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  1. You did not fight for me Rayzur. You fought for something corrupt and evil and you fought for a lie. You left the back door open and now we deal with NDAA, DHS, TSA, CIA, NSA, 2nd amendment rights as well as some parts of the first. I respect all that you feel devoted to, but we have a real problem...oh, might I forget ...the drones...those damn drones. 3000 Americans may have died in New York, but just how many innocent Iraquis needed to die so that number is quenched ? We were way past 500, 000 children before we invaded the reminds me of the Vietnam crap a lot of us went throug
  2. Our lawful retaliation would be to concentrate on throwing 99 percent of the senate and congress out on the street. Just have to shut down all distractions...people, etc, and get focused as a group in each voting district. There is no "lawful" retaliation in the current environment. Door is closing rather rapidly I think but we will see. Just to hear Pelosi say on national television "we have no spending problem" is enough to want to do something lawful and fullfilling. IMHO
  3. Folks have a hard time wrapping their patriotic brains around realism. I am an ex viet vet and have seen the advancement of many 3 and 4 letter agencies in this country while everyone chants "they are fighting them there so they do not have to fight them here". While they fight "there" we have the NDAA, NSA, CIA, TSA, DHS, and now the drone issue along with the dismantling of the 2nd amendment. We are on the cusp of a military dictatorship with the help of previous administrations. Just my personal opinion. We are always told "they defend our freedoms", our "interests", yet here we are in the
  4. Staunch...always love to learn facts . You are correct in that regard. I see the banks will be required to accept the liability. I am curious as to the mandate and they appear to have no choice. Maybe from the cash doled out years ago from Paulson had stipulations we are not aware of as yet. Time will tell. Thanks!
  5. Staunch...I could have misunderstood but the current administration in their apparent ultimate wisdom intend to force banks to lo loan to sub prime again. Similiar, I believe, to the definition of insanity in doing the same thing over and over with the same results. You have to admire their tenacity though...:-)
  6. I think it may have more to do with the rules that are coming but as always, just a guess
  7. So you want to be a "REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOT"?? / All this rhetoric is nonsense. This is a 2009 article
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