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  1. When will a Mueller-type dig into O, Loretta Lynch, HRC for a start? May be a little *** for tat......
  2. Hopium runs deep she'll ne caught and prosecuted.
  3. RIP Penny! My favorite episode was when Robin William's "Mork from Ork" took her out on a blind date. I laughed so hard tears ran down my face becuz so funny.
  4. Sage449


    I've often wondered why Mexico isn't taking care of it's own. They've the land, resources etc, need real leaders and squelching corruption and drugs. Good clip.
  5. Sage449

    Baby, Just Go Outside

    Omgoodness, and yet the rappers rap about rape, killing etc etc and the PC think this song is horrible?! OMG! Wheres the "@me, too" group now? Honest to Pete - dimwits. Their mommas shoulda knocked them in their heads and fed the milk to the cats.
  6. Tweet Bongino's youtube video to Trump; help him prove his point. 😁
  7. BA, I see Trump's shortcomings but when I compare them and his MAGA to O and HRC's soul sucking and USA sell out, I choose Trump.
  8. Makes your stomach turn over and hurt. How can justice become so blind?
  9. Drain the swamp, drain the swamp, DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! Honest to God, I want that group to be exposed completely and the libs to have to swallow their own created crap. Especially O, HRC and their cronies.
  10. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

    Oh my gosh Mark, howling over the soup!
  11. Good, the media jackasses dont need to be fed on my taxes. Since all they do is bray, complain, false news, lies I'm not remotely interested in them attending a WH Christmas party.
  12. Doubt we'd see a nickel a gallon again, but at least at a price that I dont feel like I've got to mortgage the house to fill up. I understand what the price of raw petroleum means but there is a heavy cost on what's left of the middle class.

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