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  1. Cracking down, 🐎 this is what one has been waiting for... someone to stop the smuggling, guess the US is tired of waiting, I bet we(the US) is banking ok n this move to get us out of the economic decline ...let's go Iraq
  2. 🧐 ✂️ supplies shortening payouts on new exchange rate... Or just on the spread alone
  3. Trust I knew this, just didnt want to say it to be true lol, was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt...but now it's just day it'll day
  4. Gotta destroy the old system before we can implement a new one, looks like they gotta make a move quick before the wealth is redistributed, or will they do it after to see how much gold they get back
  5. 🐫Change the rate to this change it to that, oh no only we have the power to change the exchange rate, oh no fool only we have the authority to change the exchange rate, oil and gas law this oil and gas law 😒 my head hurts 🤕 like why dafuq can't anything we need to get done get done... What's actually in the way... A few more cities to be rebuilt or started, electricity and 💦, agriculture? Businesses? More employment? I mean dayumn just complete something so we can get this moving not with all the talking....sure the Iraqi people are as pissed as I am reading this daily news Tom foolery
  6. "Good things take time" a lot of time lol...let's hope everyone has their negotiated player in place, so we can get this show on the road, I would love to see "1.46" this year or early next year...just as long as I have time to cash some out and put it into another long term deal 🤑
  7. I see why so many are disappointed but remember Americans go to jail every day for tax evasion money laundering etc etc so really as long as they are moving forward I can care less about anything else lol, just listen to the world bank the IMF the un who ever to get your paper reinstated and we're good can worry about the crooked when they want
  8. Oh man would I love flipping the shietouttah 200k right now... let's get this moving while the world is down it's no better time for these guys to come up with (but hopefully before) the rest of em
  9. Lmfao ohhmaaan I can't, so little would never do so much for awhile, stocks crypto hidden gems 3x 10x 20x lol I mean let's go iraq
  10. I want it to happen before the global economy shoots back to normal
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