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  1. Giving myself an early TG gift.....JD has been on my mute list for some time....time to do the same for the other two hate filled posters......just have had my fill of the BS and the manner in which it is presented......JMO... CL And yes....let this all play out......Powell and the US Military have the goods....and will present it in a legal process that will be above reproach......!
  2. Never know....perhaps the US Military has him in always, just my opinion....CL
  3. Yes....that too... Seems Trump has it on a fast track at this point....not sure Joe should screw with it.... And whether it's Trump....the Governors.....Fauci ....or "what ifs" for Biden....pretty hard to blame any of them for the unprecedented mess the virus caused... Dealing with anything unknown is always a crapshoot.. CL
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on Eric Coomer? He seems relevant to this conversation..😮 CL
  5. CNN is for sale....Trump grabs that....depletes Fox and others of their pro Trump talent.....the possibilities are endless....and 73 million captivated and devout viewers.... CL
  6. Georgia is still using Dominion...... I suspect the vote will favor the left 99 to 1.....and the MSM will cover it as the greatest rebuke ever for Trump.......😮 CL
  7. So do I get this right.....JD is really B/A? B/A was banned/booted for reasons we all understand... So you're telling me he cheated the system to get back in.....and run his same anti-American hate and dribble on this site....and the PTB are allowing this? Fairness or lunacy?.... If true ....makes me question the judgement of the gate keepers here.... JMO.... CL
  8. A logical concession.... Looking for some game changing information very would be a real travesty if Biden is sworn in and after the fact it is learned he is an illegitimate President..... CL
  9. It is known that the voting system was brought in late to Georgia at a cost of $100 million.....and that the June primaries were a cluster... The money spent on these systems...and the timing in many of the swing States just adds to the many questions on the validity of the election... And yes... contracts that size could easily have a few perks thrown the way of the decision know.....The old......'we'll even throw in a toaster"! CL
  10. Contesting the outcome Even after the election results have been certified, losing candidates can still contest the election outcome in court. To ensure a speedy resolution, some states have deadlines for initiating and concluding contests, according to NCSL. In Arizona and Georgia, for example, losing candidates have up to five days after the results have been certified to mount a contest, while in Nevada they have five days after a recount, according to NCSL. The ‘Safe Harbor’ deadline This is the deadline for states to resolve any election dis
  11. Given the questions involved in the validity of the Michigan vote count.....even with this "certification" there are still legal options......let it play out.... CL
  12. Powell is being funded by Trump and his friends..... she is not on a retainer or billing anyone.... she pretty much has a blank check and the powers of the Commander in Chief behind her..... Case in point the Dominion server in Frankfurt that was grabbed by the Military... the 3 letter agencies had no knowledge this was happening....and the story of Eric Coomer.... It will all play out..... CL
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