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  1. I don’t agree with your reasoning but hey everyone has a right to their opinion have a nice weekend Shabs
  2. Wow you actually believe we should have NO walls ?? Why do you like open borders , what’s the benefit ?
  3. You’re right we are comparing apples to oranges one day at the Capitol to what at least 6 months and Kamala’s bail fund NO COMPARISON !! Your concern for the kids is touching what about what’s happening to the 20,000 kids at the border , sexual assault, dropped from 14’ walls thrown in the river to drown where is your concern for these little kids
  4. Let me ask you ..., how many lives were destroyed that one day at the Capitol How many lives were destroyed for months and months of burning down cities , killings , injuries and livelihoods caused by Antifa and BLM ? the comparison seems really disproportionate !!!! IMPEACH 46
  5. No angrier or crazier than the left for the past five years. I’m angry because they literally want conservatives and republicans to lose their jobs and shut down anything that’s on the right .... I truly believe that they want to destroy this country for the sake of power IMPEACH 46
  6. I figured everyone on the left is missing seeing the word IMPEACH so I’m making that my new signature IMPEACH 46
  7. Check out every video he speaks on even yesterday with his gun shows don’t do background checks ... Lie IMPEACH 46 !!!!
  8. They all have their little catch phrases font they .... like when Biden is telling a lie he says Come on man
  9. No that’s why I asked , I was going by what was reported recently on the news ..., stating that the conversation was not what they originally reported
  10. I thought I heard on the news that they were mistaken on that call and misquoted Trump and that the said phone conversation was not what was initially reported and that it was a fine conversation
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