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  1. And of course the potential fly in the a function of AIIB and BRICS... As much as I hate to add that is formidable.... JMO. CL
  2. The only relevant reason Biden and his kid were brought up was because the left finally settled on Trumps Ukrainian activity as their hope for impeachment.....there is far more evidence for a Biden impeachment involving g Ukraine than Trump....just the facts... CL
  3. Poiniant videos for those who are trying to keep up! It is all connected......these two videos connect the dots very well. Thanks for posting! CL
  4. Really this illustrates how confused Time has become.... ........they think Greta is a Man.😮
  5. Now Shabs.....that belt won't fit around the photo shopped round mound we see here.....but used as a Crown....perfection! CL
  6. Viewing the partisan impeachment proceedings illustrates very clearly how the clown show operates.....unbelievable this is what Government has become. CL .
  7. The parents are the driving force here.....they're using the kid as their gravy train.... JMO. CL Like most any teenager ....she wouldn't be capable of any of this on her own....
  8. Just the facts on Trump....Russia...and Putin... Doubt you will take the time to read it....even if it comes from the very anti Trump WAPO CL
  9. Better than having the whistleblower as the person of the year! Yet I feel for this child who is being led around by her parents for profit....with some of the health issues she deals with she would not be capable of doing any of this on her own. JMO. CL
  10. Pretty obvious you don't read much of what others post....myopic or two faced? So which is it you you want Trump impeached and tossed out of office.....or perhaps as Starr seems to be suggesting......let the people make their own choice in the 2020 usual you're talking out of both sides of your mouth..... CL
  11. So's gone exactly how I expected it to go.....Senate hearing Wed will be worthy of your time.....many in the Obama DOJ are still headed for some hard times...... And the whole Ukraine pay to play for many politicians and their kids will be rather revealing.......not just Biden.... CL
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