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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Kuwait raise currency value on March 21, 1990. This timing got me quite peculiar
  2. Been with Adam here for 8 years and never have I seen him this excited. If you follow the news out of Iraq, his excitement is understandable. Been a Dinar holder for 15 years and I believe this is it
  3. Just got another email from treasury vault. Now offering 1000/ million. They go up 50 bucks every week. I take this as a good sign. Simple supply and demand
  4. I did as well. Good sign for sure.
  5. Good stuff. Lots of exchange rate articles lately. I know this sounds crazy, but it feels different than the normal lip service coming out of Iraq. It actually feels like they gonna do this damn thing
  6. Totally agree Laidback. I've always thought late April as a date. Particularly April 30th. We will see
  7. If he can stand up to the Iranian stooges then I think he is the man for the job and can implement the above curriculum. I do have a good feeling about him, but I guess we will have to wait and see. At least he knows what has to happen for a prosperous Iraq.
  8. 1. Reconsider the economic vision in Iraq in order to achieve tangible economic growth, and give the private sector a key role in activating the economy and reforming it and moving towards a market economy and empowering the private sector. Review the currency selling window and the dinar exchange rate in a way that makes monetary policy supportive to the domestic product and offsets imports. ME LIKE these two.
  9. I got this email from them as well. They said its going up, not sure about the a lot part though.
  10. And Oct 15tht is the day Saudi Arabia announced to open its borders with Iraq in several decades. I think this is a big deal.
  11. Castle rock is so beautiful. I grew up in lone tree Colorado. Miss Colorado. Went from mountains to lakes in Minnesota
  12. Great stuff Adam. I got giddy as well when I saw all the Iraq- China articles.
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