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  1. My best wishes to you and yours. Not saying there aren't any deaths from this. They are also adding any deaths of other causes into the numbers also. I don't trust any of them.
  2. I will tell him again. Suck it Bill. My body, my decision. Works for women.
  3. Actually the scary people who are the ones who set these people up with a loaded firearm and then film them doing very unsafe discharging of said firearm.
  4. Cl, I am not saying he isn't smart. I am saying what he said in 15 would not have mattered today. China delayed admitting it had a problem, thus delaying any quick action, and then destroyed the epicenter and any information a team of virus experts could have used to help fight this virus.
  5. Tough to have a team of virus researchers check things out when the country involved delays announcing the outbreak, bulldozes ground zero and then denies entrance to check thing out. Bill Gates may seem like a friend, but I personally have my doubts.
  6. Not who, what. Dinosaurs Say the word dino with a long I and you will see. Dino was a nick name for Dean Martin. In Dino the I sounds like an E
  7. I take 10-1000mg tablets throughout the clock. I get up at night for various reasons and I take 2 tablets. So far so good. I fall into the 60-65 range.
  8. That is a mighty big IF. That does not take into consideration of the information that the malaria drug has a significent positive effect on the COVID 19. People are going to panic as long as the MSM feeds the panic. It is just like when I lived in So. Calif. A few rain drops fell and it was " Storm Watch". All the reporters got in their rain gear and tried to find the rain.
  9. I don't think SHE is a HE. I have no physical proof of this just from reading some of her posts.
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