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  1. Every day is women's day πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ₯° and thanks! Jimmy Buffet syndrome today. πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  2. One more reason not to get it and a nail in the vaccine coffin and well deserved. I don't even bother to tell my friends anymore because they think I've fallen off the deep end. Won't listen, think I'm crazy and become angry with me pointing out the issues.
  3. OOM right up there with possum n momma. Possum was a side splitter, make ya laugh with his baloney.
  4. LTL, thank you, makes more sense. Much of what I've read has been "the sky is falling" and very doomsday. Less Trump type.
  5. How can they PTL when in order to accept the terms of N/G, you'll have to give up any property you own and sign it over before the benefit of the debt forgiveness? Somebody is not reading the entire document or understanding the ramifications. Plus how could POTUS Trump sign any such document and his signature be recognized? Somebody fell off the turnip truck.
  6. What I noticed is no date though. πŸ™‚ How Iraqi of them πŸ˜„ not even "soon." πŸ˜†
  7. Democrats. Democrats were the slave holders at nearly 99%. Democrat slave owners, using the Confederacy to start the Civil War, by convincing their non-slave owning neighbors to fight to preserve slavery by promulgating they one color or origin of people were sub-human. Democrats heavily opposed reconstruction after the Confederacy fell. Democrats continue to push black population control by eugenic abortion, responsible for killing at least 19 million blacks babies since 1973. Democrats started the KKK once the Confederacy fell as the violent enforcement wing of the D
  8. Huh, white is the absence of color. Being less white, a good trick I guess. If I'm absent from work at coke could I use that as an excuse?
  9. This video clip has me rolling every time I watch it - really funny! Dad Wears Short Shorts to Prove a Point to His Teen Daughter - 1050180 - YouTube
  10. Thanks Weegee, certainly never would I look to the gooroos for tax advice. I was speculating on whether or not all the planning Adam has done for us could be kaboched by the new regime. 40% ouch, was hoping for less but you're right Trump is gone for the moment. Hope springs eternal.
  11. Oh my God, (not swearing here, said for emphasis) I'm so glad to see others noticing what a whack-a-doodle he is, the control freak, wanting to blacken out the sun, wanting to put certain people and classes to death, moving the US to not eat meat etc etc etc. He is an anathema. God help us, and Gates doesn't want help.
  12. Weegee, let's for the sake of discussion suppose this could be true. Any chance that for a US person to cash in dinar we'd have to go through some concocted program so the US govt gets its pound of tax dollar flesh? That to cash-in off-shore to control how much taxes we have to pay and when, becomes obsolete. And before anyone says never gonna happen, lots that is not legal continues to occur at the highest govt level. Why not this absurd thought too about trying to cash in and control?
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