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  1. I simply prefer the face of our nation to do his best to keep people safe....follow science. And for months now, the science has been consistent, mask wearing slows the spread, plain and simple. Did you see how the Trump fanatics booed the (R) Ohio Lt. Governor when he encouraged people to wear masks while speaking at a Trump rally in Ohio? It's not a civil liberties issue, it's a public health issue....Trump knows the right buttons to push to get his impressionable base whipped into a lather. GO RV, then BV
  2. Kind of creepy isn't it? Heck, we got so much corn, there's darn near a corn maze or two in every township. And don't get me started on pumpkins. GO RV, then BV
  3. All I can really say to you both is the Trump ordered, Kris Kobach headed voter fraud investigation, found barely a blip of fraudulent voter cases, a complete failure....which is good for all of us, really. GO RV, then BV
  4. Another Trump supporter quip from out of the blue....thanks for stopping by. GO RV, then BV
  5. Question(s) for you; If you were to attend a Trump rally and they made you sign a waiver so Trump can't be sued if you get covid at his rally, would you go? Better yet, would you wonder why he doesn't promote mask wearing when you sign that waiver? GO RV, then BV
  6. Tend to think of myself as more of an old white haystack, as opposed to hillbilly....can dang near see all the way across Indiana from here....which is fine by me, if you've seen one cornfield you've seen a million. GO RV, then BV
  7. And if you care to honestly remember, Trump even put one of his staunchest allies, Kobach from Kansas, I believe it was, to spearhead a voter fraud investgative team to prove fraud existed on a massive scale, because he couldn't stand the thought of losing the popular vote to HRC, even though it meant nothing, unless a person possesses a fragile ego like Trump's....and they found only a handful of voter fraud instances...and the investigation silently wimpered away, with no fanfare, almost as if it never existed. GO RV, then BV
  8. Not a false narrative, truth....he even said they were good people. GO RV, then BV
  9. Funny just said playing the race card causes division while telling me I sound racist....Proving, even the best of us should reread our posts before we send them out into the social media world. GO RV, then BV
  10. Silly question. White supremacists do indeed support Trump though, as by not pushing back against them, particularly in Charlottesville, he gave them a voice....and they support him for it. GO RV, then BV
  11. The above post was not meant to infer ALL Trump supporters are uneducated. GO RV, then BV
  12. Nowhere in my above post did I accuse DJT of being a racist. That said, a person only needs to look at the diversity, i.e. lack thereof, at his campaign rallies...easily 99 percent white. He appeals to millions of uneducated white folk, and yes, to white supremacists, whether by accident or by design is anybody's guess, though I have my thoughts on it. And no, I'm a somewhat above middle aged white military veteran from rural America, contrary to accusations by some here. GO RV, then BV
  13. Absolutely.....biggest positive Joe Biden brings to the table....he's not Trump, or and a mask, to protect others, very presidential in my view. GO RV, then BV
  14. And yet another point of view is.....the billionaire living the Golden life can't contain his narcissism and decides if he can somehow convince the disenfranchised white masses that they are losing their ironclad grip on this nation, they will elect him....he ascends to the throne, surrounds himself with "his" people, though it took many months to weed out those he hired who were not completely vested in Trump world, and essentially become above the law, in his view. Hell, he even publicly exclaimed he will not commit to the peaceful transfer of power, should he lose reelection.
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