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  1. I certainly don't like dishonest, politically biased, paid whistle blowers. I don't like it when the law is changed to allow anonymity that will prevent cross examination.
  2. Nobody gave any guns to Adam Lanza, he stole them out of his mothers safe. And killed her.
  3. Every company that sells anything to the public should be scared, very scared of this case.
  4. You are mistaking the Rubies for Negging your comments. I think they are Negging you. Jmho. I still think it would be nice if the forum had a way to plus the person and at the same time neg the material.
  5. To here it told in the media a lot of the Democrats running want socialistic and Communistic ideas. I would rather be free to earn and keep what I want than give it all away to someone who does not want to work. Farmers have been getting subsidies for a long time. I don'r have an issue with the farmers being compensated for the losses caused by the tariffs if in the future the new deals with China bring them more money.
  6. National Association of Atomic Veterans. A heart felt Thank You also to those vets who served, and have yet to or died before receiving their hard earned benefits.
  7. Here 25 miles West of Boise, it is 29. High of 56 Low of 29
  8. I am calling this out as a lie. Yes I said it. Half his people have not been convicted and the other half are not testifying against him. I don't care if a person is wearing the uniform of a military branch or not, if (their) purpose is an underlying one of overthrowing a duly elected president. that does not make them a hero. Trump has not been proven by any standards(except yours B/A) to have committed a crime. All supposition, hearsay and hate. The Dems prove day in and day out how crooked and bent they are to overthrow this president. Schiff is going to sh*t bricks when he is called before the senate and forced to testify, along with all the other perps waiting in the wings. . With all the recorded conversations they have he will have to tell the truth or be guilty of lying to congress. They are in the last death throws of a political party.
  9. Only if they try to hurt me or mine. I have seen the violent left and it is not pretty.
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