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  1. And for this I will give you an Emerald.
  2. You see 10,000 people across the border. No problem. You see 10,000 people attempting to cross the border and your choices are: 1. Yell with bull horns to stop. 2. Yell with bull horns that you will use non lethal force to stop them. 3. Yell with a bull horn that deadly force will be used. 4. Run away and let them in. Option #4 should not even be considered. Americans defend their country against an invasion. If they attempt to get in illegally that is an invasion. I don't know how many of these able bodied men are in some form of military and are using a Trojan Horse tactic to get by the border patrol.
  3. And you keep deflecting the discussion with another. You are like a ricochet. You bounce off a discussion and go in another direction. I can't have a discussion that way. My man brain likes to stay on one topic and not bounce around. My wife says I need a woman's brain to do that. She also said there is maybe a 1/1024 of a chance I have a feminine side.
  4. I believe he is referring to when Obama made the crazy statement about how was Trump going to get more jobs. With a magic wand? Well he is using something.
  5. If and it is a big If Russia is violating the treaty and we are not then there is no treaty.
  6. I do believe that if you allow an invasion to take place with no checks or balances you will eventually be overtaken and your way of life will be gone.
  7. Take the millions of dollars we send/spend in these countries and set up refugee camps/towns in their own country. Protect them from the gangs and cartels. Then tell the governments there to clean up their act. Get rid of the cartels/gangs and get the infra structure in the towns up to decent standards. It would satisfy all the issues.
  8. We send millions of $$$$ to these countries to help them out and then they migrate/invade our country and receive million in social aid. If that keeps happening the only recourse is to stop the money and lock down the borders.
  9. I have to disagree with Mr. Robertson. If one American is harmed we as a nation should be calling for blood and we send in the Marines to take care of business. Scorched Earth policy to show them "Don't screw with our citizens". A few of those events and we would have a better diplomacy with these countries.

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