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  1. By the way Caddieman, Hope your feeling well and that wasn't Covid 19 you were messing with.
  2. Thanks Bigwave, "Iraqi resistance forces?" Yeah right, Man I wish they would RV so I can stop paying attention to these Camel **** fer brains newspaper reports....
  3. Fact check Caddieman, False Claim About CDC’s Global Anti-Pandemic Work As the COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus has spread around the world, a number of politicians, news organizations and public figures have made the false claim that the Trump administration cut the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s anti-pandemic work in over 40 countries to just 10. The CDC told us that’s not true. The claim appears to have been based solely on outdated news reports from early 2018 that said the CDC was preparing to dramatically reduce its work helping to prevent infectious-disease epidemics. Those reports said much of that work on the Global Health Security Agenda, a pact between over 60 nations that began in 2014, had been funded by a five-year, nearly $600 million supplemental package that was dwindling. That one-time funding, which Congress originally appropriated in response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014, ran out at the end of September 2019. The director of the CDC’s Center for Global Health did say at the time that, without additional funding, its Division of Global Health Protection “will have to scale its global health security portfolio to focus efforts based on existing resources,” as the Wall Street Journal first reported in January 2018. If that happened, the official said the CDC would shift its focus to just 10 “priority countries” and “plan for the completion of its country-based programs” in 39 other nations, the Journal’s story said. Those hypothetical cuts were avoided, however, because Congress later provided more funding for the CDC’s global health programs, the CDC told us in a statement. But in remarks from the Senate floor on Feb. 24, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed the Trump administration made “drastic cuts to the global health division at CDC,” before saying, “In 2018, CDC was forced to reduce the number of countries it operated in from 49 to 10.” Three days later, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut made a similar claim on Twitter — though he used slightly different figures. “President Obama set up anti-pandemic programs in 47 vulnerable countries, as a way to protect against something just like Coronavirus breaking out across the world,” Murphy wrote. “Experts begged Trump to keep them open. He closed 37 of them.” Murphy’s tweet appeared to catch the attention of Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” who made the same claim on the daytime talk show March 9. Murphy’s office did not respond when we asked for a source for his statement, and Schumer’s office told us Schumer relied on a New York Times article that was published the day of his floor remarks. That Times piece was not the only one from a news outlet to state that the cutbacks the CDC warned about in 2018 had actually gone into effect. As we said, the CDC told us that’s false.
  4. Wonder how they would know this? Must be a mole somewhere. Will most certainly keep Sadre, Al Amiri and Khazali at home and away from these Iranian scumbags when the Hellfire's start flying!
  5. Thanks coorslite21 and plus 1, it appears the Negger is among us, Maddening is putting it mildly. The wingnuts on the left will try Anything to smear the President. Yes CHINA is largely to blame, CHINA, CHINA, CHINA, CHINA....Trump administration inherited this shortage largely because of Barry and Joe's cuts to the CDC, they just kept the flow of money out of the country going like every other previous administration. The FED is famous for doling out billions to their buddy Banksters overseas and where you're paying interest on EVERY dollar they print. You could write several books on the corruption! I believe Trump was chosen for a reason! FLASHBACK: The Obama-Biden Administration Repeatedly Sought Millions in CDC Cuts
  6. Not dismissing the seriousness of the Kung Flu but.... Thankfully these numbers are lower than usual due to the match of the vaccine to the prevalent strain of flu this season.. I believe there is more than meets the eye to destroying our economy in this country with this pandemic, just my opinion... "At least 14,000 people have died and 250,000 have already been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 26 million Americans have fallen ill with flu-like symptoms." And "We've had a lot fewer deaths this year, thankfully, and maybe some of that is because of the match with the H1N1 influenza A portion of the vaccine," said Dr. Kristin Englund, an infectious diseases doctor with the Cleveland Clinic." "The percentage of deaths attributed to flu and pneumonia currently is 6.8%, which is below the epidemic threshold of 7.3% , according to the CDC."
  7. I have used Ebay in the past but the prices there are ridiculous of late. I usually won't pay much more than the melt value on silver coins. Getting tough though. This site is what I've used in the past to get an idea what Gold and or silver coins or junk silver are worth before bidding.
  8. Thanks for bringing that over DWS112, AMAZING how they can talk about Everything imaginable except the coveted RV. Seems we're always forced to see into these fringe comments... Here's Hoping!
  9. Really caddieman? You must be off your meds... and did you read what LGD said? Amen LGD!
  10. I recently heard about this meeting, made me wonder if this current outbreak is a test run for something REALLY deadly, unleashed by these Globalist creeps. Several have made it known in the past, (the Soros, Gates, Kissinger types), that the population of the world should only be around 2 billion...
  11. Thanks Laid Back.... My opinion exactly as well. And I might add, here in the U.S. another attack on our President.. GO RV!!
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