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  1. That's it I'm getting another 500k asap, should I go with the Good ol 25k notes or something smaller?
  2. Check, pull all the American contractors higher in country contract workers... Boost iraqs economy
  3. Aye just Google " iqd " I love it, I have never seen this before wondering when they started this... And when you hit max it shows previous exchange rate
  4. Is this all that we've been waiting for... I honestly believe this will happen while all eyes are in the New War
  5. Any traders here, this is truly on point to remove the zeros in a nice 1-1 fashion Friday hit 1553
  6. We thought they had to maintain the 2% for a few months looks like we were off by a few years.. let's hope they're done with it this weekend
  7. I like it, been messing around with Tesla's 3,6,9 theory and using multiples of 3 6 9 and when it's a double triple or more digits I make sure they add up to 3 6 or 9... So the 6th works out just fine for me lol
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