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  1. Can a person purchase a stock without using a stock broker?
  2. Thanks Adam, how I got it to work was my wife telling me I used the wrong card lol
  3. Thanks for the reply Adam, my wife told me it was probably the card I was using, we don't have a bank account so I got one at Walmart and put money on it
  4. Just tried to get VIP using a visa debit card and it wouldn't work, appreciate the offer anyways
  5. I'm 49 and I'm disabled since birth I have worked since I was 17 but as I got older my health declined rapidly, I got on disability a few years ago but recently aquired my grandkids so I forced myself to go back to work I was barely supporting my wife and I. All I'm asking is to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks
  6. Thanks Adam, I'm interested in your deal when does it end? OK I re-read it
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