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  1. I might add that this FOX News pole consisted of 40 % Republicans / 48% DemonCraps and the rest were so called Independants and the results were BARELY in favor off Trump Impeachment. So as I said before.....
  2. Gave you a "Ha Ha" on this one, FOX news is borderline news imo. Better than the rest of the lying delusional media though. Wonder where they're gonna find space for every one in the Socialist Demoncrap party when they lock them all up after John Durham finishes up his investigation. And while they Definitely SHOULD be locked up I'm not holding my breath!
  3. Yes you can, but it was less than $500 two months ago.... and I feel like it's still on the rise!
  4. Thanks Ron, This is the 1st I'm aware that there might be an "online Banking Account" Available. How does one go about securing an "Online Banking Account"? That said I've never really experienced any problem renewing passwords with WARKA BANK, but I do always have to create that exception to log in.
  5. BANKSTERS Patting themselves on the back!! Talking about "Direct Transfers", So What happened to that planeload of cash that was Discovered leaving Iraq, allegedly for European Banks, You remember, with enough money to fund 10 Arab Nations for how many years?... Crickets! .... Not that I'll really give a crap once I'm done with this thing, but I'm sure that money back in the CBI would sweeten up the RV..
  6. I agree bigwave, Real science deniers... I just wrote a long rebuttal but then I erased it. Pointless arguing with these two.. I live on the water in CT. and I'm supposed to be underwater since 1980, nothing has changed except CT. is a Libtard sh^&*T hole. Cheers!
  7. All the usual garbage from someone who doesn't have a clue about the particulars... I'm certainly not worried, but who am I...
  8. WOW!, nice find bkeiller.. That would make my day if the Maliki gets caught trying to smuggle money out of IRAQ. I don't know when IRAQ is gonna take this guy out, especially if this story is true.. For some reason i can't open that link..
  9. I've been picking up Dinar on Ebay when it's cheap enough, like 90-95 bucks a hundred, but lately it's gotten a bit more expensive over there... Maybe they know something? ... or maybe they're reading this thread..
  10. In other words the Insanians are bitching, I don't know when these fools are going to figure it out, probably never! "He stressed in return that Abdul Mahdi is responsible for the spread of corruption and oil smuggling operations in the Kurdistan region and through them." Like the Maliki doesn't know anything about stealing BILLIONS of dollars! Where the heck is that rope?
  11. Thanks, Laid back, Gee, that sounds familiar to those of us in the good old U.S. of A.
  12. Thanks Markinsa, halfway through the Bannon interview and already watched the one posted by navira. Should be required viewing for everyone worldwide but especially all the Libtard's here in the U.S. Our President Trump is leading the charge and thank your Father in heaven that Hillarious Clinton isn't running the show..
  13. i agree Ron, and maybe this is a push to get IRAQ to DO IT NOW, (RV), or face pressure to pay up? We can only hope..
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