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  1. Yeah, I remember when Pres. Obama said that about Trayvon Martin and the backlash it caused. All these years later, it's interesting how many brushes with law enforcement, Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman has had, don't you think? GO RV, then BV
  2. I don't recall the division being nearly this wide.....Perhaps out here in the sticks I wasn't paying as much attention to angry old white guys as I should have. My military service introduced me to diversity that doesn't exist in the fields between coastlines, so obviously I didn't understand the angst coming from my own hometown during the Obama years. GO RV, then BV
  3. That's a solid theory, if the millions of young progressives who were awakened in the midterms by candidates like these 4 rabblerousers are still interested come 2020....Trump's smile might turn upside down. As always, just my opinion. GO RV, then BV
  4. It's a mighty hypocritical country, Left and Right....don't you all think? GO RV, then BV
  5. You mean the hate the Right shows from them at every turn? i.e.....Peehosi, the muslim & Cotex GO RV, then BV
  6. Trump has shown who he is, his true character and what he stands for, that being himself.....he's excludes millions of citizens of this country with no desire to close that gap. If his supporters are insulted by the push back Trump created they should engage and defend his hateful rhetoric or look away....this thread is a microcosm of that very thing. GO RV, then BV
  7. Would you say he's more of a straight shooter.....or a trash talker? Like the boy that cried wolf....he can't be both. GO RV, then BV
  8. Well if that's how you see it and the context Trump's coming from.....perhaps he'd be better suited to not come at them from his heritage's vantage point, that being 1940's Germany. GO RV, then BV
  9. I do want to point out the glaring difference in your analogy though.....Pelosi is Left allowed a resolution denouncing hatred espoused by another Lefty, though the name was not used. In this case though.....there is nothing coming out of the Right denouncing Trump's language whatsoever....that's the difference. How many on the Right voted for the resolution when it was Omar? And how many of those same Righties will vote for it against Trump's hatred tweets? GO RV, then BV
  10. Other than what I said about her deserving swift push back yesterday.....I couldn't find an article. However, you seemingly view everybody on the left as Radical soooo...... GO RV, then BV
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