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  1. yota691

    CBI News 10/17/2018

    Postponement of the course (Methods of dealing with risks in banking institutions) in Turkey to be from 11 to 2018/11/15 October 17, 2018
  2. yota691

    CBI News 10/17/2018

    Training courses (including the qualification and awarding of the certificate of the head of auditors from IRCA UK in the standard specifications) October 17, 2018
  3. yota691

    CBI News 10/17/2018

    Workshop on the requirements of the Tax Compliance Law (Fatika) for the period 20-2018 / 10/21 October 17, 2018
  4. yota691

    CBI News 10/17/2018

    Postponement of the date of the first training course in Iraq entitled (Certified Islamic Accountant) to be from 2018/10/28 until 20/20/2018 October 17, 2018
  5. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Deputy reveals a new mechanism for the distribution of portfolios on the provinces Wednesday, October 17, Alsumaria News / Baghdad The deputy of the Fatah Alliance Haneen al-Qaddu, on Wednesday, a proposed mechanism for the distribution of ministerial portfolios on the provinces, while noting that the new mechanism will have a ministry for each province also gives three bags for Baghdad and two for each of Basra and Nineveh. Al-Qudu said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "there is a new mechanism related to the nomination mechanisms for the portfolios and perhaps the nomination will be based on the provinces," noting that "each province will probably be a candidate for a specific ministry and be the choice of Abdul Mahdi for each ministry." He added that "large provinces such as Baghdad may have three ministries in addition to two ministries of Basra and similar to Nineveh," pointing out that "this formula will be distributed portfolios on the provinces and be responsible for the failure or success of Abdul-Mahdi and not the political blocs." Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi continues his meetings with leaders, leaders and leaders of the political blocs to discuss with them the formation of the government and the agreement to be ratified in parliament.
  6. Expert reveals the legal position of infallible and his deputies after their retirement 17-10-2018 03:27 PM Readers Baghdad News - Tariq Harb, the legal expert, said Wednesday that the transfer of the president and his deputies to retirement 'a formal decision' will not cancel their pensions from their previous or subsequent positions as deputies in the new parliamentary session. "The decision to refer President Fuad Masoom and his deputies: Nouri al-Maliki, Iyad Allawi and Osama al-Nujaifi to retire, a formal decision will not affect their salaries and pensions and the right to choose the salary they receive if the pension or the new post." "The referral of the president and his three deputies is a formality due to the end of the election cycle of their president, Fuad Masum, and the election session of the new president Barham Saleh started," he said. He stressed that 'Vice-Presidents of the Republic get their pensions from their former positions, as Nuri al-Maliki was the Prime Minister, as well as Iyad Allawi, and Osama Najafi was President of the House of Representatives, and have pensions after retirement to retire from those positions. He drew a war that 'the pension of the owners and Allawi and Nujaifi higher than the salary of a member of the House of Representatives, as they won the membership of the House of Representatives in the new session, and their pension will not be canceled, but they have to choose between retaining the pension or waiver and the salary of a member of the House of Representatives or the new post in If he gets a position in the new government. '
  7. Trump considers the Federal Reserve "the biggest threat" to his presidency Source: (AFP) History: 17 October 2018 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump said the biggest threat to his presidency of the United States was the interest rate policy set by the US Federal Reserve. "The biggest threat to me is the Federal Reserve," Trump said in a television interview with Fox Business Network. "The board is raising interest very quickly and it is too independent." The council has raised its interest rate three times this year and is expected to raise it for a fourth time at its scheduled meeting in December, according to its plan last year. The Board also intends to continue to increase interest rates over the next two years. The recent increase in US interest rates last September raised these prices to between 2% and 2.25% due to the strength of US labor market conditions as inflation rose. Trump says the Federal Reserve is out of control and interest rates are rising at a "faster pace than many people have expected, including myself." Rising interest rates mean higher US public debt costs and could hurt consumers as a result of rising borrowing costs to fund their major purchases such as cars and housing. At the same time, Trump criticizes the current chairman of the Federal Reserve, "Jerome Powell," although he is the one who chose him for the post. Trump said he was not thinking of isolating him. Trump acknowledged that the Federal Reserve is an independent entity. "It's independent so I'm not talking to him, but I'm not happy with what he's doing because he's moving too fast." Trump stressed that there is no need to increase interest rates now because the current inflation rate in the United States is low. Last week, Trump accused the Federal Reserve of responsibility for the large sell-off of shares, leading to a major drop in stock exchanges. The three main indexes of US stocks recovered yesterday most of their losses and ended trading on a rise of more than 2%.
  8. Sources predict America's full cut to the Internet entirely from Iran early next month Date of release: 2018/10/17 10:55 • 342 times read (International: Al Furat News) Iranian sources have speculated that the United States may cut off the Internet entirely from Iran by November 4. US sanctions on Iran will come into effect on the fourth of next month and will be tougher on the shipping sector and the central bank of Iran. The International Court of Justice on Tuesday issued a ruling ordering the United States to ease the sanctions it had imposed on Iran after its withdrawal from the nuclear deal last year. The court, whose decisions are binding but do not have the tools to implement them, said the sanctions affected humanitarian aid and needed medicines and violated the 1951 treaty. The United States replied that the court had no authority in the matter because it affected US national security. The Iranian economy shrank after US President Donald Trump ordered a re-imposition of sanctions in May, and the Iranian currency has fallen sharply. Other parties to the agreement - Britain, France, Germany and Russia - have pledged to continue to abide by the agreement, but many major companies have already withdrawn from Iran. Tehran considered the US sanctions a violation of international law and an attempt to "change the regime"
  9. The decisions of the Ministry of Education at its extraordinary meeting today Release date: 2018/10/17 14:46 • 330 times read (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The opinion body in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research held its extraordinary session in the presence of First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Haddad and discussed the possibility of considering the file of the preliminary cases and the expansion of the seats of graduate studies and related. The members of the opinion board, according to a statement of the ministry received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of the "need to maintain the scientific and academic reputation of universities and encircling the manifestations of exceptions that do not fit the scientific probity, while they voted positively on the following data: 1 - to conduct an exam for those who did not take the right role exam First or second or both for the 2017/2018 academic year, with all examination and results procedures to be completed no later than 15/11/2018. 2. Further to the decision of the Board of Opinion at the Tenth Meeting, the 2017/2018 academic year shall be deemed not to be repeated for all students, Upgrades their limitations in preliminary studies . 3. The boards of universities dealing with cases of students in the first two years and ended within a ceiling of no more than five degrees and procedures will be completed before the date of 11.01.2018. 4% reduction in the wages of parallel and morning international education by 50% for the top 10% of the students, 40% for the second highest 10% and 35% for the third highest 10% of the students and the validity of the boards of funds in universities and colleges. 5. Higher Education Council Boards at Universities, Colleges and Institutes shall reduce the tuition fees for postgraduate students on special expenses at 30% of the total amount of the student annually. 6 - Hosting and placement of students and professors in places that have passed the circumstances of force majeure taking into account the absorptive capacity of universities and need. 7 - Inclusion of those with special needs exclusively to expand the seats of graduate studies in the case of being a first reserve
  10. OPEC: Saudi Arabia confirmed that there will be no shortage in the oil market 03:16 - 17/10/2018 Follow-up of Mawazine News OPEC Secretary-General Mohamed Barkindo said Wednesday that Saudi Arabia had assured the Organization that it was "committed, capable and ready" to ensure that there was no shortage of oil. In response to a question on whether the organization's relationship with Saudi Arabia and the production of world oil will be affected by the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Barkindo cited Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih at a conference in New Delhi on Monday and said Saudi Arabia was ready to ensure there was no shortage of oil. "We are in OPEC, our focus remains on our common goals," Bakindo said, adding that Saudi Arabia had "good surplus production capacity sufficient as a reserve against any emergency." Khashoggi's disappearance has put global pressure on Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter. US lawmakers blamed the Saudi leadership and many prominent participants withdrew at a major Saudi investment conference planned for next week to protest Khashoggi's disappearance at the consulate in Istanbul.
  11. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Khazali to Abdul Mahdi: We will suppor t the next government to succeed in providing services to citizens 02:57 - 17/10/2018 BAGHDAD - The Secretary-General of the movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Qais al-Khazali, during a meeting with Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Wednesday, his support for the next government in order to succeed in providing services to citizens, stressed the need to be a government services not government concessions. The Office of the Secretary-General of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, in a statement received / Mawazine News / a copy of it, that "Khazali, received in his office in Baghdad, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Iraqi Prime Minister-designate," noting that "the meeting discussed the latest government formation and difficulties and ways to address them To complete the formation of the government and ratification as soon as possible and be the next government cab is efficient and able to advance Iraq towards real reform. Al-Khazali stressed "to provide all the support to succeed the next government in providing the necessary services needed by the Iraqis," stressing at the same time that "the character of the next government services government and not a government of privileges."
  12. yota691

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Khazali receives Abdul Mahdi and discusses with him the formation of the government 02:14 - 17/10/2018 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News The Secretary-General of the Movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq with Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Wednesday, the formation of the next government. A source for the "Mawazin News", "The Secretary-General of the movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq received Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi and discussed with him the file to form the next government." He added that "the two parties discussed the priorities of the government in reconstruction and support security stability and the provision of services and strengthen external relations." This and discuss the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, earlier with political leaders in multiple meetings file the formation of the government and its priorities and its government program.
  13. Baghdad calls on the Inter-Parliamentary Union to suppor t the formation of women's representatives in Iraq 01:50 - 17/10/2018 Baghdad - Mawazine News Baghdad called on Wednesday, the Inter-Parliamentary Union to support the formation of women's parliamentary in Iraq. The media office of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi said in a statement received by Mawazine News, that "Al-Kaabi met in Geneva today, on the basis of both the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Gabriela Cuevas Baron and Secretary-General of the Union Martin Cho Ngong," noting that "The two meetings discussed the amendments submitted by Member States to the IPU regulations." Al-Kaabi stressed the importance of the success of the General Assembly's work and unifying the efforts of the international parliamentary system to adopt recommendations, decisions and laws that serve the interests of the peoples and in line with regional and international developments. He called on the deputy speaker of the parliament, the International Federation and the international democratic countries with experience to "hold high-level training courses deputies, as well as support the women's parliamentary representation in Iraq."

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