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  1. LINK Iraqi Finance reaches an option that secures the remainder of the salaries in 2020 30th October, 2020 The Ministry of Finance said on Friday that the federal government has no choice in securing salaries but to resort to short-term loans until the end of this year. In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, the ministry stated, “Last week, a number of public statements and inquiries were made regarding the delay in paying the salaries for the month of October. This comes in the wake of the delay in paying the salaries of the month of September,” pointing ou
  2. LINK Al-Araji : Attempts to dismiss Al-Halbousi from the presidency of Parliament will fail 29th October, 2020 Former Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji confirmed, today, Thursday, that the attempts of the new Sunni front to dismiss Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi will fail despite the large political blocs welcoming the move, pointing out that the latter’s success covered the weakness of the parliament. In his speech to "The Resolution for You" program, Al-Araji explained that some political blocs have changed their position on Prime Ministe
  3. LINK Iran desperate to maintain Iraqi financial lifeline 28th October, 2020 by Mustafa Saadoun Iran's central bank governor, Abdolnaser Hemmati, recently paid a surprise visit to Baghdad, three days after the United States slapped sanctions on 18 Iranian banks. Iran sees in Iraq an economic lifeline and the only solution to circumvent the US sanctions ordeal, through formal and informal means. A source at the Iraqi Central Bank who was present at an Oct. 12 meeting between Hemmati and his Iraqi counterpart, Mustafa Ghaleb, told Al-Monitor, “Hem
  4. From Delta - Translating Comments On Iraqi Social Media ... THESE ARE MESSAGES FROM IRAQI SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE NEW CBI GOV.......... "We hope that the value of Iraqi cash will be strengthened and that we can eliminate the zeros and return in a strong currency not necessarily at its previous value, but it will counter the dollar and compete with it... Actively spare and loyal employees of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance".............. MORE THAN A THOUSAND MESSAGES TO THE CBI TO RAISE T
  5. LINK Al-Morshedy: There are many question marks on the government after its previous statements that there was no money 09:04 - 10/29/2020 The deputy of the coalition of Iraqis, Asaad Al-Morshedy, said that there are many question marks on the government after it confirmed and previously stated that there is no financial crisis until the end of this year, at a time when it is calling today to vote on the borrowing law in order to finance salaries. Al-Morshidi said to "the information", "The Minister of
  6. LINK Foreign Policy: Iraq is a missing element in the discussions by Trump and Biden 29th October, 2020 A report by Foreign Policy magazine confirmed that among the important issues in US foreign policy that were almost absent from discussions of the presidential elections is the issue of Iraq and the role of the United States in the Middle East. The Foreign Policy report stressed that Iraq is the main pillar of any US strategy in the Middle East, especially in light of its joint position with Iran and a number of important countries in the region. Moreo
  7. Megyn Kelly joins the backlash against California Gov. Newsom's Thanksgiving insanity that requires families to celebrate outside, wear masks when not eating and only spend two hours together Former Fox News and NBC News host Megyn Kelly excoriated Gavin Newsom for imposing strict rules for the way Californians celebrate Thanksgiving this year She called it the 'California Governor's Thanksgiving insanity' Newsom released a statement issuing rules for private Thanksgiving gatherings, including 'strongly discouraging' singing and shouting The rules say only three hous
  8. LINK Member of Parliamentary Finance: The Ministry of Finance has not yet launched financing for October salaries 29th October, 2020 A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Sherwan Mirza, confirmed today, Thursday, that the salaries of employees are so far late because they have not reached the ministries and government institutions, stressing that the task of providing them is by the government and not the House of Representatives Mirza said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), "The Ministry of Finance has not launched funding and alloca
  9. LINK Parliamentary finance on employee salaries: the figure provided by the disability law makes us bewildered 29th October 2020 A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, confirmed, on Thursday, that the intersection in the statements, sometimes with the government's ability to pay salaries, and sometimes the inability to legislate the borrowing law is evidence of the government's unjustified confusion and anxiety. In an interview with Alsumaria News, Cougar said, "The government has many powers and doors to secure salaries and the g
  10. LINK Committee: The Borrowing Will Be For Employee Salaries, Supplies, Medicine And Care 29th October, 2020 The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed the existence of a tendency to limit the amount of borrowing in the fiscal deficit law for the purpose of securing employee salaries, ration items, and medicines. The committee’s rapporteur, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said, according to the official agency, today, Thursday: “The committee listened to the government's viewpoint regarding the financial spending of the deficit financing law. He
  11. LINK Two people were arrested for forging documents for receiving bank transfers in Baghdad 29th October, 2020 The Federal Police Force Command announced, on Thursday, the arrest of two people with the flagrante delicto for forging official documents for the purpose of receiving bank transfers back to other citizens in Baghdad. The leadership said in a statement that Mawazine News received, a copy of it, that “a force from the First Division Commandos Regiment , in conjunction with the intelligence detachment, managed to arrest two people with the red
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