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  1. Quite honestly ,I believe that the mask is useless ,dehumanizing , ugly, and uncomfortable . I wear a mask when I'm out in public so as not to piss people .It hurts my soul to wear one and makes it hard for me to breath . It makes me feel like a coward , allowing others to dictate what I but on my face . The idiocy I see with people wearing masks when they are alone in their cars , at the beach where there's a steady breeze , or why as soon as you sit down in a restaurant it's ok to take it off. If you really believe in masks ,why aren't you wearing rubber gloves ?
  2. It's hard to tell , masks are so dehumanizing ,part of the deal towards something we don't want.
  3. Hold onto your underpants you crazy diamonds ,we've never been closer and this thing could pop . I can't imagine passing a budget with a nebulous value to your currency . I believe that the new budget will contain the new rate , making Iraq a sovereign nation finally .
  4. We were pretty naive 18 years ago [sure hope I spelled that right} , and Iraq was a newly busted up country . There was corruption galore , fighting between factions , bad decisions made , Isis taking over most of the country , then more corruption . The payoff is worth waiting for . We've never been closer.
  5. Now that oil has gone up so much , Iraq is exploding with money and is sandbagging for some reason.
  6. There's too much money committed to Iraq from all over the world ,not only by huge international companies but by foreign countries as well who hold dinar in their reserves . It's too late to back down now .
  7. Hang in there ,you crazy diamonds , keep the faith . This is no time to quit even though many have given up. No get rich quick investment here , 18 years and counting , but the payoff is huge and well worth this wait .
  8. The new Iraqi currency is printed on one side with Kurdistan symbols which would seem to insure that once it rv's the Kurds will share in the new rate.
  9. Iraq has plenty of money to revalue at a high rate ,$5,26.
  10. The Iraqi government has been spinning this written nonsense for years . They can;t just be silent on this issue ,so they spin this stuff until they;re good and ready to do it . They reach an agreement , then they don;t reach it . deadlines are set ,then rescinded . it's enough to drive you wild !
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