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  1. Mans and ladies , with a population of approximately 30,000,000, and if Iraqis own their own country , theoretically they are all millionaires .
  2. The trouble all started when an outsider dared to invade the swamp . Our second amendment right will be enforced by the people who own guns . To breach this right is unenforcable ,dem heads ,unless your social workers carry bigger guns
  3. Iraq is working hard to be compliant with the stringent rules that will make them ready for this monetary digital age . Cut them a break .
  4. What's happening here is right out of Mein Kamph {sp?} and it's all fear based . First comes covid ,spun out of control to implement the fear . Then they make us wear masks ,so dehumanizing , because now they control what you put on your face ,then censor the news ,make people give their phone numbers out to before being seated at an eating establishment ,and it goes on . Taking guns away might be a problem though. "Ding dong ,hello. I'm the neighborhood social worker , and I would really love it if you would turn over your guns". I think not. Stripping away our 2nd amendment rights cann
  5. And how convenient covid was to the dems , It's all they ran on . Fauci is seen on video predicting this "pandemic" in 2017. C'mon, mans and ladies ,all viruses are "pandemics" ,they don't stop at borders .
  6. So much big money is invested in Iraq it's like a freight train you cannot stop .
  7. Go people that laugh at something that's not meant to be funny, like K'mala laughing instead of answering a serious question about court packing. Poor affect , chica .it's a serious tell .
  8. We trump supporters are a cohesive group ,while the dems are divided and imploding on themselves . This says a great deal to me . It is important to stay positive for others and for our own selves . We Trump supporters are the only thing that stands between corruption and chaos that could swallow our country as we know and love it . The world wide implications of the US going down the tubes are not good . We should feel humbled and honored to be placed in this position. Don't give into the negativity ,it's as easy as falling off a log.
  9. I support this evidence , Lurker . Trump knew this was coming and prepared for it by the blockchain watermark . It is irrefutable evidence of an attempted coup . If solid evidence turns up that dems manipulated this whole covid debacle to win , hurting so many ,especially children , high high treason has occurred .
  10. As much as some of us have so much appreciation ,nay, even love ,for Trump , there are others who are driven by blind hatred for him . Which is more powerful ,love or hate ? What feeds love , and what feeds hate ? I would say that love is driven on a certain truth and orderliness , just like the light falls . Our immortal souls demand that we seek out the truth , even if it is something within us that's scary . Hatred conversely must feed on no access to pertinent truthful information ,or that for a fear based reason the truth is not sought out . Go truth , go good , go God .
  11. What is in the norm as far as what cash you might withdraw from ATM's in other countries ?. That would be around $500 USD , $9000 pesos , $400 euro ,all approximate
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