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  1. I'm thinking of sending the same email like 100 times the same morning just before they open. That way I'll know he's seen it. Of course he may be dead for all I know.... They might ALL be dead!
  2. Thanks Ron, "12-12-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff I have found something HUGE that no one else has caught on to or noticed. History right now is repeating itself. " yeah, History is repeating itself.... Been doing that for 16 years! We were talking about the 1st quarter of 2020 and now it's 2ND QUARTER and when we get there it'll be Rama Ding Dong and 3RD QUARTER I'm thinking the People are going to blow a gasket real soon!!
  3. Damn, just missed! Thanks Adam, just finished paying off my angel financing so I'm right on schedule and ready as I could ever be. Go Iraqi people and go Iraqi RV!
  4. Thanks NMP2017, They're a bunch of losers. Would you let your domain expire if you were a bank? They are a real shady outfit. I don't trust that i'll ever get my money out of there, but I'll keep trying.
  5. And here's what the X- Rothchild bankster Macron has going on at home. The yellow vests have been on a tear for months now to get rid of these globalist pukes...
  6. Well I guess I've joined the ranks of those who cannot get their online passwords renewed. Been months now and my emails are being ignored. I'm not sure what changed, nothing on my end, and I've never had a problem before. I do think it's possible all the protests have had an effect on the the way Banks are doing business but as we all know WARKA is impossible to deal with. I'll just keep trying....
  7. You mean like the one Clinton signed with Ukraine to root out corruption?
  8. Makes me wonder if with all that's been going on in IRAQ whether they are even going to work over there? I never had a problem with password and online access renewals. Sometimes it took two or three emails but now I'm not getting any response. Haven't tried to log on in a while. That would be a whole new issue... WARKA, What a bunch of losers!
  9. Good morning NEPatriotsFan1, maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but you can buy XRP right on Coinbase, no need to go over to Coinbase Pro.
  10. Still can't get these lame brains to renew my online password. Never had a problem before after several tries, but they are SOOOOOOO unreliable.
  11. All I know is the 1st home I bought was saddled with a mortgage at 18% Variable under Flimsy Carter's administration and we were also waiting in Gas lines. ..
  12. This women from Newtown CT. basically laid it all out for Beto, "We're tired of your Bullshit"! and Texas doesn't love gun grabbing losers like Beto, sorry BostonA....
  13. Thanks coorslight21, I agree, plus 1, but that ain't gonna happen. This is nothing but a battle for power on the Left. If they can't win an Election then they'll scheme away and attempt to steal it. I'm of the opinion they've already tried that but up until now have failed. The American people are suffering for it despite the successes of the President. The Demoncraps could care less about the people... I'm not telling you anything you don't know already.. Cheers.
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