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  1. Hey Girl, what do you mean “ if it means something “. Of course it does !!! To me anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Praying for Buttons healing and recovery 🙏🏻
  3. I just don’t think Biden would bow out , I think he truly believes he’ll win the election and then make it all go away , the scary thing is if by chance he does win he CAN wash it away and maybe BB plans on helping him with that situation .
  4. I think they’re taking a big risk for protesting in masses !!! Maybe that’s why they’re thinking of a curfew ?? Thanks Thug
  5. Yeah yeah yeah I know , it’s Trump’s fault !!! I’m sure Pelosi crew will find a way to blame him for it LOL
  6. Agree with you 100% Kristi , maybe if they have no one to play with they’ll get bored enough to go somewhere else .
  7. Hey Girl long ago did I say to you , I can’t wait till we’re Looking back at this .... GEEZ that was ten years , time flys when your on a ride !!! i think Kap floated away on a pizza pie
  8. They say Kuwait was the exact same thing ... we’re not revaluing the currency is what they would say and then BAM REVALUATION !!! And also back in the day , everyone would say watch for the smoke screen and bad news of how bad the currency is ..., and then BAM HOPEFULLY A REVALUATION 🤞🏼
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