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  1. How about an unbiased investigation of Hamas, same as ISIS, same methods of torturing, raping and killing!
  2. I think it's safe to say.................nothing happens all year!!!!!😠
  3. Advice from Clint Eastwood on aging inspired Toby to write this song!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Breaking News.......I have the lower denominations photo, exclusively from my winking banker!
  5. Green Stamps or Dinar...which gets you more stuff! Where's my catalog!😇
  6. Never knew what a "redemption center" was until I joined this group.....I still don't know! 😂 I must be an idiot!
  7. I'm not going unless I get a guaranteed "wink" from the bank manager or whomever is in charge!!
  8. They are as corrupt as most countries......unfortunately ours (US) included!
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