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  1. Boy...LOL my brain/math was think 1.21 but it's the other way around... but I'm good with 82 🤣
  2. Thanks @Artitech The jokers at Mayfield Brain and Spine did a surgery not needed three years ago. Cincinnati Spine Institute said. All I want to do is throw my steal toed boots and welding helmet at Iraq and retire...at this point. 🙏 go out for everyone...
  3. Hang in there a little longer... @Mary Bwe're all in that boat. I need to have 3 discs replaced before the end of the year. Things are looking up.
  4. I recently had a WTH happened with fireball but I'm ready again... 😏🤣
  5. Think with everything going on in the world every one is a little testy😉 Yes I hope this ride will soon be over too...
  6. @Markinsa told you guys to take it elsewhere. @coorslite21 gave you a thread to go to babble your @utah rock
  7. Thanks Adam!!! I'd say I can't wait but...guess I have to. 😏
  8. @pitcher I'm clueless to trading and etc... but just last week GE Aviation in Cincinnati laid off 600+ people. And since I work on jet engines for another company that they source out to...I'm wondering how it could go up? Our shop is thinning out quickly with not many people flying. our weekend shift was cut and such.
  9. @ChuckFinley I received one of those emails yesterday too! I hope we're at the end... Thanks for posting I can't do that on my phone.
  10. That's what I thought! I had to re read the whole thing 😂 Since I work for an aerospace company and this whole covid thing I was working 4-10's now 5-8's I'm so ready to throw my steel toed boots and welding helmet at them and Iraq...😏🤣
  11. I received an email yesterday for Currency Liquidators wanting to buy back at 1100$ per MIL Hopefully SOON... 🙏 they also stated it ends July 1st.
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