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  1. Happy Anniversary, wishing you both forty more years of happiness 💙❤️
  2. Let’s see if he makes it through the first term before he can even talk about 2024 …. Personally I think the only landslide I see is straight into a nursing home
  3. The Hunter Biden story is turning into the Joe Biden story ….. so hopefully they both get locked up !!!
  4. Give some people a little bit of power and their heads explode and ridiculous statements spew out .
  5. Caddie, you are the only one that ever mentions Qanon …. I’m a conservative and I know absolutely nothing about Qanon
  6. Maybe they should be castrated and left with no male body parts if they’re saying their not men to get into women's prison’s …. Can’t change their minds that way
  7. Hey maybe this would be a good time for Ilhan Ohmar to go to her homeland and show them how to do it !!
  8. Add in thieves … they’re ripping gold earrings off all the women and emptying all pockets …. I wonder if they’re ordered to !
  9. Very serious scary read !! Thanks for posting it CL
  10. You really have to believe that…, he worked side by side with Shabbibi , yet no arrest warrant on Saleh
  11. Late ?? Were they under attack ?? Biden held everything up and sent everything as slowly as he walks and talks , they were being attacked as you say your entitled to your opinion . I felt safer , richer and more fulfilled with loving my country when Trump was President mean tweets and all !!! We don’t get mean tweets from Biden because he doesn’t know how to use technology and doesn’t even care about this country… he’s a dictator wanna be that’s always yelling at people and calling them names. Caddie what bothers you about Trump asking Zelenski to look into the Biden’s ?? Did you want the corruption of Biden inc to stay covered up ?
  12. Really, Trump/Pence sent actual weapons and trained Ukrainian soldiers , where as Obama/ Biden sent blankets and night goggles .. get your facts straight , This time around Biden stalled everything for Ukraine even after him and his son made millions from them !!!! Talk about corruption !!!
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