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  1. you just planted a horrible picture in my head
  2. . The FSA authorizes a substantial amount of money to be allocated to every citizen in Iraq , approximately 40,000,000 people. I believe the budget was $117,000,000,000 USD , or the equivalent of apprx $29,000 USD per person . How are these funds going to be distributed ? other than everyone being given a card that holds that value or credit . Atm's would then spring up and dispense 20's ,50's and 100's or the equivalent thereof .
  3. I hate the phrase "new beginning" ,redundant as hell . What we're seeing here is bigtime action ,and the only is up , towards what is good and fair.
  4. With the equivalent of $117,000,000,000 USD to disburse to 40,000,000 Iraqis , that approximately $40,000 USD per man woman and child .
  5. That 's some powerful good news there . This would necessitate ATM's ,because that's the way Visa operates to a large extent . $100's , $50's, $20's .
  6. This is no rumor . With 40,000,000 people in Iraq , $17,000,000,000 will go along way . I don't see how they can pass the budget without a rate on the dinar , the underpinning of their budget.
  7. They're still under the authority of the Provisional Authority Government for God's sake ! The big player in that is the USA.
  8. For what it's worth , ! ton of wheat in the US is approximately $250 , in Iraq approximately $850 per ton . Unsustainable for Iraq
  9. My understanding is that there was a meeting in Washington ,then a meeting in Bagdad to be held on the 29th.
  10. The meetings between the IMF , World Bank , Washington , and Iraq may be unprecedented ,and points to something good happening .
  11. History and logic itself tells us nothing lasts forever ,even corruption .So the pendulum swings and it's time for the Good.
  12. With 40 million people in Iraq , a half million is underwhelming .
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