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  1. Thanks Yota , let’s keep our fingers crossed that today they actually approve and pass it !!!
  2. I think Maliki is to busy trying to keep the Billions he has stolen to look in any other direction .... Shabibi is smart enough to know he’ll need protection
  3. Shabibi Loves Iraq, back when Malaki had him arrested Shabibi Said he hoped one day he would find his way home !!!! Thanks Carrello Thanks Thuggie
  4. Thanks Carrello !!!! HELL OF POST !!! you think it’s time to pull those party hats out and dust them off ??
  5. Agree 100 % and I (hope) right along with you !!! Thanks KristiD , everyone can use a lil Hopium !!!
  6. I love all 18 time needed bullet points , when they can’t even figure out how they are going to pay June salaries in two days thanks Thug
  7. Why getting ready to leave work ?? Seems like it’s the only time your allowed on the computer... My Last word on this I personally Don’t Believe Joe Biden cares about anyone besides the Biden’s
  8. You show me one comment where I have Said something good about trump , you can’t because I have never..., I just point out your hypocritical finger pointing .... I say if your going to hate one then you should be hating them all !!! Your the one that props Biden up that he cares about us as Americans , Kudos to you Shabs
  9. Hey Shabs I have never denied that Trump is an adulterer !! The difference between you and I , is I don't fake hate on morals like you do
  10. Shabs, see if you could watch this without being disgusted by this man... but then he also taught his son his high morals also , his son who left his wife and family to marry his dead brother’s wife , proceed to cheat on her and have a baby with yet another woman , tries to hide all his money from his father’s quid pro quo deals in Ukraine and China to try and get out of paying child support and deny paternity !! such a sweet family of morality ... PLEASE But then again you were so proud in another thread to say who you voted for in the past , let’s see you were oh so proud to have voted for the Clinton’s , where there too perversions are rampant . Bill Clinton used the Oval Office as his private sex den, and tell me how many times was he on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane to the private island of perversion ..... All of it runs really deep .... But you are proud to stand by them !!!!
  11. Sorry I commented on the wrong one there aren’t hundreds but I have seen at least 10 sleazy ones of him dong this on you tube .., and your still defending him actually seeing him on video doing this once is enough for me to think he’s disgusting
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