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  1. Exciting times...look forward to compiling a list of the Senators who comply with the oath they just swore to and those who choose party over country. The last midterm election was a real referendum on those who chose the latter....I suspect the next election will be much the same, as foreign interference is strictly forbidden. GO RV, then BV
  2. Hear ya....of course everytime Trump tweets name calling, such as, "shifty" "crazy" "loser", the list goes on and on, for the entire world to see and shake their heads at, embarrassed for us, Trump loses any chance of suing for slander. Ya hear me? GO RV, then BV
  3. Do you really believe that Trump giving his taxpayer funded salary to charity, while he pockets hundreds of times that much taxpayer funds by frequently golfing at his own clubs, is an equivalent exchange? Keeping in mind this man trolled Obama for years and publicly stated he would never golf as pOTUS. Honest question, hoping for an honest answer. GO RV, then BV
  4. Hey, jump to conclusions much? JK. GO RV, then BV
  5. U.S. Trump's Golf Trips To Mar-a-Lago Cost County $13.8 Million For Local Security Mary Papenfuss HuffPostJanuary 17, 2020, 7:03 AM EST President Donald Trump’s 27 trips to play golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida have cost Palm Beach County $13.8 million for local security as of spring 2019, according to county documents. U.S. taxpayers have already reimbursed the country $10 million for expenditures through September 2018, according to The Palm Beach Post. The country is still awaiting an additional $3.8 million for expenses racked up through October 2019. The local figure is on top of $118 million in travel and federal security costs Trump has saddled U.S. taxpayers with for the 227-plus days he has spent during his presidency at his various golf resorts, according to a HuffPost analysis as of his winter vacation in December. That’s the equivalent of a 296 years of a presidential salary. A chunk of those costs flows into Trump’s own pockets, as Secret Service agents and presidential support staff pay to stay and eat at his resorts while accompanying the president. The White House refuses to disclose records that would reveal how much the president is profiting from his own trips. Local governments rack up their own separate costs when Trump travels to his golf resorts. He often spends warm-weather weekends and his summer vacation at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Most of the Palm Beach County money has paid for overtime for sheriff’s deputies. Local law enforcement officers escort Trump’s motorcade, man checkpoints, direct traffic, guard Mar-a-Lago and handle bomb-sniffing dogs. From the time of Trump’s election in November 2016 to his inauguration in January 2017, local agencies spent nearly $1 million on his Mar-a-Lago visits, according to the newspaper. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is attempting to hide total Secret Service costs for Trump’s frequent getaways until after the presidential election, The Washington Post reported. Trump often complained before and during his 2016 campaign about the time former President Barack Obama spent golfing. But Trump has spent three times the total number of days as Obama did at golf resorts at comparable times in their administrations. In addition, Obama’s far fewer trips were cheaper for the public because he often played at military bases within a short drive from the White House. Unlike previous presidents, Trump has refused to divest from his businesses. He continues to promote and profit from his golf resorts on the taxpayer’s dime. Critics complain he is violating the Constitution’s domestic emoluments clause, which prohibits presidents from accepting benefits beyond salary from the federal or any state government. GO RV, then BV
  6. Thanks Enigma.....I've seen those. I thought maybe you had something current I haven't read. Thanks again. GO RV, then BV
  7. Probably not.....but for truly patriotic supporters of our military brothers and sisters, past and present, it should. GO RV, then BV
  8. Politics Trump called top national-security officials 'losers,' 'dopes and babies' when they tried to walk him through the basics of US diplomacy, an explosive new book says (Tom Porter) January 17, 2020, 8:58 AM EST Rex Tillerson Donald Trump AP Photo/Evan Vucci A July 2017 meeting between President Donald Trump and top national-security officials went disastrously wrong, according to an excerpt from a new book by two Washington Post reporters. The officials hoped to teach Trump about the basics of America's global role, but the president grew irate and started insulting US military leaders, according to the excerpt of "A Very Stable Genius," set to be released Tuesday. "I wouldn't go to war with you people," Trump reportedly told the officials, adding, "You're a bunch of dopes and babies." There was stunned silence in the room, with some officials feeling "sick to their stomachs," the book's authors wrote. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was the only official to stand up to the president that day, the authors said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. President Donald Trump hurled insults at top officials in an extraordinary outburst in a Pentagon meeting to educate the president about the US's role in the world, according to an excerpt of an explosive new book about the White House. According to The Washington Post's excerpt from "A Very Stable Genius," written by the Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig and set to be released on Tuesday, the incident took place in a secure meeting room called "the Tank" in July 2017. The book said the meeting was convened by top members of Trump's national-security team, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who have all since left the administration. The three men were reportedly concerned about Trump's ignorance of geography, history, and military strategy and wanted to bring him up to speed. "Mattis, Cohn, and Tillerson and their aides decided to use maps, graphics, and charts to tutor the president, figuring they would help keep him from getting bored," Rucker and Leonnig wrote. "Mattis opened with a slide show punctuated by lots of dollar signs." Trump, however, reportedly grew irate, demanding to know why the US wasn't seeking payment from allies in Europe and South Korea for military forces stationed there and berating top brass over the failures of US strategy in Afghanistan. James Mattis and Donald Trump Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images "You're all losers," Trump reportedly said. "You don't know how to win anymore." The book said Trump launched into an astonishing personal attack on the officials. "I wouldn't go to war with you people," Trump reportedly told them, adding, "You're a bunch of dopes and babies." Describing the stunned silence in the room after the president's diatribe, the book said: "So many people in that room had gone to war and risked their lives for their country, and now they were being dressed down by a president who had not. They felt sick to their stomachs." trump meeting Oliver Douliery/Pool-Getty Images According to the book, the only official who rebuked Trump was Tillerson, who interrupted the president when he said the US should make money from troop deployments. "The men and women who put on a uniform don't do it to become soldiers of fortune," Tillerson reportedly said. "That's not why they put on a uniform and go out and die ... They do it to protect our freedom." The reporter Bob Woodward described the same meeting in "Fear," his 2018 book about the Trump White House. But the details in Rucker and Leonnig's account had not been reported before. According to Woodward, Tillerson called Trump a "f---ing moron" after the meeting. Trump sacked Tillerson in March 2018, reportedly by tweet. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the book. GO RV, then BV
  9. Remember those times, not all that long ago......when Obama haters were absolutely convinced he was embarrassing us on the world stage? GO RV, then BV
  10. Politics GOP Group Hits Trump With $1 Million Attack Ads On His Favorite Fox Shows Ed Mazza January 17, 2020, 3:33 AM EST GOP Group Hits Trump With $1 Million Attack Ads On His Favorite Fox Shows A Republican group is launching a $1 million ad campaign aimed at pressuring Senate Republicans into calling witnesses during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Republicans for the Rule of Law, a group of anti-Trump conservatives, said the two ads will run nationally on both “Fox & Friends” on Fox News and “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Fox Business every day next week. Trump is known to watch both shows and tweet about what he sees on them. This week, he praised “the great Lou Dobbs” as he signed a trade deal at a White House event with the Fox host in attendance. But if the president tunes in next week, he may see an ad such as this one, urging lawmakers to call on former national security adviser John Bolton to testify: “The Constitution charges the Senate with ‘the sole Power to try all impeachments,’” the group’s director, former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, said in a statement. “But the Senate can’t try an impeachment without a trial, and there’s no such thing as a trial without evidence.” Along with the TV spots, the group is advertising via digital billboards in the capitals of Utah, Alaska, Maine, Tennessee, Colorado and Arizona ― home states of Republicans senators who may vote to allow witnesses, some of whom are locked in tight reelection battles. Republicans for the Rule of Law has mounted a series of ad campaigns since last year on TV and online calling on Republicans to stand up to Trump and slamming his defenders. GO RV, then BV
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