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  1. Trump has supported the gold backed currency plan since the very beginning of his campaign ,the "level playing field " as he calls it.
  2. The power of the aircraft carriers close to Iran is formitable . Along with the carriers there are ,destroyers , nuclear submanines ,missle launchers . This force is capable of leveling Iran's mountains .Nobody wants this ,and a compromise will be reached , perhaps exempting Iraq from trade restrictions . Add another 0 to the right of the decimal point in the value of dinar and you will have the approximate value of the Iranian rial .
  3. Pompeo stated that the US would assist in making Iraq a "sovereign" nation . A sovereign nation must have a viable currency of which that nation is entirely in charge
  4. The first of these last two articles states that there are 4 ministers to be appointed ,the later states that there are 2 . Do they have a minister of defense yet .? A complete government requires a complete cabenet ,is that correct ?
  5. It's a tricky situation with Iran , but big money will prevail
  6. A summit like this has never happened before ,not even close .May i suggest that you rehearse the moment when you hear that the rv has popped . It will be an unforgetable moment . Will you scream , fall on the floor ?
  7. Here's a good suggestion of where to hide an egg: put it in a plastic bag ,smuuch it real good , and put it under a throw rug .It's great for the adult easter egg hunt
  8. As an artist , I am an intuitive thinker , not schooled in finance or business . I;ve always felt that the rv would happen ,it had to . Fifteen years after investing, I still feel strongly that this rv will pop. To those who feel negatively about this , go away ,sell your dinar , and take your poopy thunder cloud with you .
  9. I was schooled to believe that it would not RV until the auction stops . There's also a chance that this Maliki poop is smoke and mirrors , and that we must expect smoke and mirrors prior to the RV . Go $5.26 !
  10. Iraq must get along with its neighbor Iran. , Not only do they share a 1400 km border , but Shiite Iranians helped rid ISIS out of Iraq . There are strong ties between these countries , both social and economic. I do believe that Trump understands this ,and as leader of the free world ,this means something . .
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