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  1. One of the smarter things that the US did in 2003 is to engage one of the finest printmakers {Delarue } to print the new Iraqi dinar . They simply CANNOT be counterfieted ,they were made that way . As the denominations go up ,the finer and more complex the note . The lower denoms won't have this fine of printing . Unfortunately , some people may have been fooled by cheap counterfiets . But why in the freakin' world would you counterfeit something when you could buy it outright for way cheaper with no hassle ?
  2. If the democrates have their way ,Isis would have a hay day. it reminds me of what happened when O'bama withdrew our troops from Iraq to keep his campaign promise . How many Iraqis died from this ? The silent majority , black ,white ,hispanic ,asian, have yet to show their power .
  3. Engine1, The 50's were printed and then withdrawn over 10 years ago . Dinarians know that when the smaller denominations are released it's rv time . If 1 dinar is worth less than one tenth of a penny and a 25k note is worth less than $25 dollars , can you imagine how worthless a $20 would be ?`
  4. Iraq is going from no tech to highest tech , so they need so slack here.
  5. Let's not forget on that "bigtime" list General Electric , the US Army , and the US Airforce . C'mon rv , baby needs a new pair o' shoes .
  6. The rv has just gotta be tied up with the world changing to the gold standard .
  7. 3n1 , I have never heard of the counterfeit dinar scam before . The notes printed at the expense of the US by Delarue in Switzerland are uncounterfeitable by design . The paper is so good ,the fine design , the use of real oxblood in the 25k note {that's why they smell} cannot be duplicated . And why not buy the real dinar ,it would be legal ,cheaper , and much less work .
  8. The list of bigtime companies that are in Iraq is huge . Here's a partial list of these companies . BP ,Exxon , Lukoil , ITT , Lockheed Martin , Samsung , DynCorp . Halliburton , Raytheon , General Dynamics , Asiacell Boeing , Microsoft , Novartis , Siemans , and the list goes on ..
  9. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani is the big cheese from the Office of the Council of Representatives of the Republic of Iraq.
  10. Wow , "studying the exchange rate " like it just occurred to them? The rest of the gobbley **** hurt my head ,just like the writer intended . Can you imagine having to write this stuff ?
  11. The latest currency auctions were held 6/28/20 ,the other held 25/26/20 . There ain't no 25th month of the year .Then they further confuse by adopting the western way of month/day /year . Either they're playing mind games or they don't believe in editing these important documents . It certainely feels like the currency auctions are coming to an end .
  12. Pitcher , I remember that night as well . I believe that $1,49 was the Euro rate at the time . I went to bed drunk and happy ,woke up broke and hung over
  13. From what I remember , a jefferson airplane was a devise made out of a matchbook cover .
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