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  1. Good to hear from you. Things have been crazy for everyone. Much appreciated! God bless you and staff and members.
  2. Well today is 6/18/2021. I have been on this site for 11 years. I am not the best one to find my way around but I have learned some things to try to stay informed from Dinar vets. I have learned from many people here who are way smarter than I could ever be and I appreciate all the help and support this site has offered. I have believed in the Dinar in spite of all the ups and downs (downs sometimes out weighs the ups) and I have watched some very good people leave this lower life and go to a better place and never got to see this Dinar do it’s thing.. revalue. I still believe in it and haven’t lost much monetarily and still hope to gain from this Dinar and not just for myself but for so many others here and it is still good to hang out with people here. I am a little concerned about not hearing anything from Adam for quite some time. I don’t expect Adam to hang out and write long posts every week (too much means burn out) but I would appreciate a stop by on a consistent basis about once or twice a month or more if it looks rv-ish to keep informed. I may have missed something from Adam or Mods and if I have it would be nice to someway red flag important info that we should know. I hope Adam and his family are well along with everyone else here on dinarvets! Keep the Faith and don’t give up. God bless everyone here.
  3. Thank you Adam Montana and all the staff and all those still have been able to hang in there... 🎈🎈🎈 💃🕺🎈🎈🎈
  4. Adam Just keep coming back if it’s just with a sentence or thumbs up or down (no not thumbs down.. lol)! For myself I have no other place to go for Dinar information. Dinarvets is the only place I trust. God bless everyone here and it is good to not be alone in this venture! 11 years now for me and my husband and this site is what has kept us hanging in there!
  5. Did Adam quit? I wouldn’t be surprised... lol I’ve thought about it myself
  6. Thanks again Adam Montana and Awesome Staff!
  7. Okay... waiting for some good news! 🤑
  8. A great big THANKS to all are Patriots who have served and are serving our great country. Many of our heroes have moved on to heaven and we miss you. Thanks Adam!
  9. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! Thanks once again Adam Montana and Staff and faithful dinarians!!
  10. Yes yes yes yes!!! Thank you thank you thank you Adam Montana and Staff and all dinarians!
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