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  1. Somebody Call Amazon And Speed Deliver Some More Blue Pills ... And Some Sultry Pictures Of The $3.29 Kuwaiti Dinar In Skimpy Attire ...
  2. Try A Blue Pill - And Cut Back On All Of The Bro’s ‘Premature’ Champagne Celebrations !
  3. The Central Bank Building Investigation Committee: 15 loopholes related to the executing company 2019/09/21 08:39:28 PM  Baghdad / Mohammed Sabah Investigations conducted by the interim committees in the House of Representatives revealed the existence of fraud and cases of corruption in the contract of the new building of the Central Bank of Iraq, Fifteen gaps and observations were identified in the report relating to the poor selection of the executing company, the large and high financial cost, the location of the building and other technical issues. The Parliamentary Finance Committee has formed several months ago fourteen permanent and temporary investigative committee is conducting investigations with many contracts and files, and the sub-committees are close to the preparation of their final reports for presentation in the House of Representatives. Reveals a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Naji al-Saidi (term) that "the investigative committees in the House of Representatives monitored a lot of cases of manipulation and corruption in holding the building of the new Central Bank of Iraq will reveal its precise details in a report to be presented in the parliamentary finance committee next week" In January 2012, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) signed a contract with the office of the late architect Zaha Hadid to develop designs for the new bank building. The new building consists of a tower of 34 floors in addition to two underground floors built in the Jadriya area overlooking the Tigris River and contains garages for parking for staff and guests and cars for the transfer of currency, a restaurant, museum, meeting rooms, conferences, and a theater for celebrations. Al-Saadi added that "the sub-committee charged by the Parliamentary Finance to investigate the contract of the Central Bank building hired experts from the ministries of industry, construction and housing, who provided observations on the project and identified weaknesses in terms of financial cost, and issues related to technical aspects." He continues that "the report includes (15) a note on the contract of the building of the Central Bank of Iraq, which indicates the existence of many legal loopholes, represented by the granting of the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers many exceptions to the management of the Central Bank in cases relating to financial cost." "These things will be reflected in the final report which will be published on all media next week or next," he said. The sub-committee formed by the Finance Committee held a meeting on 15/9/2019, to discuss the subject of the contract for the new building project of the Central Bank of Iraq with a number of advisors in the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction, and heard the report submitted by the advisors on the contract of the building of the Central Bank after studying all Documents submitted by the Bank's management. For her part, a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that "its committee was formed before the period of fourteen temporary and permanent committees to verify many files and contracts," pointing out that "these committees will submit final reports to the parliamentary finance committee within a week or more." "The committee concerned with investigating the contract of the CBE building has been able to conduct extensive and comprehensive investigations with a number of CBE employees," said Siham al-Eikli, a member of the parliamentary committee. She continued that "all investigative committees will submit final reports to the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives for consideration and discussion before presentation within the House of Representatives," stressing that "the meetings of these committees are still ongoing with some executives." LINK
  4. Tomorrow .. important agreements between Iraq and China Saturday 21 September 2019 Baghdad / morning On Monday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and his senior government delegation will sign important agreements and memoranda of understanding between the two countries in the fields of rebuilding infrastructure, oil, electricity and other vital areas. The third Iraqi-Chinese Prime Minister will then hold official talks with President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping, Premier Li Ki-Xiang and other Chinese leaders. The Iraqi delegation is scheduled to pay a visit to Huawei Chinese communication and tour the landmarks of the Great Wall. "We belong to Asia and we want to be part of its rise," Mahdi said during a visit to Shanghai on Saturday. The governor of Shanghai, Ann Young, welcomed the Iraqi delegation, which includes a large number of ministers and governors. . Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the members of the delegation of ministers, governors and sectors they represent and those needed by all Iraqi provinces that have suffered a series of wars and terrorism destroyed its infrastructure, noting that «accompanying most of the members of the executive authority is a guide to the government to give this visit importance, and we want to form A qualitative leap and move to the state of implementation and to the achievements and agreements contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq and infrastructure to be the basis for construction projects ». LINK
  5. Al-Monitor: Barham Saleh will present Iraq's vision for the new regional order Saturday 21 September 2019 Baghdad / morning In the next few days, President Barham Saleh will travel to New York to participate in the UN General Assembly meetings. The newspaper "Al-Monitor" wide-spread US confirmed in a report followed by "morning" on Saturday, that in the crowded presence of leaders in New York should highlight two leaders, the first of which is President Barham Saleh and the new political vision to provide And the second Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan The newspaper revealed a meeting between President Saleh and his US counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the meetings of the United Nations. "Without underestimating all the other issues and other political players, there are two leaders awaited: Iraqi President Barham Salih and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He will be instrumental in what is happening in Syria, the Gulf, and Iran. ” New regional order “Iraqi President Barham Salih deserves to be followed up this week, not only because Iraq is on the front lines of any possible escalation in hostilities due to the September 14 attacks on Iraq,” she said. Aramco's oil facilities, which Washington and Riyadh blame on Iran, but perhaps just as important - or more important - will be President Saleh's message that changes in Iraq's policies reveal how they can be part of the solution to the regional crisis through diplomacy and economic integration. Another that (Iraq bridge rather than a square battle)". "Iraq has been known for its partisan policies, but this is more of a past than in the past, especially in terms of national security," Saleh said. They do not have political blocs with ethnic or sectarian agendas. Perhaps this has benefited them. And independent. ” Al-Monitor quoted President Saleh as describing in a speech last week the "hard-won victories of Iraqi forces against terrorism" as "a springboard for a new regional order based on economic integration, providing good employment opportunities for regional youth, and driving progress towards educational services." Health and other fronts. ” She adds that "Iraq is advancing this (new system) actions and words, we have documented since last March; Iraq's steps towards economic integration with Jordan and Egypt, and last July we wrote that (can not be underestimated re-bonds of Arab relations with Iraq)," and stresses that Saleh Abdul-Mahdi ignores the concept of sectarianism in Iraq's regional politics, with Iraq as a potential bridge, not as a party in relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iraq is also working with the Gulf Cooperation Council for electrical connection, and Iraq is working on the establishment of a second new pipeline to transport Iraqi oil to The paper also quoted author Bryant Harris as saying: "Some in Congress are also picking up the thread, and calling on the Trump administration to expand its involvement in Iraq, where the State Department requested $ 166 million in Iraqi aid for 2020, but the proposed spending mark in the Senate The Senate bill also calls for a renewed US diplomatic presence in Basra after the consulate was closed last year after rockets landed near the airport housing the building. Al-Monitor concludes by talking about Iraq and the expected participation of President Saleh in New York by saying: "The idea here is not to put pressure on Iraq (to take sides), and to revive the outdated and failed idea of Iraq as the (Eastern Front) against Iran, as was the noise during Saddam's rule However, President Saleh and his colleagues in the three presidencies put their country on a different path: prioritizing Iraq's sovereignty and avoiding conflict.The Trump administration could win by encouraging the Iraqi leadership to do so, although it is acknowledged that the Iraq route Fragile), but in a potentially explosive area, there is a sign Invest in sound investment growing". LINK
  6. LINK Saleh Arrives in New York 9/21/2019 18:30 The President of the Republic Barham Saleh arrived in New York on Saturday to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The seventy-fourth session of the United Nations General Assembly began at the headquarters of the Organization in New York on 17 September. The annual general debate will open on Tuesday, 24 September. On this occasion, the Heads of State and Government and other eminent national representatives will meet to present their priorities and exchange views on the major global stakes.
  7. No - We’re All Invested In This Exotic Foreign Currency ...
  8. Abdul Mahdi's visit to China .. Can it save the Iraqi economy from Iranian hegemony? Tuesday, September 17, 2019 Special: Written - Nashwa Hefni: Launching a new phase of relations .. A senior official in the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, said: "The visit will be the announcement of the launch of a new phase of economic, trade and investment relations with China." The official expected: "the conclusion of eight huge agreements relating to projects in housing and infrastructure, especially in the destroyed cities, and the rehabilitation of Iraq's factories stalled since 2003, as well as scheduling debts owed by Iraq in favor of China, which Iraq received in the past six years." Economic carry political messages .. While the member of parliament, "Salam al-Shammari," that: "The upcoming visit of the Iraqi prime minister is economic, but it may also carry political messages for this sudden trend towards China." He said, "Shammari": "We need China at the moment to advance quickly in several areas of construction and economic, and we have great ingredients to achieve any agreement with them, and entering China means creating huge jobs in Iraq that will reflect positively on the problem of unemployment and poverty, as well as the speed Their work, access and adaptation to the Iraqi situation. ” China will not be the last .............. "China will not be the last in this deal," he said. In addition, Iraq has opened its doors to its neighbors to work and invest in it, on top of these countries Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Turkey and the Gulf countries and Jordan. The volume of trade exchange reached 30 billion dollars ......... It was necessary to go to other countries .. Iraq is still an environment expelling investment! Commenting on the visit of "Mahdi," to "China," says the economist, "Saleh Hamashi," that: "China as a developed country is present in Iraq mainly, was supposed to Iraqi Prime Minister to travel to other countries, where China since the eighties of the last century Working in Iraq in the field of military industrialization and infrastructure, as Iraq must determine what he wants today from the infrastructure, whether electricity or roads and bridges or educational and health services, it must determine what he wants, and it was better Prime Minister to visit the countries that have a great deal in these Domains, Russia, Germany and France, which had projects in The former stopped in the economic blockade in the nineties of the last century, unlike the Chinese companies that continued to work inside Iraq. He added, "Al-Hamashi" that: "Iraq needs all the countries of the world, but it has to set a schedule for those countries in terms of priorities and what service is required of them." He explained that: “The important thing is that Iraq is not ready for real investment, where it is still a repelling environment for investment, due to the lack of political and economic stability, in addition to the lack of security stability, because of the corruption in Iraq, which made institutions meager and unable to run the country correctly". A lifeline for the Iraqi economy .. The Iraqi economist, "Imran speech guarantor," that: "The visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister at the head of an economic delegation is an invitation to Chinese companies to invest in Iraq in the sectors of oil and natural gas and other vital areas, most notably real estate investment and infrastructure needed by Iraq, and under the Competitive advantages offered by the Chinese investment sector. ” The guarantor pointed out that the entry of Chinese companies to the Iraqi market is considered a lifeline for the Iraqi economy, by replacing low-quality Iranian imports with Chinese imports more efficiently with the possibility of localizing Chinese investments in Iraq, attracting Chinese expertise to the Iraqi market and creating promising job opportunities. Try to save the economy .. As the Iraqi economist, "Salam Semsem," the Iraqi economy suffocated because of the political conflicts of the conflict between "Iran" and "America", noting that the forthcoming visit of Iraqi Prime Minister comes within the framework of attempts to save the economy. She explained that: "The political conflict has extended to the management of facilities and government funds, through the challenge of accounting reports, currently the largest international companies are responsible for the management of audits in Iraq; because there are hidden Iranian hands move the Accountants Union." link
  9. Weegie, Next Time U See A Floater - Just Flush It !
  10. LINK The Oil Committee is forming a fact-finding committee on the Kurdistan Region's oil exports 9/21/2019 16:00 The Committee on Oil and Parliamentary Energy, on Saturday, the formation of a fact-finding committee on oil exports of the Kurdistan region. The committee said in a statement reported by the Information Department of the House of Representatives received (Euphrates News) that the Committee "held its meeting chaired by MP Hibet Halbousi and the presence of members of the Committee to discuss a number of important issues related to the oil and gas sectors." She added: "During the meeting discussed the invitation by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the Committee on Oil and Energy, legal, and financial." It was decided during the "meeting to form a fact-finding committee on the region's oil comprising seven deputies of the Commission to submit its report to the presidency of the Commission within two weeks of its formation." The committee also discussed "the letter of the Ministry of Oil regarding the establishment of the hydrogenation unit of naphtha and the improvement of gasoline in Kirkuk province and the contract with the investing company, as well as the presence of representatives of the committee in the pricing meeting on the sale of crude oil." They also discussed "the letter of the First Vice-President of the House of Representatives on the oil and gas law and discussed the letter of the Korean Embassy to the Commission through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the draft crutch gas."
  11. LINK US Treasury: We cut off all sources of financing Iran 21st September, 2019 US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said Friday that his country had cut off all sources of "financing" Iran. This follows comments made by US President Donald Trump to reporters at the White House, in which he announced the imposition of US sanctions on the National Bank of Iran, according to the network "CNBC". Trump gave no further details about the sanctions, while US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin added that the bank was the last source of funds for Tehran. He Manoucan said that "the adoption of Tejarat Pars" also included in the sanctions list," he continued, "We have presented Iran's central bank billions of dollars for the IRGC, and the Corps of Jerusalem and his terrorists in Hezbollah." Said the finance ministry said in a statement that the Bank of Iran is a major source Foreign currency in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Quds Force. Said financial transfers to buy weapons for the Ministry of Defense. ############### LINK Washington confirms cut all sources of funding Tehran The United States has cut off all sources of funding for Iran, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said on Friday. This follows comments made by US President Donald Trump to reporters at the White House, in which he announced the imposition of US sanctions on the National Bank of Iran, according to the network "CNBC". Trump did not elaborate on the sanctions, while US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said the bank was the last source of funds for Tehran. He added that the Pars Trading Accreditation Company was also included in the list of sanctions. According to a Treasury statement, the Pars Trading Accreditation Company is used to conceal money transfers to buy weapons for the Defense Ministry. "Iran's open attack on Saudi Arabia is unacceptable. In its actions, the Ministry of Finance is hitting the important financing mechanism used by the Iranian regime to support its terrorist network, including Jerusalem, Hezbollah and other militants who spread terror and destabilize the region.
  12. Lol ! Well Here’s A Delusional Guru Reach - As If Everything In The World Centered Around The Iraqi Dinar ... And Then The Guru Site Went And Spelled His Name Wrong ... Did They Think That He Was One Of Obama’s Daughters ... 9-20-2019 Newshound Guru MiliiaMan Article: "Trump imposes sanctions on Iran's central bank and reveals another package" I hope everyone realizes just what this means. Trump has neutered the Iranian National Bank. How? Well, Iran is one of Iraq's largest trading partners and has massive amounts of Dinar. They clearly will have a hard time making any money off the re in statement of Iraq IQD with sanctions on!! The timing of this is massive imo...
  13. It announced the reduction of its fiscal deficit to 49 trillion dinars… Parliamentary Finance reveals to Al-Zawraa the details of the preliminary draft budget for 2020 and confirms that it is free of job grades September 20, 2019 Author: alzawraapaper Al-Zawraa / Hussein Faleh: The Parliamentary Finance Committee, details of the preliminary draft of the draft budget law 2020, while announcing the reduction of the fiscal deficit to 49 trillion dinars, confirmed that it is free of new job grades and increase in salaries of employees. A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmed Rashid Haji in an interview with "Al-Zawraa": The federal government, represented by the Ministry of Finance is working to complete the preparation of a draft budget law in 2020, pointing out that the general framework of the budget is not yet clear, but the basic features of the preliminary draft indicates Operating expenses for employees' salaries have increased from previous budgets. He explained that the fiscal deficit in the budget of 2020 had reached about 72 trillion dinars, and then decreased to about 56 trillion dinars, and last Thursday, the Finance Committee reported the reduction of the fiscal deficit to about 49 trillion dinars, pointing out that the budget was devoid of job grades due to increased deficit Financial. He added: The budget included allocations of oil companies in licensing rounds, which amounted to about 20 trillion dinars, stressing that these allocations fixed and no change as in previous budgets. He pointed out that fixed payments and interest payments by about 19 trillion dinars, stressing that there is no increase in the salaries of employees in the budget because that needs to be adjusted salary scale employees No. (22) for the year 2008, and without it can not add any increase in salaries of employees in the federal budget . He pointed out that there is a committee formed in Parliament called the Budget Strategy Committee and the Finance Committee represented by three deputies. In addition, there is a financial round of the past years, but can not be completely reassured the issue of the Iraqi economy as long as its dependence on unilateral revenue, which is oil, so we must multiply and diversify revenues and benefit from taxes and customs revenues. In turn, revealed the member of the Finance Committee in Parliament Jamal Cougar, the reasons that led to the expected high deficit in the federal budget law for 2020, while calling for the need to privatize the state. He said in a press interview: The most important reasons that will lead to high deficit budget 2020, to 72 trillion dinars, is that Iraq is a consumer country and not productive and effective, in addition to the rising souls of the population. He explained: that the budget of 2019, saw the appointment of thousands in addition to the addition of 36 thousand new degrees to the crowd, and the return of those dismissed for military institutions, as the contracts have been installed and the procedure converted into contracts, stressing that these steps weighed on the budget. link
  14. Ask for investment even in China Friday 20 September 2019 Abdul Zahra Mohammed Hindawi The world has evolved a lot, and is now racing against the wind to reach its goals. It was in China, this country was for them an unknown world, they were not adults, but hard-won, they would have wished, if they were birds, to travel that distance, and reach that wonderland !! Today, everything has changed. Seeking knowledge from China is no longer difficult and dangerous. With the dragon spreading its arms all over the world, there is no country in the universe except China made. This country, with its huge population, has managed to jump, leaps and bounds. Fast, stunned the world, and has many solutions, to address the problems of other countries, after he succeeded in applying those solutions to reality, and achieved a wide renaissance in all areas, the Chinese are no longer dying of hunger, because of poverty, but became a balsam to address the problems of others, They have enormous investments, they have very sophisticated industries, and they have minds that lead Of providing the best, even if they were not, the whole world gobbled between overnight !! Abdul-Mahdi's visit to Beijing, at this time and at this level, comes under intertwined international and regional conditions, will be an important route of the Silk Road, which China is seeking to increase its routes according to the economic feasibility provided by this path or that, It will stir up the appetite of other capitals, which can change their attitudes and speed up their march towards Iraq. There are Koreans who are watching what the Chinese dragon is doing precisely, seeking a balance, or sharing economic influence among the rich countries of the region. They rely a lot on Iraq, But they are still intimidated, perhaps waiting for another country, ahead of them, to open the way for them, and the existence of such competition, and this race would provide a golden opportunity more expensive than silk, to choose the best among these three countries, which represent the whole, A mystery puzzled the world, for the speed of their rapid development, though The results of Abdul-Mahdi's visit to China at the head of a large delegation, including ministers and governors, will be particularly important in the field of roads, railways, housing, health, education and other services projects, and the treatment of slums. In other countries, therefore, memorandums of understanding and agreements will be signed, and we will be on a date with a new Chinese presence entirely different from the previous stage, after the Chinese proved that they are smarter than others, when their companies did not hesitate to enter and work in Iraq, despite Of the conditions faced by the country, no doubt, they You see the visit of the great Iraqi delegation as a message of commitment and a great Iraqi desire to open wide horizons of fruitful cooperation between the two countries. especially as this Super, National. link
  15. Lol - Not Even Captain Obvious Is Buying Whatever Type Of A Rambling ‘Rationalization’ That Ur Attempting To Use To Try And Justify Ur ‘Blunt’ First Post ! And To Utilize Part Of Ur Phrase Of ‘Facts Vs Speculation’ ... U Haven’t Even Acknowledged The ‘Fact’ That The HCL Is On The Current Legislative Agenda - Even When It’s Been Clearly Spelled Out For U ... Next ...
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