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  1. Yes...forward. OUR birthdays are coming up and is back surgery (scheduled for Feb 23rd) we need to celebrate and retire. 🥳
  2. Thanks for the update time let us know...🤡
  3. He's been on a very long break... we just miss him. 😏
  4. @Adam Montana Morning... We're ALL wondering about our Thug. Have you heard anything? Or anybody else for that matter?
  5. @ChuckFinley YESSSSS!! 🙏
  6. 4th of Feb my b-day...would be the bestest present ever ...and 3 new discs for my back to boot! Come on RV!!!
  7. @DinarThug we all miss you...hoping all is well and just taking a break
  8. @DoD Rmc10 is a female 😉 Rmc10, I'm not dogging you sir, @Rmc10 it's great to see you back on here!
  9. @ChuckFinley I watched this last night...😡 people make me sick anymore... it's one great big **** show anymore.
  10. @coorslite21 and @Theseus and @ladyGrace'sDaddy LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS...Been missing Thugs and King. I can only read so fast...catching up! Damn...💥 💞
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