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  1. If they know everything why the h3ll are people still walking around and screwing the country up?
  2. I take 4000 MG in the morning and evenings I take another 4000 MG. During the day I take anywhere from 5000 to 10000 MG of the chewable C. You have to work up to it though.
  3. Someone conveniently left out the results of what happened in India and Australia. Wouldn't it be funny if Ivermectin was good at destroying the new monkey pox. Good article by the way Markinsa.
  4. It's child abuse to pump a kid full of an experimental "vaccine". Especially when the true science indicates children are less likely to contract the virus. And if they do they are more capable of fighting the virus than adults.
  5. Sh@t on wall by Who flung poo. Green River by I pee strangely. Yellow river by I pee freely. Good books if you can find them.
  6. Fine and dandy until the AG of CA calls for an en banc and the left leaning court over turns the 2 to 1 ruling.
  7. It was removed. I hear you. So frustrating. The courts have been turned political for so long.
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