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  1. Once again..your ignorant arrogance is showing .. “Tika hatta onda ora batta ronda aka aka ora manda rasa ta, etc.,” or as you .. the Bible Thumper says..Sha Naw Naw Han Na Naw
  2. There is more to that story but of course, it will be the proverbial chasing the tail.. An affidavit is admissible evidence, although some courts may consider it hearsay and require you to testify to the affidavit in order to avoid this distinction. Thus, you should never assume that signing an affidavit will exempt you from testifying in court as a witness although affidavits are necessary as a proffer of the evidence that will be presented at the hearing, they are not sufficient to constitute evidence on the jurisdictional issue when the facts are controverted. Another area of law where affidavits are necessary is in the summary judgment context.
  3. Should Ms. Ellis have first hand knowlege of a crime, then she needs to file a signed, criminal complaint with the FBI
  4. That is definitely a mouthful and a lot of information..thanks for finding that explanation. I am always suspect of plans and bills that appear in rather rapid form once an announcement or incident occurs. I am always suspect of government regardless 😳🙂
  5. It was not about CNN BigWave..and I think stated was about the statements by the Big G and Sidney, which reminded me of the late late 60's and early 70' of politician speak during their ridiculous justification for Nam'..and I will probably get spanked for that statement cause it is not relevant to something by someone that matters or not...done for now..sleep well.
  6. I have, and I plan on. I am not a PARTY fanatic, do not give a rats ### about either.
  7. I have begun to notice that we are not part of the equation on either side any longer unless they need to keep us at each other and it serves their parties purpose. I am and have been a registered independent for decades so I am not able to vote in preliminaries. The Rep and dem are or have become about their preservation, not yours or mine..maybe they never have .
  8. By the not get your panties in a wad becauser the video comes from a cnn link ..if you prefer, I will find another 😳🙂
  9. Provisional ballots are a normal part of the process. There claims are ludicrous at the least. If you listen to the entire video and listen to Guilliano and Sidney..Sidney..making claims without evidence..The FireHose of Festivus.. I again am not a fan of either side, but this is almost 10 months of proof..and we keep sliding down the rabbit hole..
  10. You did a lot of paragraph stands out in several which I hope to understand but some of it is quite clear, so until I go through the list I will reserve comment. (ary 🙂).. Note 1: Some Non-Merit reasons for stopping lawsuits from going forward are for: a) Standing, b) Timing [Laches], c) Judicial authority [Jurisdiction], and d) Moot (e.g. not enough malfeasance to make a difference). In each of these situations, the case was not fully heard. In US Supreme Counrt Cases, "Cert Denied" means that the case will not be heard, and the lower court's decision stands. This happens in 90%± of cases submitted to SCOTUS. It does not necessarily mean SCOTUS agrees with the lowe court. In the "Dismissed Moot/Cert Denied" cases above, the majority of the judges did not state why they would not hear these cases. However, Judge Thomas wrote a strong argument against denying Cert here, and he objected to other judges using Moot as an excuse. Note 2: Disposition breakdown of the 90 lawsuits: Non-Merit = 39 (beige); To Be Determined (TBD: active) = 14 (white); Trump Statutory Wins = 18 (green); Trump Statutory Losses = 7 (red); Voluntarily withdrawn (due to consolidation, etc.) = 12 (blue).
  11. Pitcher, of all the folks in this mess along with us, I have a lot of respect for you. I do not necessarily agree with your views, but I respect them. I believe Caddieman has not defended anymore than you and many others defended. I am not even certain Caddieman defended anything. These are troubling times, and there is a lot of talk of civil war, socialism, etc. If we took the politicians out of this equation, there might be a middle ground that we could all deal with. That will never happen in the present environment. Never. Caddieman never came on this board saying Biden was doing a better job..the bulk of this any other conversations have been about the "steal"..not defending an administration. I have stated previously that Biden reminded me of Carter. Maybe he is worse than..but shame on the system that only gave us these 2 choices and shame on us for letting them.
  12. "You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop—The Twilight Zone." I can't go down this is truly bizarre
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