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  1. Thanks Theseus, I'm just concerned I won't live long enough to see it and enjoy the RV. 😬 Ditto thanks to you, justchecking123. Appreciate the encouragement.
  2. And yet, why no prosecution? No relentless chasing any of them by the media. I'm so ready for that to happen. Where's the moral right and why no prosecution?
  3. Iraq has had since 2003 the opportunity to change its government, ruling structure etc as well as fix themselves in the financial arena. It's almost 2020, 17 years later and it's the same old same old. How long did it take Kuwait to RV? Oh that's right Kuwait didn't really RV.
  4. That's fine, let NATO make fun, NATO is a waste of his time and our tax dollars. Who helped save their collective butts in WWII and has carried the brunt of NATOs financial burden. In 2017, the U.S. accounted for 51.1 percent of NATO’s combined GDP and 71.7 percent of its combined defense expenditure. In short, the U.S. contributed more funds to NATO than Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Canada combined. Guess Europe could be goose stepping instead of enjoying freedom.
  5. This is one of my wishes; Trump lowers the boom. He pulls out the stops and brings to full light all the antics being pulled by the righteous (in their minds) left. And takes legal action against them. They aren't pure as the driven snow or lily-white either, in spite of what they try to force feed us. Hold your nose and swallow hard. When Pelosi gave her God bless America line I almost threw up. GBA only if it fits her and their idea of America.
  6. No God no morality. Amen to no moral compass and they don't want one unless it fits their agenda.
  7. What I've been reading sounds like Paul Pelosi has his oar in the Ukraine boat where it didn't belong and came away with a potload of money. How's that investigation going?
  8. Karsten, they are pathetic, not sick, they know what they're doing. Anti-social, psychopathic without regard for others. And in many cases they choose to be that way, and I do believe some are the result of environment and how raised, others not so much. Some seek to do evil and have no intention of changing.
  9. Wow, never saw this clip before. Thx for sharing. Omgoodness the truth.
  10. How truly sad for an iconic representation of Italy as well as the art etc. Prayers up.
  11. I was in a Starbucks in San Fran grabbing a coffee to go. While in line, a transient spit on the window, peed on it all because people were not giving him money when he was begging. Like you really felt like donating after that.....
  12. Sadly I could say the same for so many "christian pastors and leaders" too. Starting with Swaggert, Jim Bakker, Robert Tilton, Ted Haggard and how about those two stellar examples Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?
  13. Hey umbertino, what's going on with Venice? Saw the flooding, that's got to be terrible for a city with buildings so old. How are the occupants faring?
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