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  1. Glad to hear your negative now , hope you’re feeling better to . Did they tell you about how long your antibodies would last ?
  2. Hey anyone can start a lawsuit for anything ..., winning it is another story everyone has the right to their opinion just like you say JMO
  3. Probably on the same payroll as Antifa and BLM .... of course this is just my opinion , I was raised with the saying birds of a feather flock together 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. It’s quite oblivious to the American people , the Government people feel they are the only ones that should be protected !!! Kamala said so herself, this Movement Won’t stop and it SHOULDN’T
  5. So what your saying is American citizen’s ( unless your in Government ) do not deserve protection from violence from domestic terrorist
  6. The Democrat leaders aren’t expecting the craziness until they start the impeachment hearings , so here’s a productive idea ... send all the National Guard that are in DC doing nothing to Portland to protect the American’s citizen’s that these leaders were voted in and paid for by the very same citizen’s , from the domestic terrorists ANTIFA AND BLM
  7. Thanks Yota .... I don’t get it , all this HCL TALK and they’re saying they’re going to borrow 11 billion dollars this year ... makes you wonder, Iraq’s MSM Is just as fake as our’s .., you don’t know which outlet is more credible , believable or real .
  8. They say knowledge is power .... how do we , the average American use this knowledge to stop the madness ?
  9. Biden already abiding China more money for the Biden’s bank accounts
  10. What’s even more sad is that he had to be told to salute his military men and he still never saluted them !!!! Was just led into the building by his caretaker Dr Jill ..,, disgusting and shameful !!!!
  11. I think of him as illegitimate POTSA I left the U out on purpose as I feel the Democratic Leaders destroyed UNITED four years ago , now to me it’s just the States of America
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