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  1. Too long to read. I am sure it's the same nonsense we've been hearing for years I am sure. I did look at the pictures though.
  2. I agree LB. They would have done it already. No sense of urgency over there.
  3. 3n1, it was a "demand" only of the Baghdad-Erbil Agreement. Lets see what happens. Kazimi is on a roll.
  4. There was a video about this claiming same but it looked like total BS. Like most of the things you post.
  5. There is absolutely no way would I invest in Iraq. Sorry. Too much risk there. So many other places to put your money.
  6. Why is he still alive. WTF. Can someone hit him with a drone strike please and put us all out of our misery.
  7. Sorry. I was one of them. An accident. You have an almost identical wish list as me. I love Tequila. Casamigos and Patron!!
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