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  1. "Wonder what they know? They know this.......
  2. Wonder what they Know! More than 120 retired generals and admirals wrote to Biden suggesting he wasn't legitimately elected and questioning his mental health Bill Bostock May 12, 2021, 6:00 AM Biden President Joe Biden at Arlington National Cemetery. Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images A group named "Flag Officers 4 America" released a letter signed by 124 former military leaders. The letter questioned the 2020 election result and President Joe
  3. A big pipe line along the east coast is shut down....cyber attack.....fuel shortages..... Today the Michigan Govenor decides to shut down pipeline 5 coming from Canada.....for environmental reasons.....despite a zero history of any issues.... This will create an issue for that region of the well as Quebec......Canadian PM Trudeau has appealed to Biden to keep things far cricket's from Biden.... Ex Michigan Gov Granholm Sec of Energy stated yesterday that fuel is best transported by pipelines.....duh So why did they
  4. Hate to break it to you......she is down and out...... Chaney is now the golden child for Pelosi & Co.... And that will never fly in Wyoming..... CL
  5. Nothing wrong with this....the action taken against Chaney indicates they're serious, and the far right whacko fringe won't be involved either.... My understanding is there is a similar move within the left......oust the old dinosaur establishment.......and put a damper on the crazies like the squad.... Perhaps these members from both parties will find some common ground for "we the people" know.....the way it used to be.....😉
  6. If you have an interest these 2 videos might be of interest. The speakers attempt to tie events happening today, and in the next 10 years, to what is written in Revelations. If you research the supporting information, and visit the mentioned websites, it will help tie this all together. Just one of many topics I have an interest in..... CL
  7. America is falling my grade is an F for failure..... In fairness if you have anything better than an F.... I'd be interested in hearing your reasoning..... IMO Biden/Harris....are totally pathetic....😮 A few reasons for my grade... 1. Southern Border mess 2. SE US gas/fuel/cyber attack crisis. 3. Middle East unrest/ support for Iran 4. Your turn .....add a few! CL
  8. Not sure this is really an all Trump event... Cheney represents the Old Dinosaur Establishement Republican Party.....(who is her Dad?).....She, along with others like Mitch need to go... The left is doing the same thing......they have a Puppet President and Speaker.....and the Socialists are pulling the strings..... US Governance is changing before our eyes..... CL
  9. The NSA records and files most everything and anything that happens in America......and the World......they can watch these key strokes live right now if that's their desire..... Obama completed a 14 million SF facility in Utah that uses the equivalent energy usage of a town of 50,000 to keep track of most everything..(not a green project) Another of these super sites is the 5 million SF Embassy in the green zone of Baghdad....... Be assured.....big brother is watching and has it all...the question is.........who is controlling "big brother"? CL Yo
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