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  1. New scandal for Chinese testing machines with a view to profit before "Corona expires" April 1, 2020 Days after the scandal of selling test equipment that does not work for the Corona virus, another scandal has now emerged which is the sale of Chinese testing devices that are not licensed in China originally. With the outbreak of the new Corona virus around the world, Chinese companies are racing to sell virus testing tests outside China, even without the approval of the Chinese authorities on their products, for fear that the virus will end without achieving the desired profit. According to a report by the "South China Morning Post", about 100 Chinese companies began exporting their HIV tests to countries in the world in light of the recession locally. As the horror of the outbreak in China unfolded during the lunar New Year holiday in January, a group of technicians holed up in Nanjing and worked long hours to develop test kits to diagnose the virus. According to the report, at that point, the virus had swept through Wuhan and spread rapidly throughout China. The central government in Beijing has already approved a few diagnostic tests, but hundreds of companies in China have scrambled to develop new tests. "I didn't think of applying for approval in China, the application takes a lot of time. When I finally get approval, the virus may have already ended," said Zhang Shouwen, founder of Nanjing Liming Pyo Products. Instead, Zhang is part of an army of Chinese exporters who sell test kits to the rest of the world amid the rapid spread of the epidemic outside China. Zhang now has an order book full of clients from Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea. "We have so many requests now that we work until 9 pm, seven days a week, and we think about working 24 hours a day, and we ask workers to do three shifts daily." "At the beginning of February, about half of our test kits were sold in China and half of them were overseas," said a senior BGE executive. Now, there is almost no domestic demand for it. " After the company was producing 200,000 units per day at its factory in Wuhan, it was producing 600,000 units. The site report notes that Chinese-made test kits are becoming more popular throughout Europe and the rest of the world, adding a new dimension to the tumultuous debate about relying on medical supplies from China. In a medical scandal, Spain decided a few days ago to return thousands of test equipment to China after it was found that it did not work or produce inaccurate results. link
  2. "The Popular Mobilization" .. exploits the Corona crisis as a cover for his proxy warfare against the Americans! Friday 03 April 2020 Private: I wrote - Hanim the crocodile: The Popular Mobilization Authority launched a campaign that it described as a major preventive operation called: “curbing the pandemic” to confront the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, with the participation of 1,200 mechanisms published in all areas of the capital, “Baghdad”, as part of an awareness campaign .. while observers believe that these The campaign is not innocent for the sake of God and the nation, but the organization has other goals, which are the political and popular exploitation of the circumstances and circumstances of the epidemic pandemic. Movements to confront American forces threatening! Observers cautioned against the massive movements of the (People's Mobilization) in various regions, under allegations of confronting the "Corona virus", and they said that his movements did not appear until the last hours, and they are not for "Corona" at all, but to hide and deploy many weapons In Iraqi cities, in anticipation of an imminent attack by American forces on militia sites. They demanded that the government stop the crowd from this process and give matters to the ministries of "interior" or "defense", as is the case in various countries of the world. They stressed that the (PMF) military actions, under the allegations of the "Corona" virus, would transform various cities in "Iraq" and the capital, "Baghdad", with targets being bombed to pursue "Iran" terrorists, according to observers. A major preventive operation .. The commission said, in a statement, that it had launched a major preventive operation in the name of "curbing the pandemic", to confront the "Corona" virus in the areas of the epidemic in the capital, "Baghdad", and with the participation of 5,000 elements and 1,200 mechanisms deployed in all areas of the capital as part of an awareness campaign. She added that the process started from four regions and is the largest central operation in "Iraq"; it will continue in all districts of the capital, "Baghdad", until the threat of the epidemic is removed! A statement of the "awareness" campaign added that: "The campaign will be launched within the broad efforts of the (Popular Mobilization) in its various directorates and formations in the provinces of Iraq, and since the beginning of the epidemic in the country." The campaign effort will be distributed to the areas most exposed to the virus; health and environmental standards will be used for dusting, sterilization and cleaning operations. The statement continued, "This campaign is considered the second stage of confrontation with (Corona) after the success of the first stage in reducing the threat of the pandemic in the provinces." And Major General (21) in “The Popular Mobilization” launched a campaign: “Our ordeal is one” to help the people of “Diwaniya” to confront the Corona virus and limit its spread. A statement to the crowd's media said that in response to the Marjaiya call, Maj. Gen. (21) launched a sweeping campaign of purification and cleansing in the Al-Badir district and the rural areas in Al-Diwaniyah and distributing food among the poor families. The campaign after the arrival of "Ani". Observers said that the "terrorist horde" campaign was launched a few hours after the arrival of the leader of the "Quds Force", "Ismail Qa Ani", to "Iraq", which he instructed. After his meeting with the militia leaders and arms of "Iran" in "Iraq", led by "Ammar al-Hakim", "Hadi al-Amiri" and "Nuri al-Maliki" and others, they revealed that their goal is to prepare for the next American strike. Close to the border with "Iraq," according to the (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights). The return of conflict on the ground in Iraq .. Once again, the consequences of the "American-Iranian" conflict flared up on the ground of "Iraq", and 18 members of the "Popular Mobilization" forces were killed in the "Al-Hassyan" area in the "Albukamal" area in bombing, days ago, in an attack "carried out by three Aircraft targeted the Imam Ali base and the Al-Hassyan area in the Albukamal area, near the border with Iraq, which militias loyal to Iran are taking as their military headquarters. This comes after 18 missiles fell on the (Taji) military base, which houses American soldiers, north of "Baghdad", killing two American and British soldiers, and an another site, according to what a US military official revealed. And Syrian official media announced, late on Wednesday, that unknown aircraft had hit targets southeast of the city of "Albukamal", where there is a strategic border crossing with "Iraq", but that only resulted in material damage, and the media did not mention No details. She added that "Israel" has attacked Iranian bases in the region several times since the beginning of the year. And "Albukamal", where there is a border crossing between "Iraq" and "Syria", is a crucial city for the efforts of "Iran" in order to consolidate its growing control over a corridor stretching from "Tehran" to "Beirut", and the Iraqi (PMF) forces were extracted , Supported by "Iran", control of the "Albukamal" overlooking the "Euphrates" river from ISIS, in late 2017. link
  3. Deputy: The Ministry of Finance is a "media bloc", and the provinces are under complete bankruptcy Policy , 04/22/2020 21:36 Baghdad - Iraq today: On Thursday, Representative Riyadh al-Tamimi described the Ministry of Finance as just a "media bloc", noting that the governorates have reached the stage of total bankruptcy due to the lack of approval of the budget. Al-Tamimi said that "the Ministry of Finance is a mass of media statements that do not fatten or sing from hunger," noting that "Iraq currently suffers from a lack of budget and therefore the statements of the Ministry of Finance regarding supporting the provinces have no value." He added, "All the provinces are witnessing clear bankruptcy due to the lack of approval of the budget and the absence of any funds allocated to it," stressing that "donations are helping the cities that are experiencing an acute crisis and a large number of corona injuries." Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced that the total number of corona virus infections reached 728, and 52 deaths, confirming that the total number of cures reached 18 LINK
  4. Parliamentary Finance comments on the compulsory savings proposal Thursday 02 April 2020 - 19:31 Baghdad - conscious - Hendrin Makki Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed Al-Saffar called on Thursday to remove the compulsory savings proposal from the employees ’salaries. Al-Saffar said in a special statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The proposal of the Parliamentary Economic Committee to implement the compulsory saving system is an unsuccessful proposal," calling for "the removal of employees salaries from it." He added, "The government has special options for financial policy and can coordinate with the central bank as responsible for monetary policy by using the solutions available in crises," explaining that "the savings system is difficult to implement at this time due to preoccupation with the Corona virus and curfews." He pointed out that "this system requires deduction of part of the employees salaries and recovery of them at another time, and the percentage of this deduction is large according to the proposal of the Economic Committee." Al-Saffar continued, "Preserving the restructuring of the budget must be in other ways, such as restructuring the spending sections, controlling expenditures and using the surplus from the 2019 budget, or imposing bonds on private and governmental banks, but away from the salaries of employees, all of which will be more feasible solutions." Member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee MP Mazen Al-Fili presented 14 proposals due to the difficult economic conditions of increasing challenges, most notably the low oil prices, the global recession, and the Corona pandemic, including reducing salaries of those with the rank of general manager and above by (60%) and allocated to include additional numbers in the social welfare network Those who do not have a monthly income and a compulsory saving requirement in government bonds for employees whose salaries exceed three million and 20% of their salaries and at an interest rate that is met when the country's economic conditions improve. LINK
  5. I Usually Prefer Traveling In The Short Bus ! Do U Realize How Many Clowns I Can Fit Into One Of These ...
  6. An economist talks about the reason for the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, and is likely to return to normal Economy 04/22/2016 15:34 580 Editor: ht Baghdad today - special Economist Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani revealed, Thursday (April 2, 2020), the reason for the high exchange rates of the dollar, while it is likely that it will fall soon. Al-Mashhadani said in an interview with (Baghdad today), that "the rise in the price of the dollar in the markets is due to the Central Bank and banking bureaus stopping work, as a result of the health embargo that the country is witnessing, which led to restricting sales operations in the local currency window and external transfers." He added, "The Central Bank made a decision yesterday to allow 4 or 5 days from the 16th to the 21st of this month to implement external requests and transfers of food and medical supplies." Al-Mashhadani added, "Once the central bank's measures are implemented, the price of the dollar may drop to return to its normal level of 120,000 yen." Earlier today, Thursday, the foreign currency markets in Iraq recorded a slight decrease in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar, after the rise recorded during the past days. The prices of buying and selling dollars in banking companies and offices are as follows: The selling price of one dollar is 1260 dinars, or 126 thousand dinars per hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar is 1,250 dinars, or 125 thousand dinars per hundred dollars. It is noteworthy that these prices are not official due to the closure of the Kifah Stock Exchange due to a curfew on the prevention of healthy Corona virus prevention. LINK
  7. Who Did U Think Was Having One Built For U ?
  8. A former Arab Prime Minister gives a different interpretation of the "low oil price" and talks about a "positive and intentional trick"! 2020-04-02 Yassin Iraq: Baghdad The former Qatari Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr, considered that the current oil price crisis is a "coordination" and not a war between the competing parties, indicating that this strategy will reach a positive result by shaking out the shale oil companies. Bin Jabr said, in a tweet monitored by "Yassin Iraq", that "the current oil price crisis has been talked about a lot in the past and I am not an expert in oil prices," noting that "if the current price situation continues for at least three months, we will reach a positive result in the term Medium and long term, as many shale oil companies will exit. And I stressed, "I think what is going on between Russia and Saudi Arabia is coordination between them for this purpose, and not as it is said and the noise of it is a price war," stressing: "I support this behavior if it is followed by a clear strategy to save the oil market in a sustainable manner." LINK
  9. LINK What are the threats facing Iraq with the decline in oil prices? 2nd April, 2020 With the collapse of crude oil prices, the oil sector in Iraq faces three main threats that started with declining revenues and may lead to a decline in production and cause problems in exports in the future. What are the challenges facing the semi-only source of income for the Iraqi budget, with the decline in crude prices to around $ 25 a barrel? How will Iraq pay the bills? The collapse in prices means that Iraq’s monthly revenue from crude fell by almost half from February to only $ 2.99 billion in March. Iraq pays international oil companies about three billion dollars every three months to extract crude. With prices falling to their lowest levels in 18 years, the government is looking to cut costs and delay payments. Last week, the state-owned Basra Oil Company, which coordinates production in the oil-rich southern province, asked international oil companies to accept a six-month delay in payments and reduce business budgets by 30%, according to correspondence seen by Agence France-Presse. "The delay in the first quarter payments is necessary, and we asked for the second quarter in anticipation, but the oil companies have not responded yet," Khalid Hamza Abbas, assistant director of the company and the site to the letter, told AFP. However, those companies began to take independent measures, according to internal messages seen by Agence France-Presse. ExxonMobil giant immediately asked contractors to "cut the total cost", while other companies requested discounts from suppliers. A source in the main operating company in southern Iraq told AFP that "the international oil companies are suffering from financial hardship." Those companies hold Iraq accountable at the end of each quarter for the cost of extracting the crude, and the Iraqi government pays them with oil. "With the prices falling, the government will practically have to use all of its crude to pay the companies, and they will not have enough to sell it," a senior Iraqi official told AFP. Iraq relies on oil revenues to secure more than 90% of its budget. He still relies in his draft budget for 2020 on an expected oil price of $ 56 a barrel, half of the current price. How does the Corona virus affect production? The outbreak of the new Corona virus has hindered the process of rotation of major foreign workers working in Iraqi oil fields, threatening to decrease the usual production of 4.5 million barrels per day. To limit the spread of the disease, Iraq closed its airports and imposed a complete curfew throughout the country, at least until April 19, with the expectation of an extension. The Al-Gharaf field in Dhi Qar Governorate, which was producing about one hundred thousand barrels per day, was closed after Petronas, the operating company, evacuated tens of Malaysian workers for fear of Covid-19, according to a source in the provincial oil company. The majority of foreign oil workers live in the fields in Basra, and are currently stuck there due to the travel ban. "We are seeking permission to exempt foreign employees so that we can secure periodic teams for rotation. These companies have internal rules and they cannot keep the difference here for more than two months," Abbas said. A source from a major European oil company operating in Basra told AFP that stopping the rotation of foreign employees would be a greater threat to production than the issue of late payment. And British Petroleum (BP) will also have to cut production if the 4,000 British citizens working in the south can no longer travel. "This is a non-negotiable issue," a source familiar with BP operations said. Who will buy Iraqi oil? The third threat is the decline in global oil demand for the first time in a decade, as the International Energy Agency expects demand for 2020 to decrease by 90,000 barrels per day, a sharp decline from expectations that it will rise by more than 800,000 barrels per day. "We have not previously encountered a similar strong decrease in demand and a large surplus in supply at the same time," agency director Fateh Birol told AFP. There are two countries facing a decline in demand, India and China, where Iraq sells the "lion's share" of its crude, according to geopolitical analyst Naam Raydan. China, where the emerging corona virus appeared for the first time, is experiencing a major economic downturn, and India has just entered a three-week close. Raydan said that the month of April will be a critical month, but the outlook is bleak given that Iraq’s main competitor in the Asian markets, Saudi Arabia, intends to flood the oil market this month entirely, once the decision to limit production in OPEC is completed. The Iraqi official said that "the countries are storing cheap oil. Therefore, even if we do not feel it now, the real problem will come in the coming months when no one buys."
  10. LINK The price of a barrel of "OPEC" basket drops by more than $ 5 2nd April, 2020 The Organization of "OPEC" said today, Thursday, that the price of oil in its daily basket fell to 16.87 dollars a barrel in the first of this month of April, down from 22.61 dollars the day before. The "OPEC" basket is an average of the prices of crude oil produced by members of the "OPEC" organization. The basket includes Basra Light, Kuwaiti Export Crude, Libyan Sidr, Nigerian Light Boni, Saudi Light Arabian, Marban Al-Emarati, Miri Al-Venezueli, in addition to other materials. Oil prices have recently fallen to their lowest levels in nearly 18 years, since since March 6, they have fallen by more than 50% in light of declining demand.
  11. LINK The drop in oil prices plunges Iraqi revenues to $ 2.9 billion in March 2nd April, 2020 On Thursday, the Ministry of Oil announced the total exports and revenues generated for the month of March 2020 The ministry said in a statement seen by the "Economy News", "The total quantities of exported crude oil in the past month amounted to 105.1 million barrels She added that the export revenues amounted to 2.99 billion dollars (28.44 dollars per barrel), noting that the previous month's exports amounted to 5.05 billion dollars, given that the price of a barrel of oil reached 51.37 dollars And oil prices suffered losses exceeding 60 percent at the end of the month, falling to the lowest level in 18 years, due to the decline in global demand due to the interruption of economic activity due to the Corona virus, in addition to the price war between Russia and OPEC A spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, said, "The total quantities of crude oil exported for the past month of March from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 101.4 million barrels, and from the Kirkuk fields via the Ceyhan port amounted to 3.29 million barrels Jihad added, "The quantities exported from Qayyarah field amounted to 129.4 thousand barrels, while the quantities exported to Jordan amounted to 290.54 thousand barrels The spokesman pointed out that "the total daily rate of exports amounted to 3.39 million barrels, and in the ports of Basra reached 3.27 million barrels, and from Ceyhan the daily rate was 106 thousand barrels, while the daily rate from the Qayyarah field was 4 thousand barrels, and the daily rate exported to Jordan was 9 thousand barrel Jihad pointed out that "the average price per barrel was 28,436 dollars
  12. LINK Parliamentary economy shows the impact of the collapse of oil prices on the budget of Iraq 2nd April, 2020 On Thursday, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment saw that the collapse of oil prices would negatively affect the investment budget without leaving repercussions on the exchange of employee salaries Committee member Dylan Ghaffour said in a special statement to Shafaq News, "The government relies on revenues from selling oil to build the general budget of the Iraqi state by 95 percent She noted that "half of the funds allocated in the budget are spent as salaries for state employees, and the other half as investment or other projects. He added that "the decline in oil prices in global markets negatively affects the investment budget, but it does not affect the exchange of employee salaries Ghaffour called on the government to "turn to the industrial and agricultural sectors and not rely on oil to build public budgets Earlier Thursday, OPEC said that the price of oil in its daily basket fell to 16.87 dollars a barrel in the first of this month of April, down from 22.61 dollars the day before Iraq lost about $ 2 billion in revenue from selling oil in the month of March, compared to the previous month due to the collapse in oil prices due to the Corona crisis that is sweeping the world The revenues of Iraqi oil exports amounted to about 3 billion dollars last month, compared to 5 billion dollars in the previous month
  13. LINK Publishes the text of the decisions of the parliament and government presidency and focuses on salaries 04/2/2020 21:42:00 The Presidency of the Council of Representatives held, today, Wednesday, an extraordinary meeting with the government to discuss efforts to combat the Corona epidemic, and health, economic and service conditions, to take all necessary measures to confront the crisis. The meeting decided the following: 1 - Providing the necessary legislative cover from the legislative authority of the government in order to take the necessary and urgent measures to face the crisis. 2- Providing the necessary financial allocations to the Ministry of Health and the Crisis Cell (Diwaniya 55 Committee). 3- Work to provide adequate quarantine places for the injured and urgent. 4- Securing the employees ’salaries and delivering them according to the time schedules specified for each month. 5 - Paying attention to the segment of low-income citizens, through studying the possibility of issuing a salary of two months or more to the beneficiaries of the social protection network. 6- Examine the possibility of issuing a salary of two months or more for civilian and military retirees. 7- Working to secure the nutritional and medicinal needs of citizens, and to communicate the daily needs of people with limited incomes through several measures that will be taken by the government. 8- Following up the needs of Iraqi citizens abroad by providing them with ways to return. 9- To fully support the efforts of the Ministry of Health, its cadres, the security forces, and all state institutions, for the exceptional effort being made to confront the crisis and its requirements.”
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