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  1. An even smaller group of people who have not had it are out there. They are purer bloods. My wife is one of them.
  2. Clear pictures would be nice. I always get a red flag when pictures are blurry and then asked to compare faces in a picture.
  3. Don't forget the "Boot to the head" guy. He is no prince either.
  4. I see Shabbs is confused about facts being used in court and then used to free an innocent man. He must feel the prosecution can use any means necessary to convict an innocent man.
  5.[-MD5-] No other verdict should have been decided.
  6. Yellow River by I. P. Freely Green River by I. P. Strangely Spots on wall by Who Flung Poo
  7. And what may be the biggest act of stupidity is when the prosecutor sweeps the jury with an AR-15 with his finger on the trigger.
  8. Not surprised. Ozone has been used to kill viruses for many years in the water treatment process. Good find.
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