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  1. Best thing to do would be forget it and wait for Adam Montana to notify us when it happens. I think that is what I am going to do maybe check site every now and then. The so called gurus are just about worthless in my opinion. You go back several years and you will find repeat after repeat of the same O same O. The budget did not make the gazette Saturday they say it’s unconstitutional etc. these people are pathetic they can’t agree on anything. They get close and all heck breaks loose.. just plain pathetic. So for me this is a game changer as far as watching this site every day. It’s time to lay low relax and not think about what goes here. Like I stated I will check in time from time to see how ya all a doing but mainly will wait for my notification from Adam. My investment in this is money I won’t miss one way or other so I don’t worry about a loss or a win, I be happy of course it it’s a win. My philosophy on investments of this type is I use money I figure on losing and if it hits its is all good if it’s a loss it is still all good. whats the song: Don’t Worry Be Happy. That’s just my opinion.
  2. Nope the Mexicans did this in the 70’s to their currency and have regretted it every since. LOP !
  3. Death to you and me is what they shout. We don’t want the likes of you in our USA we should be deporting those that are here now. You hate us so get the heck out!!!!
  4. Shot them on site. We have no room for Islamic terrorist or terrorist lovers/sympathizers in our USA. Take them out. Death to Islamic Palestinians terrorist and their sympathizers.
  5. Why are they housing/protecting Islamic Hamas terrorist in the first place? They are now just as guilty as Hamas for allowing thei criminal terrorist to reside in their country.
  6. This pope is a left wing socialist liberal. He does not preach/teach the word of God he sides with rainbow fairies, woke and now thinks he can have prayer with Islamic Palestinians who would kill him if they could right along with the Jewish people and we Americans. What kinda fool would even suggest such baloney. Well that’s my take on this nonsense.
  7. Why is this budget unconstitutional, I have seen/ heard why this is stated? They passed the budget right? So why was there no objections before the voting on the budget, did they not have to have some sort of agreement on this budget before it was sent up to be voted on? so if what I read is true and these Iraq’s can’t get along even to get a budget deal done then I say the IDQ will not RV / RI this year or next year and if the Iraq deep state Maliki is still involved and Sudan’s doesn’t get this budget baloney fixed I say he won’t get reelected and the deep state will make their move once again.all this is kinda confusing to me it started out great and once again it screwed up.
  8. Should be here June 13-14th Iowa state fairgrounds. Want to see some down to earth old fashion camp meeting style revival.
  9. Well well well!!! President trumps was found guilty by a kangaroo court. Nothing more to say. Oh maybe there is we Americans allowed this to happen via electing cowards to serve us. Our forefathers would have had OBiden and regime removed long ago for defying the US Constitution and for not upholding their oath of office. They have committed high treason numerous times and they should be sent to the gallows. But our today elected officials have no balls/guts to do what is right and to uphold the constitution of the USA. Talk is worthless action is what is needed..
  10. Oh, where? This is the same O same O bs as usual. When it happens if it happens then I will shout Hallelujah praise the Lord.
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