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  1. Thanks King Bean, ukDinarFX.com , 80 pounds = $103.20 bucks for 25000 Dinar.... Damn! Your looking at $8,256.00 for 2 million Dinar... plus shipping.. Little pricey, imo, but yes I guess they are a source..
  2. The Conspiracy is to keep me a poor S.O.B...... Oh well, maybe the Crypto's will save me.... Hope none of you are in the crypto's I'm in...Lol..
  3. You could be on to something Longtimelurker, I've always been of the opinion that things will have to get and also appear to be hopeless before we get what we desire... They can't be as dumb as they appear imo, even though this is Iraq. I don't think many of us here will fall for that scenario, but some may. REALLY sucks waiting though..
  4. Not sure how Trump will celebrate the win... but that pic sure looks like your ass in the Avatar bro.. I'm sure you'll get over it!
  5. Article says the 2020 budget includes a "Request" to borrow 27 trillion Dinar. They haven't even passed it yet and who's gonna lend them the money anyways? What they need to do is raise the rate and go international and start selling the Dinar to add to their coffers. I think that might possibly be in the 2021 budget but we wait.... As far as an RV, does nearly 27 trillion in U.S. Debt matter to the value of the dollar? It should, but manipulation is rampant...Imo
  6. It took even longer for me NMP2017 but i finally got a response last March 2020. I can still access my account and yes those are the same Emails I use. I started emailing them every couple days, maybe they got sick of all the emails! I think all of your accounts are fine but not having access IS frustrating!
  7. Thank you Adam, always enjoy your weekly pick me up! Just dropped my Daughter off at Tulane University last week..... dodged a bullet on Marco AND Laura! Prayers for all of you in Laura's path, Stay safe!!!
  8. Just saw this as well LGD, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! I can't imagine something like that happening, I know you're faith is strong brother! prayers on this end! Jag..
  9. EVERYBODY is broke Engine1, Been that way for years... this world runs on Debt and credit, Debt doesn't stop the U.S. from printing money non stop... Fiat currency is nothing but debt and Credit so nothing stopping Iraq from raising the credit value of their crap fiat currency... Now things may change when we go back on the Gold standard imo....
  10. Yeah, Nolan wasn't good enough for the Mets....
  11. Good Morning Master Yota, thanks for all your informative posting.... I wonder how long they are going to talk about all the waste going on.... Sheesh!! OK, so there are 300,000 paychecks going out to Fake (Ghost), accounts... weed them out and be done with it already, they've been talking about this for months!!!
  12. I've had a lot of trouble myself with password renewals but I always send the request to all of these. It finally worked, not sure why... Good luck! mohammad.k.issa@warka-bank-iq.com, ifrd@warka-bank-iq.com, e-bank.ms@warka-bank-iq.com, e-bank@warka-bank-iq.com
  13. Well, i don't know how I missed this thread... Congrats LGD, Beautiful Family!!
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