeded up, especially since the number of laws legislated in the current legislative term was few," pointing out that "there are many challenges that currently need to continue the work of the House of Representatives at this stage and provide solutions And treatments are immediate. " On June 21, 2019, a coalition called for the extension of the second legislative term of the House of Representatives for 30 days, pointing to incomplete laws and incomplete ministerial cabins. On June 16, 2019, MP Hussein al-Aqabi said that parliament's productivity during the previous period was "modest", revealing efforts to extend the parliamentary legislative term for one month. It is noteworthy that the legislative holiday of the House of Representatives is supposed to begin on the third of July next and continue for two months.
  14. Ali Al Sagri as Chairman of the Integrity Committee Political | 02:59 - 25/06/2019 no
  15. In the second round of the Integrity Commission elections, none of the candidates received an absolute majority Release date: 2019/6/25 14:52 • 36 times read (Baghdad: al-Furat News) revealed a parliamentary source, Tuesday, the lack of any of the candidates for the presidency of the Integrity Committee of the parliamentary absolute majority in the second round of the elections of integrity. The source said in an interview with the {Euphrates News}, "that any of the candidates for the chairmanship of the Integrity Commission did not receive the absolute majority in the second round of the elections of the Committee." The Parliamentary Integrity Committee held today an important meeting in the parliament to decide the selection of the Chairman of the Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Committee, where nominated for the presidency of the Integrity Committee of each of the deputies Ali al-Sagri and Abdul Rahim Shammari and Ahmad Mashhadani. "
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