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  1. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    We’re All In This Together Bro’s ! In The Meantime Everybody's Fair Game !
  2. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    That Would Be Bro’gramming On This Channel Bro ! Try To Start Picking Things Up A Little Bit Faster And Get With The Bro’gram ...
  3. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Isn’t Okie A ‘Sooner’ ?
  4. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Oh Ya Bro - He’s Staring Deep Into Ur Eyes And Saying ‘U Complete Me’ ! Source for "The Covenant News": a meeting of heads of political blocs in the house of President Saleh  Either That Or His Favorite Camel Is Standing Directly Behind U !
  5. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Sorry - But Almost Every Thread In The DV ‘News’ Section Has Now Been Converted To An Episode Of ‘Hoarders’ With Weeks, Months, And Years Old Accumulated Refuge !
  6. CNN Exclusive Video Of Frank The Tank’s 30 Days Of R&R ! Clearly He Must Be Looking For His Wallet For That ATM ...
  7. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Navira Is Rumored To Be Strutting The Runway In The Latest Fashion Creation From NaVera Wang !
  8. How The Hell Does This Idiot Manage To Stay Elevated - Much Less Alert ?
  9. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Luckily For Us, Botz Is Wearing Spandex Tights And Dressed As A Superhero While Living In Mexico - So Clearly There Isn’t Even A Hint Of Sketchiness About Him ! However, The Jury Is Still Deliberating About The Sketchiness Of The Bro’s ! At Least Until The Long Awaited Evening Gown Competition ...
  10. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    So Where The Hell Are The ‘Bumps’ On DV For U To Read Before U Respond ? And Quit Being A Frickin’ Lawyer And Arguing With Me ...
  11. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Botzwana FORUM CANCER Members How The Hell Does This Blind A$$ Superhero ‘Bro’tzwana Manage To Never Even Misspell A Single Word ! I Swear - He Must Be Stevie Frickin’ Wonder On The Keyboards ...
  12. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    That’s Not What I Meant When I Told U To Run A Post Route And Then I’d Hit Ya !
  13. DinarThug

    Go Iraq

    Think Outside Of The Jack-N-The-Box And Go For Both !
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