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  1. I look at this whole like how a slot machine works , Blazing Seven's ,if you will , The exchange rate mechanism lines up just like those 7's , and boom ! An exact rate and date is too big of a secret for anyone to hold , let alone many people . Knowing what we longtime investors know by now ,it could not have happened until now . Hold tight , you crazy diamonds .
  2. Stuff happens when you least expect it to . It's written on the Walls of Life.
  3. They state that they will not print anything over 50k IQD value . AS it stands , that's the approximate value of $20 USD
  4. Thank you , Rochester , for your well considered thoughts . OPEC originated in Bagdad years ago ,and they are still a member of OPEC now . It is my belief that we invaded Iraq for the oil , and that we are still part of the Caretaker government that will be in place until Iraq forms a government . The oil in Iraq is owned by the citizens of Iraq and all who hold IQD , not oil companies . Often silence speaks a thousand words , no logical reason why Iraq is excluded from this latest OPEC pile of shiite
  5. Iraq is the 2nd largest producer of crude oil in this world , 5th largest in oil reserves . I don't get it . Even on FOX , no mention , and looks like some kind of news blackout .
  6. I must confess I hit the wall with my investment in Iraq ,and thought about unloading some of my IQD . Then I recalled the old saying , "When the going gets tough , the tough hang tough , and reap the rewards ". What an ongoing saga of events surrounded the IQD , like we never could have imagined , pendulum swinging in the wrong direction for years. Hang tough , you crazy diamonds , we will do a crazy amount of good if we ever get rich .
  7. Allegedly, Trump holds $32,000,000 USD in dinar
  8. I watched an interview between Laura Ingalls and Donald Trump, dated July 24 . If you remember , he stated while campaigning , "We must be paid back for the war in Iraq " . According to Trump , the US holds 35 trillion IQD . Your calculator won't go high enough to figure out what that could be worth if the IQD is restored to its pre Saddam toppled statue rate . That's what we promised to Iraq in the Strategic Framework Agreement . According to Trump , if they want us to leave ,they need to pay us back ,such as for the best airport runway system in the world that we built for them , and many other things , including their new currency . And what about the 90 tons of gold that we relieved Iraq from in the largest bank heist in human history ? it is no doubt still in our possession , war booty. Things are looking good , you crazy diamonds , so hang tough.
  9. They will not be printing any of the new old notes ,the ones that were printed in Switzerland at great expense by the authority of the USA , and fraught with security features , anagrams , gold threads , intricate printing , some kind of rice paper , real oxblood , uncounterfeitable . The higher the note , the more security features it has . You ain't seen nothing yet until you look at them under a black light . Our notes will be honored , as they constitute a legal ownership with Iraq itself . It's possible that lower notes will not be tangible , and exist on a card .
  10. Intrinsically ,, currency is supposed to be fluid , never written in blood and stone . They need to come up with a better deflection
  11. It is very curious to me that the importing oil from Iraq is not even mentioned in the media , not even on FOX. We have a lot of skin in Iraqi oil , Iraq is the 6th largest producer of oil , which is clean and easily accessible . I thought that's why we invaded Iraq . We still have big influence over there
  12. So much talk about not changing the exchange rate makes me think it's in the top of their minds to actually change it. They doth protest too much,
  13. I have more fun in the rumor section ,and there is at least a kernel of truth in every rumor . No matter what is going on in the political sector , the banking sector is gearing up big time . The Letters of Guarantee, relatively lately occurring , are crucial to the rv . How could the rv occur without them ?
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