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  1. Love that 1st song; amazing to remember she is Ravi Shankar's daughter.
  2. Dear Moose, loosing our parents is so difficult. May you find peace knowing she is happy, made whole and living in a sinless stress free home. Reunited with her family, friends loved ones. I lost my uncle, my Dad's last brother recently, he was 95. He had a great life, was much loved and very much missed. I know his home coming is filled with joy, back with his family and friends. He was an outdoorsman, hunted until couldn't hold the gun anymore, fished, grew large beautiful gardens. And was so much like my Dad, I picture the two of them reunited and talking that easy talk brothers have with
  3. Seems a tad late, Trump started the tariffs changes in 2016-2019. Early 19 or 20 began the Phase I reset. Head scratcher Apple wants to move now, except doesn't like new payments and moving yet cheaper.
  4. If this is true, and who Bill Gates is and who he thinks he is, no surprise. He is a snake clothed or tries to be clothed in angel garb. We know differently.
  5. Mr Moose, am so sorry to hear of what's going on with your mom. This prayer gives me comfort and hoping it does for you too. Knowing that in Jesus' arms, all is well and right.
  6. Moose, one of my favorite commercials is when the guys man bun is cut off and falls in his soup.
  7. Weegee, $26, sorry just had to laugh, hard. Gurus must be getting desperate.
  8. keep 'em coming yota, makes me feel better, you too KristiD I know it is God's hands and His timing and trust Him for it. Sometimes I want it to move faster. 🙂 Thank you both
  9. RFK, Jr is diametrically absolutely opposite the democrat line. Will he be "taken care of too?"
  10. I want this to be Biblical - I want to see action, I want evidence, not just more talking heads and lips moving. I want to see O, Biden, Bernie, Hillarious, Pelosi, FBI, CIA or whomever perpetrated this crap prosecuted and see them/hear they've been served and this is moving through the legal system. I know it takes a long time to assemble evidence etc however, it was proven no Russian collusion etc etc so where is the prosecution and why are these things not happening. We've gone through 4 years of democrats' crap and STILL no jail time for a single one of them and I'm darned tired of waiting
  11. I'll probably be first in line to go; I've been belly aching since O became president, during Bill Clinton's tenure. Have never hid my intense dislike of them.
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