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  1. Don't have a link although I've heard it being discussed... that Swift has invested in and is working with Ripple and XRP. They can see the writing on the wall....
  2. Markinsa is right Gypsygirl11, Cholesterol is not the problem, it's inflammation! Irritated arteries attract Cholesterol which sticks to the irritated Arteries and creates the blockage. Usually a Heart attack is caused by a blood clot which blocks completely the narrowed Arteries. This Heart surgeon has performed thousands of bypass surgeries and has come to the conclusion that Low carb diet is the answer. Sugar, and I know wheat are very inflammatory.. This is a good listen! Good Luck!
  3. If they go and reduce the value of the Dinar, they are going to need a boatload more of it in the Future to pay the salaries in Kurdistan! They always pay employees with Dinar, imo
  4. Thank you yota691, If they are trying to squash expectations they're doing a good job...Imo. I pray it's just smoke but we're seeing a lot of articles pointing to a decrease in the Dinar rate.... you would think at this point I'd be immune to this stuff.... Oy vey!
  5. Good Thanksgiving morning to all DVer's and Thank you Adam! A Time to Give Thanks What else to do after a year of rage and chaos? Thu Nov 26, 2020 Bruce Bawer 7 Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to More4Share to Print Dare I suggest that many of us aren’t feeling terribly inclined to be thankful this year? The months of lockdown have sapped our spirits and then some, taking a psychological toll of a kind that has yet to be f
  6. Trump lawyer says she’s about to ‘release the Kraken’: ‘I’m going to expose every one of them’ Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, said Friday night his campaign has collected a mountain of evidence revealing widespread election fraud linked to Dominion Voter Systems software.
  7. Georgia recount may be suspect according to **** Morris who States the Secretary of State, (a RINO, never Trumper), has been keeping the GOP inspectors away from the ballots as they did in PA. They are also only doing a cursory recount in which the Secretary wants them to complete it today!! Where any real recount would take weeks!!
  8. Happy Birthday Yota!!! and thanks for all you bring to this site!! You deserve a day off!!
  9. Come to think of it, I am looking for a nice bridge Shelley, will you take a check?
  10. Don't let the left lie to you about how many people died from the Wuhan Virus in the U.S..... Hospitals reported death by the China Virus (130,000 of them to date), even if people died from other causes because they were paid to do so...
  11. Thanks King Bean, , 80 pounds = $103.20 bucks for 25000 Dinar.... Damn! Your looking at $8,256.00 for 2 million Dinar... plus shipping.. Little pricey, imo, but yes I guess they are a source..
  12. The Conspiracy is to keep me a poor S.O.B...... Oh well, maybe the Crypto's will save me.... Hope none of you are in the crypto's I'm in...Lol..
  13. You could be on to something Longtimelurker, I've always been of the opinion that things will have to get and also appear to be hopeless before we get what we desire... They can't be as dumb as they appear imo, even though this is Iraq. I don't think many of us here will fall for that scenario, but some may. REALLY sucks waiting though..
  14. Not sure how Trump will celebrate the win... but that pic sure looks like your ass in the Avatar bro.. I'm sure you'll get over it!
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