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  1. Don't have a link, but i recall recently that Iraq was holding out on paying a large bill for electricity from Iran. I don't believe that's been paid at this point which might be an indicator that a rise in the value of the dinar is on the horizon... Just speculation on my part....
  2. I understand what your wife is going through Artitech, My mother suffers with the same condition in her mouth. If you had chicken pox as a child the virus responsible is in your system and never leaves. Having gone to a neurologist at first she was eventually referred to a pain management specialist and is now taking opioids which don't work. The only promising treatment i was able to find online was recently published in the "emergency medicine journal" involving a shot of numbing medication to the tip of the nerve responsible for the pain but unfortunately cannot be delivered to the facial area according to her doctor, even though the link below suggests it can be. The shot has been shown to kill the pain from one to six months and can be given multiple times. She is in agony with no end in sight. Can't eat as her tongue is extremely sore and she has sores in her mouth that burn when anything even slightly acid or with salt is consumed. We're still looking for answers.
  3. Hi WildcatFM, I'll take 1/2 a million for $400.00 and pay the shipping if you wish. Text me at 2032190212 or you can PM me, Can do Paypal possibly?
  4. I'd be interested in 1/2 million luke1111, sent you an email, can do paypal if you wish. Thanks
  5. Nothing but Banksters and Elite wanna be's round here in the North East SocalD, worshiping that almighty toilet paper debt note, digging around here will get ya a nice piece of Granite or if your lucky some quartz. Used to look around the old amusement parks and beach's but much of that is gone over fifty times already. Still fun though...
  6. It's the Only thing i've downloaded since i've been having a problem, Glad it worked for you Barreled1.
  7. That seems to be what it was Adam! Everything working fine now! For some reason that "DuckDuckGo" privacy essentials was interfering. Thank you!
  8. using chrome right now but recently downloaded this "Duckduck go" privacy essentials which runs alongside Chrome so possibly that's it? When i get a minute i'll try disabling it and see what happens. Thank you
  9. Curious if anybody is experiencing a problem clicking through the pages of any particular topic on the site? I can open any topic to the 1st. page but i cannot go any further without leaving the site. For example; if i open a topic it goes to page one, but if i click page two or any other page nothing happens. If i click page two and leave the site and come back it goes to the 2nd page but i have to do that for every page to advance a topic. Takes forever to get to the higher pages. Hope that makes sense...
  10. Record third quarter debt creation, as we close in on 20 Trillion in national Debt. Debt that can never be repaid. You have no money people since 1933, only credit.. Credit equals debt and debt equal credit. Your dollars are debt notes, promises to pay sometime in the future, lol, Tis why the debt will Never be repaid. The Ponzi scheme continues… but the next fall will be a doozy! Better get on your knees and pray you survive.
  11. AWESOME Rum, Thanks for bringing that over!
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