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  1. I would imagine that all these salaries and benefits will be electronically transferred .
  2. The currency auctions will disappear the moment they are not needed. Poof! The cesspool of corruption will be gone.
  3. The IMF is again not reporting anything new in Iraq ,not even the historic meeting in Washington with themselves , Trump , and Kazemi.
  4. It just might ! However this is something that Trump might want before November 3.
  5. Personally I have enjoyed this journey ,15 years now for me. For those who are impatient with how long this has taken, remember what the iraqi sgtreet has gone through. First Saddam and his cruelty, then comes the USA, rendering their currency worthless and disbanding the Iraqi military. Their cities are bombed to sh*t ,no jobs ,no food . Then Obama pulls out US troops to make good on his campaign promise ,opening up a huge vacuum that sucked in Isis and corruption within the Iraqi government . None of this was foreseen . So cut the Iraqis a break.
  6. The currency auctions will end when they are no longer needed , and that will happen when dinar is recognized as an international currency , no more game behind the game behind the game.
  7. Didn't I read on news forums here that private banks are being liscensed to exchanged USD and I assume other currency as well? Also , there would be no need for currency auctions when it rv's
  8. How could the rial be more worthless? As it stands the rial is worth 1/10 of the dinar.
  9. Don't shoot the messanger folks . That was the skuttlebutt back when this all started . Anyone remember Butterfly on Dinar Speculator ? She was a $5.26 gal .
  10. I wasn't even trying to be funny ,and I made you laugh ! The rate of $5.26 was accidently leaked out by the CBI very early on. As far as the rate being higher than Kuwait ,it makes sense to me . OK , the one who laughts . come up with your own opinions instead of your passive aggressivness in the form of laughter. Step forward and let us hear your opinion.
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