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  1. For what it's worth , ! ton of wheat in the US is approximately $250 , in Iraq approximately $850 per ton . Unsustainable for Iraq
  2. My understanding is that there was a meeting in Washington ,then a meeting in Bagdad to be held on the 29th.
  3. The meetings between the IMF , World Bank , Washington , and Iraq may be unprecedented ,and points to something good happening .
  4. History and logic itself tells us nothing lasts forever ,even corruption .So the pendulum swings and it's time for the Good.
  5. With 40 million people in Iraq , a half million is underwhelming .
  6. It brings to mind the oligarchs and what's happening to them . a worldwide shift towards the Good is entirely possible.
  7. Also tell them that . their taste in furniture sucks with its delusions of grandeur
  8. Letters of guarantee ,guarantee the value of a currency basically. There could be no rv/ri without this insurance . The premium must be huge . Regarding the belief that Iraq can't rv/ri because there are too many dinars out there , I question this . The new dinar , printed at the expense of the U.S. in Switzerland , was very costly . and would suggest that there is not an endless supply out there. Also , the lower notes have not been available for purchase via internet for a long time .
  9. The people of Iraq and the government they will elect want to be a first world country , and you can't do that with a worthless currency . The purple goats of Iran will not have their way.
  10. Anyone shocked here that this kerfuffle is occurring? Meanwhile , Iraq has tooled up with the latest international banking systems and is exporting more oil than it has since 1972.
  11. H as the oil and gas law been activated ? That's what it looks like . The synergy of events occurring now in Iraq is astounding : the government days away from being formed , price of oil , added markets for oil due to the Russia thing , latest banking systems contracted by the CBI , powers that be in Iraq committing to coming down hard on corruption ,and committing to advancing the welfare of the people - these are just words at this point, but I do believe that the new government in Iraq will be more enlightened . The people in Iraq are not stupid . They know the price of oil and they know that all oil is owned by the government ,ergo the people of Iraq ,and they want a piece of it .
  12. The Ruble has tanked - 0.009 to 1 USD. That's going to take an unwieldy boat load of rubles .
  13. Iraq oil is carefully not mentioned in any of this reporting.
  14. Iraq can produce oil that is sweeter and more accessible than the Saudis.
  15. Now that Iraq has radified the New York Convention on Arbitration , international transactions will run much smoother.
  16. All the oil in Iraq is owned by the government of Iraq . IQD is a legal contract with Iraq ,if you have IQD you own a piece of that oil .
  17. I'm trying not to feel mad towards anyone who voted this guy in . Actually , he wasn't voted in , The scare of Covid , generated by the deep state, destroyed our fair and constitutional rights by being so cavalier about what constitutes a real vote . The price for democracy is what is happening in Ukraine . Live free or die.
  18. Import of Iraq oil to the USA has more than doubled since this time last year .The absence of news about Iraq oil in all this recent hubbub about oil speaks volumes
  19. This problem concerning the presidency can't go on forever.
  20. Zain financial system , very similar to Swift , was licensed by the CBI years ago , but this system appears to have been suspended ,perhaps coinciding with the CBI being closed . Mobil Gas uses this system .
  21. I mentioned Swift days ago , saying that Iraq was not on the list of countries using Swift. Iraq may have quit Swift recently. Frankly , I look at the rumor section before I look at the news section . While the news is properly sourced , it is loaded with b,s. There are kernels of truth in both of course.
  22. So glad I sold my big car and am now driving a 20 year old Honda civic . It was my Dad's and I couldn't bear to sell it . When we invaded Iraq , wasn't it all about the oil ? Once the HCL is finalize and the Iraqi government fully formed ,we will see a substantial increase in the value of dinar . The US government should be leaning on them pretty hard to get this done . How great for Iraq to have this happen before Ramadan
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