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  1. The Iraqi President announces a national conference to review the constitution and its paragraphs so in other looks like it will take a long time! Sheesh!
  2. I'm going to assume the US is just standing by watching all this? I think we have a long wait...thanks Abdul-Mahdi!
  3. Should have bought Bison instead of Dinar ! i wouldn’t be waiting around for these Iraqi buffoons to do something! 😁
  4. It would e nice if they actually voted on something so we have a record of what they stand for!
  5. Thanks Adam! Lots of β€œstuff” going on right now!
  6. I would like to phone a friend on this question......Adam? πŸ˜‚
  7. Pitcher, thanks for all the articles. In your professional opinion, do you think the Aramco IPO will be a worthwhile investment?
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