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  1. Just bought 2k more shares. Rocket bout to take off. And I’m going to go see quiet place 2 at my local AMC theater tonight. 😁
  2. I jumped on. Bought 5k shares this morning. Hope I wasn’t to late 😬😬
  3. He said this in February of 2018. So could be this year would be 3 years.
  4. Wow. Great stuff Thugs. Man. It really does seem like they trying to line up the HCL, budget and federal court law all at the same time. I think we in the brink here guys. International here we come. JMHO
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Kuwait raise currency value on March 21, 1990. This timing got me quite peculiar
  6. Been with Adam here for 8 years and never have I seen him this excited. If you follow the news out of Iraq, his excitement is understandable. Been a Dinar holder for 15 years and I believe this is it
  7. Just got another email from treasury vault. Now offering 1000/ million. They go up 50 bucks every week. I take this as a good sign. Simple supply and demand
  8. I did as well. Good sign for sure.
  9. Good stuff. Lots of exchange rate articles lately. I know this sounds crazy, but it feels different than the normal lip service coming out of Iraq. It actually feels like they gonna do this damn thing
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