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  1. That was a good one. I heard a picture of Hilary Clinton is in the packet insert to look at if it lasts that long. But seriously, it looks more like an Arab Spring is happening there which they need. If the young people in Iran realize this, there are next.
  2. The CBI will never accurately say what they are going to do.
  3. Well, this is the Rumor Section.
  4. Don’t waste your time commenting on Craperoni. He’s a negative thinking Donny Downer.
  5. Why are more members not reading this great news? The Federal Court doing this is the catalyst to get more things done without Nimrod Potato Head getting in the way.
  6. Hopefully this mean that Kazemi can do what is necessary for the country to move forward without interference from potato head.
  7. Maybe that was the good news. Maliki headed for the gallows.
  8. Can someone elaborate on this please. It’s not displaying for me.
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