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  1. We miss you @Yota.. our thoughts and prayers are with you. I myself am leaving tomorrow to see my step father...probably to say thanks for everything and goodbye. 😭
  2. @pokerplayer OMG...2 🤗 so good to see you!!! I was just thinking about you and @SnowGlobe7 . Miss you...
  3. My birthday is Tuesday... This would be an awesome birthday/retirement!!!🙏🥂🍻🤗
  4. I work for an aerospace company. And we work more and more on Roll Royce engines. Hopefully it's for the near future. Come on RV!!!
  5. @Half Crazy RunnerHe just posted a few minutes ago in the forum
  6. Exactly what I was thinking... Instead of are we there yet? I believe we are there...
  7. 100 Thousand dinars isn't that much so I sure hope they're going to raise the value "SOON", "NEAR FUTURE" for these poor people and ourselves...
  8. I work in Cincinnati but live in southeastern Indiana and my commute is 3 hours a day plus work 10.5 hrs, And the kicker is one lane traffic on interstate and SR..which makes it even longer. I Come on retirement before I'm too broken to retire...
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