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    Traveling, Horseback, Fishing, Going to Football & Baseball games, Doing fun things I was never allowed to do when I was married, Loving not having to answer to anyone, Putting on BBQ parties for Great friends, Mostly of all spending time with my son and his family in Sedona.

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  1. Starrider

    Well Said

    PP you Better bring enough for everyone LOL Starr
  2. Starrider

    Well Said

    Of course they will send the women and children first to make us look real bad and the cowards hide in the back just like our Negerator does. Maybe the Hurricanes down there will make them think twice. Starr
  3. Starrider

    Well Said

    I hope we have Guards on the Canadian side, Don't want them Pot Smokers coming over. LOL Starr
  4. Starrider

    Well Said

    Agreed Starr
  5. Starrider

    Well Said

    The reserves would be a start. +1 Starr
  6. Starrider

    Well Said

    That Negerator is not right in the head. Starr
  7. Starrider

    Iraq Wants Us To Have This RV For Christmas.
  8. Starrider

    Well Said

  9. And 1 for you sweet lady Starr
  10. I have extra if you need them, Let me know there you left off at. Starr
  11. Starrider

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    How about a BINGO Text Starr
  12. Here's one from me just BC ur so Kind Starr
  13. The cowardly negerator is back again. Poor person needs some help maybe anger issues and still living in Mommy's basement. Starr

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