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  1. Iran's charities are a front for intelligence missions - 3 Hours Have Passed Since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, Iran has worked in various ways to consolidate its influence in it, and has adopted many tools and means, including religious parties, military militias, financial, economic and media institutions, as well as charitable organizations, which are usually given the name of one of the imams or revered for camouflage, and run by a religious man To facilitate the polarization and recruitment and thus make the public under the obedience of these institutions, while in fact linked to the agenda of the expansion of the Tehran regime intelligence missions for its benefit, and its original goal of imposing his hegemony on Iraq to swallow the land, people and culture. Charities were generally the means of Islamists, Sunnis and Shiites, to reach people, and one of the most important tools of their political work. These associations are known to the Shiites as Mabarrat, usually supervised by a cleric, or a committee of the religious party. It is known that the religious title is the fastest to the simple, you do not find them think beyond this trick, but to solve the family and personal dilemma in food, dress and education, which is hidden behind doing good through religious religious political groups, forcing many indigent to take the doctrine of the party or Community dress. However, what happens in Iraq does not stop at meeting the personal or family need, in return for belonging and giving gratitude, to a party or state, such as the Islamic Republic, which the Islamists generally like to call Iran the Islamic Republic, and the reason that it is a title that includes a large area, far from Iran It includes Lebanon and the four capitals that the Iranian Wali al-Faqih spoke of dominating (Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus and Sanaa). The recognition by Hizbullah of Lebanon, in its Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah's speech, was that the future of Lebanon is tied to the system of velayat-e faqih, specifically Mr. Khamenei al-Husseini, as Nasrallah has recently named him. In the life of Khomeini, Nasrallah said, before taking over the leadership of the party, that the desired state is not the Islamic state of Lebanon, but the state of the jurist Faqih, represented and led by Mr. Khomeini. The slogan in Husseinieh Sayyida Zainab, "Oh God save us Khomeini until the appearance of Imam Mahdi!" And you imagine the absence of reason in this slogan and others. There are institutions with different names, but they are not outside the administration of the clergy, and individuals active in working politically and intelligently with Iran. The militias were not the only tool in which Iran dominated the velayat-e faqih in Iraq, but there was an economic and social aspect carried out by many institutions, whose names were chosen from the names of imams, addressed to Iraq's Shiites in the center and south. It is not important for the wilayat al-faqih system to use the names of imams for a commercial or intelligence establishment. She lived a long time in Iran. One of these institutions is the Imam Foundation "carpet charity" in Karbala. It is a charitable front, but its mission is a point of intelligence in the city, which is of interest to the Iranian regime more than others, because it is the focus of many Iranians. The Foundation is headed by an Iranian and assisted by Iraqis from Iranian organizations. The Imam of the carpet is Ali bin Hussein, who survived the massacre of Karbala in 61 AH, and is the father of the twelve imams, according to the Shiite tradition. But the Iranians are not too late to put their name on a false charity. In Baghdad-Karrada, the imam al-Mahdi, the expected corps of the Quds Force, and his influential commander in Iraq, Qasem Soleimani, were named. This institution has armament functions. It is run by the Badr Organization, led by Hadi al-Amiri, one of Iran's most prominent men in Baghdad. There is also the Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq Foundation, headquartered in Baghdad-Palestine Street, and its cultural facade, supervised by Miqdad and Ali Khosravi, while her work is political, has nothing to do with culture. The name of Mrs. Fatima Al-Zahra was exploited in the Karbala-based Ansar Fatima Al-Zahra Foundation, with a branch in Najaf and the rest of the central and southern governorates. Not only did the names of the imams have been exploited by the Iranian side, but they also took advantage of the Qur'an. They are all charitable organizations, but their mission is economic and intelligence, as a network to expand Iranian influence inside Iraq. There are institutions of different names, but they do not depart from the administration of clerics, and individuals active in working politically and intelligence with Iran, including: Al-Hajja Foundation, based in Kadhimiya in Baghdad. The title of argument is the title of Imam Mahdi expected, and its mission is to provide housing for Iranian intelligence elements, and their distribution in Baghdad. One of them, the Ayatollah Khomeini, whose name is Ayatollah Khomeini, is based in Maysan province, with branches in Wasit and Dhi Qar provinces. The Khatib Islamic Cultural Foundation, based in Diyala province, the city of Baquba - the military district, is supervised by an Iraqi parliamentarian who deals directly with the Quds Force. The Green Parsian Foundation has the task of collecting information about Iraqis who reject Iranian presence, operating under health or medical cover, and collecting information about those who reject the Iranian presence in order to assassinate them if it is impossible to attract them. I worked on their monitor. On the financial side, Bank Sepah, headquartered in Baghdad with a branch in Najaf and Basra, has its main mission to launder money for terrorist acts in Iraq and the region, under Iranian protection. Melli Banking Corporation, or Bank Melli, is based in Baghdad - Arsat Street, India, which provides financial facilities for Iranian activities. Knowing that the institutions that work in the financial side are more important than others, they monitor the movement of the market and the needs of Iranian goods, and the movement of the dollar and exchange, and work to transfer it to Iran to face the embargo imposed there. Apart from these Iranian institutions, religious institutions were established since 2003 in Iraqi cities and villages. They were founded by generalists who had received religious education in the city of Qom. But to expand the reference of Iranian religious references, and broadcast the thought of the velayat-e faqih. A generation of young people, who are enthusiastic about religious events, grew up organizing cattle parades to Karbala on the 40th visit, in addition to the presence of Iranian schools. However, the most affected Iraqi cities from the Iranian charitable and commercial presence are the cities of Karbala and Najaf. Another door. At the heart of the matter is that it is wrong to view Iranian influence as an armed militia only, or through religious parties, which extend its influence over the reins of state circles, but there is the "charity" and intelligence, which faced some of the above, and it is difficult to know all the institutions that play this role . Iran occupies Iraq socially and religiously, because it depends in its policy of the emotional side in influencing the Iraqis, and knows that the parties that worked with them do not have a long duration, and memory may be lost, that is, the role played by the Iraqi Islamic opposition in Iran against Iraq, so it began to create a new generation In expanding and ensuring continued political and economic influence. But it was surprised by the October demonstrations, after the picture turned out to be rejected by the Shiite youth before the Sunnis, so it must think about the order of priorities within Iraq, the loss of Iraq means the end of the regime in Iran, and even the theory of the mandate of the political jurist, because it generates Iraqi money and the Iraqi man, They will be taken to fight for it in Syria and Yemen. The Arabs link
  2. Baghdad offers demonstrators to overthrow the government and keep Abdul Mahdi to calm the protests - 3 Hours Have Passed BAGHDAD - Informed political sources in Baghdad revealed a series of meetings held in the past few days, at the headquarters of political parties and personalities close to Iran, to agree on a "ransom" that must be paid to calm the three-week popular protests. Demonstrators say their first goal at this stage is to overthrow Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who is accused of ordering the killing of protesters in Baghdad and the provinces, but that power-sharing parties, backed by Iran, insist on keeping him. The sources said in a statement to the "Arabs" that the house of the leader of the current wisdom Ammar al-Hakim and the office of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the house of the leader of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri, hosted during the past five days, at least three meetings, to examine ways to get out of the crisis of protests with the least damage, explaining that " The parties of the Iraqi Authority realize that they must pay a ransom of some kind to calm the protesters. ” The sources confirmed that Iranian Ambassador Erj Masjedi, who is close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, attended one of these meetings and participated in the discussions. The distance between what young protesters think and what leaders of political parties and political blocs think is still great, despite all attempts at promises to reduce that distance at a price that could not be too high if ministerial changes placate protesters away from abandoning the prime minister, who was forced into the political class. To stick to it by Iranian pressure. According to a politician who took part in these meetings, one of them saw the idea of replacing all government ministers while keeping Abdul Mahdi at the helm, a proposal that did not get enough enthusiasm to withstand it during the discussions. The demonstrators' reactions are measured with each batch of changes. ” The Iranians, according to the Iraqi politician, who was speaking with the "Arabs" from the capital Baghdad that "concessions must be associated with a positive attitude on the street, if the demonstrators will only accept the change of prime minister, what is the need to replace the ministers." Among the proposals is to remove Abujahad al-Hashemi, the head of the prime minister's office, from the forefront of events, after the demonstrators considered the gateway to the entry of Iraqi militias loyal to Iran on the line of suppression of protests. Hashemi has a strong militia record. He was a prominent leader of the Supreme Islamic Council and the Badr Organization, accused of liquidating a large number of former Iraqi army officersafter the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003. Iraqi government ministers say Hashemi is the de facto head of the executive branch, not Abdul Mahdi, as the supreme representative of Iranian interests in Baghdad. It is not yet clear whether Iran will agree to al-Hashemi's exclusion from the scene, to absorb the anger of the protest, but the size of its large interests in Iraq and the need to preserve it could push it into tough decisions against some of its men in Iraq, observers say. But this plan, too, may not end up with its goal of dismantling the protest movement, as indications coming from Tahrir Square in Baghdad say the demonstrators are not much concerned with government policy measures taken under the demands of protesters. Mahdi appears to be summoning his allies to Baghdad to declare their support for him to stay in office. In this context, the President of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, arrived in the capital from Erbil, where he was received by the Prime Minister. Sources said that the goal of the visit is to renew Kurdish support for the Iraqi government, which sees the Kurdistan region as a guarantor of his interests in Iraq, especially the continued sale of oil and monopolize its revenues away from Baghdad. Kurdish politicians say that Mahdi is the best defender of their interests in Iraq, including the share of the region's public budget, which gets full, despite his refusal to deliver oil to Baghdad. An Iraqi political observer believes that with regard to the political equation inside Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi does not represent a difficult number. The observer said in a statement to the "Arabs" that the fear of overthrowing Adel Abdul-Mahdi due to what could follow that step of concessions may lead to the disruption of the internal structure of the system, a goal sought by the protesters to reach the page of the sectarian system. Therefore, Iran seems angry with its followers because each of them is thinking of distancing himself from the government and its mistakes at this critical moment when Iranian interests in Iraq are threatened. The observer stresses that if the security solution has proved its failure to curb the demonstrations and bring the protesters home, the political solution to the crisis is still far away, which the protesters have become aware of. The government's inability to find a compromise that could satisfy the protesters has become an encouragement for them to maintain their high demands ceiling, which is made more sacrifices without paying attention to promises of temptation, which are nothing but attempts to test the pulse of the street and create a kind of rift among the protesters. The political class, which was counting on Iran's security plan on the table as the only way to end the protests and break up sit-ins, failed. The observer points out that it is still early to talk about the possibility of a crisis within the ruling class because of Iran's insistence on a security plan can be implemented only by risking clash with the international community, which can not bear the Iraqi government in its fragile situation. Iraqi politicians are counting on Iran to replace its security plan with a political plan that could satisfy protesters regardless of the losses it could entail, which is unlikely to be approved by Iran after its tightening. Temporary losses are better than permanent defeat. The Arabs link
  3. Let ‘Em Go Back To The Camel Auctions ! What Kurdish red lines on the demands of protesters in Iraq? - 3 Hours Have Passed The revolutions often change the course of states and their policies, and the escalating demonstrations in Iraq with their intensity and demands have changed a lot.Therefore, some political parties introduced a spiral of fears of changes that may be imposed by popular pressure, especially after the demonstrators insisted on incorporating the amendment of the constitution as one of the main demands raised in their protests. Perhaps the Kurdish house is unique to the Sunni and Shiite houses, fearing that the government will respond to the demonstrators' demand for constitutional amendments, according to the Kurdish political analyst. The flood is attributed to the fact that the Kurdistan region of Iraq enjoys autonomy and autonomy, and is more serious than others in seeking the interests of its citizens and nationalism. The deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc Dana Mohammed Al-Kateb agrees with this view, and points to the existence of reservations on some points to amend the Constitution, the most important of which is the federal system in Iraq and the regions and points concerned with the rights of Kurdistan. The writer added that constitutional articles have been put forward for amendment was not presented to us officially, but there is talk to some parties, which raises our fears that they are political demands rather than popular and therefore we will not accept to strike the interests of the Kurdistan region. Red Line While former Kurdish lawmaker Vian Dakhil says the demonstrations came out in protest against the political approach and financial corruption that has strained infrastructure, job opportunities and appointments and was not for a specific constitutional clause, noting that “if there is a real demand for amendments and there is a response Government does not mind to change any paragraph after discussion and negotiation provided that it preserves the rights of the Kurds, a responsibility lies with us and an important part of our duty towards the people of our nationality and will not give up our rights and consider it a red line. This is confirmed by the flood by saying that the Kurds do not object to the amendment of the paragraphs of the Constitution whatsoever in return for the non-prejudice to Article 140 on the disputed areas and the survival of federal Iraq, the same views as legal expert Abdul Sattar Ramadan by stressing not to oppose the constitutional amendments if What has been done in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution stipulated in Article 142 or within the next paragraphs is conducted in accordance with Article 126, which includes guarantees for all components of the Iraqi people within the rights and gains obtained after 2003. The oil file, although Vian Dakhil likely not to reach cases of severe disagreements and clashes between the region and the federal government, but insists on not accepting prejudice to any agreement concluded with the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi in previous months, pointing out that the Kurds stand in the face of any attempt to intervene and manipulate agreements that preceded the demonstrations. Ramadan stressed that oil is the file of the relationship between Baghdad and the region, where negotiations have reached advanced stages, and there was an agreement to sign the end of the dispute, but preoccupation with the existing protests marginalized the issue of oil, and continues to say Ramadan The demonstrations brought about the ruling political class. ” He also supported the flood that the issues of oil and ports will have an agreement and a new formula does not accept the Kurds minimal damage caused by any constitutional amendments to the interests of the region, and points to the possibility of new differences between Erbil and Baghdad in light of the continued pressure of protesters. According to MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, when the Iraqi constitution was drafted in 2005, Kurds were more organized than Sunnis and Shiites because of their special status and possession of organized parties and experience that preceded the invasion of Iraq in 2003.As a result, they were able to incorporate their rights into the constitution in a way that could not be amended against their will. Jubouri ruled out the possibility of constitutional amendments to serve the Iraqis and to meet with rejection from the Kurdistan region, attributing the reason to the provision of the Constitution that if two-thirds of voters in three provinces rejected any amendment, it is considered void. He continued to say that the constitutional amendments will not see the light because the Kurds and despite their participation in the Iraqi government, their political focus is their authority in the region. Al-Jubouri concluded by talking to Al Jazeera Net saying that the safest solution and the best guarantee lies in disrupting the constitution altogether and starting to write a new constitution that Iraqis agree on. Rejection of any amendment of the Lord harmful harmful translation came today after the rise of some voices calling for constitutional amendments without exception for the sake of nationalism or doctrine to find Kurdish parties themselves at the table of convergence of views and overcome their differences. The analyst noted the floods to unite all parties in the region to oppose any amendment contrary to the independence of the Kurds and the stability of their interests, in light of what they received recently during the assumption of Adel Abdul Mahdi prime minister and his good relationship with the Kurds. This is confirmed by the legal expert Abdul Sattar Ramadan, saying that Abdul-Mahdi does not hold against the Kurds any grudge and does not have any bad attitudes towards the region, which does not bear the status of the recent situation as it came to the last complex moments of the political scene after the accumulation of 15 years of corruption by Successive governments, stressing that all Kurdish parties are given an opportunity for Abdul Mahdi to carry out his promises of reforms. Source: Al Jazeera link
  4. LINK Trump: We seek to expand our trade with Turkey to 100 billion dollars a year 13th November, 2019 Announced US President Donald Trump on Wednesday that the United States is seeking to increase trade with Turkey, from 20 to 100 billion dollars annually. "The relations between the United States and Turkey are good," Trump told reporters at the start of his meeting with the Turkish president in Washington. On the other hand, Trump stressed that "the truce in northern Syria is holding, and that his administration is in contact with the Kurds in Syria, and they appear" satisfied "with the situation."
  5. LINK Saudi Arabia signs memorandums of understanding with Iraq in the fields of electricity, oil and gas 13th November, 2019 The Saudi Shura Council approved on Wednesday a number of memorandums of understanding with several countries, most notably with Iraq in the areas of electricity, oil and gas. According to published through the official Council account on "Twitter", it has been in accordance with the Council on a draft memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi side between the Ministry of Industry in the Kingdom and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Iraq; cooperation in the sectors of industry and mineral wealth." The body electrical connection Gulf has revealed its intention, tender Implementation of the project linking Iraq, the Gulf network, in the second half of this year, to start supplying Iraq of electric power in the summer of 2020.
  6. LINK Shiite cities in Iraq are devoid of pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei 14th November, 2019 Cities in southern Iraq have been devoid of images of Iranian religious symbols for the first time in 16 years.An Iraqi activist said the demonstrators were outraged by Iranian interference in Iraq and to protect Tehran's corrupt political class by tearing up images of Iranian religious symbols Speaking from demonstrations in Diwaniya, 200 km south of Baghdad, activist Azwan al-Tamimi said that the streets of Nasiriyah, Diwaniyah, Samawah and Basra are completely empty of pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei, despite the monitoring of demonstrations by Shiite armed factions. They were kidnapped or assassinated. On the other hand, social media abuzz with a question by civil activists to the Shiite authority Ali al-Sistani: Is the killing of demonstrators halal or haram? The same question was imposed in cyberspace and in the activists' speeches and speeches in Tahrir Square after a speech described as truce and collusion with the government by Sistani's representative Abdul Mahdi Karbalai Although Sistani's office denied knowledge of an agreement between the political forces to suppress the demonstrations leaked by international agencies, civil activist Hashim al-Oqabi said in an interview on his electronic platform that thousands of young people carried him a question and asked him to deliver it to the ears of reference: Is the killing of demonstrators halal or haram? If it is haraam, why did religious institutions in Iraq not issue explicit fatwas prohibiting it
  7. LINK Kaabi: Parliamentary agreement to speed up the enactment of important laws and constitutional and ministerial amendments 21:26 - 13/11/2019 Deputy Speaker Hassan al-Kaabi said during a meeting with the United Nations representative in Iraq, Jenin Blachart, on Wednesday, that there is a full parliamentary agreement to accelerate the implementation of comprehensive reforms from the legislation of important laws and constitutional amendments and ministerial. The Information Office of the Kaabi in a statement received by (information), that “the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Hassan Karim Kaabi, met in his office today, Wednesday, November 13, 2019 representing the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jenin Blachart, in the presence of Vice President of the Council of Representatives, Bashir al-Haddad,'' the office said in a statement. He praised the efforts made by the United Nations and the United Nations Mission in the country and Ms. Blaskhart in particular in the framework of support for Iraq communication with the legislative and executive bodies to contribute to meet the demands of the demonstrators, valuing the presence of Blaskhart in the yards of demonstration and direct listening to citizens who are there, as well as meeting with the religious reference in Najaf and the continued holding of meetings with the Council of Ministers and the deputies and all political forces, trade unions, unions, activists and related parties. Al-Kaabi stressed that "the House of Representatives continues to speed up the completion of a package of legislation and reform decisions that correspond to the demands of the true demonstrators," pointing out that "there is insistence at the presidency and members of the House of Representatives to make the necessary amendments to a set of important laws and long-awaited by the people over the past years, Among them are the Electoral and Electoral Commission laws and the necessary constitutional and ministerial amendments. Al-Kaabi stressed the need to maintain partnership with the United Nations in all that serves Iraq and cooperate in the development of laws that meet the aspirations of all Iraqi people.
  8. LINK Trump: The ceasefire in Syria is holding up very well 2019/11/13 21:54 US President Donald Trump told reporters that the ceasefire in Syria is holding up very well. This came during the hosting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House, on Wednesday. Trump said the relationship with Turkey was good, and his administration was talking to Kurds who seemed satisfied. During the meeting, Erdogan will discuss the Russian defense system S400 and the trade agreement between the two countries, he added. ########### LINK Trump: Kurds are satisfied with the steady ceasefire in Syria 13th November, 2019 US President Donald Trump told reporters that the ceasefire in Syria has held very well. This came as he hosted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House on Wednesday. Trump said the relationship with Turkey was good and his administration was talking to Kurds who seemed satisfied. He added that Erdogan and the meeting will discuss the Russian defense system S400 and the trade agreement between the two countries.
  9. It Sounds Like Maybe They’ve Found A Blue Pill ! LINK Member of the Constitutional Amendment Committee: The Electoral Commission is very flaccid and there will be a big change in it 22:58 - 13/11/2019 Member of the Constitutional Amendment Committee, MP Yonadam Kanna, on Wednesday, that the current election commission is very flabby and there will be a major change, pointing out that the current commission is not able to control the work of influential parties within it. Kanna said in a televised statement continued (information), that "the committee moved towards experts and jurists to receive their suggestions on amendments." He added that "the position of the representative of the United Nations was good and called for the non-use of violence against the demonstrators, but internal and external agendas are working to destabilize the security and stability of the country during the demonstrations." He pointed out that "the prime minister seeks to make elections one constituency and this is a lack of districts and small areas." He stressed that "the current election commission is very flaccid and will change significantly, as the current commission is not able to control the work of influential actors within it." He pointed out that "Article 140 and other constitutional articles on resources will be the subject of discussion between Baghdad and the region."
  10. LINK Abdel Mahdi explains to the EU mission his government's position on the protests 13th November, 2019 Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi met on Wednesday with members of the European Union mission in Iraq to discuss strategic relations between Iraq and Europe and to promote common interests and face ISIL and ways of cooperation to prevent its return, and the positive role played by Iraq to maintain security and stability in the region. The Prime Minister outlined the government's stance on respecting the right of peaceful demonstration, protecting demonstrators, public order and tight orders issued to the security forces not to use excessive violence. Transparent to the people and the House of Representatives and all sides. The members of the EU mission stressed the pride of their countries to expand relations with Iraq and help it in the face of the remnants of ISIS and to work together to strengthen its security, stability and democratic experience. In a way that preserves the interests of Iraqis and the sovereignty and stability of the country. ######### Abdul-Mahdi to the European mission: We are strict orders to the security forces not to use excessive violence LINK
  11. exchange rate Wednesday, November 13 2019 Free Membership One month after the popular movement, the exchange rate remains at acceptable levels. This reflects the existence of a good course of monetary policy and enables it to achieve an equilibrium in the exchange rate. I recall that exchange rate fluctuations in the past were caused by speculators' rumors in the market, but reflecting the commitment of everyone to the country's fate and the country's economy. Question: How long will the exchange rate hold? Certainly, it is necessary to hedge the possible variables as the situation continues for a longer period and may cause future volatility, God forbid. In order to benefit from the Lebanese experience that is undergoing the same conditions and movement, the tracer of the popular movement is seeing legitimate fears of losing control over a fixed exchange rate that has lasted for decades.This means that the disruption of banks and the central bank from working will affect the reality of the exchange rate and its repercussions on the general economic situation. They are confident that a successful monetary policy is able to deal with events in order to mitigate the potential effects, provided that it is allowed to continue its activity. Although this part is seen as small compared to the effects of the popular movement on the economic reality, I find that this part is of great importance to compensate for all possible losses due to events. I am talking here as an economic observer away from what is being raised by the attempts of some to involve monetary policy in this movement; it is a safety valve for public money .. However, I call the Central Bank, through its strategic partner, the Association of Private Banks to maintain contact with public and private banks to track the effects of the movement on the financial and banking reality Expected and researched how to deal with crises and their effects. Whatever the outcome of the movement and events going through Iraq, the result is always to maintain the national economy and the outcome of how to manage liquidity and maintain the balance of exchange and this is what we pledge monetary policy independently and impartially, so that the Central Bank remains independent as the Iraqi judiciary and then win the interest of the country that Inclusive and subject matter requires wisdom and prudence in dealing with peaceful popular movement and the possible effects. LINK
  12. And Now For The Big ‘Finnish’ ! LINK Finland appoints its first ambassador to Baghdad since 1991 15:06 - 13/11/2019 The Finnish government has appointed Vesa Hankin as its first ambassador to Iraq since 1991, where he is scheduled to take up his duties as ambassador to Baghdad from November 15, 2019. "His mission is to help Finnish companies export to Iraq and help ensure the stability of the country in the coming years," Hankin was quoted as saying . "There is also a political mission to negotiate the deportation of Iraqis whose asylum claims have been rejected in the country," he said. Media sources said more than 20,000 Iraqis had received negative decisions on their asylum claims and Finland wanted to return them, but Iraq refused to accept the deportation. Forced.” The appointment of the Finnish ambassador to Iraq comes as a wave of protests over poor services and corruption is rampant across the country.
  13. LINK Tahrir Square now 2019-11-13 12:19 The Liberation Square in central Baghdad on Wednesday witnessed an unprecedented influx of demonstrators. "Large numbers of people have come to Tahrir Square since this morning in support of the demonstrators," the Euphrates News reporter said. The protestors of Tahrir Square in Baghdad today, issued a statement number (2), which includes the call for million demonstrations next Friday, November 15, rejecting the solutions put forward by the government, and affirming the demands made by the demonstrators for all these sacrifices, which showed the highest religious authority in Najaf Concerned about the lack of seriousness of the concerned parties in their implementation.
  14. LINK Parliamentary finances favor the arrival of the budget at the end of the current month 10:37 - 13/11/2019 The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, the non-arrival of the federal budget for fiscal year 2020 from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives so far, likely to arrive at the end of this month "The federal budget for 2020 is still in the custody of the government and we have not reached it until the moment," committee member Hanin al-Qadu told Al-Maalouma. He added, "The budget will arrive at the end of this month to make adjustments, transfers and discussions on some articles and paragraphs, as well as to meet the ministers of planning and finance to put the finishing touches to the budget." The Presidency of the House of Representatives announced earlier, to address the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on speeding up the dispatch of the draft budget law.
  15. LINK The UN representative arrives at the parliament building 13:59 - 13/11/2019 The United Nations representative in Iraq, Jenin Blachart, arrived on Wednesday, to the House of Representatives to participate in today's meeting and discuss the file of demonstrations. A parliamentary source told the / information /, that "the representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blachart arrived in the House of Representatives just before the prelude to participate in today's meeting." The MP Mohammed al-Khalidi, in a statement earlier to the / information / Parliament's intention to vote on a series of new reforms submitted by the government during today's meeting, indicating that the representative of the United Nations will put its initiative on demonstrations to parliament. ############# LINK Parliamentary source: Presidency of the Parliament and heads of blocs meet the UN representative before the meeting 2019/11/13 14:57 According to a parliamentary source that the Presidency of the House of Representatives and heads of parliamentary blocs will hold a separate meeting with the UN representative in Iraq Janine Hines Blaskhart and then a parliamentary session will be held to discuss its proposals. She arrived in the House of Representatives today to attend the parliamentary session scheduled to be held today to participate in the discussion of the situation of the country and demonstrations and proposals of the United Nations to resolve the crisis.
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