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  1. Adam Just keep coming back if it’s just with a sentence or thumbs up or down (no not thumbs down.. lol)! For myself I have no other place to go for Dinar information. Dinarvets is the only place I trust. God bless everyone here and it is good to not be alone in this venture! 11 years now for me and my husband and this site is what has kept us hanging in there!
  2. Did Adam quit? I wouldn’t be surprised... lol I’ve thought about it myself
  3. Thanks again Adam Montana and Awesome Staff!
  4. Okay... waiting for some good news! 🤑
  5. A great big THANKS to all are Patriots who have served and are serving our great country. Many of our heroes have moved on to heaven and we miss you. Thanks Adam!
  6. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! Thanks once again Adam Montana and Staff and faithful dinarians!!
  7. Yes yes yes yes!!! Thank you thank you thank you Adam Montana and Staff and all dinarians!
  8. Thanks again Adam and Staff! Exciting is about to happen!
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