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  1. Often a bully will attack and push and then act surprised when the "victim" fights back often to the detriment of the bully.
  2. If they are guilty of manipulating news coverage then shame on them as well. If they are covering a story and not manipulating it for an agenda then it is just news. This goes for all news outlets.
  3. Someone needs to disguise a gunship to look like a tanker and when they try to seize it blow it out of the water. Or keep some helicopter gunships standing by and let them do some pilot sh*t they do so well.
  4. That may be how you see but I don't. The media just gives them more coverage to fit their " blame Trump" agenda. And yes, that is my opinion.
  5. Living in a POW camp giving info to the enemy must have been tough. He stayed in to benefit his career after. Talk to the men who endured torture and pain and see what they say about him. Oh wait, the video above had that and your response was "Whatever".
  6. I don't know what to say. I can see the pic on both my I pad and PC? The pic is a rain gutter downspout going into a tin man hat and comes out the area we men use to pee.
  7. Today, My wife said to me: "Honey, get off your ass and fix that gutter downspout! And, I want it done before the end of the day!" Well, as you all know, at my age, and most of my friends, are retired and we do have the time to work on such "Honey do's"…. So, I invited some of my buddies over to help with the project. One is a sheet metal worker. One is a Iron Worker so he came with his welder. One brought beer and Nachos. One brought a grill and burgers. Took us about 6 hours, and 30-40 beers, but we got it done just as we finished off the last of the beer and burgers. As usual, the wife is still not happy !! Can't understand, cause all us guys love it! Personally, I cannot wait for it to rain
  8. Pretty sad when a sex trafficking case is bigger than an attempted United States presidential coup.
  9. I do all the time. I never lose one and often come up with a solution that fits my needs.
  10. Not after seeing that. You are suppose to go to the gym to feel better not kill yourself.
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