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  1. I apologize for speaking my mind, but this just rubs me wrong. If I was your friend, I would be rolling over in my grave. I can understand the impatience due to your obvious lack of education with current events. But you selling that dinar that was given to you within the heart of a dying friend? Geez. If you want to move on, at the very least, donate it to something or someone that would make your deceased friend proud.
  2. She was the same ambassador to Kuwait when they reinstated...JS I may let it slide if we get a similar result .
  3. More proof that Central Banks are going down. The QFS system is closer.
  4. The Central Bank has lost confidence internationally.. The US Treasury is holding a closed meeting with Iraqi private banks regarding “currency smuggling” 2022-11-19 Baghdad A banking source revealed Friday, a closed meeting that took place between the representative of the US Treasury and representatives of 35 Iraqi private banks, to warn them of issues of dollar smuggling from Iraq and adherence to instructions regarding hard currency transfers for the purpose of import. The source said, “Thursday 11/17/2022, the representative of the US Treasury at the US embassy met with representatives of 35 Iraqi private banks represented by the authorized director with the compliance director of each bank, warning them of the importance of adhering to the instructions regarding transfers in the currency auction and adhering to the anti-money laundering instructions, otherwise it will be affected.” The sanctions affected other banks, as well as the four banks that were finally sanctioned by the US Treasury. The source explained that “the representative of the US Treasury touched on that most of the imports fixed in the currency auction, especially those related to foodstuffs, sugar and others, are exaggerated,” stressing “the importance of auction transfers being correct and pertaining to the last beneficiary, who must be carefully scrutinized by the banks.” According to the source, “the meeting lasted for two hours, from one o’clock until three o’clock in the afternoon, in the guesthouse,” noting that “it is strange that no representative of the Central Bank was invited to attend this meeting, noting that the Central Bank is the institution responsible and supervising the work of Iraqi banks.” And the source considered that “not inviting the Central Bank is evidence that this institution is losing confidence internationally because of the service between its management and some corrupt banks, such as the four banks sanctioned by the US Treasury.” YESIRAQ.COM يس عراق | Yes Iraq
  5. Will H.R. 9157 Put America Back on the Gold Standard? (
  6. They're telling the truth..the dollar exchange rate isn't going to change. The dinar exchange rate will change.
  7. So I guess this applies to the currency auctions as well ? or just these 4 banks?
  8. First time getting together with the new GOI . Fingers crossed. This PM has been impressive, so far in a short time. Pound out the HCL already.
  9. Iraqi premier to raise Iraqi dinar value “The interests of the needy were not taken into consideration in devaluing Iraqi currency. We tend not to repeat that in this cabinet,” he said Kurdistan 24 12 Hours Mohammed Shia al-Sudan, Iraqi Prime Minister. Iraq currency value Iraqi dinar dollar value ERBIL () - Iraqi government with the help of the Central Bank of Iraq, do its best to increase the price of Iraqi dinar against US dollar, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, Iraq’s new premier, said in a press conference on Tuesday. “The interests of the needy were not taken into consideration in devaluing Iraqi currency. We tend not to repeat that in this cabinet,” he said. Tackling endemic corruption in the country is one of the priorities of this cabinet, he said. The Iraqi government work with other neighboring other countries to return Iraq’s “stolen money,” he added. Faced by financial crisis caused by low oil prices amid COVID-19 pandemic, the Iraqi Central Bank decided to devalue the currency, setting the exchange rate at 1,460 dinars per dollar to the public. Before the decision, each dollar was traded at 1,182 Iraqi dinars. As Iraq’s market is heavily relied upon imports, the decision sparked public outrage and demonstrations, outcrying the rising prices of commodities. The former Finance Minister Ali A. Allawi argued that the rising commodity prices was part of the global inflation, defending the devaluation decision as it had increased the state revenue amid liquidity crisis.
  10. The World Bank: The policy of changing the dollar exchange rate is the prerogative of the Iraqi government Nabaa3 days ago Today, Monday, the World Bank confirmed that the policy of changing the dollar exchange rate is one of the prerogatives of the Iraqi government. The World Bank said in a statement that it was followed by (Al-Oula News), that "the policy of changing the dollar exchange rate is one of the prerogatives of the Iraqi government."البنك-الدولي-سياسة-تغيير-سعر-صرف-الدول/?fbclid=IwAR0HWuX-Ts1R46NucDou07GmV_0Oq_DpFf4l7PWCozf3QW1CukORSzmRc5U
  11. Breitling – Dinar Guru So where people are getting these negative vibes about Iraq – 1. You’re wrong. 2. You’re probably attaching it to, “I should be driving a Ferrari right now.” Don’t do that because you’re clouding your judgement with your feelings…Your timing and what you want has nothing to do with Iraq…If you’re dragged down because of…the timing that’s one thing but if it’s some type of signal to you that the dinar is not going to revalue, you’re wrong…I’m still excited about it. It is a very very good thing coming down the road…
  12. An economist explains how to control the currency sale auction September 25 08:56 The Information/Baghdad... The economic expert, Abdul Salam Hassan, explained that the currency sale auction can be controlled through the government's move towards equalizing the value of the dinar with the dollar or making it close to the dinar, pointing to the difficulty of stopping this auction, especially with the presence of dominant parties on the scene. Hassan told Al-Maalouma, "The currency auction cannot be stopped, and there is no law preventing its work, as it is supported by the World Bank, despite corruption and the parties' control over it to achieve personal benefits." He added that "most countries work with currency auctions or the so-called economic colonialism, and countries take it for financial investment and a window to extract the currency, but the work of this auction in Iraq cannot be legalized or stopped under the pretext of continuing import, and this matter needs more currency." And he indicated that "the increase in the amounts of currency sale came as a result of the increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, as it achieves greater benefit through the currency sale auction, and the government can control this matter and reduce the amounts sold in the auction by making the value of the dollar close to the dinar and thus the two values are equal or may The difference is very simple." finished 25خبير-اقتصادي-يوضح-كيفية-السيطرة-على-مزاد-بيع-العملة
  13. This is what the QFS IS BEING RUN ON!
  14. I didn't realize this Oct. 4th deadline. SO..Who's going to put together Iraq's working government? Brandon? I guess Bush picked Maliki, so why not! Just RV and all you'll see is my DUST.
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