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  1. No, 50/50 is false. There are e-mails that prove it was created. FBI has found it to be true. Many sources have proved it. The point is, if one is true the others could have some truth to them.
  2. Covid 19 was created in a lab Area 51 does exist. And no. You can find the proof if you look and are willing to see.
  3. A lot of those have happened and have been proven. The author of this pyramid and you evidently are out touch on some of these realities.
  4. I have come to realize that if we boycotted every thing we did not agree with we would have and do almost nothing. We can only vote with our wallet and our feet just so much. There is a time when the ballot box gets replaced with the bullet box.
  5. The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. Prove me wrong. The only good rapist is a dead rapist. Prove me wrong. The only good child molester/groomer is a dead . Not one has ever been a repeat offender once executed.
  6. I am willing to say the plus size gal has more of a right to be there than the trans. At least she is a woman.
  7. Look at the high abnormal infant death rate that has been occurring since 2020. Mothers and babies that got vaccinated. Coincidence???? I doubt it.
  8. If these tens of thousands are given a fair trial and found guilty I have no problem with the proper punishment dictated by The Constitution to be carried out. No hate involved. God allows the death penalty. These people knew they were doing evil.
  9. Recognizing the intelligence of your enemies is important. That does not mean you support them. It means you understand what needs to be done to fight them. Many instances in WW2 enemies read books and manuals of their countries counter parts. They knew their enemies. Some realized this and threw the book out and went outside of the box.
  10. I heard there was a cyber attack from China and Iran that shut down their intelligence and defense systems.
  11. As a former Catholic I realized a long time ago that I did not need a man to interceed for me to get to God. On the cross Jesus said "It is finished ". That meant He had done everything needed for my salvation. All I had to do was: Declare that Jesus was my Lord and Saviour, get baptized, repent, and change my ways. Going to God directly cut out the middleman.
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