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  1. I'm still holding but I had to diversify and buy some cryptos
  2. I could use one of those!!!!
  3. I hope this happens soon I'm fearing another shutdown is coming... STILL HOLDING lol
  4. I live in Oklahoma south east of okc.. my wife is working in Sioux falls South Dakota.. almost straight north of me, I called her last night at 9:10 PM and I told her it was dark here, she said the sun was still shining there hmmm
  5. Wow a woman called you out and you can't handle it!! Lol
  6. Oh I can't do anything but I'm sure those that can will
  7. All I'm going to say is by this time tomorrow night, you'll be trying to get back in here with another name. Peace
  8. Mi no its really just YOU and a couple others that like to stir the pot in a
  9. I didn't appear out of nowhere, I've been watching you attack several people. Seems like you're the one with issues?
  10. Man I hope something happens soon, I'm tired of borrowing my neighbors lawnmower when he's at work 😁
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