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  1. I can't give enough thanks throughout this thread, I have honestly been waiting for this sign. Times a coming... Who ready???!!!
  2. Sad to say, but this maybe good news for Iraq and us, I mean when you think about it the time line of invasion of countries and their currencies and or sanctions placed and lifted, one would tend to think the pressure is off Iraq and on to someone else, like Kuwait and on to Iraq ... I mean by all means I don't agree with any battles because they all could be settled without any bodies dropping, but they have yet to figure this out... no one likes anyone but most can deal with or know how to handle things without war... but back to what I was saying, let's hope this eases the tension with Iraq and their habits of banking and can allow the true rate of the dinar to show like others we have sanctioned or invaded etc etc... good weekend to all. Prayers up to the middle east and the powers at play may they find peace
  3. Are notes harder to come by? Like ordering more wise? I figure when that happens it has to be close, they will do it all digital trading and all no? But Jan seems reasonable given all the international talk visas to US investors and such, we shall see thanks boss
  4. How long until this this pops? Anyone want to exhale a guess?
  5. I need a tally how far off do we see this happening, I might have to rethink somethings.. Is it still purchasable if so where, trusted? Local maybe best bet? And if it's harder to come by shouldn't that mean we're close?
  6. It is just me or has anyone else noticed the fluctuations in buy/sell rates on converter sites? Is it floating yet? Someone's making pips somewhere...
  7. Just a thought.... could they just not want us to travel their for in country RV? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Is it me or is 1176 pretty low for exchanges about one day change? hope something's happening lol
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