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  1. Poor iraq ,they're pawns in a game run by high rollers .Actually not so poor ,with 30 million people ,they could all be millionairs. The innerweb has solidly acquainted the iraqi street of what's out there for them and what is theirs by right . Like a child coming out of a bad bad long experience , they are confused ,but not stupid. The street will get this done ,with help from the high rollers . Common goal is the dough , the cash , the scrilla , the heavy bucks and juice , the stuff that makes the world go 'round .
  2. Follow the money ,follow the money,follow the money
  3. It begs the question ,why the hell did cbi withdraw the very catagories that first world countries use? They jumped the gun with the new 50's and withdrew them around 2008 . Why do they announce this now ,is there some new relevance ? Here's what it looks like to me : imagine a slot machine with 12 instead of 4 places . All the places have to come up with the same face at the same time . The game is in the room for high rollers only ,and they all have alot at stake .They are all playing the same machine ,and they have stuffed that machine with more lost lives ,misery ,demolished cities and moneythan they even know. They will stay at that machine until it spits out 3 royal flushes all on the same screen. And it will !
  4. Are they still using USD now because of sanction postponment? so what currency will they use ? Trainloads of dinar and rial ? Can you imagine of logistical nightmare ? It will all be the same worldwide --electronic $ transfers backed by gold
  5. Ahhh! What a ride it is ! So much more fun than the slots. Years ago ,we got stuck on a eggbeater ride at the county fair late at night when it was almost deserted . The carnie was funnin' with us young fast smart kids . We learned a lesson there ,not sure what it is though
  6. What year? Around 10 years ago,several innerweb xe companies announced that the iqd had rv'd, parred to the euro at that time {$1.29 ?} Turned out that all of them were owned by the same concern . It appeared to be a done deal . I was over served with champagne ,took a picture of my dog buried in dinar . It sure was fun while it lasted .
  7. There has been alot of news about gold , and how much different countries hold in their reserves Something is afoot here ,looking like it jives with Trumps desire for gold -backed currency ,the level playing field .
  8. I'm a pumper and I don't get paid a dime
  9. My mood just went from medium good to excellent!
  10. Indeed if dinars had real value , Iraq would have some clout . If you don't have clout ,you would be no better use than a turnip sitting at that big table
  11. Counterfeit dinar is not the issue . It would be much cheaper ,easier and legal to buy the real notes rather than trying to duplicate them . Please ,peeps , don't waste a moments energy thinking you did something illegal . Whatever Sterling did was tied up with pumping up their own business . I'm not sure how the "reserves " worked . Did customer's allow Sterling to "hold on" to the dinar yhey had purchased? Can you imagine what would transpire if we all did something illegal and needed to be punished for this? First , you would have an amazing backlog in the court system . Judges, lawyers , law enforcment and others would be vetted to make sure they are not dinar holders . Bush would be charged for issuing an illegal presidental order . The jails would be overcrowded with well meaning , baffled frightened individuals mixed in now with hardened criminals . What about the loss to companies who rely on these now incarserated people who can no longer be tax payers .? Trump with his $30 million dinar will be impeached along with many other gov officials . Hill and O would be going to the big house too . Ha!
  12. I looked at the FBI questionairre provided by the above link , Questions asked: ,why did you invest in dinar, how much,,why did you choose Sterling, .Invetors knew when they bought that the dinar was worthless . One question that stuck out was ,"were you familiar with Sterling opening up airport exchange businesses . It makes me think that they frauded investors to this particular business ,drawing from their best customers of coarse .
  13. Presidental Order # 100135 {something like that} ,executed in 2003 by bush ,made it legal for US citizens to puchase iraqi dinar .,so no worries there. Now why the hell would he do that? Shortly thereafter ,many of us tax payers were given $200 from the gov .,though I can't remember the specifics . Legend has it that these syncronastic events were meant for US citizens to invest in dinar. Ha! That didn't happen . Nice thought , but nobody knew or cared ,non news
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