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  1. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread in a calm and courteous manner. I am also giving an emerald to all to offset any rubies.
  2. Speaking from experience. Does any one think alienating grumpy old white guys is a good thing? We also have grumpy wives who spend a lot of money on things and vote.
  3. Lawn, no. Border patrol, yes
  4. I also want to know what happened to Freedom of Speech. The 1 A. is also in play. Good for the goose, Good for the gander
  5. Until you have lived in California and have an Att. General like Kamala Harris run your DoJ, and have a Legislature that will do anything to shut down your 2A rights you have no idea how scary it can be. One morning you are Mr./Mrs. law abiding citizen. Then with a vote, a stroke of a pen and overnight you are Mr. and Mrs. Felon. Turn in you guns/magazines, register them or sell them out of state. Yes it is happening already.
  6. Quoted from the article reference in BA's post "Pirro had questioned whether Omar's wearing of a hijab was "indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which is in itself antithetical to the U.S. Constitution?" Freedom of religion if it does not go against the Constitution. I don't see an issue. She can practice all she wants. Just don't go against the Law of the Land.
  7. They did not say what years they wanted. I would give them the first 5 years that he filed.
  8. O.k. He is innocent till proven guilty. That said he should be executed without a long waiting process when found guilty. "Innocent by reason of insanity" should not be a pass either. Some feelings could be fueled by a strong sense of human core values also. Depends on the mindset at the time.
  9. I'm sorry. I thought you responded to it. It may not been in the form of a question so here it is. What "Truth" we're you referring to in your statement.
  10. Not an answer to my question. I guess it is what it is.
  11. You would have to define what "truth" it is you are mentioning. Truth can be seen as something different from both sides.
  12. Until that happens we need a Barrier, wall, fence, armed guards at the border. People or politicians that allow ILLEGAL immigration to take place should also be punished and stripped of their positions.
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