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  1. Wanna know the easiest way to tell that times are changing... Google... Shiet changed from iraqi dinar investment is it a scam(every link on the first page) to is iraqi dinar a sound investment... Hell even abcnews picked up the devalued their currency amid public anger... I can see a few months from now, how you missed your investment opportunity, or it's still time it's only at 1$ expected to hit 3$... And then your gonna see Iraq "re evalued" their currency to 1-1 usd... Well we all know what's after that 3.47$ to 1 iqd
  2. Can someone point me in the direction of where I can buy more uncirculated? Anyone used treasuryvault? Just another 250k or half a mill lol
  3. And thank you for confirming what we all thought... Keep wrapping up the corrupt, increase the rate to 3420 to 1 then do what do to hit 3.42 to 1 usd
  4. What in the ..... .... Iraq what are you doing... 2024 so really they mean 2027 or something... Man hurry this along before the people of iraq take iraq off the map
  5. HmHmmm let's hope this is to stop people from flying in country to exchange for the new rate
  6. Found this interesting...didn't know where to put it maybe someone can help me out 😏 ‘America is back’: Foreign leaders react to Biden’s inauguration. President Biden received messages from the leaders of several foreign countries on Wednesday. Credit...Chang W. Lee/The New York Times As the pageantry of the inauguration unfolded in Washington on Wednesday, friends and foes around the world congratulated President Biden — and, in some cases, expressed open relief that the Trump administration had ended. “America is back,” President Moon Jae-in of South Korea
  7. So dollar crashes to .50-.60¢ on the dollar? Before or while the iqd revalues?
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