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  1. Orange man bad blah, blah blah. You distain for Trump keeps shining through. You obvious have not heard of sleepers in government. Trump did not make those judges corrupt. They put on a good show to get appointed and when the American people needed them to do their dury they failed. They have exposed themselves for the cowards and treasonous people they are. They do the bidding of a shadow group. Conspiracy? I think not. The proof is in the pudding. Judges are paid to hear cases. They are not paid to pre judge a case without seeing the evidence.
  2. If the government in Oregon wanted to protect the citizens from the local terrorism going on there, the Governor just has to activate the Guard and deploy them. The NG belongs to the Governor of each state to do as his deems necessary.
  3. I don't care who appointed them. Crooked is crooked. They have just learned to keep their crooked connections secret unril they are called upon to do their masters bidding and expose themselve for what they are. They are puppets for a regime that want to keep the American people under control.
  4. Tough too see any worth of an object when a person refuses to even look at the object. All these crooked judges need to be called on the carpet for it.
  5. I survived CV-19. I tested negative but my RedCross donation was tested and it showes I have antibodies. My SiL had at the same time but it was worse for him. No picnic for me either. First 5 days were the worst but I also started an antibiotic for a sinus infection. I wore a mask after only because my imune system was down and I did not want to pick up any common illness before the antibiotics were out of my system. Thought I would share.
  6. You can't have an impeachment unless you controll the house. It is wishful thinking.
  7. Yes it should. What better way to get the evidence into court. Judge: Dominion, what are you suing for? Dominion: The former mayor lied and defamed us with false accusations. Rudy: Here are my witnesses and proof they rigged an election. Judge: The former mayor is innocent. I want a warrant out for the arrest of all Dominion executives. Same with Sydney Powells case.
  8. I beat him to it. I withdrew mine already and spent it.
  9. Let me say this: I believe that the Bible is the Inspired Word of GOD. That said, I don't trust much on any Humanistic writing coming from men or woman who put their faith and trust in anything coming from themselves or others.
  10. I would immediately piut them on a plane to mexico and drop them off. Landing would be optional.
  11. Gentlemen, let me throw this little monkey wrench in here. Contrary to popular belief man doesn't control anything. We can't control weather Oceans Women Our own gutteral feeling or emotions Tempers Sun Planets Elements God can see every timeline in our life. He knows at the end of our cycle whether we will choose him or not. He can't make us choose him or he defeats the free will of our life. If you choose to not believe and take the free gift of salvation His SON bought and paid for with HIS life You choose
  12. Back on Topic. I spoke to a NG Lieutenant and asked if he was to receive an order to have his troops turn their back and not salute the Presidential motorcade what would he do? He said he would refuse the order because his job is to serve the office not the man. He cited a regulation and I don't remember the reg. He said, do I want Biden and the crazy B*tch in office, he said no. His duty is to the office of the CiC (President). So I am inclined to hold susspect the origin of the pic. Did it come from the Presidential motorcade? As a civilian I am not held to the standards of
  13. CL21, there is a difference between the first 2 and the 3rd. The third one has proof. In actuality the entire group, P, Vp , Speaker of House and many others that support Antifa and Blm should be impeached or tossed out with the 14th A.
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