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  1. Similar but definitely different time period. We had our foot on the Germans throats in Bretton Woods NH when this was all agreed upon after the war. They had no choice, we were the victors!!!
  2. Exactly. All governments will have a long exchange period. They stand to make money off of you and they trade it in for oil or hold on to it as a foreign reserve currency. The shorter exchange time frame is most likely in country.
  3. I heard they postponed passing the Pole Dancing Law too. Can't teach the Goats or Sheep how to Pole Dance. What a shame!
  4. All good. You didn't steal anything. I wonder who gave you the down arrow though. Some people here are way too sensitive.
  5. Habib better make those zeros disappear from the exchange rate then and I'm not gonna say that $**n word either.
  6. Looks like nothing is going to happen RV wise unless the oil law is agreed upon. Total distrust is the root of the problem.
  7. Good analysis. I'm wondering if they pass the budget anyway by a majority and leave the Kurds without any agreement of financial support or protection from violence and criminals.
  8. It completely contradicts the other news sources implying that everyone is in agreement. We were told there would be conflicting news reports when an RV was close. Hoping this is it.
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