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  1. "The White paper ..... which respects future economic life . " This sounds good to me! Rate =$5.26
  2. If the IQD came out at a much lower rate than Kuwait's , it would kill Kuwait's oil business . This is something they would never agree to , and they were holding the cards in getting Iraq out of ch#7. Also Kuwait must be holding a lot of IQD. JMO.
  3. Did a little math here , and the $ 1,000,000 IQD bond would pay a whopping $140 USD every year .
  4. What circumstance would necessitate closing down the stock exchange , not associated with a holiday? What's the game behind this game ? I'm getting a good vibe from this.
  5. What a synergy of stuff going on right now . New government ,Kuwait paid off ,. This payoff was synchronized to occur at the opportune time , the new government coming into play , US troops pulling out , the disappearance of the lower denoms , the crazy low exchange rate , all these "intermediary" entities coming in to facilitate to underwrite international debt , It's time ,you crazy diamonds , and I don';t want to hear no bitchin' from people who think it's taken to long.
  6. It appears likely that all the existing IQD demons will be phased out . They are still valid and will be honored at rv/ri time . The bigger notes may still serve a purpose in banking transactions . All currency is a legal contract with the country that issues it and,you own a piece of that country. We will do well by investing in Iraq itself . To me , the disappearance of the lower denoms is proof positive that an rv/ri is coming .
  7. Then they go into Chapter #6 ,whatever the hell that is .
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