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  1. I have always said I could kill more people with a car than a gun. They are easy to get and don't require a BG check.
  2. The fact is this. GOD never wants anybody to be forced to become a follower of his Son. It must come from the heart and be of a free choice. Any atrocities that are done in His name are just that, atrocities. They are performed for the most part by misguided, well intentioned over zealous people. Some of those act were also performed by evil, greedy people. The bible says to go out and spread the word. NOT Go out and force people to accept the word or be punished if you don't. Any religion/man that demands obedience to the religion or die is a false religion.
  3. I listened to the last posted video and the witness never said anything. All I saw was a clown show by Nadler changing the rules as he went. I have seen other videos where the witness answered all the questions and the Dems did not like the answers.
  4. “Fear is the path to the dark side… fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate… hate leads to suffering.” You are suffering from the third stage. Trump is not leading us to cattle cars for extermination. He is taking our means of self defense. He is not prohibiting our right to worship. He is not advocating the murder of innocent unborn children. You seem to believe that Trump convinced "his base", as you call it to feel the way we do. We felt this way long before Trump got elected. His base is sick and tired of being forced to do things we don't want to do.. It is called fighting back. We are tired of the false lie of compromise.
  5. KH was a terrible AG while in Ca and she would be a terrible president.
  6. They try it here and they will just end up with a bunch of dead Muslims. Jmho
  7. Tap the blue words in your quote and it will open a new page with all the information you need.
  8. The exception would be that it (Political Science) would be the only class that politics should be discussed and taught without bias.
  9. That would be the exception and even then there should not be an obvious bias to one side or the other. Or if there is the course description should say it.
  10. College proffessors are there to teach academia not political ideology. You are right. They should hear both sides not just left leaning thinking.
  11. No. As in the Saudis kneed to keep the peace in the Middle East or else the world is going to come in and dance on Iran's head to keep them from causing the oil supply from stopping. They must have in their head that their little dirt parking lot is important. That the world needs them.
  12. Let the Saudies drag Iran into the back room and beat the crap out of them and put them in their place. We should step back and let them police their own. If we step in and stop this we should have free oil for whenever. Or or maybe it is glass factory time.
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