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  1. Heart felt prayers LGD. I know this sounds shallow, but God does have a plan for all of us. Your daughter was sent to you and your wife and family for a reason. We don't know what it is only he does. I'm sure you'll get through this. Take as much time as you need.
  2. Using a source that is left centered, that paints a far left person as a moderate, doesn't change my mind. As far as Bernie goes, she is copying his agenda almost word for word. So is JB. New Green deal and Medicare for all.
  3. Only if you call driving in the ditch " middle". She is so far left she is labeled the "most progressive" (socialist) senator in Congress. Live under her draconian rule and you will change your opinion.
  4. Trumps indiscretions were not for political gain. Kamala Harris did hers for political gain. She had windows of opportunity opened for positions she was not qualified for. Trumps indiscretions are between him, his wife/ex-wives and God. Harris on the other hand are between her and the People of California and the People of the United States.
  5. Until you have lived in a state that had her as an AG, then a senator, you have no idea how inept, crooked and corrupt the woman is. Unfit for an AG. Unfit as a senator. Unfit for a VP. We were glad she got elected as a senator because that meant we did not have her for a gun grabbing AG. She did not uphold the 2A. She fought against it. No, no love for the woman whatsoever then and not now. when needed.
  6. For crossing the line??? Or are you suggesting something else?? Because I would not suggest any of the Mods of being Left handed or Right handed as far as Adams site is concerned.
  7. You obviously don't understand the " Create a crisis, panic the people, find a solution, make people pay for it one way or the other.
  8. And you don't? He has admitted and promoted world depopulation and has stated vaccines and abortion are the way to do it. Bill Gates is no friend to mankind.
  9. I slowed it dow to .25 speed playback. I see the white streak/flash. If a nuke, no radiation as been reported. I still want to know what the fire burning was in/on. Heck of a hole left in the ground and bay.
  10. If it was me, I would give a 5 week notice. The extra stops then. There are businesses here that have "for hire" in the windows. I asked if that was for new or to replace. They said it was to replace workers who don't want to come back to work. I would tell the slackers come back or get replaced for job abandonment.
  11. lest we forget.
  12. I merely pointed out your original post was a lie. I personally don't care for the comments that were made.
  13. I use the chewable 500 mg tablets. Two every couple of hours. Even at night when I wake to do bathroom duty.
  14. He never said he DID grab, he said COULD, big difference.
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