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  1. Sorry B/A I’m going to have to differ in opinion with you , the first three fields he listed were medical, education and construction..... I know people in all those fields and none make $10-$15 an hour ... they’re getting paid more than that ... he sounded like an elitist snob in that video that wants no part of middle class and blu collar workers .
  2. The Jobs being created aren’t good jobs ?
  3. Shabs I’m so sorry you feel I baited you, not my intentions at all .. all I was looking for was some positivity in something you would post , who would make a good candidate in your desired world , and all I got was more negativity. This one track conversation is over and out for me
  4. I’m looking forward to hearing what Bloomberg sounds like at a debate ... but all in all Shabs I was looking some positivity in your post .., I would like to hear some good qualities of the candidates from you .., surely some of them offer good things for the country ??
  5. Okay Shabs, I’ll give it a shot here !!! Every thing you post is only about Trump so let’s try bringing in some positivity to your posts.,,, Tell us who you think out of all the candidates that are running ... who you believe can do GOOD for our country and why ... maybe some real conversations could be had then
  6. Come on Shabs even you know to know your friends and to know your enemies even better. !!!!
  7. I call her the sleeping cell ... I guess she has awakened ... I saw her on an interview where she was making fun of Americans fear of Al-Qaida ... I hope she’s held accountable finally !!! Thank you Markinsa for the article
  8. I don’t put myself in other peoples shoes , that’s why I would love to see everyone testify ... I admit I don’t know what anyone of them are capable of saying or doing
  9. She had to sit there and cover up why four of our men died there with out any aid that they begged for . and I’m pretty sure anything she could do DJT can too
  10. In my eyes it all goes back to the Russia collusion .., digging up or buying DIRT on the opposition ... all fair in love and politics
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