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  1. There is certainley a lack of details about this bombing . Were there any casualties and what exactley was destroyed .?
  2. The only problem is that they wouldn't be there to get whatever it is they want .The US has enough power to level their mountains
  3. The later response says that nothing of any significance was bombed ,and there is no information about casualties . Looks to me that Iran is just playing tough .
  4. An rv would quickly solve this problem . CBI is also privately owned
  5. All this economic good news , from China to this here fattening of minister of Finance leads to the inevitability of an rv . An rv will do the world good by bringing back the good old middle class
  6. The US and to a lesser degree other 1st world countries hold the real power in Iraq . Sadr is nothing but a flea on a gnat of a dog
  7. Anyone who says there are no solutions does not have the brain power to find them . What would Sadr's position be in the new Iraq anyway ,a fifth wheel ? NO solutions, Ha! There are no mistakes ,only opportunities
  8. A sovereign nation must controil all aspects of it currency . Only Iraq can set the rate . IMF tells them when ?
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