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  1. Nation UPDATED 8:23 PM - K A B O O M! Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump) NATION HAL TURNER 22 NOVEMBER 2020 HITS: 169482 UPDATED 8:23 PM EST See Bottom -- Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger both allegedly took money from Communist China, perhaps to intentionally THROW or STEAL the November 3 Election in that state, to Joe Biden. According to very high level sources from my years wor
  2. Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” November 23, 2020 The Marshall Report BOOM… 5:29 PM · Nov 23, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  3. “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!” november 23, 2020 the marshall report So don’t let spin doctors and fake media tell you lies about the woman who is bringing down the giants in the swamp! And there are a great number of them, more than anyone could have imagined! Powell stated that the ‘New World Order’ has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’ and that the Republican Party sold its soul to the “New World Order” in return for large cash payments in the form of “enormous bribes.” Sidney Powell warned
  4. Parliament Finalizes The Report And Discussion Of The Draft Cybercrime Bill And Raises Its Session Last updated Nov 23, 2020 Al-Mustaqilah /… The Media Department of the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced the completion of the report and discussion of the information crime bill, adding that the session had been raised to further notice. The Information Crimes Law has met with public protest, and some human rights organizations and centers have launched a campaign on social media denouncing it and warning against its
  5. Trump's Advisor To The Independent: The Media Is The One Who Decided The Election Result And We Are Awaiting The Court Last updated Nov 24, 2020 The Independent / Mona Shaalan / Dr. Gabriel Saouma, a professor of international law and a member of the advisory body to US President Donald Trump, said that everyone is waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the election results to find out who is the winner of the presidency of the United States of America, Donald Trump or Joe Biden . Trump's advisor added, in exclu
  6. The Iraqi dinar in 2021 ... a warning of a fate similar to that of the Iranian Toman 2,649 Economie 11/23/2020 17:40 Baghdad Today - Follow-up The economic expert, Mazen Al-Ashiker, expected the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar, and the extension of the salary crisis to next year 2021. "Improving the economic infrastructure begins with the currency, and today the Iraqi currency does not differ from the conditions of the Iranian toman and the Syrian pound, and it is likely that one dollar amount will reach two thousand dinars ($ 100 equals 200 thous
  7. Parliamentary Finance: $ 500 billion is the size of Iraq's funds in foreign banks 11/23/2020 219 Baghdad - Al-Mawred News , the Parliamentary Finance Reporter, Ahmed Al-Saffar, revealed, on Monday, the estimates of the frozen funds in foreign banks, indicating that the majority of the estimates suggest that there are no less than 500 billion dollars. According to the official agency, Al-Saffar said, "There are estimates and there are no accurate figures, but the majority
  8. Iraq seeks to conclude the first deal for the prepayment of crude oil 2020-11-23 15:30 Shafaq News / The Iraqi Ministry of Oil said, on Monday, that Iraq is seeking to conclude the first-ever deal to prepay crude oil to support its finances, in light of its efforts to confront the decline in oil prices and demand due to the Corona virus pandemic. The country is seeking to pay a five-year prepayment from January 2021 until December 2025, to be returned with shipments of Basra crude, according to a letter sent by the state oil market
  9. 'Pre payment' Reuters: Iraq is seeking to conclude the first oil deal of its kind extending for 5 years 2020.11.23 - 23:04 Baghdad - People The Ministry of Oil revealed, on Monday, that Iraq is seeking to conclude its first-ever advance payment of crude oil to support its finances, as it seeks to counter the decline in oil prices and demand due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a letter sent by the state oil marketing company (SOMO) to its customers published by Reuter
  10. Iraq and Japan toward signing a "new agreement" Tuesday 24th November 2020 48 Baghdad: Morning Iraq and Japan are moving towards signing a new agreement, which will contribute to increasing the level of cooperation, in light of the great desire of Japanese companies to work and invest in Iraq. The Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, discussed with the Japanese ambassador to Iraq Suzuki Kotaro and his a
  11. So what have you been doing since Trump was elected...Russia Russia Russia, Racist Racist Racist, Impeachment Impeachment..Which all failed. 4 years ago all you TDS cry interference in 2016 Election...Sad Double Standards, the Hate Everything America Party...
  12. Customs automation and the challenges of globalization Monday 23rd November 2020 83 Muhammad Sharif Abu Maysam The requirement to automate the customs system has been urgent since the enactment of the Customs Tariff Law No. 22 of 2010, but the state of confusion that the country has witnessed over the past years has made this requirement secondary to the inability of successive governments to implement this law, due to the tensions and interference of th
  13. The OPEC + agreement is on the table of experts Monday 23rd November 2020 81 Baghdad: Hussein Thahab - Shukran Al-Fatlawi The Iraqi Alliance for Transparency in Extractive Industries organized the fourth economic forum to discuss the (OPEC Plus) agreement, its impact on oil revenues, and important economic axes with the participation of a large number of experts in the public and private sectors. The word of the alliance was delivered by Majid
  14. The appearance of Muhammad Saleh: 83% of the monetary supply is "almost idle." Monday 23rd November 2020 83 Baghdad: Haider al-Rubaie The economic advisor in the cabinet, Dr. Mazhar Muhammad Salih, proposed a set of solutions aimed at confronting the fiscal deficit in the next year 2021 budget, which was initially estimated at approximately 35 trillion dinars, putting at the forefront of these proposals, financing the deficit gap through the improvement of oil reve
  15. Finance: Article 10 of the Disability Law contradicts the legislation in force Tuesday 24th November 2020 47 Baghdad: Morning The Ministry of Finance addressed the General Authority for Customs and the Tax Authority to cancel all exemptions and customs exemptions granted to states and government institutions, while stressing that Article 10 of the law deficit financing contradicts the provisions of the laws in force.
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