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  1. Open to interpretation. I will wait till I see Him and ask what he meant. I am the son of a man from the Show me State. I usually need more proof on a lot of things.
  2. No, not a problem with me. Any photo shopped picture leaves doubt in my mind. I absolutely believe in the word of GOD. John 3:16 That is very specific teaching. If He wanted us to believe in a flat Earth He would have said the Earth is flat. He is very specific in some things and is not so specific in others. I have far more important things in my walk to worry about besides a flat Earth or round Earth. Making fun of or acting superior because you think you are right does not sell a thing. It actually turns some people off. I will modify my picture
  3. Aside from down drafts, up draft and storms (Hurricanes and tornados) that pretty much describes air travel.
  4. I still want to know how this new law is making it more difficult to vote if the people have the same if not more voting opportunities after it passed? Did they: Lose their tv's, postal service, cable network their wallets? Is there a wall around their house, a sign out in front of their house that says: Stay inside, you can't vote. No, they did not and no there isn't. There are people spreading the lies that the Left and MSM want people to believe. When people continue to spread non facts it is a lie. The very thing Trump was acc
  5. 1911. Condition one. No time to lock and load when the bad guy shows up. Thanks for the tips. My next door neighbor is an ex sheriff and National Guard captain. When we moved to our new house his family adopted me and my wife as Yaya and Pops. They were over with friends and some one ask if I was carrying. Ray said if Pops is vertical he's carrying. Conceal carry was new to me when I moved to Idaho. Now it feels natural. Living in Ca the idea of CCW was a dream.
  6. You keep pushing the narrative that this new law is very restrictive on voters. Read the new law. It expands voting days, even on Saturday. It does not do away with absentee ballots. A voter merely has to provide a copy of some form of ID when sending the ballot back. It even gives early voting more days to do it. So every time you say it is more restrictive it is a lie.
  7. This new law is less restrictive than some states run by Dems. Are you saying the Dems are trying to discourage the voters in their state also, Or is it just Red states that are voter suppresioning?
  8. Pig Boy. Gotta love him. I worked years ago at a place that required I.D. badges to go through locked doors. I took that picture and taped it to the badge. For a year nobody noticed it. It may have been my real picture looked close. 😆
  9. The first sentence of the article is a lie. There is a bias against the law from the get go. Over reacting from the Left to make it worse. READ the law. Let it soak in. This new law expands voting days. This law is less restrictive than some of the Dem states. New Jersey and NY for a couple.
  10. More lies from the MSM. Georgia's voting laws are less restrictive than other states. Again, there can be food and water passed out while in the line. Just not by partisan organizations.
  11. They will use their Gen Flynn tactics and threaten innocent family members wth jail time to flip on a non existant crime.
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