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  1. I got this email from them as well. They said its going up, not sure about the a lot part though.
  2. And Oct 15tht is the day Saudi Arabia announced to open its borders with Iraq in several decades. I think this is a big deal.
  3. Castle rock is so beautiful. I grew up in lone tree Colorado. Miss Colorado. Went from mountains to lakes in Minnesota
  4. Great stuff Adam. I got giddy as well when I saw all the Iraq- China articles.
  5. I agree. Very pleased with Treasury Vault. I just bought another 2 mil from them last month.
  6. Got mine in 2004. 15 years. Crazy to think about it. So long. I’m a Baltimore orioles fan so I have tons of patience.
  7. Great post LaidBack. Iraq has support from all of these only to LOP. Please. Its ridiculous. The time to give real market value to the IQD and give the Iraqi people purchasing power is upon us my fellow dinar friends. Sit back and watch history unfold before our eyes.
  8. The last handful of articles Thugs just brought clearly are a roadmap of where we need to go. This is coming folks. End of September is my guess.
  9. Guys, or should I say Bro's, go check out Thugs thread, He's got some awesome articles on coins and lower denoms. Good stuff
  10. Great stuff guys. This is what a forum is all about. My personal opinion. I’m looking at late September. History shows price adjustments for Iraq have been in September. IMF likes September and April as well.
  11. Laid back brings up a good point in the imf thread. I see it as good news as well as he does
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