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  1. Crazy just insanely coincidental... That the world falling back from cash purchases, everyone's eyes on the Corona , the market is crashing, CEOs stepping down left and right , auctions have stopped and all the while iraqs currency is still the same, now if they do it now they could have the ability to raise their rate with the rest of the worlds once it starts getting back to normalcy...float float float rise with the oils rate... I truly think we have the potential to come out of this on top of we make it through
  2. The markets going crazy, stocks tumbling, think now is the time to flip the switch while everyone is focused on not using hard cash (even here) taking off work etc etc then you have the politics over here I. The states everyone's eyes is everywhere else but Iraq and their moneys
  3. The only way to go, specially if your trying to open your minds eye and clean that chloride and fluoride and alcohol that's preventing folks from feeling euphoria and reaching higher enlightenment 😏
  4. 🐎 soldier couldn't be more right ... But what I see here... Is global progress for iraq... Like every other prosperous Nation... By taxing it's people... Moving along nicely Iraq... Now lets out the peddle to the floor huh
  5. That's it I'm getting another 500k asap, should I go with the Good ol 25k notes or something smaller?
  6. Let's be honest here... Should I buy another 500k iqd before they flip the switch?
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