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  1. Hilarious. The US is getting a bad reputation for deserting countries that need them. Even France can step up to the plate. What a difference from WWII. You could buy a WWII French army rifle on the internet cheap. Never fired, only dropped once.
  2. I have the same question. Why can’t he run. Who said that and where is it written? Maybe this is why he needs to get this done for the next PM. He has done so much and he is not loyal to any particular political party there and maybe that’s why. Maybe “Greg-Hi’s” friend can answer that for us.
  3. Wow Yukon John. You got al of that out that music video. I thought I was watching the end credits for a Jason Bourne movie. Did Moby write that?
  4. There will be no lop. The world Banksters won’t let that happen. They are not in control. We must be getting even closer when BS news articles and or opinions start coming out stating that they are lopping.
  5. He should be doing more to stop that. The UN? Where is the proof on that?
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