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  1. BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News revealed .. National Alliance member Hashim al-Musawi, on Wednesday, on the postponement of the vote on the laws of the Federal Court and the parties and the National Guard until after the recess. " Moussawi said in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, that "there is an agreement between the political blocs reached a postponement of the three laws, the National Guard and the law of the Federal Court and the law of parties until after the second legislative term holiday." "The reason for the delay is the lack of access to the complete and final agreement between the parties to the political blocs private legal Guard, National Guard and the law of the Federal Court." He said al-Moussawi that "there is an agreement in principle between the political parties to vote on the law of parties in the event of implementation of the agreement which is to be connecting the text of the Prime Minister to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives is based as a copy of a vote, either hyphenated version of the Presidency of the Republic to the House of Representatives shall be is complementary version texts or non-existent or incomprehensible laws, "noting that" likely also postponed with other bills until after the legislative recess .
  2. This is Memorial Weekend, day to remember and thank our fallen heroes; what a price to pay by our heroes to see O give Iraq away to some renegades, what a SHAME of President we have! ! !
  3. O never had an strategic offense plan, we have been wasting time and money entertaining the ISIS; wish we have Ronald Reagan in command, the story will be very different!
  4. O's incompetence grants him the right to blame everybody else and not accept responsibility, his weakness is not only destroying the USA, but our allies! ! !
  5. Baghdad / follow-up Baghdadiya News / .. . former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said about the creation of Daash terrorist organization al-Maliki's policies because of the civil war in Syria . Gates said in a televised interview with the US channel NBC, I followed / Baghdadi News / The " policies and the Syrian civil war, the government of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki are created Daash terrorist organization ". Gates added that " al-Maliki a dictator and turned into an authoritarian and sectarian This was demonstrated clearly to remove him through the Sunni sect what the smartest sectarian fire in Iraq . " When asked about the reasons that prompted the US administration to support the Maliki government in Iraq, Gates said , " Yes, our support al-Maliki at the beginning of his mandate because it was weak .. However, after a short period showed another face and grabbed all powers for himself, took Iraq into a nasty case of sectarian tension ". I ended 21 / forة-AkYONEnة-gkjbA-blznL-DAIyo-AkPEmABn.html
  6. IF THIS HAS BEEN POSTED, PLEASE DISREGARD, THANKS Posted on 24 March 2015 . Tags: CBI, Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), dinar, Dinar Exchange Rate, IQD, iraqi dinar, Ministry of Finance, Money Supply, re-denomination, re-valuation, Redenomination, revaluation, Treasury Bills By Mark DeWeaver. This year the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is set to sell IQD 11 trillion in new debt to the state sector banks, thereby partially filling the hole in the central government budget left by the recent collapse in oil prices. The new issuance should bring total treasury bills outstanding to IQD 18 trillion, a 156% increase over the end of last year and more than double the previous peak level of November, 2010. T-bill issues of this magnitude could potentially provide a sizable boost to money supply growth. Consider what would happen if the state banks didn’t keep any of the new bills on their balance sheets but instead sold all of them to the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq). The central bank would pay the banks by crediting their reserve accounts, thereby monetizing the increase in government debt by “printing” new money. (Such operations are allowed under Article 26, Section 2 of the CBI Law.) The resulting IQD 11 trillion increase in base money (commercial bank reserves + cash in circulation) could increase Iraq’s M2 money supply by as much as IQD 15 trillion (assuming the current M2 multiplier of 1.37 times). (M2 includes base money and commercial bank deposits.) That would be a 17% jump, a dramatic acceleration from December’s year-on-year M2 growth of just 3.3% to growth rates last seen in 2013. (See Chart.) Engineering a monetary stimulus of this magnitude might be a good policy for the government to pursue. With GDP growth at a multi-year low (see my last post) and year-on-year inflation dropping to -0.41% in January, why shouldn’t the CBI attempt its own version of “quantitative easing?” Yet it is far from clear that the government has any such plan. This year’s T-bill sales will not be unprecedented. From April, 2009 – April 2010, total T-bills outstanding rose by IQD 7.2 trillion—the same 17% of initial base money that IQD 11 trillion would represent today. And none of those earlier T-bills were sold to the CBI. In fact, the central bank hasn’t had any T-bills on its balance sheet since March, 2006. If this precedent is repeated, this year’s new issuance will have no impact on the money supply at al
  7. Launch the green light to the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar March 4, 2015, 11:48 BAGHDAD – ((eighth day)) Governor of the Central Bank announced on the Keywords, to deletethe zeros existing project, as pointed out it was given the green light for its implementation, he stressed that this process will be preceded by regulatory and administrative operations. And he said: “The project to delete the zeros is based was put intopractice, and we gave the green light to start with,” noting that “The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.” Keywords and added that “this process will be preceded by regulatory and administrative processes and the form in which it will start moving in,” adding that “the Bank began creating currency models and training of cadres to it.” The Iraqi Central Bank announced in May 2012 that the process of deletion of zeros from the country ofIraq will be transferred to the trillions of billions, indicating that the process of replacing the currency needs to be approved by parliament. He accused the central bank, in (12 September 2011), government agencies obstructing monetary reform and vowed to persecuting, blaming those actors responsible for exposing the financial interests of thecountry to danger. It is noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not ready at the moment to delete the zerosfrom the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the deletion needs to security and political stability as well as the stability of the economy. | ST |
  8. Posted on 04 March 2015 . Tags: Duty, eggs, food, food imports, Import tariffs, Iran, Poultry, protectionism, taxation,Turkey By John Lee. New taxes in force since the beginning of last week mean that Turkish producers exporting into Iraq now need to pay US$290 per ton of exported chicken meat, rather than $35 previously. As a result, the Turkish poultry sector, which has the fourth largest share in the world’s poultry market, risks losing its biggest market, Iraq. The Poultry Site quotes the head of the Turkish poultry meat producers and breeders association, Sait Koca, as saying: “Turkish producers exported around 227,000 tons of poultry to Iraq in 2014 for around $443 million. Unless the new custom taxes are revoked, we are likely to lose our biggest export market to Brazilian exporters.” Turkish exporters use the Habur Border Gate to enter the Iraqi market; Koca said they can also use the Iranian border gates but the Iranian side demands $100 from each truck. Ömer Görener, chairman of Turkish poultry producer Banvit, told Hurryiat Daily News: “Iraq asks for only $35 per ton at other border gates for poultry imports coming from Brazil or Iran. With the new taxes, our poultry’s price is $255 higher than others per ton, damaging our competitiveness.” The Iraqi side has also begun implementing the same rise in taxes on egg imports from Turkey, which had been sending more than 250 trucks full of eggs to Iraq until recently, making over $410 million of contributions to exports to the Turkish economy annually. Around 90 per cent of Turkey”s egg exports are to Iraq. (Source: The Poultry Site) (Poultry image via Shutterstock)
  9. Khalati edit Tikrit forces have made great progress and are waiting for good news of victory in the coming hours 03/03/2015 {Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the mass citizen Hassan Khalati, Tuesday, that the security forces and the popular crowd have made significant progress in the liberalization process of Tikrit and wait for good news of victory in the coming hours, likely to end the battle quickly to the magnitude of the forces involved and their courage. He said Khalati told {Euphrates News} “There is rapid progress in military operations in Tikrit and rise the banner of Iraq high in the center of Tikrit.” He added: “Everyone is waiting for good news of victory and the security of our troops who liberated the cliff victory Hours able to make the final victory in Tikrit This joy awaits all the Iraqi people. ” He said, “High preparations greater than the forces participating in the liberation of the cliff victory and prepare and encouraged by that the next few hours Stzv human of all the Iraqi people and to be editor of Tikrit gate for the Liberation of Mosul and an end to the presence of these terrorist gangs.” He noted that “There is intelligence that Daash terrorist gangs in a state of abandonment and decline and deterioration in their situation because of the ongoing them strikes in Tikrit. mentions the security forces and the popular crowd support tribes launched a major military offensive called for Beck, O Messenger of Allah {r} of several axes to cleanse the city of Tikrit and its environs from Conception Daash terrorist gangs and implemented the campaign of several axes, and with the participation of thousands of elements of the security forces and the crowd and the Mujahideen and were able to purge several areas central refraction and weak resistance to these gangs “.anthy m
  10. Is Sandfly OK? Please somebody, any news?
  11. Can anybody tell me if SANDFLY is ok? Miss his Daily Thanks and opinions! ! ! Please Lord, keep him safe......
  12. Conspiracy under the title of "general amnesty" to push al-Maliki of habeas corpus! BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq said senior political source said earlier, that "al-Maliki and al-Abadi and al-Jaafari and al-Hakim" held a secret meeting last night to discuss how to keep al-Maliki from prosecution on charges of corruption and killings and violation of human rights, the source added through a telephone conversation with "Network Editor Iraq News "had been summoned Medhat al-Mahmoud legal consultation and left everyone with an agreement to launch (amnesty) includes relatives of Saddam Hussein and the wanted list," 55 "and MP Ahmad al-Alwani and others, the source confirmed that the purpose of the launch of a general amnesty is al-Maliki and his cohorts criminal, and there are hundreds of files corruption against al-Maliki in the forefront (treason) and the loss of one-third of Iraq's territory, however Daash terrorist not to mention the waste of $ 1000 billion of public money by officials permit last of the Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, this has already been said a source familiar with the Iraqi government, working on the law of the end pardon scheduled announcement in the coming weeks, pointing to the possibility that includes amnesty former deputy sentenced to death Ahmed al-Alwani and officers in the former army and relatives of former Iraqi President Saddam Hasin.oaodh source, who preferred anonymity, said that the judicial authorities stipulated that the plaintiffs waived the right profile of the families of the victims Before inclusion Alwani your pardon, "the judicial authorities stipulated that the plaintiffs waived the right profile of the families of the victims before the inclusion Alwani your pardon." In the same vein, the Iraqi Judiciary Council said in a statement, said that the death penalty will not be carried out against former MP unless approved by the Court of Federal discrimination. Refers delayed the court to believe or reverse the judgment to the political pressure on the judiciary to impede the execution of the judgment, which questioned many of the political and judicial authorities Bmsaddaqath.onsp the judge who sentenced Alwani death, Baligh Hamdi, saying that he had "carried out instructions Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud, who has relationship of subordination large current Vice President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki, based at the same time that the issue of political Alwani, not criminal. The lawyer Nawaf al-Obeidi, who prevented the Judicial Council of the defense of former MP, has said that "the Federal Court is illegitimate and contrary to the law and is not independent because the American occupation is the shape and develop its mechanisms ," adding that "the commendable work under the guidance of al-Maliki, there can be no independence of the judiciary ".سياسية/مؤامرة-...1583;-ا/
  13. Talk about the return of al-Maliki trial Roudao - Baghdad Has become the issue of the trial of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his government, Talk time on social networking sites, especially (Facebook), where activists stressed the need to open the files relating to the financial and administrative corruption, al-Maliki during the presidency of the Iraqi government. He revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member of the Iraqi Adel Noori, told the network Roudao media, that "the Commission is studying a number of files relating to corruption," adding: "If proven Maliki was involved in one of those files, it will be submitted no doubt to the Iraqi judiciary." On the issue of the fall of Mosul, and the possibility of load-Maliki responsible for the crash, Iraqi MP stressed state law Kazem Sayadi to Roudao, that "security officials in Nineveh province, are to blame for the fall of Mosul, not al-Maliki." The media had talked earlier, on receipt of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi documents indicting the most prominent figures to participate in the government of his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki on charges of large financial corruption, as well as close to al-Maliki, political figures, and a number of his relatives. It is noteworthy that several regional countries began to move recently to gather information and documents condemns Maliki and prove his involvement issues of corruption and massacres in Iraq, most recently received the International Police (Interpol) evidence and documents in this regard.
  14. Chalabi: Miqdad Sharifi received $ 50 million in exchange for electoral fraud! Under section: political Dated: January 8, 2015 Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed president of the National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, for the most prominent corrupt deals of the Independent High Electoral Commission. He said MP for the coalition of citizen's parliament said in a statement through his personal publishing in the social networking site that "in the recent parliamentary elections, the number of participants in the voting of employees of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior (50911 member), according to the report by the Independent High Electoral Commission, headed by Miqdad Sharifi. "He explained Chalabi through his statement, which was published in the (Facebook) that" the commander of Nineveh operations former Lt. Gen. Mahdi al-Gharawi, said in a recent meeting that broadcast on one of the channels that the total number of employees of the defense and interior ministries in Nineveh does not exceed 11,000 thousand member. "He pointed to the" Here we ask the Independent High Electoral Commission, and the head Miqdad Sharifi circle that took one month only for the announcement of final results, from where came this huge number? " He explained that "there are about 40 000 electoral vote satellite card has been calculated." The Chalabi had earlier, that "We hope that there will be a real campaign to expel the Board of Commissioners of the Office of the elections after their involvement in financial and administrative corruption." He explained Chalabi said in a statement him that "one of the most prominent of the Independent High Electoral Commission deals are buying process footprint devices failed," adding that it "because of those devices was wasting nearly one billion dollars" .otsael head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, "Is it permissible to their business, after detecting corruption of files? ", Noting that they" receive monthly salaries of tens of millions ", stressing Chalabi in his statement that" Mokdad Hassan Sharifi head of the department election campaign in the Independent High Electoral Commission, received $ 50 million from the Director of Real Estate Green Zone Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki (son of the vice president of the current Republic Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki) versus that are there elections is a farce, "he said .ozkr that" Sharifi Real Estate variety and apartments in Sulaimaniyah and Arbil, and Beirut, "noting that" Sharifi has appointed most of the members of his family, relatives and his followers in the Commission (family ) election, "he and Cefh.oahar activists Mtaatbon of events that" the main doors of the corruption of the previous government are UN High Commissioner untapped and is not independent of the elections where they were in Iraq working 6 months, and the rest of the four years, the equivalent of three and a half years, receive allowances and salaries without work or Time ".ozkr another activist that" Mekdad Sharifi became a millionaire after the Commission has monopolized him and his relatives and members of his family, a junior professional, graduate (industry) in the area / message - Baghdad, we do not know how he was awarded this position by the former government leaders ?. "
  15. Just wanted to thank Sandfly for being a Great American and for his Patriotism, THANK YOU!
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