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  1. Hang in there, crazy diamonds ,keep the faith . When the going gets tough, many drop out ,and we always knew this would happen . Getting rich quick is not happening here ,even though we thought it was 18 years ago.
  2. It doesn't make sense that the dinar is more worthless than it was back in the Isis days . We are waiting on something that we can only guess at ,but I believe it is world wide and addresses the needs and security of the burgeoning global market.
  3. Iraq has sweet crude ,just bubbling out of the ground and easily accessible . Babylon also has an abundance of gold and sulphur . And their economy only needs to support 40,000,000 people , as opposed to350,000,000 . Iraq has plenty of skrilla ,ducats ,folding stuff , to rv
  4. My best guess is that we are waiting on a world wide synergy of stipulations regarding international trade , including Basel 3 and reverting to the gold standard.
  5. Hitler, Saddam , Mussolini , Lenin , Kaddafi , look where they wound up .
  6. The game behind the game behind the game ,a house of cards that inevitably crumbles because it has no foundation.
  7. My understanding is that Iraq is gunning for Basel 3 status .This status requires the latest system in electronic world wide money transfers , and also pristine credit ,money in the bank to assure repayment on any loan .
  8. They "confirmed" ? And they just know that the new IQD/USD rate will happen in2025? This is nothing but bull crap of the highest magnitude.
  9. They are recirculating news for sure, being that they have to come up with some shite . More compelling questions are: what are they waiting for to implement the rv , and who the hell is "they" ?
  10. All countries do this . As smart and fast as these young guys are , they are a fragile group . I worked at the Great Lakes Naval Hospital in the burn and surgical wards and I will never forget the beautiful ,shot up, courageous young men I met there .
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