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  1. Allawi: Iraq is under Chapter VI, and the ruling authority must think about the interests of the people Political | 11:53 - 01/17/2020 Baghdad - Mawazine News , leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, confirmed that Iraq is still under the sixth item, indicating that the ruling authority must think about the interests of Iraq and the people first. Allawi said in a tweet on "Twitter", that "Iraq and its people should not be the scene of the conflict between the opponents today, while it faces terrorism and is still under penalty of Chapter VI, and the ruling authority should think about the interests of Iraq and its people first and then the safety of the peoples of the region." He added: "America and Iran chose the conflict at the expense of the people of Iraq and the peoples of the region, so Iraq has become a land of conflict where the opponents agreed to confiscate the decision of the Iraqi people when they voted for the Iraqi coalition that won the 2010 elections." Ended 29 / h
  2. Iraqis receive the killing of Soleimani and the engineer, with great joy The Iraqis welcomed with great joy the killing of the Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani and the deputy head of the Hashd militia, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, with an American strike this morning. Iraqis exchanged congratulations through e-mails and tweets on this event, which they considered the first joy that Iraqis received in 2020.العراقيون-يستقبلون-مقتل-سليماني-والمهندس-بفرح-غامر
  3. Witness .. Iraqis celebrate the killing of Soleimani Last update: Friday, 8 Jumada I 1441 AH - 03 January 2020 KSA 06:37 - GMT 03:37 Publication date: Friday 8 Jumada I 1441 AH - 03 January 2020 KSA 05:16 - GMT 02:16 Source: Dubai - Arabia.Net The video clip posted on the social networking site Twitter, at dawn on Friday, showed the joy of the youth in Iraq with the news of the killing of the Quds Force commander , Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad. In the details, the clip showed young men running with joy, carrying the Iraqi flag, chanting and clapping. ٢٬٠٩٥ من الأشخاص يتحدثون عن ذلك The videographer, who hears his voice with the clip, says that these celebrations took place at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, after the announcement of the killing of Soleimani. He added that those crowds came out celebrating the blood of those who were killed by Iran's militias in the recent protests. "Organized assassination" It is noteworthy that a series of incidents targeted the vicinity of the airport in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, at dawn on Friday, as 3 violent explosions rocked the capital, according to the announcement of the official statement of the Security Media Cell. ٨٥٠ من الأشخاص يتحدثون عن ذلك They were targeted using Katyusha rockets, which landed inside the vicinity of the airport, killing and wounding a number of people. According to reports that this operation is an organized assassination carried out using airplanes, and targeted a number of leaders and members of the popular crowd, while exiting the airport from the southern gate accompanied by a non-Iraqi delegation. Meanwhile, reports indicated that some of the Iranian leaders from the Revolutionary Guards were present, as the missile target killed the Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, and the second man in the Hashd militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and the official in the Hashd Relations Directorate, Muhammad al-Jabri, and the Vehicles Officer Haider Ali. ٣٧٣ من الأشخاص يتحدثون عن ذلك The operation also left a number of charred bodies, which have not yet been identified. On the other hand, there were almost certain reports of the killing of Muhammad al-Kawtharani, a leader in the Lebanese Hezbollah, and responsible for the Iraqi file in the party following the targeting. The events in Baghdad International Airport come two days after the Hashd militia attacked the American embassy in Baghdad, following American air strikes on bases belonging to the militias of the Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq.شاهد-عراقيون-يحتفلون-بمقتل-سليماني.html
  4. Sadr mourns Soleimani and declares his supporters ready to defend Iraq Last update: Friday, 8 Jumada I 1441 AH - 03 January 2020 KSA 10:52 - GMT 07:52 Date of publication: Friday 8 Jumada I 1441 AH - 03 January 2020 KSA 10:30 - GMT 07:30 Source: Dubai - Arabia.Net PDF Print font size Muqtada al-Sadr leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, today, Friday, mourned the killing of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, and leaders of Iraqi factions in a US air strike in Baghdad, and said that his followers were ready to defend Iraq. ٣٬٥٨٤ من الأشخاص يتحدثون عن ذلك And he considered in a statement that targeting Soleimani from "global arrogance is targeting the jihad, the opposition and the revolutionary spirit." And he gave an order of readiness for "the Mujahideen, especially the Mahdi Army, and the brigade of the day promised to be fully prepared to protect Iraq." He added: "They will not be deterred from our resolve and our struggle." Sadr called on everyone to show wisdom and sophistication, praying to God to spare the region from danger. On Friday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the killing of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force, in an American bombing that targeted his convoy at Baghdad International Airport. A spokesman for the Popular Mobilization militia also acknowledged, at dawn on Friday, the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, and a prominent militia leader, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in a bombing targeting their convoy near Baghdad International Airport, after the official Iraqi television announced the news of their killing, while the rest of them were transferred. From the bodies of Soleimani and the engineer to the Muthanna Hospital in Baghdad. Details of the process The operation began, at dawn on Friday, when planes targeted a number of leaders and members of the popular crowd, while exiting from Baghdad Airport, accompanied by a non-Iraqi delegation, and reports indicated that some of the Iranian leaders from the Revolutionary Guards were present at the airport. Soleimani and the engineer American strikes targeted the place with a missile strike that killed the commander of the Quds Force, Qasim Soleimani, and the second man in the militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and the official in the crowd’s Relations Department, Muhammad al-Jabri, and the official of the mechanisms, Haider Ali, among others, as well as a number of others who have not been identified yet. .لصدر-ينعى-سليماني-ويقول-أتباعه-مستعدون-للدفاع-عن-العراق.html
  5. The central bank issues a decision to cover the market need of small monetary categories Economie 2019-09-23 | 3 o'clock 8,051 views The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, to cancel the fine shortage of deposits of small categories of banks, attributing the decision to cover the market need of new notes for small cash groups. The bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that "in order to cover the market need of new paper for small cash categories" 250, 500, 1000 "it was decided to cancel the fine shortage that may appear in the deposits of banks approved by small cash categories for a limited period," Indicating that "that comes to achieve the desired purpose of withdrawing the damaged cash currency in circulation." He added that "the counting and sorting of banknotes damaged for these categories require time and effort from the competent staff for the difficulty of counting in the counting machines." It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq during the last period pumped large quantities of small groups after these categories have been damaged, which the citizen found it difficult to circulate.اقتصاد/319277/البنك-المركزي-يصدر-قرارا-لتغطية-حاجة-السوق-من-الفئ
  6. Al-Mashat: Monetary policy in Iraq is managed by three elements you know? Economy | 12:54 - 27/08/2019 Baghdad - Mawazine News Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Mashreq Bank Sadiq al-Mashat, Tuesday, "The Central Bank of Iraq is a government institution exercising its functions within the legislative framework of the state, and has its own specificity in the implementation of independent decisions of monetary policy and achieve price stability, which must be consistent with policy the general economic state. he Mashat said in a statement, said that " the role of the central bank is issued currency and managed by a state bank and its agent and financial advisor , a fund in which the state holds its monetary and financial savings , " adding that " the Central last resort for lending Controller to regulate credit and portfolio on the soundness of the financial position of the banks as the banks ' bank. " He added: "If there is some kind of overlap or lack of clarity in any of the powers of all parties concerned, it should not be reflected in the stability of the general level of prices and the exchange rate of the national currency against other foreign currencies, and the commodity side of the national economy." He pointed out that "monetary policy in Iraq is managed by three elements, two of which are under the direct disposal of the central currency auction, and interest rates on the dinar produced through the operations of the Central Bank, which is represented by the use of interest rate signal (central bank rate)." He continued: "The third factor is the volume of foreign currency flows realized from Iraqi oil exports subject to fluctuations in crude prices in world markets, which in turn paint the features of public spending."
  7. Specialized: minted coins serve internal business transactions Monday, August 26, 2019 93 Emad Emirate Baghdad / Mustafa Al - Hashimi There have been recent parliamentary voices calling for the reintroduction of coins (coinage) and reintroduction into circulation, as well as reconsideration of the project to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, at a time when economists regarded it as part of the great economic reform process in the country. Strategic Plan Economist Dr. Essam Mohamed Hassan said that "the Central Bank decided earlier to develop a plan to create coins as part of a restructuring plan that requires the approval of the House of Representatives as a strategic plan will contribute to support the value of the Iraqi dinar in trading "The change of currency means that a new currency replaces an old currency, with a specified replacement rate, and removes the zeros of the old currency or moves the decimal places to the left," he said. Financial support for the national economy. " Hassan said that "the coin project, launched in 2004 did not succeed because of the absence of comprehensive economic reforms to support the financial value of the dinar in the global market," explaining that the coins will be one of the important intermediate currencies that will be used for trading and transactions. "Deleting zeros and reintroducing coins has to do with economic reforms because coins, because of their durability, are longer than coins that are quickly damaged," he said. In 2004, "indicating that this requires the dissemination of a culture to educate the public about the economic feasibility of the minted currency." Delete the zeros Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Ghalbi, an economist at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Kufa, said: "The process of changing the currency is not limited to deleting zeros, but it can be done by adding a number of zeros or moving the decimal places to the right, as happened in South Africa in 1961, but the situation Prevailing over the past 50 years in most countries is the elimination of zeros because of hyperinflation seen in many countries, which obliges to add zeros to their currencies in those circumstances, and then get rid of zeros at the end Al-Ghalbi stressed that "changing the currency does not affect productivity, as well as that this change does not affect the purchasing power of money, because the power comes from the increased demand for money against the money supply, and as long as the purchasing power does not change, the demand for currency and money supply They do not change, because deleting zeros does not entitle monetary institutions and the central bank to print more money and pump it into Economy". Al-Ghalbi added that "the central bank is constrained by the existing cash in the process of replacement, but foreign trade will not be affected as the price of exports will remain the same unchanged, as well as import payments are not affected because foreign exchange is in foreign currency versus domestic, which remains unchanged because The purchasing power of a currency do not change". Multiple benefits "Changing currency and deleting zeros brings multiple benefits," said Al-Ghalbi. Public". He said that "after the change of currency will occur a serious reduction in the volume of transactions with less amount of money, which facilitates all parties to deal with, especially Accountants. " Monetary deception Al-Ghalbi said that "currency change reduces the phenomenon of monetary deception experienced by people with a large number of zeros that are pushing towards generating inflationary pressures. Of inflation Untamed. " He added that "currency change leads to greater confidence in local currency and credibility, and when there are a large number of zeros in the local currency people lose their confidence, especially those with transactions in wholesale markets and importers, as they will replace the local currency with stable international currencies such as the dollar or the euro, which deepens The phenomenon of dollarization in the domestic economy, which weakens monetary authority and reduces the effectiveness of policy Cash.مختصان-النقود-المسكوكة-تخدم-التعاملات-التجاري-ة-الداخلي-ة
  8. What's the use of coins at the moment .. Economy | 08:10 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News commented member of the Iraqi Economic Council Sadiq al - Mashat, on the statements of the Parliamentary Finance Committee on the Iraqi government 's quest to re - work coins. Al-Mashat said in a statement received (Mawazine News) a copy, that "the Iraqi government going at the moment to re-work coins is not positive because the financial developments in most countries of the world go to electronic currencies," indicating that "the work of electronic currencies in Iraq has been in great demand during Past few years. " He added: "More useful to the state is to reduce the use of currencies in general and urged the Iraqi consumer to pay electronically," indicating that "this measure provides the state the value of minting coins and the value of printing paper currency." Al-Mashat called through the statement to "the importance of working in electronic currency rather than return to cash and metal," noting that "electronic currency can include small cash categories from one fils to one dinar and thus numbers upward for small cash categories." Al-Mashat said, "The banknotes will disappear after 30 years because of the high demand for electronic currency." The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy. "
  9. Guide to re-work coin Economy | 09:19 - 19/08/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News A member of the Finance Committee Hanin al-Qadu, Monday, that the use of metal categories and sent down for circulation gives a notional value of the currency. "During meetings and discussions with Central Bank officials, we stressed the need to re-operate the coins that have been used in Iraq over the past decades, rather than the paper that is being destroyed," al-Qadu said. He added that "the use of metal categories and their descent for circulation gives a notional value to the currency," noting that "a number of neighboring countries - exchange rates are very high against the dollar - and yet we find that it has a coin in order to preserve the currency and not need to ask for more papers." Cash, especially in small categories. " Al-Qadu expressed his surprise at the "policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market."
  10. Central Bank's safe investment policies have boosted confidence in the Iraqi economy Articles Samir Nusairi A source at the central bank said foreign reserves amounted to $ 72 billion, and would rise to $ 86 billion when the Ministry of Finance takes advantage of the rise in oil prices and the payment of $ 14 billion to the Central Bank, which represent the sad transfers that the central bank during the period of financial crisis, which suffered Including Iraq, which constituted direct support to the State Treasury and the national economy in the near future when the country was unable to pay the salaries of state employees at the time of the Minister of Finance at the time. Which has had a significant impact in achieving economic steadfastness and thus financial victory in complex circumstances. That the observer and specialist is well aware that access to this rate of foreign reserves is the Central Bank to follow the safe investment policies, which strengthened the international credit position and restore confidence in the Iraqi economy and international banking relations. Underscoring the safety and success of the Bank 's strategy for the years (2016 - 2020 ) achieved .ho achievements in financing activity and activate the initiative to finance small and medium enterprises and raise the ceiling on loans to one billion dinars for each project within the objectives of theinitiative in activating the economic cycle and support the implementation of the objectives of the government curriculum in the fourth axis ( Strengthening the economy) to achieve the goal of development banks as the goal of development. In addition to this, the Bank is working on direct Islamic financing for public and private banks. In addition, the expansion of the implementation of community initiatives from the Tamkeen Fund is an effective national experience in integrating the banking sector with society and achieving the goal of social, economic and humanitarian banks. Babylonian monuments on the World Heritage List. The clear evidence that can never be covered is the continuation and maintenance of the exchange rate stability over two years and maintaining the inflation rate of less than 2%. Thus, the Central Bank has been able to achieve its objectives in its Law No. 56 of 2004, On the stability of the exchange rate. And is now vigorously and effectively pursuing the objectives of strengthening the economy and banks for development. Views 116 Date Added 06/07/2019
  11. Masoudi: Security Council pressed Iraq and waved back to Chapter VII The deputy of the Alliance of " Saaron " Riad Masoudi, the scenes of the issuance of Diwani order to organize the popular mobilization, noting that the members of the UN Security Council told the government to make tough decisions to regulate the work of security forces. "The visit of the UN Security Council delegation to Iraq and his meeting with the three presidencies were motivated by Western countries, especially the United States and the European Union," Massoudi told a news briefing. "The UN Security Council delegation informed Iraq of new changes in the security and political system and not to be dragged into the axis of Iran and stop attacks against Western interests," he said, adding that the delegation informed the government that if an urgent decision is not made, Against Iraq, including the return to the seventh item and the withdrawal of oil companies and even impose some sanctions . " Masoudi said: "Abdul-Mahdi issued a decree Diwani immediately after the visit, to organize the work of the crowd and integration with the armed forces to ensure the survival of oil companies in Iraq and keep diplomatic missions."
  12. "SAP" launches an investment strategy in Iraq and opens an office in the capital"SA 2019/07/03 SAB launches an investment strategy in Iraq and opens an office in the capital Financial and administrative agent for the Iraqi Ministry of Communications: Digital transformation is a key pillar in the vision of the country and 8% growth in GDP until 2020 Administrative and Financial Agent for the Iraqi Ministry of Communications: Achieving the national transition according to Vision 2030 requires the government to have the ability to immediately see information in all institutions and at all levels € 16.6 billion EU-Iraq bilateral trade ... Digital innovation is one of the most important areas The Iraqi Sectors in SAPNOW offers best practices in digitizing government, oil, gas and banks, as well as training and empowering young people with the "Digital Skills Today" Today, the Iraqi Ministry of Communications and the German Ambassador to Iraq and the International Advanced Technology Corporation (SAB) have confirmed that the country's digital transformation is a key pillar of the diversified economic growth and job creation in Iraq's Vision 2030, GDP growth of eight percent by 2020, during a major event on the future of digitization in the country and the gathering of senior officials from both sides. The real GDP growth in Iraq is expected to double by about three times to 8.1 percent in 2020, especially due to the increase in diversified economic growth, according to a recent report by the World Bank, with the progress made by the government in implementing the Vision 2030 and success Investment in reconstruction. Dr. Karim Mazal Shabi, the administrative and financial agent of the Ministry of Communications, pointed out that achieving the goals of digital transformation in the National Vision 2030 requires the existence of a government "with the ability to immediately see data and information in each ministry and at any level of government," stressing that " Public-private partnerships, such as the government partnership with SAP, can provide government digital services that can make the government more predictable and responsive to citizens' needs, and enable them to reach higher levels of diversified economic growth and job creation for young people. " The EU is Iraq's second largest trade partner. Bilateral trade between the two sides reached 16.6 billion euros in 2017, according to a recent report by the European Commission, indicating the strong trade opportunities available to both sides. For his part, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Iraq Cyril Nen said that German companies have long been "a strong trading partner of Iraq and an important player in the economic growth of the country," adding that the new SAP strategy to invest in the country and the office opened by the company Are an important milestone in the partnership that will enhance the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices between the Iraqi government and German companies to support transformation and reconstruction within the 2030 National Vision. " SAB has announced a long-term investment plan in Iraq and the opening of its first office in Baghdad, in support of the country's digital transformation. Under these investments, the company will showcase global best practice in supporting digitization in the public sector, oil and gas, banking and financial services, as well as promoting job creation and professional development for young people. SAP's Cities of the Future program supports the building of Smart Cities and Smart Governments in these three key sectors. More than 3,300 oil and gas customers and more than 14,100 customers from the banking sector, together with up to 140 million accounts, Banker all over the world. "The government, oil and gas sectors and the banking and financial sector in Iraq have strong opportunities to drive the country's diverse economic growth," said Hassan Saleh, CEO of SAB Iraq. "Our investment plan and our first office in Baghdad from the main completion stations of our company in the Republic, especially in support of the main industrial sectors and the creation of jobs. SAP's technology experts, customers, distribution channels and academic partners participating in the SABNOW event held in Baghdad demonstrated how cloud technologies can help companies become more efficient, predictable and competitive. The speakers at the event addressed best practices in following a road map to implement any digital transformation program. They also addressed the "Hanna" platform of SAP for in-memory computing, the S / 4HANA business application suite, , And held specialized sessions that discussed technical issues of interest to the public sector, oil and gas sectors and digital banking services. Saleh added that the great turnout at SABNOW is a "historic moment for the company in the country." He explained how smart use of data, technology and digital tools can fuel the next generation of smart companies in the country. The Iraqi government can become more effective, and companies in the oil and gas sector can provide their customers with a more sustainable card, while digital banks can enrich the experiences of dealers. " On the other hand, SAB's "Digital Skills Today" initiative, which aims to support youth development, has seen great success in empowering young people, refugees and minorities in conflict areas in Iraq and some countries in the Middle East through training and job opportunities in various Technical fields. SAB, Injaz and the Ritz have trained 1,081 young people and more than 120 have successfully participated in intensive training camps on programming. Over the next few months, the SAP Training and Development Institute and next-gen Next-Gen are looking at opportunities to partner with Iraqi educational institutions in order to strengthen the future workforce. You can visit the SAP News Center for updates and follow the company's news on Twitter via @sapnews and @SAPMENA .اقتصـاد/sap-تطلق-استراتيجية-استثمار-في-العراق-وتفتتح-مكتبا-في-العاصمة/
  13. The devaluation of foreign currency sales at the central bank auction 03/07/2019 Information / Baghdad .. The Central Bank of Iraq, its sales of the currency on Wednesday, indicating that the exchange rate amounted to 1190 dinars per dollar. The value of foreign currency sales at Wednesday's auction fell to 179.58 million dollars, compared with Tuesday's sales of 188.86 million dollars, down 9.28 million dollars, the bank said in a statement received. He added that "the exchange rate amounted to 1190 dinars per dollar, in the auction held with the participation of 29 banks," explaining that "the sales executed are the results of the day on Thursday." He pointed out that "the total sales total amounted to 195.68 million dollars," noting that "the volume of funds sold to strengthen the bank balances abroad amounted to 179.09 million dollars, while the total cash sold 480 thousand dollars." Finished 25 s
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