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  1. Agree. I feel it’s close too. When this started I’ve always thought April or September as these two months historically the IMF updates SDR
  2. Great news. Although was hoping for Jan 1 RV. Oh well. What’s another 6 months after waiting 17 years
  3. Hi Mark B 3M brought me out here from Denver several years ago. I love it up here. Stillwater is an awesome town. However still getting used to winters. 😂. Never heard of long underwear until I moved up here
  4. Could mean dinar or AMC or even better, both 💰💰💰
  5. It was someone that had a friend that was a Kurd and would ask the friend what articles meant. Can’t remember who user was. 🤔
  6. Falls in line with keylimes August. 🙏🏻 Thanks for sharing
  7. Just bought another 3k shares. Loading up to hold till my feet land on the moon 🌙
  8. Just bought 2k more shares. Rocket bout to take off. And I’m going to go see quiet place 2 at my local AMC theater tonight. 😁
  9. I jumped on. Bought 5k shares this morning. Hope I wasn’t to late 😬😬
  10. Wow. Great stuff Thugs. Man. It really does seem like they trying to line up the HCL, budget and federal court law all at the same time. I think we in the brink here guys. International here we come. JMHO
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Kuwait raise currency value on March 21, 1990. This timing got me quite peculiar
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