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  1. Just trying to decipher his comments on the 3:00 Am call from his father. Doesn't really matter either way. I doubt there's a "Lake Ranch" or "Lakewood Ranch" anywhere in the middle East..just saying!
  2. Nader was in Florida at the time, I believe or Lakewood Ranch?? He didn't say Florida exactly.. He did say he wasn't home.
  3. It's why I put this video up in the Rumors thread. He has actually been on the no RV for at least a year rant stating that they still have a lot to do before anything happens, one being a stable Government. Says he got a phone call from his father early morning with this news, an article in Arabic. When he says he doesn't know, he's talking about the rate. Who knows, speculation is always rampant..
  4. He's Making a Left turn.... he's making another Left turn..... Walter has slow Joe beat by a mile and he's a piece of wood... Another three years of this clown and his handlers like O'bummer and you can stick a fork in the U.S.! Where ya gonna go, that's the question!!
  5. You are correct DoD, this isn't a rumor and has been in play for years. Not sure why it's being discussed here but I'll bite. Iraq like everyone else will have to develop a CBDC's, "Central Bank Digital Currency" to utilize the ISO 20022 protocol but having a CBDC will have no benefit if it cannot be traded Globally. ISO 20022 is replacing the Swift system which is antiquated, doesn't function efficiently and is expensive for Banks. The ISO 20022 protocol allows for the conversion of one CBDC to any other CBDC seamlessly in seconds for very low cost. The banking system moves Trillions of Dollars daily. Banks can save a lot of money utilizing the ISO 20022 protocol and they don't need to hold foreign currency for the trades they do with other countries on a daily basis. This frees up trillions in liquidity. Chart below might help you see who the players will be.. it is not exhaustive however..
  6. Certainly hope this isn't true but a lot of evidence points us in this direction... I have a daughter that has been triple jabbed who is training to be a nurse but has been a Cardiac Rehab specialist for the past 7-8 years. Forced to get jabbed or lose her job. I've been warning her but she doesn't have a choice. She wants children but I'm afraid of her ability now... Her fiance is also Triple jabbed and is an Ambulance EMT.... He likely is compromised as well. Pisses me off to no end!! When are they going to hold these scumbags to account?? Timed release of this Pfizer data with the release of the Roe v Wade leak was not coincidental imo...
  7. Thank you as always, yota691 ! I've said it before... ALL Central Banks except for Chyna and North Korea are Globalist IMF central Banks.. Iraq, if it was smart, would pay off any loans from these Globalist creeps and they should NEVER have taken any money from them to begin with as it is only a means to control them like everyone else. I've suspected the IMF, BIS and all the usual suspects have been suppressing the Dinar value. The Dollar is at record highs right now, not because it's gaining value but because the rest of the world currencies are sucking wind against the Dollar. Dollar strength was predicted just before a worldwide implosion. What will Iraq do when the Dollar tanks?? Just my opinion...
  8. Thanks Master Yota, Have to wonder whether an RV in Iraq could have saved the Lebanese Bankster's If they had held Iraqi Dinar instead of Dollars which may have come from the Iraqi Central Bank auctions coming back to bite em... And I rather think Potato Head sent all his billions to Europe... All speculation of course!
  9. I have a bottle of Dom Perignon, from when I turned 50 back in 2008, was saving it for such an occasion..... I think it's spoiled.... ...
  10. Excellent Markinsa!, going to get into the habit of adding coconut oil to my coffee. It's also a good oil to cook with. Unfortunately our heart doctors had labeled coconut oil as deadly for heart patients. That's entirely Old school. I've had family members die of Alzheimer's and I believe it tends to skip a generation as to those susceptible, but I'm not very clear on that.. I'm just hoping to help my own cognitive function. Worth a try!
  11. Lara Logan is straight fire in this one... It's terribly unfortunate that a lot of innocent people are being slaughtered but the reasons why are very different (No surprise there), from what the Lame stream Media and our own leaders are telling us. This is a must watch, imo!! Thanks CL!
  12. Thank you Master Yota and Good morning all of DV land! Better get those double salary demons.... "recover a lot of money that was misplaced." don't go looking for that $40 BILLION Potato head sent to his private Island!!
  13. Pimpy has to know the SWIFT system is in its death spiral, Ripple and XRP are killing it and the Arab Banks are adopting Ripple and XRP. I'm half thinking the death of the Traditional Banking system and the adoption of ISO 200022 is the real holdup for the RV. What will Iraq do when the U.S. Dollar is removed as the World reserve currency? Will the Dinar still be pegged to the Dollar or will they become an independent currency? Just my
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