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  1. dinarham

    GCR RV...USD Is now Gold Backed Ready.

    The 5 tons of gold do not reside in these facilities . The amount of gold at Fort Knox has not changed much over the years and in fact there was more gold at Fort Knox when Roosevelt was president . The facility at Fort Knox is antiquated , with newer facilities more secure and high tech . The 5 tons of gold are not in these depositories .
  2. It's interesting that the AMF has not visited Iraq since the 80"s and probably coincides with Saddam's invasion of Kuwait . Why are there so many Tissue boxes on the table ,and why are they disguised , as if they are not comfortable with the raw image of kleenex ?
  3. dinarham

    CBI News 10/23/2018

    Good to see a number of women in the group .
  4. dinarham

    CBI News 10/22/2018

    It looks like the end of a super boring meeting ,guys chompin. out the door anxious to go home to the huge mid day feast that the wife prepares every day "Thank you my anglo brother , and may you never be the parent volunteer when the first grade goes to the zoo and the camels become "frisky"
  5. dinarham

    GCR RV...USD Is now Gold Backed Ready.

    USA has approximately 5 tons of gold . AT $1200 per ounce ,my calculator could not compute what that is worth ,plus i'm not real good at math . Could someone out there compute this ?
  6. dinarham

    CBI News 10/22/2018

    OK ,I'm confused . I thought that the Swiss used the euro . I checked CHF {swiss franc| and it's absolutely on par with USD , buck for buck . The Euro has tanked to $1.14 . The guy looks happy receiving this gift , ha! ,like he had a choice . He could hang it over the kitty litter in the basement , or right above the toilet where guys have no choice but to look at it
  7. More good news ! Let us also not forget that the estimated 5 tons of gold taken out of iraq [one of the first thing US did after the invasion} ,has yet to make an appearance . These funds were allegedly included in the DFI ,minus the cost of the war .I bet you dollars to donuts that these funds are still being held by the US . This money ,minus what was pledged , belongs to the citizens of our great great country . As president , Trump acts as trustee for these funds . God only knows what would have happened to this money if Hillarious had gotten her meat hooks on it . She would have followed the "strategic patience " policy implemented by obama , giving even more money to Iran ,Syria , Russia ,ect.One of the first things Trump said on the campaign trail was that "we must be paid back for the war in Iraq "
  8. Like a herd of turtles , we're coming in , slow but steady . Smoke and mirrors are most likely essential , so no worries ,dudes . Can't exactly announce to the world , " Hey , we're revaluing our currency a week Tuesday , so go rush out and buy all the dinar you can at today's prices . Not a bad idea , huh ? Supply goes to nothing in a nano second, supply and demand kind of thing , and poof ! It rv's !
  9. dinarham

    CBI News 10/18/2018

    Was it Pat Benetar who wrote the song , "It's a heart ache , nothin' but a heart ache " ? I thought it was 'hard egg' ,and that got into soft boiled eggs aaaand poached eggs . Growing up in catholic schools ,I had a lot of stuff to memorize . I thought it was "H. ail Mary full of Grapes .At my first confession , I thought it was ",Oh My god I am Partly Sorry". It all started with crackin' ,so just continuing this off topic
  10. dinarham

    CBI News 10/18/2018

    "Jimmy shucked corn and I don't care" ?
  11. Why am I thinking that this could be tied to the HCL , which is all about who owns the oil ,isn't it ?
  12. dinarham

    CBI News 10/18/2018

    How about the little diddy , "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care " ? Am I misquoting here ?
  13. One thing Iraq NEVER says straight up , "we're going to revalue our currency " . Talk about the elephant in the room. Or, " Me thinks he toth protest too much " ,only in reverse . .

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