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  1. Honestly I never took the rubies seriously or personally. , My pro trump stance may have offended some people . asI am proTrump and have dissed obama and Hillarious . This appears to be a democrat/republican thing , people very like mided in so many ways , but have no understanding of how eachother think
  2. How kind of you to point this out to me ,jc123
  3. Because some of us remain positive about this ,it's an intuitive way of thinking where you know what the sought after end game is . There are bad ditches in this road we're on . It's not a bad price to pay as your reward may last for generations and help others on this same ditchy road . Here are 3 rules I believe in and to a large extent try to follow , "Never complain ,never explain , and always look like you're having a good time ".
  4. I would think that Russia would be smart enougjh to side with the winner . The Russian people want the same luxuries we have ,same with Iraq
  5. Wouldn't it be great if "idealistic communism " could actually work . I shared space with other artfists in a decrepid old school in Pontiac . There was one bathroom for all of us to use . I bought the first sixpack of tp and expected other people using this very same tp to contribute to future tp . It didnt work and that's the essence of ideaslistic communism ,it doesn't work
  6. Hmmm , caretaker government it is ?, hmmmm .Iraq cannot be sovereign until they have complete control over their currency . The US to a large extenrt is caretaking this caretaker . W e have so much invested in Iraq ,what with the lives of US soldiers lost and the mind boggling money we've invested in Iraq . I appreciate our tough as nails president .If anyone can negotiate these waters , it's Trump.
  7. I'm not losing sleep over this as I have real problems to fret over . Shabalicious says it may be due to my pro Trump stance.The rubies are flying here !
  8. I haven't exactly counted my rubies but I would say around 6
  9. No matter what I say and no matter the topic , someone out there is negging me . This is juvinile and mean , and does not reflect what is expected from the members of our site
  10. This is great news ,Thug . It implies that Iraq has huge reconstruction plans ,and also selling /bartering a huge amount of oil with China . The dinar has a great future !
  11. The 10k 5k notes are "back ordered" . OK ,what does that mean? If you're runniong a business , it means that supply does not meet the needs of the market . So the supplier ratchets up to meet this demand . This situation has gone on for quite a while . I believe these notes are no longer being printed as they do not fit into modern banking schemes
  12. Development Fund for Iraq held by the US? The Strategic Framework Agreement is all about getting Iraq back on it's feet . Maybe we felt guilty about invading the wrong country . These funds would not be released until Iraq qualifies as a sovereign nation . It's funny how the US and Iraq are looking for funds from eachother
  13. How are we going to believe it when it actually happens ? Already , it's the best money I've ever spent . I;ve learned so much ,have so much enjoyed the peeps here , and will also remember with fondness the crazy cheap thrills we've had along the way .
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