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  1. Hey pp, I do agree on the “sudden” part. After 15+ years for many on this site, we all could use a big “SUDDEN”, and an HUGE decline in the value of the dollar against the Dinar. Like 1000%-2000% decline.😁 It’s nice to know things can happen “suddenly”!
  2. I have to admit, I am one who believes the election was stolen. I wish the Democrats, especially Biden, would get behind the push to prove to the world that the election was not stolen and our system still works. If I was Biden, I would want everyone to know I truly won. I believe it would calm the majority down. I think most people, wether they like Biden or Trump, just want reassurance that the election was won fairly.
  3. Like Adam, I’m excited, too! It definitely seems like a calculated and smart move to make if you were going to increase the value. It’s been a long time since the value of the Dinar has changed. I’m excited to get additional confirmation that they can change the rate drastically and over night with the push of a button.😁🤑🎄 Merry Christmas everyone!!
  4. Good news. I’m able to watch the video now. Sorry I panicked, thinking it was being censored. With all the believe and accusations of voter fraud, shouldn’t the democrats be on the forefront of this movement to determine if there was voter fraud. Then they could prove and brag that they won “far and square” and that we can still trust in our voting system..? That would also show the American people that democracy does still exist and that democracy is not one of the biggest scams being pulled over the American People..? Unfortunately, I don’t think Pres DJT has the power to bring this
  5. I can’t watch this video. I believe it’s already been removed or blocked. Socialism and censorship..?
  6. No comment. Just wanted to see if I have any badges. Especially the “Rocker Badge”!🤘😁
  7. I would lean toward Pence as the President, after Trump, with this female as the Vice President ..?😊🤔 Then 8 more years after that, she becomes President..? However it is, it sounds exciting !!😃
  8. I picture it to be like “clotted cream”. We had it in England. It was awesome! Got it here in the US and just wasn’t the same.
  9. I really like the way you guys are thinking. Keep it up.
  10. I commented last year or a few years ago, when oil was really low. I can’t remember how long ago. That, It only makes sense to RV while oil was super low. I can assure you, I’m not smart enough on this subject to make sense of why I feel this way, much less make an argument for it. But, I’m going to try. If your country’s worth is mostly based on one commodity, (oil), and you want (need) to raise/return your currency to its proud glorious value it once held, ($2-$3+-), you should RV your currency while oil is low. Then you could RV at somewhere between, $.10-$1.13. Still being underv
  12. Now that’s an excellent translation and theory. Thank you @KristiD 😊
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