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  1. Lots of international talk from the CBI. Watch CBI, not all the other Malarky. Eye on the prize.🤑
  2. Hmm. Keylime has always said august 🙏
  3. Agree. That’s a date I always look at every year. If nothing by or in April 30th, I’m afraid we waiting till next year. But with that is happening I feel our wait is nearing its end.
  4. I'm only looking for 5000 and 10000. Do you have any of those left and how many?
  5. I get it. I've been on this crazy ride since 2004 and every Jan 1, we get our hopes up to be let down. But I'll admit, this time it feels different. Maybe because we actually seeing legit articles, and not rumor BS.
  6. Why is this not getting more attention? Huge news if you ask Me
  7. Shoot. Wish I saw this earlier as I'm looking to buy 3 mil. Most places are backordered. especially for the smaller denoms(5,000,1000,500,2500)
  8. Anyone who doesn’t see what’s coming needs to open their eyes. All good stuff
  9. Unless he’s swinging with a rope around his neck, it’s all friggen talk
  10. Hmm. Maybe goes hand in hand with article DWS112 posted today. 🤞🤞🤞
  11. Agree. I feel it’s close too. When this started I’ve always thought April or September as these two months historically the IMF updates SDR
  12. Great news. Although was hoping for Jan 1 RV. Oh well. What’s another 6 months after waiting 17 years
  13. Hi Mark B 3M brought me out here from Denver several years ago. I love it up here. Stillwater is an awesome town. However still getting used to winters. 😂. Never heard of long underwear until I moved up here
  14. Could mean dinar or AMC or even better, both 💰💰💰
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