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  1. Big wave you have a lot of posts I read and agree with, while I respect your opinion this is not one .. no disrespect intended. Peace
  2. If the earth was flat would rivers still flow?.. btw I've never really heard of the flat earth argument until recently
  3. The pipeline part has affected my family tremendously, luckily my son who is 4th generation is able to find a side job.. me not so much not many people want to hire a 53 yr old with no experience
  4. Trump could sell all his real estate and not be homeless.. he lives rent free in a lot of people's heads
  5. I have one I got from tractor supply, it will jump start a vehicle, air up a tire and charge your phone
  6. Because I USED to pipeline I have a camper and generator when the power goes off we get the dogs and go to the camper. Warm and tv
  7. Yes we have cold days but not this cold for several days. The livestock hair doesn't grow as thick as they do in the north
  8. I'm in south eastern Oklahoma. We have lost 2 calves and tonight's low temp might get the old horse
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