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  1. Turkey declares "safe area" in Syria Turkish military operations in northern Syria 15 October 2019 03:00 PM CAIRO - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Tuesday a safe area inside Syrian territory, 444 kilometers long and 32 kilometers deep. Erdogan said on the sidelines of the seventh summit meeting of the "Turkish Council", the Turkic-speaking countries in the Azerbaijani capital Baku: "We now declare the establishment of a safe area in northern Syria," according to a statement. He added: "444 km from west to east and 32 km from north to south, will return to the refugees who are in our country." On October 9, the Turkish army launched an operation called the "spring of peace" in an area east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria. Turkey announced at the time that its goal was to "cleanse the region of PKK / PKK and ISIS terrorists and establish a safe area for the return of Syrian refugees to their country." Turkish moves have been met with international rejection both in the region, in addition to the rejection of European, American and Russian. The US president announced that his country is imposing sanctions on the Turkish economy unless Turkey stops its movements in Syria. The Kremlin described a Russian rejection of Turkish moves as unacceptable. And Arab countries condemned the Turkish attacks on the areas of northern Syria, most notably Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, while Qatar supported the Turkish aggression in the north of Syria. Five European countries - Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom - have requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council to discuss the Turkish attack on Syrian territory, according to Al Arabiya.
  2. Al Qurtas Bank decides to distribute the dividends realized to its shareholders Market Economy News - Baghdad: Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance decided to distribute last year's financial profits of more than 3 billion dinars. The Iraqi Stock Exchange, the details of the meeting of the General Assembly of the Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance, held on October 3, and reviewed by the "economic news", and said, Realized profits of JD 3.047 billion. According to the details published by the ASE, the dividend is divided into one billion dinars, added to an expansion reserve and one billion dinars distributed to shareholders and the remaining added to the accumulated surplus accumulated for subsequent years. Views: 48 Date Added: 14/10/2019
  3. The answer of the Investment Bank of Iraq on disclosure of material events 15 October 2019 06:15 AM IthmaarBIBI0.00%0.300.00 For more details, please see the attached file
  4. Stock Exchange: Tomorrow launched trading on the shares of four banks Iraqi Stock Exchange «Economy News» Market Economy News - Baghdad The stock exchange said on Monday that Tuesday's session will witness the launch of trading on the shares of four banks. The bourse said in a statement seen by Al-Eqtisadiah that the Commercial Bank will launch trading on the shares of the bank as of Tuesday 15/10/2019, and approved the final accounts for 2018, and decided to distribute dividends by 3.8% of the bank's capital for the year. Himself. The statement added that Al Qurtas Bank will launch trading on the company's shares as of tomorrow's session on Tuesday and approved the final accounts for 2018. As for Erbil Bank, it decided to launch trading on its shares as of tomorrow's session on Tuesday, approved the final accounts for 2018 and decided to recycle profits to the accumulated surplus account, and the election of (7) original members and their reserve, according to the statement. The statement added that Ceyhan Bank also decided to launch trading on its shares as of tomorrow's session on Tuesday and approved the final accounts for 2018, and the election of (7) original members and like them reserve. Views: 191 Date Added: 14/10/2019
  5. Iraq and America discuss the possibility of opening a direct air link between the two countries money and business Economy News _ Baghdad The US Department of Transportation said Tuesday it was considering the possibility of opening a direct air link between Baghdad and Washington. The ministry said in a statement received by the "Economy News" a copy, that "Transport Minister Abdullah Laibi received at the ministry's office today, US Deputy Ambassador to Iraq Brian McFitters and his delegation," noting that "This came to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries and expand the horizons of work Common in all fields of transport. " "The minister discussed during the meeting the need to activate air transport between the two countries through the opening of a direct air link between Baghdad and Washington to strengthen ties between the two sides in the transport sector on the one hand," the ministry said, pointing out that "this line serves the Iraqi community living in the United States ". "Iraqi Airways has a contract with Boeing and has strong aircraft that will enable it to travel long distances," he said. Number of Views 44 Date Added 15/10/2019
  6. Rafidain announces the launch of construction loans Rafidain Bank Logo Banks Economy News - Baghdad Rafidain Bank decided on Tuesday to grant loans of 50 million dinars to state employees and 30 million dinars to citizens of the owners of residential houses (the king of the exchange of a residential tab) for the purpose of adding construction or renovation and rehabilitation of residential houses belonging to them. "The amount of the loan for state employees is 50 million. For citizens, the loan amount is 30 million dinars," the bank's media office said in a statement seen by Al-Eqtisadiah. The statement added that "the loan guarantee mortgage on the property to be renovated and rehabilitation or add construction to the benefit of the bank and the first class and that the property in the name of the loan provider and the type of housing housing exchange Tabu residential." Views: 29 Date Added: 15/10/2019
  7. Economic rights and national security strategy Economic and banking adviser to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Samir al-Nasiri Articles Samir al-Nasiri Iraq is currently in a critical, important, sensitive and detailed phase due to the political, security and economic circumstances, legitimate popular demands, pledges, resolutions and solutions announced by the government, the Council of Representatives and the Presidency of the Republic by agreement between the three presidencies. The two sermons last Friday to support the people and stand by the people and called on the government to take immediate and rapid action to meet the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. Therefore, I believe that the government has a historic opportunity to correct the tracks and draw a clear strategy and specific objectives and timelines for implementation in order to reassure the people that the government is going according to the best interest of the nation and the people and this needs quick and accurate remedies for economic problems and the elimination of corruption and spoilers, especially as official indicators indicate High unemployment rates to more than 30% for the workforce able to work and high rates of poverty to 30%, which led to all these challenges to high rates of widespread financial and administrative corruption and the suffering of the Iraqi people in the lack of services and storytelling It was clear in achieving food and drug security and the weakness of the implementation of the government curriculum, according to the report of the follow-up committee of the government curriculum in the House of Representatives, where the implementation rate did not exceed more than 37%, which led to confusion of the national security strategy, which should form the basis for the stability of Iraq economically and security in addition to that Accompanied the process of change after a year Therefore, we believe that building a clear basis for the national security strategy in its comprehensive concept with a focus on the economic side should result in achieving security, stability and economic development in order to contribute to the welfare of society and be effective and implementable in the current circumstances in Iraq, so many citizens of different levels Government, political, economic, university professors, civil society organizations, youth, women, and professionals should contribute to their preparation through what are now legitimate claims of citizens in the reform yards in Baghdad and the central and southern provinces. The magnitude of the threats to Iraq internally and externally and focus here on the threats that concern the prospects of economic collapse and waste of public money and instability in oil prices globally requires standing government, political and popular bodies in order to protect Iraq and sustain the construction of its economy according to the realities under the level of everyone's view so we see and accept Doubt that the reforms and economic solutions announced by the Prime Minister, most of which need different ceilings for the purpose of implementation requires reconsideration of trends that must be adopted as an economic strategy to achieve national security in which he focuses on Article 25 of the Constitution and other materials related to that state to ensure a dignified life for the individual and the family and ensure social justice among all classes and sects of the Iraqi people and that this strategy must include the application of realistic axes of government curriculum adjusted according to the latest developments and packages economic and service reforms announced by the government and the House of Representatives and most importantly Therefore, we believe that the basic and economic principles of the national security strategy are as follows: (I) the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq; 2. Building a sound, multi- resource national economy 3. The private sector plays the central role of market leadership 4. Providing food, medicine and environmental security to citizens 5. Securing the dignified life of the individual and the family in accordance with the articles of the Constitution. 6-reform and the development of the sector 's financial and banking and to increase the proportion of their contribution to the development of economic. 7. The State shall guarantee social justice for citizens Protecting the principle of citizenship and civil peace 9. Reforming and developing good governance institutions to provide the best services to citizens Information security and transparency in economic data and indicators . We note through the analysis of the basic principles and economic above that building a healthy economy, which achieves its final results prosperity and welfare of society is the basis in building a strategy for national security that goes beyond the protection of internal security to protect the homeland and ensure its safety from external enemies. From all concerned governmental and political authorities, representatives of demonstrating youth, the private sector and economists to study, discuss and analyze the challenges and reform measures for a secure Iraq and a solid economy in a comprehensive national dialogue based on the following: 1-activating axes that contained in the curriculum of government from through the development of policies and mechanisms of implementation and applied to the development of sectors of economic productivity trends that achieve what is stated in these themes in the detailed aspects and specify a time limit for the implementation of each article of the axes materials referred to Aalah.otan control of the House of Representatives 2- The government formed the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs , which is composed of experts from the government and the private sector in order to carry out economic reform and the first step of it is banking reform in a way that enhances the role of the central bank. Views: 36 Date Added: 15/10/2019
  8. IFC adopts the Central Bank's Corporate Governance Guide for Banks Banks Economy News _ Baghdad The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, the adoption of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) corporate governance guide for banks issued. In a statement received by Al-Iqtisad News, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) adopted the "Guide to Institutional Governance of Iraqi Banks" issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, as this bank clarifies that the guide has been recognized and published globally and added to the international and international regulations for the first time. It is noteworthy that the corporate governance of banks aims to determine the nature of the relationship between the board of directors of the bank and the executive management in order to protect the funds of depositors, shareholders and stakeholders and ensures disclosure and transparency. Views: 11 Date Added: 15/10/2019
  9. An associate of Sadr reveals an attempt to evacuate 13,000 ISIS to Iraq Political | 09:47 - 15/10/2019 BAGHDAD - Saleh Mohammed al-Iraqi, close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, on Tuesday, an attempt to evacuate 13 foreign elements from IS to Iraq. Al-Iraqi wrote, on his Facebook page, that the corrupt people are trying to bring 13,000 foreign elements from ISIS into Iraq . Ends 29/43
  10. Saraya Khorasani responds to the accusation of killing protesters Political | 02:37 - 15/10/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News , Saraya al-Khorasani, on Tuesday, accused of killing protesters. "The misleading and distorted media are targeting the resistance and the popular mobilization through a program designed to stir up strife between the Iraqi people and the resistance factions, which reject the American presence," said Brigadier General Ali al-Yasiri. He added, "They had the opportunity to avenge them when the people came out demanding their looted rights. The enemies of Iraq sent their snipers to kill the demonstrators, and other snipers killed the security forces. They are the ones who shoot. "
  11. 15-10-2019 01:24 PM Deputy: the formation of law enforcement forces to confront demonstrators shows the fact that the government lied in the fight against corruption Baghdad / News Nineveh MP Ahmed al-Jubouri said on Tuesday that the formation of law enforcement forces to confront demonstrators shows the fact that the government lied in the fight against corruption. Al-Jubouri said in a tweet on his Twitter account that "the formation of law enforcement forces to confront the demonstrators demonstrates the fact that government promises of reforms, anti-corruption, the government's vision of militarizing society and the numbness of unemployed youth with welfare grants reflect the utter failure of the state administration."
  12. Baghdad and Washington discuss the possibility of opening a direct air link between the two countries Economy | 09:10 - 15/10/2019 BAGHDAD - The Ministry of Transport announced on Tuesday that it is considering the possibility of opening a direct air link between Baghdad and Washington, while US Deputy Ambassador Brian McFitters expressed his country's interest in cooperation with Iraq in the transport sector. The ministry said in a statement received (Mawazine News), a copy of "that the Minister of Transport Abdullah Laibi received at the ministry today, Deputy US Ambassador to Iraq Brian McFitters and his delegation," noting that "This came to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries and expand the horizons of work Common in all areas of transport. " "The minister discussed during the meeting the need to activate air transport between the two countries through the opening of a direct air link between Baghdad and Washington to strengthen ties between the two sides in the transport sector on the one hand," the ministry said, pointing out that "this line serves the Iraqi community living in the United States ". "Iraqi Airways has a contract with Boeing and has strong aircraft that will enable it to travel long distances," he said.
  13. Nineveh operations to Mawazine News: The border with Syria is fully secure and there is media intimidation Political | 10:42 - 15/10/2019 BAGHDAD - The commander of Nineveh operations, Major General Numan Zobaie, on Tuesday, not to tolerate the maintenance of security on the Iraqi-Syrian border, indicating that no element of ISIS can infiltrate into Iraq. "Security forces are fully mobilized and no ISIS member will be able to infiltrate into Iraq," Zobaie told Mawazine News. He added that "there is intimidation in the media and we are on the ground and borders are still secured thanks to the tightening of security measures at all crossings of the province of Nineveh, in conjunction with the Turkish incursion in northern Syria." Saleh Mohammed al-Iraqi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, revealed an attempt by the corrupt to introduce 13 foreign elements from IS to Iraq.
  14. The Kurdistan Region Parliament issues several resolutions and recommendations concerning the situation in western Kurdistan Political | 01:13 - 15/10/2019 Baghdad - Mawazine News The Kurdistan Parliament issued on Tuesday several resolutions and recommendations to discuss the situation in western Kurdistan. "The Kurdistan Parliament rejects the war and calls for an immediate end to the war and military operations and supports the resolution of differences through dialogue," said the speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament, Ryawaz Fayeq, while reading the recommendations and decisions of the Kurdistan Parliament. "The Kurdistan Parliament strongly condemns military operations and the targeting of civilians, and calls for the protection of the lives and property of citizens. It also calls on the international community, the European Union, the United Nations and regional organizations to intensify efforts towards ending military operations in western Kurdistan." She explained: "We recommend the Kurdistan Regional Government to prepare to receive and relief displaced from western Kurdistan as a result of military operations, and call on the President of the Kurdistan region to work with the federal government and intensify diplomatic efforts to unite all efforts towards supporting the peaceful option." She continued: "We also call on the federal government to support and support the institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government by allocating an amount of the emergency budget for the reception and relief of displaced people from western Kurdistan." "We call on all representatives of foreign countries in the Kurdistan region to inform their governments of the situation in western Kurdistan and its regional and international repercussions and military operations, and encourage them to resort to the option of peace and stop military operations and help government institutions in the Kurdistan region to receive displaced people." She explained: "The Kurdistan Parliament launches a national campaign for the relief of displaced people from western Kurdistan, and we call on citizens to participate in this campaign and provide what can be provided to help the displaced, and we call on political parties and parties in western Kurdistan to unity and put aside differences and develop the struggle in western Kurdistan." A 43
  15. We will show them something bigger and stronger Political | 09:09 - 15/10/2019 BAGHDAD - News balances Despite the return of calm to the Iraqi street after violent demonstrations, trust between citizens and power crisis remains at its height, experts believe that the absence of implementation of radical reforms demanded by the protesters portends the danger of the return of popular discontent further. Calls for the resumption of demonstrations again in Iraq after the end of the ceremony of the visit of the Arbain Imam Hussein (p) in Karbala, which began its activities, since the day of Sunday, and continue until the twenty of October. The date set for Friday, 25th of this month, coincides with the end of a deadline set by the reference in Najaf, the supreme authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, to the government to detect the killers of the demonstrators and bring them to justice. During six days of protests that began on October 1, marred by bloody violence, more than 100 Iraqis were killed, most of them demonstrators shot dead. But Mohammed al-Kaabi, a 28-year-old unemployed university graduate, says he is still ready to go back to the street. "We have demonstrated and we will protest against the conditions we live in: poverty, unemployment, lawlessness and theft of the people's money," he said. Parliamentary meetings and promises of reform announced by the government he wants to overthrow did not convince him. "What reforms? Why did they announce them after the young people fell? What were they waiting for? Where were they and people hungry?" He concludes that "the people have lost confidence for years in this government, because they promise constantly and without interest." "The current government does not bear the results and mistakes of the previous governments, but the ongoing demonstrations are contingent on the credibility of this government and its commitment to the promises it made to the Iraqi people," MP Faleh al-Khazali of the al-Fatah alliance, which includes veterans of the Popular Mobilization Forces, told AFP. Reaction, not really, in the first days of the protest movement, the protesters condemned their rulers, accusing them of not providing jobs and services, and of filling their pockets with corruption funds that caused the evaporation of more than $ 410 billion in 16 years, according to official figures. Experts say that the lack of radical reforms demanded by Iraqis after four decades of war in a country ranked 12 in the list of the most corrupt countries in the world, is only a postponement of the problem. "Political demands were the fuel of this crisis," said Iraqi political analyst Issam al-Faili. "Political failure was the key factor in creating these demanding demonstrations," in a country where a large part of the population abstained from voting in recent elections. In the face of the movement that demanded radical changes, the measures and measures proposed by the heavily indebted state "as a reaction, not really, and the reaction is always hasty and without strategic planning," he said. He adds that these decisions "came to extinguish the flames of the Iraqi street. Reforms will not be achieved with a magic wand, and if the method of calm and the implementation of reforms as before, can not extinguish the fire of the demonstrators." The biggest and most powerful of the above, confirmed by political analyst and confident Hashemi, who considers that the crisis is not the result of today. "There is a crisis of confidence between the people and the government. I mean the governments of Nuri al-Maliki, Haidar al-Abadi and then Adel Abdul Mahdi, all of whom promised reforms and nothing was implemented," he told IRNA. He points out that in addition to the "inability to implement the demands," there is also today a "political and financial crisis and foreign loyalties" from parties that have chosen to follow one of the hostile camps and allies with Iraq, the United States and Iran. A balance between the interests of the two powerful actors in Iraq has long posed a major challenge to this war-ravaged country for nearly 40 years. Lawyer Zain al-Abidin al-Budairi, 27, who participated in the Kut protests in the south of the country, believes that for all the reasons above, a complete change is required. "I wish to change the politicians, the political system and the constitution," he says. It is considered that stopping the movement before the demands are met, because the demonstrators found themselves in the face of "parties with militias working to thwart the demonstrations." Authorities said the live bullets that killed the protesters were "unidentified snipers." But for human rights defenders, security forces are to blame, especially after the country's top Shiite authority said that "the government and its security services are responsible for the heavy bloodshed that has been shed in the demonstrations of the past days." However, al-Budeiri said, “Al-Shabaab opened their bullets without fear,” stressing that if real reforms are not achieved, “we will show them something bigger and stronger.”
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