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  1. Al-Rafidain participates in the largest financial exhibition in Iraq, which will start tomorrow 07/01/2022 10:55:33 Al-Rafidain participates in the largest financial exhibition in Iraq, which will start tomorrow {Economic: Al Furat News} Al-Rafidain Bank is preparing to participate in the Iraq Finance Conference and Exhibition, which will be held on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair tomorrow, Saturday, and will last for 3 days. The media office of the bank stated, in a statement, that the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that "this important event is one of the largest exhibitions in Iraq, and alongside Rafidain Bank, many banks and other financial companies will participate in an event organized annually and collecting expertise in the banking field." He pointed out, "This important financial forum in the banking sector is complementary to the activities of the Financial Inclusion Week, and the bank will present its many and varied products and services and marketing banking products to customers in this event, which aims to increase banking culture, open bank accounts, and promote small and medium enterprises for individuals, companies and other facilities and everything that related to spreading the banking culture. ALFORATNEWS.IQ الرافدين يشارك بأكبر معرض مالي في العراق ينطلق غداً اقتصادية الفرات نيوز يستعد مصرف الرافدين للمشاركة في موتمر ومعرض مالية العراق المقام على ارض معرض بغداد الدولي يوم غد السبت ويستمر ٣ أيام
  2. Russia announces 70 banks joining a new financial system away from "SWIFT" The Central Bank of Moscow confirms that financial conditions are "difficult", but the share of the Chinese yuan is rising (The Independent Arabia and agencies) Friday July 1, 2022 3:29 (Reuters) The Russian Central Bank announced that 70 foreign banks from 12 countries have joined the alternative Russian trading system for the global " Swift " network . The President of the Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, said that the Russian Central Bank will not disclose the list of these banks due to the fear of these banks that they will be affected by Western sanctions, for their dealings with the Russian financial system in light of the continued imposition of more sanctions by the European Union and the United States of America . She noted that "the Central Bank of the Russian Federation adheres to the policy of floating the ruble exchange rate even in changing conditions, and attempts to achieve the exchange rate that was before will make it artificial." "The managed exchange rate of the ruble will lead to a decrease in the independence of the monetary policy of the Russian Federation," she added. She stated, "When we begin to manage the exchange rate, of course, the independence of monetary policy sharply decreases, that is, we are tied to the currencies of foreign countries. We are forced, with the regulated exchange rate, to synchronize monetary policy with the policies of countries linked to their currencies." She stressed that the share of the Chinese yuan in the Russian economy is increasing. She pointed out that the Russian system for exchanging messages between banks "SBFS" is able to work as an alternative to the global "SWIFT" system. "We have also developed the internal financial infrastructure, and it will work smoothly, we have an SPFS dispatch system that can replace SWIFT within the country, and external participants can connect to it," she added. When was the alternative Russian network for "Swift" created? Russia created SPFS in 2014, when the United States threatened to expel Russia from SWIFT through sanctions. This system is an acronym for Financial Message Transfer System, and it drafts and processes standard formats for electronic banking messages or UFEBS documents and MT files as well. SPFS has integrated security measures that slow down its transactions and increase its financial costs as well. The regime carried out its first successful transaction in 2017, and now has more than 400 financial institutions in its network, and Russia is seeking to include its allies in this system. According to the Russian Central Bank, 20 percent of domestic transfers are currently made through SPFS, but message volume is limited and operations are limited to weekday hours. SWIFT is an acronym for Association for Global Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a company based in Brussels, and therefore subject to Belgian and European law. Founded in 1973, the company is one of the largest banking and financial correspondent networks, providing bank settlements between financial institutions around the world. A few days ago, the 27 European Union countries agreed at a summit in Brussels to exclude Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, from the SWIFT system for international money transfers. This came as part of a sixth package of European sanctions against Moscow over its military operation in Ukraine. The Russian financial sector is facing difficult conditions As part of her statements, the head of the Russian Central Bank revealed that the financial infrastructure of her country is working without malfunctions. She pointed out that the Russian system for exchanging messages between banks "SBFS" is able to work as an alternative to the global "SWIFT" system. But she reiterated that the Russian financial system and economy are facing a difficult situation, and the Central Bank will use any necessary solutions in this situation. "Our financial system and economy are now facing a very difficult situation, and the Bank of Russia will be very flexible in its approach to using any necessary tools," she added. This comes as Western pressures and calls are growing to stop Russia's use of the "SWIFT" system, a global messaging system between banks to facilitate transfers and payments. Western countries have adopted a new package of sanctions against Russia in response to the war on Ukraine, including the exclusion of a number of Russian banks from the international banking system "SWIFT". The move is expected to further isolate Russia from the international financial system. Freezing assets worth $330 billion In the context of Western sanctions, the United States of America and its allies have announced the freezing of Russian assets worth $330 billion since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to the US Treasury, Western allies have frozen $30 billion in assets owned by Russian wealthy or elites who are subject to sanctions. They also froze about $300 billion from the Russian Central Bank, according to a statement issued by the Western Allies' Action Unit responsible for tracking the assets of Russian elites. Also, at least five luxury yachts and real estate owned or controlled by Russian nationals were seized and sanctioned. Earlier, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced that the volume of gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Central Bank, which was frozen due to Western sanctions, is about 300 billion dollars. He said, "That's about half of the reserves that we had. We have total reserves of about 640 billion dollars, and about 300 billion of them are now in a state where we can't use them." He stressed that Russia will not abandon its sovereign debt obligations, but will pay them in rubles until Western countries reverse the freezing of their gold and foreign exchange reserves, noting that this is a "completely fair" matter in the current circumstances. He noted that the West is pressuring China to limit Russia's access to its yuan reserves, expressing his belief that "our partnership with China will continue to allow us not only to maintain the cooperation that we have achieved, but also to develop it in conditions in which Western markets are closed (in front of us)." He stressed that Russia has enough funds to guarantee the production of goods and conduct the necessary financial transactions, warning that sanctions against Russia will rebound later on those who impose them. INDEPENDENTARABIA.COM روسيا تعلن انضمام 70 بنكا لنظام مالي جديد بعيدا عن "سويفت" أعلن البنك المركزي الروسي، عن انضمام 70 مصرفاً أجنبياً من 12 دولة إلى نظام التعاملات الروسي البديل لشبكة "سويفت" العالمية. وقالت رئيسة البنك، إلفيرا نابيولينا، إن الب....
  3. So I'm gathering by this that Iraqi banks are usually open on Sundays? My mistake....I forgot they have different "week ends"
  4. X22 is legit. Listen with confidence. Trust me on this one. Comes from a very high up person. My wife's best friend was at a wedding last weekend at His home...and personally asked Him.
  5. Yep......I can't see it YET on my back screens either! All I see is a bunch of dead flies and dirt! 😅 😳
  6. I hope your right. Years back I remember Him visiting Iran...although that shouldn't label someone. But it seems like whenever the chips are down, He leans that way.
  7. The National Approach Bloc Reveals A Parliamentary Movement To Reduce The Price Of The Dollar 06/26/2022 43 Earth News/ The National Parliamentary Al-Nahj bloc revealed today, Sunday, a parliamentary movement in order to reduce the price of the dollar and return it to its previous price. The representative of the National Nahj bloc, Ahmed Taha Al-Rubaie, said in an interview with Earth News, "The clear financial abundance as a result of the rise in global crude oil prices and the increase in export quantities in Iraq is supposed to reflect positively on various segments of society." Al-Rubaie added, “The most important point through which citizens can feel the impact of this recovery, the rise in oil prices, the impact of crude oil revenues, and the reduction of dollar prices,” noting that “raising the dollar’s price has harmed various segments of society, whether they are rich, poor, merchants, earners and others.” Al-Rubaie continued, "There is a clear movement among most members of Parliament and the blocs in the direction of reducing the price of the dollar and returning it to what it was or close to the previous figure in order for the citizens to feel the positive impact of that and relieve them of the burdens of high international prices and the great pressure as a result of wars and others, as well as the noticeable increases in various global commodities. And Al-Rubaie said, "We expect that the movement of members of the House of Representatives will bear fruit, and the dollar price will be reduced by putting pressure on the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq."
  8. Collecting more than 100 signatures.. A parliamentary move to reduce the dollar exchange rate - Urgent Policy 2022-06-23 | 07:22سياسة/424415/جمع-أكثر-من-100-توقيع-تحرك-نيابي-لتخفيض-سعر-صرف-ال?fbclid=IwAR33eUR41iXJKmYb01CP3_K6_8cUjENtte3m_f9icY6P-oW9m7cxJQy6q68 9,954 views Alsumaria News - Localities Representative Uday Awad announced today, Thursday, that he has collected the signatures of more than 100 deputies to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar. Awad stated, according to a document received by Alsumaria News, that "according to Article (61-Seventh-C) of the Iraqi constitution and Article (56) of the internal system, please include the issue of reducing the price of the dollar in the earliest possible session and according to constitutional contexts and because of the economic repercussions taking place in the country and the collapse of the currency and its impact on the Iraqi citizen.
  9. Probably quite a few in the last 19 years.....
  10. Baghdad today – Baghdad Today, Sunday, the coordination framework set the date for forming the new government, while indicating that no political party will be marginalized from participating in the next government. The leader in the framework, Ali Al-Fatlawi, told (Baghdad Today) that “the data indicate that the date for forming the new government will be after the Eid al-Adha holiday, especially since the current period will be devoted to dialogues and negotiations between all political blocs and parties.” He added, “There is almost a political consensus on the need to expedite the process of forming the new government,” noting that “the negotiating committees will start their meetings soon to resolve political positions on the government formation process, and no political party will be marginalized from participating in the next government.”
  11. “The new devices are already getting our customers’ attention, and in our next phase, the ATM’s integrated cash recycling capabilities will enable us to optimize cash handling and provide our customers with innovative technology that improves their banking experience.” Additionally, it features a 19-inch touch display, check deposit module and cash recycling features, enabling ATMs to accept, validate, store, and recirculate cash.
  12. June 13, 2022 Al Qurtas Islamic Bank taps Diebold Nixdorf to deploy ATMs in Iraq Al Qurtas Islamic Bank has selected US-based technology company Diebold Nixdorf to deploy DN Series ATMs in Iraq. Al Qurtas Islamic Bank, which is among the fastest-growing banks in Iraq, will leverage DN Series ATM’s scalable design, consistent software and common components to achieve this feat, Diebold Nixdorf said. As part of the partnership, Vynamic View software will be used to monitor the Iraqi bank’s ATMs to detect and prevent downtime, optimise performance and cut costs for the lender. Diebold Nixdorf noted that the ATMs are equipped with security features to offer protection against traditional and new physical, data and cyber threats. Additionally, it features a 19-inch touch display, check deposit module and cash recycling features, enabling ATMs to accept, validate, store, and recirculate cash. Al Qurtas Islamic Bank CEO Sara Ahmad said: “We are proud to be the first financial institution in Iraq to deploy the new ATM technology and look forward to providing innovative services to our customers. “The new devices are already getting our customers’ attention, and in our next phase, the ATM’s integrated cash recycling capabilities will enable us to optimize cash handling and provide our customers with innovative technology that improves their banking experience.” Diebold Nixdorf managing director for Middle East Habib Hanna said: “We are thrilled that Al Qurtas Islmaic Bank chose to install DN Series as its first ATMs. They can now provide many additional services to achieve customer satisfaction and continue to be a leader in the region.” In May 2021, First Citizens National Bank chose Diebold Nixdorf for cloud-enabled self-service options in its branches. RETAILBANKERINTERNATIONAL.COM
  13. Hey Franky....Still waiting for you or one of your little buddies to post a screen shot of the TV News!
  14. Maybe these guys should just stay one country with separate territorial or "state" oil sales and oil and gas laws and agreements. Revalue their azz wipe currency and live happily ever after. Am I dreaming?
  15. IMHO...The auctions aren't going anywhere. The corrupt are living high on the hog. Believing they're invincible on a gravy train of money and power. They run the country and for that matter the world. Again...IMHO.......It's going to take the demise of the central banking system.....the fiat system. We're looking at a take over of the "QFS" Quantum Financial System ...... a gold backed system. Country by Country it's been happening right under our nose.
  16. Demands "reformation" of the Supreme Court to waste a crap load of time for stealing, and better fit His narrative of robbing the people blind..
  17. It's sad....but the GOI can't implement what color socks to wear until they take Iran out of the equation.
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