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  1. I didn't know Heche had such a drug problem. She was in a TV series set in Alaska called "Men in Trees" and it was funny, warm, and she was the main character. A good little actress.
  2. Anything to prevent his running in 2024, set the tone now. Chicken butts.
  3. Sadly Italy is presented as no issues, good food n wine - without the rest of the world realizing it's share of issues and sadly politically driven. It is a beautiful country with warm everyday people. 💝💝💝
  4. Italy as big a mess as the US. Out of curiosity is there a comparable HAARP in Italy or Europe? Allegedly causing the weather issues?
  5. I agree CL, been some funny stuff messing with TV, cell phone and other receptions. I've been chalking it up to solar flares. If I understand correctly, the sun is flipping ends so north pole becomes south and vice versa. As I read that is cyclical and happens every so many years and don't remember the life of the cycle. It's the flipping that is causing this set of flares - if I'm recalling correctly.
  6. As I read the articles, the response to the stormers doesn't sound any different than the rhetoric here. Guess regardless of country the politician reply is the same - all BS and still doesn't answer the questions.
  7. Omgoodness he is gorgeous. Loved when my Anchorage employee called in late because bear or moose on the road.
  8. Ron, I remember medic and others around that time. Forgotten many names of the pampers but for some reason recall medic. Thx BTW
  9. NYK, I wasn't a Polly Pure, but meeting Jesus, it all changed and definitely for the best.
  10. WeeGee, I'm sure they're high but certainly not alert. 💙🤣😂😆
  11. Interestingly this new round of covid is hitting the vaxed. People in the office have gotten covid recently and all are vaxed. Causes one to wonder.
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