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  1. I remember when the first election law was passed when Maliki was in power . Many of us thought , "Well that's it ! RV tomorrow ! "
  2. Wow ! Inconceivable numbers for us human beings
  3. I believe that the gold is not at Fort Knox . They hold just as much gold as they did at the end of WW2 . Plus ,it's an antiquated site .
  4. Then the private residences of all greedy polititians ,are demoiished ,won't stop till it's done . there must be great commeraderie between the iraqi street , brothers vs brother ,son agais father. mother against daughter how about Arabic spring ,where the big tanks pointed their big guns sideways?
  5. I've heard tell that the SDR will develope into a Super Currency ,or "supracurrency" . What backs the SDR now? It's not gold but I know that's what Trump is advocating .
  6. Our wait continues , but for the first time our investment is powered by the only thing , the public demonstations , that will make it happen.I was happy to sere that women have joined the demonstations . As usual ,most of the demonstators appear to be young males . Is this a force of nature ?
  7. The Iraqi military and police ,brother fighting brother ,son fighting father ,mother fighting daughter ? Ain't gonna happen .
  8. What would trigger the rv? we ask ourselves. These strong demonstrations are crucial to the well being of Iraqis . They finally were up to their eyeballs with all the curruption and other feces . The answer was so simple all along .
  9. Sovereity requires that a country has total control of their currency ,which must hold some value .
  10. I have a great recipe for camel ball casserole ,which can be prepared ahead of time for your dinner party . Don't forget to add lots of butter and 2 tablespoons of sand
  11. Too bad we can never go back to the time where it was it was hard news only ,but maybe I'm being niave here . Most of the stuff we hear now are just opinions . Give me the hard facts only ,then I will form my own opinion . I've heard it said that Walter Cronkite could influence a nation by a crook of his eyebrow .Now it's 24/7 news ,full of opinions .
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