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  1. The 2021 Iraq budget was set at 1450 per $1USD . The exchange rate must be included in any budget . At this point in time , the Iraq deficit ,approximately $30 billion , is 1/3 of their assets, $90 billion . The interest rate of the CBI is 4% ,flatlined since 2010. Inflation is not a problem for sure . Iraq is sitting pretty financially ,their biggest hurtle now being the safety and security of all individuals .
  2. It's puzzling those three numbers to the right of the decimal point , a millionth of a penny ? And why is dinar worth less than what it was when isis had taken over two thirds of Iraq ? The value of dinar is not reflected in it's reality and is being held back and waiting for other events to occur. No worries , you crazy diamonds ,it will happen .
  3. This is certainly positive news , Iraq having the where with all to double their US export of oil . Much of the oil in Iraq is sweet crude ,requiring less refining , and it is very accessible ,in some places bubbling out of the ground . Our fake president will probably not want to turn Iraq into another shite show , so this is good for Iraq and our investment.
  4. Thank you and you are absolutely correct ,but I was right about the fine printing ! I know the lower denoms will come . if a country wants to join first world and emerging nations economy , it must have ATM's.
  5. I thought 10:20 as well . There is certainly some fine printing going on here . What's up with the "9" numbers scribbled across the clock? Makes me think it's a prototype .
  6. It looks like a $10 note . If you blow the image up ,some very fine and intricate details are apparent . What sicko would go to this length just to freak with people ?
  7. What a mess our leaders made . I am the farthest thing from a military expert , but shouldn't it have gone like this? : Don't announce the pullout to the world , notify the Taliban of extreme consequences if they interfere with our withdrawal ,secure our weapons from falling into their hands , evacuate all US citizens and allies , close the embassy , and then our airbase and troops.
  8. If there's a lesson to be learned here , don't set up the population so that they are broke and helpless .
  9. Scoff at me if you will , but nobody really knows when the rv will be , It would be too damn hard for the powers that be to keep a secret like this . All of them not saying a word about this , is illogical . It would be on the street by now. It's a synergy of events that will pop this thing . What we do know is that we're getting damn close .
  10. The rv must be waiting on a synergy of events to occur so this may be the reason for the stalling and regurgitation .
  11. The Iraqi new year is in August sometime
  12. IQD was worth more when Isis took over most of Iraq . This is crazy and illogical ,but my gut is telling me something good is going on here.
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