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  1. My eye are leaking at the thought of our country at the hands of miscreants and traitors who show no respect for the flag of our nation in the guise of the 1st amendment. Dems and Libs are the British who want the flag down.
  2. So, deaths are not pandemic levels, it has been around and people recover. CDC will try and panic governors and Feds for another mask wearing shutdown. Hopefully people won't fall for this one.
  3. That is correct but when the schools don't reinforce that teaching or allow lawlessness to occur it just makes it harder at home. Kids are away at school for up to 8 hours a day. That makes for a lot of bad influence to be learned and then come home. Unless parents are firm and set in their beliefs there is a lot of confusion and pain. We homeschooled our 2 daughters. Our belief was to teach at home and when they became adults they could decide which path they took. Good or bad. So far all is good. Both married, have jobs. Pryor to that no drug issues or pregnancies. We put it in Go
  4. That is all fine and dandy until you have one set of standards taught at home and the complete opposite at school.
  5. We really need fewer school boards that are embracing these stupid woke ideas. Get back to teaching the basics and throw in some honest history.
  6. If these were true vaccines there would be no problem with people getting them. They are experimental drugs with oft times bad side effects. They do not prevent CV19. People that don't want the jab should be protected from backlash about jobs and travel. They have rights also. If you have had the jab then great, you are protected.
  7. I agree. They need to recognize the biggest threat to America and the Constitution is in the White House right now.
  8. What about the guy who walks near blue tooth electronics and activates them. True? Asking for a non vaccinated friend.
  9. The government is not our friend. Except for the cases of allergic reactions these drugs are used for antiviral treatment. HQC and a metabolic steroid inhaled was found to be a wonderful treatment. But because Trump was pushing it along with many learned viroligists the media and others in the pocket of big pharma were against it. Drs overseas were treating patients with quinine. It is an anti viral medication. Ivermictin wth zinc was another. Do your research and then decide.
  10. Four men were sitting around a conference room table being interviewed for a job. The interviewer asked, "What is the fastest thing you know of?" The first man replied, "A thought. It pops into your head, there's no forewarning that it's on the way; it's just there. A thought is the fastest thing I know of." "That's very good," replied the interviewer. "And now you, sir," he asked the second man. "Hmmm, let me see..... a blink!," said the second man. "It comes and goes and you don't know it ever happened. A blink is the fastest thing I know of." "Excellent!", said the int
  11. One day a florist goes to a barber for a haircut. After the cut he asked about his bill and the barber replies, "I cannot accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week." The florist is pleased and leaves the shop. Next morning when the barber goes to open his shop, there is a thank you card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door. Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he goes to pay his bill the barber again replies, "I cannot accept money from you. I'm Doing community service this week." The cop is happy and leaves the shop. Next morning when the ba
  12. Jose & Carlos are panhandling on the street. Jose drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage free house and has a lot of money to spend. Carlos only brings in 2 to 3 dollars a day. Carlos asks Jose how he can bring home a suitcase full of $10 bills every day. Jose says "Look at your sign. It says: I have no work, a wife and 6 kids to support". Carlos looks at Jose's sign. It reads "I only need another $10.00 to move back to my country".
  13. Pat had been in business for 25 years. Finally sick of the stress he quits his job and buys 50 acres of land in Alaska as far from humanity as possible. He sees the postman once a week and gets groceries once a month. Otherwise it's total peace and quiet. After six months or so of almost total isolation, someone knocks on his door. He opens it and a huge, bearded man is standing there. ''Name's Lars, your neighbor from forty miles up the road. Having a Christmas party Friday night. Thought you might like to come. About 5:00." "Great", says Pat, "After six months out here I'm ready to mee
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