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  1. As opposed to Klingons and/or Romulans ??
  2. Just trying to make sense of the article and a purple trophy for you Synopsis AND the Very Best Of Your weekend To You as well!!!
  3. Hey Pitcher, I agree, I know you're a trader and I used to do some of that myself years ago. These kinds of market are a beautiful thing for traders. When i was trading the market was Flat, really sucked and as you know hard to just sit on your hands... The thing I don't get is why the safe havens don't explode on these down days. Gold was up what .20 cents and bitcoin really took a hit. I'm guessing it's the BIG BANKSTERS that are manipulating things. They are always the biggest players..
  4. Where the heck did that ruby come from Chuck? Looks like Everyone has you covered! Thanks Adam as usual. Praying this thing is about to break wide open!! Cheers !!
  5. The Libtard fave, Sleepy Joe sent his sympathies to Houston and Michigan
  6. If these Monsters are all White Nationalists, I'm not seeing it... I'm sure there are a couple.. MSM Excuse and do nothing Libtard rhetoric is making this a dangerous place imo...
  7. DAMN Bros.. and Sistas!!... had to catch up 5 pages since i went to bed last night... This thread is like a site within a site..
  8. Yeah Right.... another 300 billion in Tariff's weak..
  9. Awe Thanks Thuggie, I don't know what came over me..., .......NICE Kitty!
  10. Just for the record, I wasn't beating up on Trump, he inherited this mess, and I love what he's doing but even he won't get us out of that Mess...
  11. If you didn't know it already Trump has nothing to say about the U.S. Currency because the FED isn't the UNITED STATE or the UNITED STATES TREASURY, It is the IMF, World Bank, Rotchilds, International BANKSTERS and you can blame President Woodrow Wilson for that little present. They've done exactly what they've wanted to do since then, Got us up to our eyeballs in DEBT, DEBT, DEBT... Want to lose a Trillion in Debt? (and I know at this point, That's chump change but) Get RID of the FED and let our own Treasury print our money!!! Hell it's not even money it's nothing but Credit and DEBT notes, promise to pay in the future, there is no money....
  12. Just came off the roof working on a chimney in 90 degree weather monday, I got lucky today... I had Jury duty.... I am sooo ready for this!!!!
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