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  1. We need more parents like her , no matter what color race or creed to stand up against indoctrinating this country’s youth with this crazy CRT .
  2. I’m not screaming, I’m actually enjoying my morning in my open state having my coffee on my patio watching the boats go by with all their American flags flying high
  3. Shifty Shabs.... twist and contort to fit your narrative of hate anything Trump people with common sense KNEW he didn’t literally mean inject, swallow or in any way use disinfectant !!! Go play with your BAT CONSPIRACY GOOD OLE DR FAUCI WAS EVEN WRONG ABOUT DISINFECTING EVERYTHING WE TOUCH !!!
  4. Yet .... Eric Swalwell ... Fact : sleeping with the enemy .... ssshhhuuussshhh if it’s not talked about he gets to live happily ever after 🤦🏻‍♀️
  5. Hey Umbertino, you have always talked about all your travels to concerts ... how come all your travel stopped ?? Seems to me like you loved it
  6. If Trump were to have any kind of victories with COVID be it a treatment, finding out the roots of where it came from ( get it ... ROOT) how they poo-Poo’d the Lab leak ... They wouldn’t have been able to steal the election If everyone knew for sure it was a Lab leak .... who do you think ALL American’s would have wanted to hold China accountable .... Trump or Biden ?
  7. Because when Trump said this could possibly be a treatment for COVID and save millions of lives ... people like Caddie and Shabs started telling people if Trump said it, then it has to bad for you , remember when they were saying Trump was telling people to drink bleach , which he did not say !!!.. so many people died because of the people that wanted Trump to look bad . Now we have Biden Destroyer of the United States , dispersing illegal COVID positive people all throughout the United States by Bus , Planes and Trains. He’s a man of the clan !! He’s the racist
  8. CRT is not about eliminating racism , it teaches hate and racism , so I feel it’s something the first Black President (voted in twice ) shouldn’t be stoking any credence to !!! Do you think only black American’s voted for him ?
  9. My opinion is Tucker made the statement because he is right and needs to call out Obama also a man of significant means
  10. Oh my gosh Kevin, this guy doesn’t even have a grasp of the English language and you expect him to understand everything you wrote Great stuff by the way !!! he sounds like a foreigner living a socialists life on escarole and beans and wanting America to be too ... misery loves company !!!!
  11. Tucker is 100% correct !!! Obama wants to stoke racism and divisiveness in this country .... who the hell does he think he is to want people not to care what is being taught to the youth of this country ... the true racist’s are the Democratic Party
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