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    Constantly Advance...steadily learn...rise to ascension...and fast cars!!!

    = )

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  1. Oh I'm out of the loop fam, I missed that one, what was the test rate if you happen to recall?
  2. ...we'll pass some of that money to my accounts... Btc 10-15k would be a nice time to buy
  3. Could have been hacked or a photoshopped screenshot... So still applies lol our eyes are known liars if you have seen magic or science lol
  4. My folks have this saying "believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear"
  5. they gonna go to war with em? I'm not understanding, international lawsuit, I mean come on man the tyranny is enough already no?
  6. They have to produce like 5xs the amount that Kuwait does to even come close to their rate of exchange no? Gross per capital no?
  7. Ill take anything righr now ... .03 .05 .27 .68 just make a move be on some tradable platforms and watch the rise
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