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  1. Happy fourth to everyone and thank a soldier
  2. Haven’t heard from Adam in a minute does anyone know when we might be hearing from him again
  3. Prayers md Anderson is awesome god speed
  4. just where the hell c an you see these rates link please
  5. ranfan


    happy new year
  6. merry Christmas everyone I hope my statement doesn't offend anyone by your beliefs I just want us all to have a very happy holidays. with that said if I offended you tough nuggies get over it.i wish love to each of you regardless of religion,race, or whatever excuse you might use to object to my Christian up-bringing.i will not apolgise for the way I was raised.and I still believe the same I believe the government should mind their business and I will mind mine we should all have the right to make our on decisions and not be told what to do I like teddy roosevelts quote walk soft but carry a big stick as a country we are on the right track with president trump them Russian better be careful everyone have a merry Christmas and safe and fun new years
  7. not to be bothering you.but i joined the vip section and havent recieved my paper saying i did i just wanted to know when to expect it,also i would like to change my email account i would like to be emailed at and you need to fire someone at lambo field i was betting on them lol but the boys covered for me Thanks for all you do.
  8. hello adam i know you made a prediction of oct. but that looks like it is gone i have been waiting to join your vip till last miniute because of finanical reasons i cant afford a lifetime membership. i was wondering if a person signed up and it didnt happen in the three months could the person sign up for a discounted rate. or will you be offering a post rv vip membership it is just things are tight
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