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  1. Thanks science.....his teeth were a bit distracting! 😂
  2. Iraq has allowed this situation, they continue to allow Insanians to influence their corruptness in everything. My optimism is waning every week, they just keep shouting themselves in the foot this mighty gov. of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves!
  3. Well said Kristi!👍
  4. Alien voice .....”Take me to Maliki!” 😂
  5. How about a reveal party for the Rial!😊 Hoping for an exciting day for Poker🤗
  6. Early morning in Iran......hope we can see something positive...SOON!
  7. Curious to know who actually cleared him from suicide watch!
  8. Seriously...arrest a sheep herder....get the flock out of here! 😂
  9. I don’t know anything about the Clintons.......just putting this out there for my own safety!😂
  10. I would guess Clinton killing machine....but what do I know🙀
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