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  1. Kuwait Currency Peg in Spotlight With State Unable to Borrow By Netty Idayu Ismail and Fiona MacDonald February 10, 2021, 10:00 PM CST Updated on February 11, 2021, 3:58 AM CST 12-month forward contracts for dinar hit highest since March Fitch cut Kuwait outlook to negative, citing ‘liquidity risk’ The Kuwaiti dinar’s peg to a basket of currencies is coming under scrutiny as concerns grow that one of the world’s richest nations is
  2. The Central Bank of Iraq to participate in the Buna platform 2021-01-04 01:38 Shafaq News / The Central Bank of Iraq announced its participation in the Buna platform. The bank said in a statement, "We have participated in the Buna platform for inter-Arab payments", indicating that the goal is to expand the scope of electronic payments. "The platform works to provide services for cross-border financial transfers between Arab countries and in Arab and internat
  3. I found this on puter,I know most here probably knows this but just in case, I'm new at this
  4. The Council of Ministers approves the disbursement of financial dues for workers as wages and contracts in water resources 2020-10-27 | 10:20 The Ministry of Water Resources announced, on Tuesday, that a decision has been obtained from the Council of
  5. Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Despite questions about the 'laptop from hell,' most Americans think the Trumps are more 'corrupt ' than the Bidens Andrew Romano 1 hr ago %7B Justice Department can't represent President Trump in E. Jean Carroll… %7B Fox's Ingraham: 'Biden-COVID ticket' using 'virus panic button' to 'scare
  6. I was watching Fox news.One american news,Newsmax Biden can"t remember what state he is in and can"t remember who he"s running aganist ,he thinks someone named george. Biden lookes like a Cadaver
  7. Zidan and the American ambassador discuss cooperation between the Iraqi judiciary and the American investigation authorities TUESDAY, 10-27-2020, PM 4:29 KARRAR AL-ASADI The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faiq Zidan, discussed, on Tuesday, with the Ambassador of the United States of America in Baghdad, Matthew Toller, the exclusionary frameworks of cooperation between the two parties. "The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faik Zaidan, received in his offic
  8. A government bank launches a property purchase service for employees by 150 million dinars TUESDAY, 10-27-2020, PM 4:31 KARRAR AL-ASADI The government, Al-Nahrain Islamic Bank, announced, on Tuesday, the launch of a property purchase service for citizens whose salaries are exclusively with the bank, at a rate of 150 million dinars. The bank said in a statement, that "the service of buying a property for a citizen has been launched with their salaries at the bank exclusively at a rate
  9. New currency printing warning: Three classes will be affected TUESDAY, 27-10-2020, PM 12:22 KARRAR AL-ASADI The reporter of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmad Al-Saffar, warned, on Tuesday, of the danger of going to print a new currency to cover the financial deficit, noting that the first affected by the repercussions of inflation are those with limited and fixed incomes of employees and property owners. Al-Saffar said, "The committee has a host for the central ban
  10. Integrity controls impersonators and cases of fraud, fraud and waste of public money in Basra Al-Noor News / Baghdad The Integrity Commission announced the implementation of operations to seize cases of manipulation and waste of public money in a number of Basra departments, while it revealed that it had seized the status of an officer in one of them. Speaking about the first operation, the Investigation Department stated, according to a statement received by “Al-Nour News” a copy of it, “The Basra Investigation Directorate team, which moved to the Basra
  11. Al-Kaabi confirms the House of Representatives’s keenness to expedite covering the salaries of employees and retirees Today, Tuesday, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi chaired an expanded meeting of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, to discuss the provisions of the draft law on financing the financial deficit transferred by the government, as well as highlighting what was mentioned in the white paper on economic reforms. Al-Kaabi said, according to a statement received by "Al-Noor News" a copy of it, that "the next stage is the most dif
  12. Deputy: We will work to pass a borrowing law to pay salaries and the necessary needs of the state Al-Noor News / Baghdad Representative Mansour Al-Baiji affirmed that the House of Representatives will not pass the borrowing law in the form it was sent by the government, but rather that it will make amendments to reduce borrowing and not assign the state large debts that future generations bear. Pointing out that borrowing is not the solution, and the Iraqi government should go to find other sources of financing, such as the agricultural and industrial sector
  13. Parliamentary fear of bankruptcy of Iraq Parliamentary fear of bankruptcy of Iraq 2020-10-27 08:58 Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Finance Committee expressed, on Tuesday, its fears that Iraq would be bankrupt. A member of the committee, Abdul Hadi Al-Saadawi, told Shafaq News, "The Parliamentary Finance Committee will hold a meeting today, headed by the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, to discuss the law on financing the fiscal deficit for the year 2020
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