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  1. Happy Birthday Yota Man 🎉🎉🎉
  2. Glad to hear your still watching the board !!! So sorry to hear what you have been dealing with , sending my prayers up and you ... tons of positive energy ...
  3. I’m sure he did ... but he also filled those homes with close to a million Cuban refugees , it was called the Mariel boat lift Castro gave us all of Cuba’s criminal and insane !!!
  4. BA you obviously don’t live in South Florida !!!
  5. Wow they have Iraq's GDP growth by over 6 percent in the year 2019 Gee I wonder how ?? Thanks Yota
  6. Well Shabs all I can say is I can't stand all the negativity that goes along with these political threads day in and and day out , it has grown very tiresome for me, so I will just stay away from the site for awhile. Have a great holiday .
  7. Thanks Pitcher, I understand how to use the site, just remembering the old days when off topic had cute stories and more..... And maybe it would be more tolarable if some of these political posters actually had some input in Dinar threads.... but they don't !!! if I want to see or read anything about american politics all I have to do is turn on the TV . what can I say , for me it's all about the DINAR.
  8. Isn't there an American political site .... I'm so sick of coming on this Dinar site seeing all this political BS !!!! It truly keeps me away Dinar Vets
  9. How can you make such a comparison I doubt very highly anyone on this site has the platform and reach that she does , how many millions is she just stating her opinion to ?
  10. Hey Shab’s isn’t that the same Willie Nelson that wants to be rich and Famous and not pay anything out ... uuuhhh yep .., that’s him , of course he wants to go socialist !!!!
  11. I was repeating what I heard on the news HMMMM I guess fake news. talk about needing a wheel barrel to shop in Iraq.... that big ole stack for one little measly roll of toilet paper
  12. Was watching on the news this morning, one roll of toilet paper cost the equiv of $12.00 ... what's going on there is truly a shame.
  13. Thanks for the article Butifldrm... I swear Iraq never stops amazing me , I can't believe they will wait until November , I call crazy on this article !!!!
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