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  1. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

    Mark, sitting here drinking coffee and laughing hard - my cat thinks I've lost it. Thank you for a good start to my morning.
  2. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

    Wow, Door Dash really does deliver!
  3. I couldn't resist. This video makes laugh so hard I tear up. Gotta love ya Dads!
  4. I don't care how much I don't care for the is not acceptable to call anyone a name like that. Its disgusting.
  5. Sage449

    The Trash Obama Thread

    LGD, you re causing me to examine my thoughts on O because I so dislike his actions and him. It is his arrogant smug manner, his lies, his disdain and hatred for anything American and white.
  6. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

  7. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

  8. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

  9. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

  10. Sage449

    Silly Smiles II

  11. Sage449

    Bolero (Gergiev)

    p_g, most excellent! Thank you. Gives me goosebumps.
  12. Nobody on the left *itched when O declared a national emergency in prep for martial law: And what possible true knowledge could Pelosi and Schumer have about the constitution?
  13. Sage449

    Happy Valentine Everybody

  14. Got to love this guy. His view of installing a wall.
  15. We've been over there since the fall of Suddein. In the oil fields, engineering, repairs at Haditha, water and wastewater treatment plants, upgrades. Kids were playing in the school yard in raw sewage. I worked on these projects and know we're still working there. Projects the ambassador is talking about will be in the billions, not millions.

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