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  1. I would rather enjoy my take at 62 (which I am) than take the chance I live to see 70. My paperwork shows more like 50% if I drew at 70 it would be $2100. I started taking it at 62 so my wife will get the difference between hers and mine when I go. My dad had a saying. " Take the money and run" TMAR. If they cleaned the rolls of the dead beats and liars they would free up millions from fraud.
  2. I don't think it is an entitlement if you pay into it. I am drawing it now and I feel I have earned every bit of it.
  3. Army may not be investigating him but that does not mean he is not being investigated. Many things happen behind closed doors that we don't know about.
  4. I will add this little bit to your "care". You cannot say you care for children and condone the murder of innocent babies in the womb and out of it with abortion.
  5. Electrify it and put razor wire at the top and on the US side. Put out signs on both side and let them stack up like cord wood. The punishment is not severe enough to deter them from smuggling or entering ILLEGALLY. Some of you may not have experienced it as children but pain is a deterrent
  6. Before this gets real confusing I need to be clear on my comment. I meant to say that instead of all the men being forced to have vasectomies by some new law that the people writing this new law should be forced to get lobotomies.
  7. Shabs, I gave you an up tick because I agree with you. I also don't feel you were strong enough in your words.
  8. I am not fired up to vote based on anyone or any party using a race card. I am motivated by which party wants to take away things I have worked hard for and want to keep.
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