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  1. so you are calling me evil? So if I rebuke you for being equally evil..does that count? This is like dealing with middle school kids.
  2. People like..? Thats hilarious..but you and your other Avitar CL can call us demon possessed..Satanists ..Cowards.. an insult..As well as other? Your pouting now???😅 so now you do not want to play in the sandbox....its totally a double standard if what you and your other half can get away with the insults.
  3. I would wager a big yes ... as well as a satanist AND your not a Patriot!! You did not realize you were such a horrible human being did you..thanks to you know! Just think how this country would be if christians actually walked the walk..not just talk the talk.
  4. I did not say I was skeptical nstoolman..I merely read the bill and brought it to your attention. Politicians have been touting..tugging..pulling..all differentvways to go around the 2nd ammendment.
  5. Thanks CL..for your Christ like attitude. America was not "christian" founded..thats b.s..the escape from religious tyranny among other things created this nation..we did not conquer those that lived here for possibly 100's of years..we murdered ..stole..tortured..burned..we conquered..just like the Roman Catholics who killed and tortured non believers in their quest to convert. Coward? You are starting to mimic LDG and that is sad. I had a great day..having a nice mellow evening and should I wake tommorrow..It will be just as grand. For you to lower yourself to this level is surprising but I am not surprised how you truly feel. All that Christian mindset is waning on you tonight. It amazes me that those still clinging to Q nonsense and all that goes with it call themselves christian patriots and those that choose not to follw along cowards and satanists. That is pathetic and immature. have a great night..a grand day tomorrow..
  6. What does S.506 have to do with what you were stating...just curious Introduced in Senate (03/01/2021) Clean School Bus Act of 2021 This bill directs the Department of Energy (DOE) to establish the Clean School Bus Grant Program in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Under the program, DOE must award grants for the replacement of existing diesel school buses with electric buses.
  7. When I am in Hell as you believe, Shedagal, I will probably see you there I do not support a mega millionaire movie star who spouts parroted speeches from Mel Gibsons' Braveheart to a bunch of Q'Anon believers who still believe Trump is returning this year. Your definition of a Patriot is truly out of balance. I am as much, maybe even more of a Patriot than you. Putting Patriot and Christian together is a chilling vision. I do not live on luck, never have.
  8. You had nothing to do with any of this humor..please do not pat yourself on any portion of your body!!
  9. There you go again christian proclaiming person with all your Christ like attitude...libtard,,what a about all the b.s. win them over for Christ you proclaim?...oh do not..cause..oh wait..cause you do may have made people 6 figures in this world that you seem to loathe according to CL..laboriously..but those that chose cannot take that to the other side...and in the keep spouting stupid. Are you Satan in disguise LGD?? Hmmm....maybe
  10. Some of the actual..there is one that shows a shadow and appears to be taking a pic. There are never 2 astronauts in any of the pictures. Not trying to debate..just passing it along.. landing pictures&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CWIuh25_1xm9OYXI6W5xwUbdgsgIGCgIIABAB&client=ms-opera-mobile&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CBQQuIIBahcKEwjw4JmzwO7zAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQCQ&biw=339&bih=569
  11. There are many fake photos of many things..I am merely commenting on the basics of which it seems you have experience if a "real" photo were taken by most cameras.
  12. Photographs of the night sky that are full of stars are long exposures, often taking many minutes -- it takes that long for the camera to detect enough photons for a pretty view. Short exposures don't catch stars. ... These exposures may have been too short to detect stars in the sky.
  13. Thanks for your concern..blood pressure is still good...unsure of the constructiveness of it.
  14. Wow..just cannot be seriously promoting this view. CL .. so my assumption of the use of herbs at times is not off point?
  15. Thank you for that observation. Since I am not involved in the "other side" I have no knowledge of that. I only know what he accuses me of on a rather regular time frame and you as well as others allow it to continue..therefore my "double standard" viewpoint. I have no value added contributions on this side and neither does he and on this side, neither do you aside from your views, politically it seems. Baiting is not one of my fortes but I will have to state that you and others are pros at my personal opinion. I realize that nothing on this side of value will change so I will leave you to your views. I do understand your feelings and thought is disappointing that your "side" does not welcome opposing views. In an effort not to "BAIT", I wish you well in your illusions on this side...which..are not constructive and very biased. If LGD has assisted other on the "other side" then, as a "pay it forward individual", may he be blessed beyond measure. I am. Be well and prosper.
  16. I have not seen the value..enlighten me please. My "division" is opposing views? So, if one has similar views they bring value? LGD continues to state that I am Muslim and demonically possessed and I am Shabs by another Avatar. That entire word speak is an insult to me, and it is constant.
  17. Sounds like a plan CL...I assume the "rude insult" remark was meant for both?.
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