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  1. Officiallytook

    CBI News 10/22/2018

  2. This part. The Arab Monetary Fund has not visited Iraq since the 80s.... let's go reinstatement, reveal the true rate , the old rate
  3. But dont forget to mangle it around to whats forwards is backwards backwards forward type of when they say next they mean this...or what came at the end of the sentence should have been first etc etc
  4. This is beyond good i was waiting to see how long it would taken them to do this... Getting close
  5. Officiallytook

    CBI News 10/18/2018

    Exactly ... exactly
  6. Officiallytook

    CBI News 10/18/2018

    Right syn as soon as I started reading I'm like this is HUGE news... just outstanding ... keep moving forward Iraq keep moving forward buddy
  7. I'm feeling the 3 USD for every 1 iqd
  8. But without notice... don't recall this happening quite like this
  9. Officiallytook

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    for social media 😁😁
  10. Officiallytook

    Oil falls below $ 80

    It just dawned on me how important sanctions against Iran are for Us and Iraq... Showed progress for Iraq... and while all eyes on Iran, Iraq ups Oil production and ReValues their currency... (Boom)mind

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