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  1. It was Matthew Modine who said, he works for the CDC because thats where the diseases are.
  2. Correct me please if I am wrong but it looks like in 12/1985 the rate was $4.03.
  3. Just blow those morons out of the water and be done with them. Don't waste our tax payer money with warning shots.
  4. In reference to the tax debate, I don't see how this can be income. We've all waited approx 15 years for this to happen. That's an investment, not income. That's why Smoky Joe wants to increase the Capital Gains Tax. They are gonna get us either way.
  5. Very cool but don't accidentally wander into Iran. I read about hikers getting lost and they were arrested being suspected as spies. Not sure what their outcome was but I think I remember it not being good. This was several years ago.
  6. You better return that globe. It has a crack in it.
  7. No offense to you Thug but I hope your broadcasting here will come to an end soon for a good reason.
  8. Ron, thanks for not posting that MarkZ crap and his CBI contact nonsense.
  9. All this talk about dirty floating boobs is seriously distracting me from the point of this thread. BTW, what is Dinar?
  10. Ok, I'll handle this one. I am NOT being negative towards GD07 mods! First, Kazemi is not in Iran's pocket. He has facilitated so much progress there in addition to extending the olive branch to the Kurds. Second, who is this lady? I don't think she lived in Iraq under the Saddam Hussian regime where he was killing everyone not on his side. Thirdly, Iraq has to give something to Iran to make believe they matter. It also keeps them at bay with their nonsense. It can be much worse. Fourth and lastly, The US is not leaving Iraq. Never gonna h
  11. Thanks Thugs. The article doesn't say what they are going to do about it, which I didn't think they would. They just describe what caused it and that it needs to be fixed. We all know how to fix it, we just don't know when.
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