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  1. Lower demons are hard to find now . To me , this spells an uncontrollable float .
  2. The availability and usage of ATM's in Iraq is crucial to an rv. I would imagine that the ATM's in Iraq dispense USD ,not IQD , to foreign contractors who somehow need IQD ?. Who's zoomin' who here ? $10,000 IQD is worth $14. 00 USD , $1000, 14 cents ? Put that in equation with how ATM's work around the world . A 200,000 square foot warehouse and several dedicated huge trucks to serve each ATM's ? I think not .. This spells to me that value must be given to lower denoms
  3. When Iraq was negotiating out of Chapter7 with Kuwait , Kuwait was in the catbird seat . They may be more integral to this whole thing than we think . They would never agree to a settlement where they shot themselves in the foot with having a much higher exchange rate than Iraq , especially when it came to selling oil. It would be like , "no thanks , we'll just buy our oil from Iraq because it 's mucho mucho cheaper " . Iraq has already paid approximately $53 billion in reparations , with a measly $2.5 billion still owed . In the grand scheme if things , this is chump change . Innerweb sources are murky on whether this amount was paid in USD or Dinar ,they just state the amount . So did the US pay this debt off because it might have been stipulated in the Strategic Framework Agreement? Better yet , is Kuwait holding onto $55 billion DINAR ?!! . At a rate higher than Kuwait's , that is no longer chump change .
  4. Years ago , the rv happened briefly , or at least showed up on several currency sites , as having shot up to $1.46 . This rate disappeared quickly . The dinar rate , .1460.000 ,, reminds me of that time , I went to bed drunk and rich , woke up poor and hungover .
  5. Something different will happen here regarding the tremendous undervalue of the dinar . Under all this shite there is a pony.
  6. Although we have become jaded after so many years , when you look at it , the rv has never been closer . Hang in there , you crazy diamonds , trust in your gut.
  7. When supply does not meet demand ,you have a float.
  8. Anyway you can . including blowing paint with a straw onto a canvas in a sensitive artistic manner like Hunter.
  9. I'd like to suggest the Convent that taught me catechism ,and with45 kids in the class ,their job was tough but that is where their loud voices came in . My young ears heard , " Hail Mary full of Grapes " , and "Oh my God I am partly sorry:"
  10. I agree with Laidback ,why all this talk about exchange rate ? They protest too much . The rv is coming down the track , and we crazy diamonds are waiting at the station . .
  11. With a 40 ,000,000 population, and given the natural resources ,foreign reserves , and God knows what we don't know , every person in Iraq should be on easy street ,Iraqis must know this..
  12. Buzz words being "initially so far "
  13. I quoted the rate that appeared yesterday on thus site . Todays rate is different
  14. Looks like the rate is going up / down , with round numbers. what's up with the 5 zeros to the right of the decimal ? What use could they be ?
  15. Salih is a well spoken intelligent guy , Ph.d from Columbia .
  16. Iraq is increasing their trustworthyness by increasing their foreign reserves . The CBI has been sucking in most of the USD at the auctions ,getting ready for bigtime international business.
  17. Is this a new term being thrown around , Sovereign fund? My understanding is that in order to qualify as a sovereign nation , that nation must be in complete control of its currency and that this currency must hold value .
  18. Could be a good part of the BASEL 3 coming down the track.
  19. The 2021 Iraq budget was set at 1450 per $1USD . The exchange rate must be included in any budget . At this point in time , the Iraq deficit ,approximately $30 billion , is 1/3 of their assets, $90 billion . The interest rate of the CBI is 4% ,flatlined since 2010. Inflation is not a problem for sure . Iraq is sitting pretty financially ,their biggest hurtle now being the safety and security of all individuals .
  20. It's puzzling those three numbers to the right of the decimal point , a millionth of a penny ? And why is dinar worth less than what it was when isis had taken over two thirds of Iraq ? The value of dinar is not reflected in it's reality and is being held back and waiting for other events to occur. No worries , you crazy diamonds ,it will happen .
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