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  1. Iraq: The efforts to choose a new prime minister failed to present several scenarios, including internationalization - 3 Hours Ago With the anticipation of the return of Iraqi President Barham Saleh to Baghdad, after the end of the Davos Forum in Switzerland, observers and politicians will present several scenarios in the event that the attempt to assign a new prime minister fails, after more than a full month after entering the country a state of constitutional void, with which many joints were disrupted in The state, including not approving the budget for the current year, and freezing various projects and decisions that require the existence of a government to pass it, instead of the current caretaker government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi. It was scheduled that, on the evening of last Tuesday, in the light of a political agreement, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi be assigned to form a new government, but sharp differences prevented this, according to what Iraqi political and parliamentary sources confirmed, indicating that it was agreed to postpone the assignment step until Barham's return. Valid from Davos, on Friday or Saturday. Besides Allawi, Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Ali Shukri also stand out. The first occupies the position of the head of the intelligence service, and the second is the chief adviser to the Presidential Diwan, who also gave their names after the exclusion of more than 10 personalities so far, due to the rejection of the demonstrators or other political blocs to them, such as Muhammad Shi'a al-Sudani, Qusay al-Suhail, Asaad al-Eidani, Rahim al-Aqili, and Faeq Sheikh Ali, and others. "Osman: Iraq will not come out of this crisis only through the convening of a special international conference" According to political sources in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the hopes pinned on the return of Saleh and resolving current disputes quickly, with the agreement also provides that the government is a government one year before going for early parliamentary elections. The same sources added to "Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed" today, Thursday, that "the current fears are to provoke the street along the crisis and not resolve it, or to register new victims, in a way that gives cover or an excuse to international parties to internationalize Iraqi demonstrations or impose measures against Iraq." On the other hand, the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance and former deputy in the parliament, Mahmoud Othman, told Al-Jadeed Al-Jadeed that “the issue of choosing a new prime minister depends on the Iraqi political blocs themselves, and they cannot get out of the crisis, because they are holding on to power, and they cannot agree For anyone. ” Othman stressed that "there is no consensus, signs, or movements towards resolving the crisis. The blocs have become enemies among themselves because of the conflict of interests, and the file is heading towards a dead end." He pointed out that “even if the political blocs choose a prime minister, such as Muhammad Allawi or others, he cannot provide anything, and he will not be able to solve any crisis, he or others, especially with the absence of political blocs supporting him, unless a person is appointed He has the support of the blocs and the demonstrators, and this is difficult if not impossible, so the road has become blocked and may reach an international solution. And Othman warned that "if things continue as they are now, I see that Iraq will not get out of this crisis except through holding an international conference on Iraq, as happened in Lebanon and Libya," stressing that "there is a responsibility on the United Nations to Pushing in that direction. ” He explained: "I expect Iraq to go towards the international conference, because the Iraq file is complicated, because Iran has strong and significant influence, and many groups in Iraq, and Washington have influence, and other countries have influence, and in the event that countries agree to hold an international conference that may free the crisis, Especially since the Iraqi authorities cannot offer any solutions out of them. He pointed out that "if the countries agreed to hold the conference, the various Iraqi blocs among them will be forced to accept it and its outputs." And political parties confirm the difficulty out of the crisis of nominating a person for the post of prime minister, because of the depth of the dispute between the blocs. The head of the Rafidain Parliamentary Bloc, Deputy Yonadam Kanna, said that "the crisis of naming a new Prime Minister continues until further notice, due to the failure of the blocs to put forward an acceptable candidate." He stressed, in a press statement, that "everyone is looking for their own interests, so the discussions on this matter are still very stalled." On the other hand, Mahdi Taqi, deputy of the "Al-Fath" coalition, warned Thursday, of what he described as "Iraq going to the unknown in the event that the political forces did not succeed in finding the appropriate candidate to head the government," explaining, in a statement, that "the current stage requires everyone to abdicate for the sake of Choosing a strong personality for the prime minister who will be able to impose the prestige of the state, "warning that" the country is going through a real crisis that may push everyone towards the unknown, in light of the lack of agreement on a non-dialectical figure. " Taqi added that "the insistence of some may worsen the situation further, and may foreshadow a real catastrophe that affects everyone," pointing out that "the millions of demonstrations are capable of resolving a personality to manage the interim phase until the early elections are completed." Observers believe that the big political blocs impede the file of choosing a new prime minister, to "buy time", betting that the demonstrations will fade or their momentum will decrease. The Iraqi political expert, Ahmad Al-Hamdani, told Al-Jadeed Al-Jadeed today, Thursday, that "the political forces have proven that they are not ready to give up their gains or positions, and even their current privileges that they have drawn for themselves after 2003, so the Iraqis today consider themselves before a multiple dictatorial regime." The parties possess regular forces, and at the same time each party has its own faction or armed wing, which also practices repression. ” Al-Hamdani considered that "the continuation of the situation as it is, and with the continued state of denial and repression by the authorities, it may prompt the movement of the file and its internationalization, or to weaken the legitimacy of the regime in Iraq with the international community," considering that "the Iraqi crisis needs only concessions made The political forces of the people who are the first source of legitimacy. ” Akhtam Saifuddin New Arab LINK
  2. Sweet - I’ve Got A Clown Cousin Named Chuckles ! Perhaps U’ve Heard Of Him - He’s A Wicked Chill Dude Who’s Always Stumbling Around Here With A Beer In His Hand Named Chuckles Finley... Chuckles Finley Senior Member Platinum VIP
  3. Al-Muttalabi talks about the crisis of naming the Prime Minister: You need an international opinion Policy , 01/23/2020 19:18 Baghdad-Iraq today: The leader of the State of Law coalition, Saad Al-Muttalabi, said on Thursday that the crisis of naming the new prime minister for the transitional government, instead of the government of resigned prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, may need an international opinion, especially with the lack of signs of its internal solutions. Al-Muttalabi stated that "the dispute over the issue of choosing the new prime minister still exists between the political blocs, which makes the nomination of the new president subject to the length of time, especially with the lack of signs of a solution to this crisis." He added that "the solution to the crisis may be only through an international opinion, and as I believe the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, will return to the capital after the conclusion of his visit to Davos with this opinion," noting that "any American opinion in this regard will work by the Iranian side to fail him, and this is what It will make the crisis unresolved as the political disputes deepen further. " LINK
  4. LINK The latest developments .. Major agreement on one of the candidates for the presidency of the government 1/23/202 2:43 PM A political source ruled out that the candidate for the presidency of the new government should be outside the names offered. The source said to {Euphrates News} that “some sites have deliberated that the candidate who will be assigned will be a name outside the proposed names, and this is not true and no candidate has yet been put out of what was announced.” He pointed out that "the past hours have witnessed heavy communication by the leaders of the country and there is a great agreement that occurred last night, which may resolve the controversy surrounding the new prime minister." He continued, "This crisis is on its way to a solution and detente, as soon as the President of the Republic comes from his travel, as the official announcement will be made of assigning one of the nominees to the table of discussion and revealing them to the public." The political leaders have identified five candidates to assign one of them to the next prime minister, who are {Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Qasim Al-Araji, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi and Ali Shukri}.
  5. True Dat ! But After Hitting Happy Hour In The Lobby Bar With Davis And The Bro’s - I Can’t Tell My Del Coronado’s From My Del Tacos ! Much Less My FR-E-SH A-VOCA-DO’s ...
  6. LINK Iraq .. 162 globally, 6 Arabs as the most corrupt country in the world 23rd January, 2020 Transparency International announced in its report today, Thursday, the most corrupt countries in the world. According to the report, "Iraq ranked sixth in the Arab world with the most corruption, while it ranked 162 globally in the world's most transparent countries for 2019." Denmark and New Zealand ranked first in the world with least corruption and more transparency by 87 points, respectively, followed by Finland, which ranked second with 86 points, and Singapore ranked fourth with 85 points. The organization publishes an annual report on corruption, an assessment on a scale from zero to 100 that ranks countries from most to least corrupt.
  7. LINK The suffering of the citizen will increase .. A former minister warns of 9 consequences of the delay in approving the budget 23rd January, 2020 Former Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul Hussein Abtan, on Thursday, spoke about 9 consequences of the delay in approving the budget law in 2020, while warning of high unemployment and increasing the suffering of citizens. Abtan said in a post on his Facebook page that "Iraq has suffered since 2014 an economic recession due to the state of security instability and the consequent economic and living consequences, as well as the stopping of the construction and building movement, which increased unemployment rates and the difficulty in providing decent living for a large number of families." He added, "In 2018, the victory over ISIS was achieved, by the grace of Allah, the fatwa of the blessed reference and the heroic stances of the security forces and the sacred popular crowd. In light of this, the military expenditures decreased and a remarkable rise in oil prices coincided with it." He continued, "The year 2019 has ended and the citizen is awaiting the 2020 budget, but unfortunately until now the budget has not been sent to Parliament, and this will lead to the following: 1. The budget disbursement for strategic projects (the investment budget) has stopped for all ministries, independent bodies, and governorates, which amounts to approximately $ 30 billion." 2. pushing the development of the regions of the provinces budget stopped. 3. payment balance of petro dollars to the provinces stopped. 4. payment 1_12 of the operating budget of the ministries and independent bodies and provinces. 5. this means stop reconstruction and increase the movement of the unemployment rate. 6. reluctance to provide the ration card. 7. foot - dragging In providing supplies By the departments of State and that the impact on the performance of government institutions. 8. difficulty paying farmers dues. 9. Payment of contractor dues and contracting companies with central and local government institutions has ceased.
  8. American soldiers: Washington is considering deploying the Patriot system in Iraq Politics 01/23/2001 10:01 509 Editor: ha Baghdad today - follow up An American network reported, on Thursday (January 23, 2020), that the Pentagon might deploy the Patriot air defense system in Iraq after the Iranian missile attacks targeting Ein al-Assad and Harir bases in Iraq. The network quoted US military officials as saying that "the Pentagon may deploy an air defense system in Iraq after the Iranian missile attacks that targeted Ein al-Assad bases in Anbar and Harir in Iraqi Kurdistan." News about the deployment of an air defense system comes after several American soldiers were transferred to treatment outside Iraq due to concussion injuries from the impact of Iranian missiles that did not kill any American soldier. A senior Pentagon official told "Fox News" that they "believed that Iran was unlikely to launch a ballistic missile attack." He added, "It is now possible that the US Patriot air defense system be deployed to protect the bases that include American forces in Iraq." US President Donald Trump, in a speech Wednesday at the Davos Economic Conference, reduced the severity of the injuries suffered by American soldiers as a result of the Iranian strikes. "I heard they (the soldiers) had a headache and some other things. But I can say it is not dangerous," Trump said. The American army did not drop any of the Iranian missiles that were fired into Iraq because it did not have an air defense system in the region. LINK
  9. LINK The Minister of Planning invites ministries and governorates to present their priorities of the projects proposed for implementation within the Iraqi-Chinese agreement 23rd January, 2020 Today, Thursday, Minister of Planning Dr. Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi called on all ministries and governorates to submit a list of strategic priority projects, after aligning them with the objectives of the national development plan, for implementation within the Iraqi-Chinese agreement Dr. Nuri Al-Dulaimi emphasized during his call to submit proposed projects as quickly as possible after aligning them with the objectives of the national development plan, development gaps and spatial advantage, according to the activities listed in the Prime Minister’s Office letter on 01-01-2020, and the Ministry of Planning’s letter sent to the Prime Minister’s office in 31-12-2019, which includes a list of the main projects proposed for implementation within the Iraqi-Chinese agreement He pointed out the importance of clarifying the details of each project and the completion of the requirements for inclusion or not, the position on the plan whether it is listed or not included, and the obligations that the contracting authority prefers whether it is contracted or not, stressing the importance of choosing projects according to the priority and need of citizens
  10. Perhaps A Bit Of A Freudian Slip ? LINK The White House website on YouTube presents Saleh as Iran's president 1/22/2020 5:01 PM The White House website described President Barham Salih as President of Iran, when he published the news of Saleh’s meeting with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the Davos Economic Forum. The site later modified the adjective and named it president of Iraq instead of Iran. The mistake sparked mixed comments between skepticism being intentional and ironic. It is noteworthy that Saleh left on Tuesday to attend the Davos Economic Conference in Switzerland, where a number of world leaders are scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the conference to discuss bilateral relations.
  11. Trump's envoy explains: This is how we will legally deal with the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove our forces from Iraq Politics 01/23/23 18:32 646 Editor: ht Baghdad today - Baghdad US President's Special Envoy, Donald Trump, for Syria and the International Alliance, James Jeffrey, Thursday (January 23, 2020), explained the mechanism by which his government will legally deal with the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove foreign forces from Iraqi territory. Jeffrey said, in a press conference, that "the decision of the Iraqi parliament is not binding on us and the agreement on our forces was with the Baghdad government," noting that "this is our legal reference for dealing with the Iraqi parliament, which demanded our removal." He added, "The parliament’s request in this regard cannot be complied with unless the Iraqi government is elected by the Iraqi people."............................. link
  12. Washington makes the first comment on the crisis of naming a new Prime Minister of Iraq Politics 01/23/23 18:22 1268 Editor: as Baghdad today - Baghdad US President's Special Envoy, Donald Trump, for Syria and the International Alliance, James Jeffrey, Thursday (January 23, 2020), made the first US comment on the crisis of naming a new prime minister for Iraq. Jeffrey said in a press conference, "There is mobility in the Iraqi street, and Iraqis have to decide who chooses him as prime minister and does not enter the United States in Iraqi affairs." He added, "Addressing the issue of the candidates for prime minister in Iraq is a matter for the Iraqis alone, and what concerns us is that a new Iraqi government that is subject to Iran does not come." Concerning the presence of the American forces in Iraq, Jeffrey said, "Our presence in Iraq came with the desire of the Iraqi government and our situation and our future in the country is linked to a decision from Baghdad," noting that "the operations of the international coalition in Iraq are currently suspended," noting that "the international coalition exchanges information with Iraqis about confronting ISIS. " He noted that "the international coalition agreement with the Iraqi authorities is to stay until the elimination of ISIS," stressing that "our efforts in the war against ISIS must continue and we will not relent in their war." Jeffrey said: "We are ready to discuss with the Iraqi government and agree on the status of American forces," noting that "our mission in Iraq came according to an agreement concluded in 2014 and its goal is to eliminate the threat of ISIS." The US President's envoy added: "We have suffered 11 attacks in Iraq since storming the vicinity of the American embassy." He went on to say: "What is important for us is that a new Iraqi government subject to Iran does not come and the issue is purely an Iraqi affair," noting that "there is mobility in the street and that the Iraqis have to decide who they choose as prime minister and do not enter the United States in Iraqi affairs." He explained, "Addressing the issue of candidates for prime minister in Iraq is a matter for Iraqis alone." On Sunday (January 05, 2020), the House of Representatives voted in an extraordinary session on the departure of all foreign and American forces from Iraq, the abolition of the role of the international coalition in Iraq, as well as the abolition of the security agreement with the United States of America, by the Iraqi government. link
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  15. LINK Economist: The agreement with China will be implemented within the next five months 20:15 - 01/22/2020 The economic expert, Amer Al-Jawahery, expected, on Wednesday, the start of the implementation of the Chinese agreement with Iraq during the next five months, between that the agreement will contribute to supporting the national product through the use of local building materials and the internal workforce. Al-Jawahiri said in a statement to "Information", that "the implementation of the agreement with China needs implementation measures that may reach five months", pointing out that "those sanctions relate to the mechanism of entering partnerships and identifying projects to be implemented." He added that "the agreement with China will start implementing the construction of a power station in Baghdad and some service projects in the central and southern regions," noting that "the other stages of the agreement will target infrastructure and mega projects." And that "the Chinese agreement will contribute to supporting the national product through the use of local building materials in addition to the workforce," explaining that "supporting the local industry will provide Iraq with other doors to finance its public budget instead of relying on oil exports only." The Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Haitham Al-Jubouri, revealed yesterday, Tuesday, parliamentary efforts to study the Iraq agreement with China and turn it into a law, stressing that the agreement is "very important".
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