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  1. JUN. 11, 2021, AT 6:00 AM Why It’s So Hard To Gauge Support For QAnon By Kaleigh Rogers Filed under Right-wing Extremism PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY EMILY SCHERER / ADOBE STOCK Just how many Americans believe in the QAnon conspiracy? Recent polling from June
  2. That's a great success story. I personally have no issues with people who homeschool, as their children tend to be very intelligent and quite book smart. Sadly, most people don't have the means monetarily to be able to afford to have only one parent working, of course, all contingent on what part of the country they live in. Honestly the only problem I ever encountered with a home schooled kid was when I coached little league baseball. That particular boy struggled with the social environment that comes with a team sport and how to negotiate the differing attitudes of other children. He w
  3. “She’s under a spell, it’s scary”: Son chronicles his mother’s descent into the dark world of Qanon Justin Vallejo Wed, June 9, 2021, 5:58 AM·7 min read Sean Don
  4. I have zero issues with Conservatives.....Trump certainly isn't one of those, as he's lived his whole life enjoying the excesses of others hard work. I don't know one single Conservative who isn't above putting in the work you? GO RV, then BV
  5. You are correct. Teach kids right from wrong at home.....and hopefully, God willing, parents know the difference. GO RV, then BV
  6. People should teach their children at home to treat each and every person equally, sans skin color.....It's not the school systems responsibility to raise a child.....responsible parent(s), guardian(s) must do that. As always, just my opinion. GO RV, then BV
  7. The burden of proof lies with the accuser.....every CONSERVATIVE knows that. And if your agitated, there is an ignore button as well as self-restraint in viewing posts that may offend your sensibilities. Choose one. Are you a Q believer or follower? GO RV, then BV
  8. I already did, a number of times.....even got you to prove you were a dinar holder like the rest of us....Here's a friendly little reminder of that exchange, in case it slipped your mind.....It seems you weren't actually done with me "forever". GO RV, then BV
  9. You wanna talk trash about Biden....feel free to start a thread to do just that, as this thread is about the Q phenomenon, not President Biden. And you've made that accusation about me being a paid shill a number of times....Yet every time I mention I've been a member here for years prior to the rise of Trump, you simply ignore it and move on. Now would be a good time to do the same before embarrassing yourself further. As always, just my opinion. GO RV, then BV
  10. Heffernan: Reports of QAnon's death aren't exaggerated Virginia Heffernan Fri, June 11, 2021, 6:00 AM A QAnon sign at a protest rally in Olympia, Wash., last year. (Ted S. Warren / Associated Pres
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