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  1. . Wtf - I Thought That This Thread Was Supposed To Be About Waldo ? Who’s Adam - And Don’t Even Try Telling Me That He’s Batman !
  2. Wtf ? Seriously - A Pimpy ‘Dirty Float’ At Midnight Captain Ron ! Did U Even Read What U Posted ? Now Don’t Start Going All ‘Weegie’ Dark Side On Us ..... Sheesh ...
  3. Lol - Today May 1st (May Day) Is Their Version Of ‘Labor Day’ ! Wait - So How Many Days Do They Work Again With All Of The Days Off...
  4. LINK Iraq's oil exports to America rise to 270 thousand barrels per day 1st May, 2021 Today, Saturday, the US Energy Information Administration announced that Iraqi oil exports to the United States of America have risen to 270,000 barrels per day over the past week. A report of the administration stated: The average US imports of crude oil during the past week from nine countries amounted to 5 million and 728 thousand barrels per day, up by one million and 235 thousand barrels from the previous week, which reached 4 million and 493 thousand barrels. He explained that the United States imported crude oil from Iraq at a rate of 270,000 barrels per day, up from a week ago. That preceded it, which reached an average of 34 thousand barrels per day.
  5. Official: The Presidency is coordinating with the Iraqi "Representatives" to amend the Smuggled Money Recovery Law Expressive image April 30, 2021 08:36 PM Mubasher: Ismail Al-Hadidi, an advisor to the Iraqi president, Barham Salih, confirmed that there is parliamentary presidential coordination to amend the Smuggled Money Recovery Act. Ismail Al-Hadidi indicated, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, "INA", today, Friday, that there are ongoing procedures, work and coordination with Parliament, and meetings with the Parliamentary Legal and Financial Committees, to amend the law of recovering smuggled funds. Al-Hadidi added that Parliament has expressed its readiness, response and acceptance to amend the law, to recover all smuggled Iraqi funds, expecting that the law will be amended and voted on by Parliament "soon". He explained that the law includes how to recover the money smuggled from abroad, stressing the need for foreign support for the file, because most of the smuggled money is outside Iraq, and therefore there is a need for international solidarity. Earlier, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahhaf, stated that there was a movement to recover Iraqi funds abroad, and that the ministry had recovered 24 million dollars from Germany. LINK
  6. LINK Gulf War Compensation.... a UN committeer pays $380 million to Kuwait 28th April, 2021 The United Nations Compensation Commission said on Tuesday that it had paid 380 million dollars to the government of Kuwait, an Iraqi payment of the total amount owed by Baghdad due to its 1990 invasion of Kuwait. The committee stated in a statement, "By paying the amount deducted from the revenues from the sale of Iraqi oil, Baghdad will have paid 50.7 billion dollars." She pointed out that the amount of $ 1.7 billion remains on Iraq, and represents demands made by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, for "the losses resulting from the invasion and the loss of oil production due to the damage that some fields faced during the invasion." The Security Council Committee and the Foundation decided in 1991 that Iraq must pay $ 52.4 billion to Kuwaiti individuals, companies and government agencies, who suffered losses due to the Saddam Hussein regime's invasion of Kuwait. The committee was established to handle claims and pay compensation for losses and damages incurred by individuals, companies, governments and international organizations, as a direct result of the invasion of Iraq and its occupation of Kuwait. Claims are paid from the United Nations Compensation Fund, which receives a percentage of the proceeds from export sales of Iraqi oil and its products, and this rate has been set at 5%, and the percentage has been reduced on more than one occasion, while compensation values are paid every 3 months.
  7. LINK Officially ... Finance publishes instructions for implementing the 2021 budget 04/30/2021 15:58:04 The Ministry of Finance has officially published implementation instructions for the 2021 fiscal budget. To view the instructions ... click here ############ LINK Officially ... Finance publishes instructions for implementing the 2021 budget 30th April, 2021 On Friday, the Ministry of Finance officially published instructions for implementing the 2021 budget. According to the ministry, the instructions for implementing the budget were officially published at the following link: To view, click here On Sunday, the Ministry of Finance called on all ministries' spending units to review them to receive instructions for implementing the budget / 2021. The ministry said in a statement that "People" received, a copy of it, (April 25, 2021), that "the instructions for implementing the Federal Budget Law for 2021, approved by the Presidency of the Republic, have been completed." She added, "Given the legislation and the publication of Law No. 23 of 2021, the federal state budget for the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2021 in the official Iraqi newspaper, issue No. 4625 on April 12, 2021," calling for "all spending units of ministries, governorates, bodies and entities not associated with the Ministry of Attendance to the Ministry of Finance / The Budget Department, on Monday, 4/26/2021, for the purpose of receiving instructions for implementing the general budget for the fiscal year 2021 and instructions for implementing the planning budget for the public sector and self-financed bodies and companies. The Finance confirmed "the completion of the federal budget instructions for the year 2021 after a final audit by the Ministries of Finance and Planning," stressing that "appeals to the budget will not delay its implementation."
  8. Laid Back Om sai Ram Go Hammock Boy ! Go Snooze Controls ! Go ‘Sleeping Out In The Open’ After Burritos !
  9. LINK The Iraqi Parliament to resume its regular sessions next week 30th April, 2021 MP Nada Shaker Jawdat revealed on Friday that the Iraqi Parliament's Presidium had set next week as a date to resume its regular sessions to discuss and approve several important draft laws. She told Shafaq News agency, "The Parliament's Presidium has informed the representatives that it will resume the regular sessions of the Council next week." She added, "The sessions may resume next Sunday," noting, "the month of Ramadan and the surge of COVID-19 cases among MPs has delayed holding the sessions recently."
  10. Iraq Should Only Ever Be On The O-Fuq List ! ‘Butt’ Of Course They’re Already At The Top Of Everybody’s Shiite List ! Thx For The Post ‘Wheelman’ - And Happy Friday To U Too !
  11. Who’s Adam ? Is He The Missing Bro ?
  12. LINK Foreign Ministry: Iraq supports dialogue tracks in the region and the movement to recover funds abroad 30th April, 2021 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed, on Friday, that Iraq is making great efforts to restore its regional and global role, and while it renewed Baghdad's support for dialogue tracks in the region, it indicated its continued follow-up to the file of Iraqi funds and real estate abroad. "Iraq is making great efforts to coordinate with all its friends around the world to reserve international positions, and this is important because it will re-position Iraq within the various international organizations in the world, and it will also restore Iraq’s opportunity to make a decision in more than one important department related to human rights, the United Nations and human rights organizations. He added that "the Iraqi foreign policy pursues a vision of focusing balance and stability, and it relies on peace and abides by all international agreements, as the balanced role of Iraq with all parties at the regional and global levels represents an opportunity to take control of matters and initiatives that would restore Iraq to coordinate regional interactions at the level of Region and international interactions. " He stressed that "Iraq had international and regional support in its war against ISIS terrorist gangs, and today it is in the role of the diplomatic movement, initiator and actor, which establishes balance and stability at the regional level." He pointed out that "the Iraqi foreign policy is working to support the paths of dialogue between the parties at the regional level, believing that these interactions will lead to the consolidation of stability at the regional level, and all of this will be reflected in Iraq." He explained that “the concept of security is organic and cannot be divided,” indicating that “sustaining coordination with all parties and relying on dialogue mechanisms and agreeing on the rules of common interest is the means to defuse crises, reduce escalation and depend on the new phase that calls for empowerment and integration for the development of the peoples of the region.” He pointed out that "the ministry is now at the bilateral level, working very hard to activate the work of the joint Iraqi committees with all the partners of Iraq," noting that "the daily meetings in the specialized departments in the ministry to push for the work of the joint committees." He continued: "This will be through following up the memoranda concluded between Iraq and its friends, as well as following up the outcomes of the meetings and building on a speech that secures political, security, economic and development paths in which there are multiple fields, which confirms the role of Iraq with its partners and re-follows up seriously in order to achieve more realistic programs." He pointed out that "Iraqi diplomacy is opening up to the Iraqi street and is responsible for responding to it." Regarding Iraqi funds abroad, Al-Sahhaf said: "There is a movement to recover Iraqi funds abroad, and the ministry has recovered 24 million dollars from Germany, and we hope that we will reach clear results in the file of Iraqi real estate abroad and to ensure their security safety, as well as confirm their ownership of Iraq." He pointed out that "Iraqi companies by the ministry are working with Iraqi embassies in all countries of the world to follow up the file of Iraqi funds abroad." ############ The Iraqi Foreign Ministry reveals the recovery of 24 million dollars from Germany LINK ############ The Iraqi Foreign Ministry: We are working to activate the joint Iraqi committees with our partners LINK
  13. LINK Advisor to the Prime Minister: The National Dialogue Initiative is an opportunity to restore the state 30th April, 2021 Advisor to the Prime Minister Hussein Allawi, confirmed that the national dialogue initiative called by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is an opportunity to restore the state, while indicating that it will include all segments of society. Allawi said, "This initiative will not be launched only for one, two or three segments, but rather for all segments of society." Led by young protesters as well as opposition forces. " He explained that "the other covered groups include political forces and societal forces that include clans, youth, women, as well as the private sector." Allawi added, "This initiative is the way and the guarantor for the restoration and recovery of the Iraqi state and the launch towards the future, and it will reflect the capacity and resilience of Iraq’s internal affairs and with a new perspective that depends on partnership with guarantees, as well as on the economy and on the youth’s intentions to find a better future." Earlier, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi called for a national dialogue in which all the different political forces, popular and youth protesters and opponents of the government participate, in order to be a gateway to achieving the aspirations of the people. ########### Advisor to the Prime Minister: The National Dialogue Initiative is an opportunity to restore the state LINK
  14. LINK Member of Parliamentary Finance: a political will that prevents questioning the governor of the Central Bank 10:15 - 29/04/2021 A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Thamer Theban, confirmed, Thursday, that there is difficulty in questioning the governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, because of a "political will" that prevents this, indicating that the governor has placed the country in additional financial burdens on the border poor and low-income people. Theban said in a statement to "the information", that "there is difficulty in questioning the governor of the Central Bank," indicating that "there are understandings and defense from some, forgetting the worries and pain of the Iraqi people." He added that "the poor citizen bore additional financial burdens as a result of raising the dollar exchange rate," noting that "the questioning file of the central bank governor is a thorny and complex file." The spokesman for the political bureau of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq, Mahmoud al-Rubaie, had revealed in a previous statement to Al-Maalouma that the House of Representatives intended to host Finance Minister Ali Allawi and Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb in preparation for their interrogation inside the parliament, considering that their interrogation has become a popular demand.
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