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  1. Kuwait would not agree to all the deals associated with the rv issue if the value of Iraqi dinar would screw them over
  2. We were schooled to believe that there would be a media blackout prior to the rv
  3. Would payment to retirees electronically be the equivalent of receiving SS payments where they most wonderfully show up in you're account ,just like clockwork ? With only 33 million peeps in Iraq ,they are virtually all millionaires
  4. I like how it's qualified as "female ",making it more believable
  5. I'd like to know where these wire transfers are going ,and where the $24,000,000 cash winds up ,not that it's any of my business . It would answer some questions
  6. Credit cards and ATM's go together . I researched "atm's in iraq" ,and was led in circles and down . ..rabbit holes . Nothing on this subject has been updated since 2017 . There is no definitive information on this subject that I could find
  7. The Iranian rial is virtually worthless -- $ 0.0000237 . $42,000 rial for $1.00 US . Isn't Iran prohibited from using US currency ?
  8. No worries , this WILL happen , that' s why us crazy diamonds know
  9. I believe that Iraqi dinar will come out higher than Kuwait . Why else would they have signed off on all that poop
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