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  1. Sounds pretty clear to me. He is not going to let his personal feelings get in the way of the Constitution, as all politicians should. CJ Roberts could come in, start the proceedings and announce that the AOI don't meet the level required in the Constiturion and dismiss the case. Many Constitutional experts have said that very thing.
  2. You don't get it. Trump does not have to prove he is innocent. They have to prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They can't so they are grasping at straws and a thin bunch at that. As to the other part of your post, without proof it is all hear say.
  3. They move sand from one place to another all the time. I saw a time lapse of a beach that shows a reduction of sand and then an excess without intervention from man. Sand builds up and is moved all the time. It only becomes important when they want to support an agenda. Jmho.
  4. Even if he was, it is the job of a president to enforce the law. The agreement between Ukraine and the U.S. was signed by BC and Biden. Trump was doing his job. If this issue was so bad it would have been included in the Article of Impeachment.
  5. Maybe he would stay in the White House and do more if he did not have a Congress that is fighting him and a Media that was not attacking him since before his election. I would go do something more interesting than sit in the WH too if nobody wanted to play ball. Hell, if I was POTUS I would go to my JCS and ask to go fire every single weapon we had in our inventory. Minus the nukes of course.
  6. Wonder what the surgery cost on that one?
  7. Bidens were not mentioned in the Steel dossier. This crime was perpetrated on Citizen Trump and continued on President Trump.
  8. Except the Steel dossier had some input from Ukrainian sources, and that dossier was used against citizen Trump by the FBI to spy on him and others. So it makes perfect sense for a private citizen to check on sources used against a private citizen.
  9. For what? I would not trust anything that came out of the House. They will try anything to discredit Trump. Where was all this during the impeachment (. ) process?
  10. There is no mocking of any Americans for their religion. There is attention drawn to Chuck and Nancy for their "Pro Iran for the sake of getting Trump". You read way to much into it because of your extreme dislike of Trump. I could accuse you of your persecution (per se) of Trump voters also. You assume a lot about Trump and his supporters.
  11. Not true. A judge only judges or referees the case. It is up to the prosecution to provide witnesses or proof of guilt. The defense only brings witnesses or proof to refute the prosecution. Also the prosecution has to turn over all evidence that will help the defense. Something the Flynn prosecution team failed to do.
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