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  1. Synopsis, I laughed seeing the ruby! Thank you and top o the morning to you. Ruby negger made my day, had a good laugh over it. 😂ðŸĪĢ and you made my day with your kind and insightful comments. Got to have a sense of humor and love Wee-Gee's posts. I'm just waiting for DT to pull out his wit on this one. His comments are always a hoot! Best to you too.
  2. Wow, maybe they're getting serious........for not filing financial disclosures. And if no trading or banking will wake them up that the govt is serious about cleaning up. Maybe.....
  3. Sounds at one point after the 50th try he uses the f-bomb.......
  4. Umbertino you are spot on, some that I deal with I think the brain is disconnected or there's a short upstairs. ðŸĪŠ I do not understand their reasoning whatsoever.
  5. Umbertino, very sad. I'm not for being over run with illegals but I am for accepting those that come to the country legally and with due process. No foot dragging etc. However I still am concerned humanitarian wise. But for the grace of God I could be looking for a country. Sorry for Italy too and agree that those in power do get what they ultimately want.
  6. Hum, Italy sounds a mess too. I feel terrible for the refugees and understand the country's wishes and ability to feed, clothe etc plus medical and remaining social services needs and country's inability to have funding for it all.
  7. Why, given their attitudes toward Israel would they wish to visit other than the mosque? I agree they don't care a fig for Israel and would feed propaganda and hate the entire visit. Bravo Israel!
  8. It's going to happen at some time, it's a matter of when......
  9. Murd11, you're overly sensitive and protective of Loo-wee-gee. 😁 I enjoy the rumor section and give Luigi plenty of emeralds. I seldom ever give rubies. My poke was at the guru's writing same ole same ole.
  10. Exchanges Are Going On In Three Countries Right Now. Really, real countries or are they all fictitious just like the news from this group of goo-roo poo? Must be Absurdistan, Brobdingnagand Turaqistan?
  11. What they all said about prayers and loving wishes!
  12. We need a bwah ha ha face or sound. I'd play it regularly on the goo-roo poo reports.
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