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  1. It translate directly to “SOON”.
  2. What a shocker that the violence kicked up. It’s probably not Isis but Maliki and Iran because they aren’t getting what they want.
  3. They have stupid @$$ rules. The oldest member runs the election/parliament session? Total joke. What if the oldest member is corrupt beyond reason, is in Maliki’s pocket, or has Alzheimer’s or dementia like Mashhadani does
  4. That is exactly why that Quds commander was there. He tried and failed. Sadr has a militia that will fight these Iranian stooges. Sadr can’t be bullied or intimidated.
  5. The Quds force commander is there is intimidate. No question about it. Have him hit by a drone strike so they stop sending Iranian stooges over to Iraq. Maliki is fighting for his life. He will kill anyone standing in his way to save himself. Once he is not part of the GoI, it’s open season on him. Noose time for his neck.
  6. So WTF is this. He switched parties to infiltrate the GoI? Can’t do it while in the SoL party? Someone please eslpane..
  7. Exactly. Hopefully this will be resolved in Sadr’s favor by the weekend and not as long as the election nonsense took. Bite your tongue Maliki did not win. Lol
  8. I wouldn’t worry. These Iranian stooges’ wings are clipped. They are going by the way of the Dodo Bird.
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