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  1. MarqMarzz

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 October 2018

    Thank-you news in awhile !!!
  2. MarqMarzz

    Adam Montana Weekly 2017 24 May

    Adam, Adam, Adam,, Adam...:-)
  3. MarqMarzz

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 March 2017

    How do I leave another email besides the one I have, would like to have my business & my personal email on this acct, but I dont see where I can do this....Thanx Adam...
  4. MarqMarzz

    Adam Montana HAPPY NEW YEAR! 4 Jan 2017

    Happy New Years Buddy !!! Hope you have a safe, healthy, prosperous 2017 Adam !!! Thanx again for the work and information you send us throughout the weeks, patience is blessed.....
  5. MarqMarzz

    Adam Montana weekly and then some. October 8 2014

    I have totally agree, my wife was born Colombian, am getting my dual citizenship also, only $200, some countrys are less than others.. like you say Adam, REALITY check everyone, be smart with your investments and your lives...need plan C also, in case A & B fall thru !!! 1st time Ive been on here in probably 2 years,, hardly read ANYTHING anymore, Adam, your it Buddy.. to ME, you are the only one who has earned my trust, being straight up,, counts...
  6. MarqMarzz

    Adams Wed chat 9-25-2013

    get um Adam, get um !!!!!!
  7. MarqMarzz

    The NSA and Obama

    This is for Dinar VIP news, please keep this sight clean , it is NOT for political **** opinions... Edited by Mod: Caye98; just a slight language tweak.
  8. MarqMarzz

    DV Fantasy Football / NFL Pool / ??

    Im in...
  9. MarqMarzz

    Bondlady 10/17 Shabbs follow up

    Bondlady is NOT an so called Guru, she brings information from Iraq, not gossip...Big Difference..
  10. You want to make a bet about the RV I say you are wrong $1000 straight up bet !! Put up or shut-up !! I am tired of this b-sh-t, it will RV if or when it does, NO one knows except Iraq.. dumba-s's...
  11. MarqMarzz

    we should know in a week

    waste of good paper and ink...
  12. MarqMarzz

    For Bravo, et al

    90 isn't bad :-)

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