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  1. I'm good with your response and appreciate you're bothering to respond. Please don't feel bullied by my post, or any other. We can all be friends, yes? I can see you are a survivor and that is important. This country is so over-reactive these days to any mention of race issues. It's time we start acknowledging how our words can hurt another, even without intending to do so. You are allowed to feel hurt by the use of a particular word. Just know that here on DV we care about each other, and about you. I have always enjoyed your posts and your participation here on this forum.
  2. Ironically, I read the gals' post differently than what is being discussed here. I took the comment not as a racial slur but as a parody and reference to Lynch selling herself out and denigrating herself to the level of that of a slave who is subservient to her "massa". I felt the ladies were implying that she did not have to put herself down in that way and could have chosen a "higher road", and they don't have much respect for her selling out to her "white massas". That's how I read their post. My thoughts about that? No one has to sell out to another being of any race ever again. We can stand for truth and not give in to another's dark intent regardless of whether or not we will lose our position of power, or anything else.
  3. The website you reference is not a trustworthy site. It publishes a lot of news designed to negatively sway public opinion falsely.
  4. I read the good news and my heart leapt for joy! So glad you found her. Now praying for her healing from her trauma because this must have been a harrowing experience. Thank you God!
  5. This is very sad to hear about. Definitely praying she makes it home safe. I've heard of girls being kidnapped and used as prostitutes at trucker stops. Have you checked into that possibility?
  6. I had a friend whose brother had manic depressive episodes that were usually controlled by medicine. The psychiatrist changed his Ned's and he had an episode but the police rather than calming him down shot and killed him. Normally this man was nonviolent and fun to be around. I don't agree that those with mental issues should be locked up long term. They need help not condemnation. My friend was traumatized because he called the police to help his brother and he ended up dead. We can be better than this.
  7. Adam, this company went out of its way to help Haiti after their major earthquake If you read the page of what they are doing, they offer ovens to third world coutries and even help set up factories in these countries as a mean of preventing deforestation and helping those who have no means of cooking their meals after a disaster. People on islands cannot burn wood to cook and these ovens allow them to cook by using their one major resourse, the sun. I once heard the owner speak and he's dedicated to helping out in such disasters. Perhaps you can contact him and see if he is able to help Dominica. Here's the link: The meals can be prepared in the mornings and left to sit all day and still be good in the evenings I have friends who have this product and really like it. He charges a higher price in America so he can help support these other countries in times of need. I believe he will help you if asked. Thanks to all of DV for caring about these people.
  8. There are edible shorts made for ...well you know. I suggest getting a pair and having a snack. Must surely taste better than cotton. But you're right. Something major did happen. Gooooo RV!!!
  9. My fears too, Sarges Gals! Unless of course they find another imposter stand-in who will pretend to offer us "change" but who will in reality be their new "front". They will keep doing this as long as we allow them to manipulate the voting counts. And convince us it's what we want when they manipulate the polls. And then why not manipulate the convention while they are at it. All they need is a media willing to present their storyline and our country buys it. Hook, line and sinker.
  10. Why is this so unbelievable? Our govt has been trying to get us into a fight with Russia for months now. I don't know what's the truth but I know when something sounds this fishy, there may be some truth to it. I pray for this Captain...
  11. Don't worry. The only one in the running is another Bush. They will pretend we have a choice and then it will "magically" narrow down to a Bush/Clinton race again... The Bush/Clinton's do not plan to relinquish the presidency to anyone else.
  12. What do they plan to do with all these refugees? Force marry all the young girls, execute the men, and starve the rest? This is a real tragedy.
  13. Umbertino floods this forum with posts which appear intended to deflect our attention from the main purpose of the forum. All the music posts and off topic posts take up a lot of space. What I don't understand is what his intention is for doing this. Political? Yes. But it also seems to serve to just fill up space and shift the real articles down pretty far on the Recent Posts list. That sounds like a troll to me. His numerous posts can sometimes be as annoying as all those offensive ads. And I think he doesn't respond to his posts because he tries to hide his true intent to cause division amongst the members. He doesn't want to get kicked off the forum. Is he really a foreigner or does he just pretend to be one? Hard to tell. Anyone can fake a foreign ID.
  14. Sarge's Gals - sorry to hear the news. We love you all and will miss her. Thanks for taking such good care of her at her transition. Hope to see you gals posting again soon.
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