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  1. Yeah I sent through a transmission. But I love the My better half tells me I'm it a race car driver but if you've been on 275 around Cincinnati.... you need a little car😇 He tells me to slow down...NOT🤣
  2. Me too... you fix stupid and there's A -LOT of that lately but I'm trying to not say anything. But inquiring minds wonder if ALL those tissue boxes are made of gold??? I might have smoked 😇 so... that's what my mind if wondering... GM DV!!! 🤡
  3. 😡Don't like it and we just received the email that our deadline is coming up for us to have the Covid shots. That's what I get for working for FAA/Aerospace.
  4. Then they'd have ALL our finger prints for government you'd better be good...😏 But the thieves would still find a way around it...
  5. I seen him on OSI yesterday and he just posted again but I'm not in OSI just VIP
  6. I just got a Kimber 357 last night to add to my collection...😏
  7. Thanks @Markinsa They're trying to push the shot on us at work. I work for FAA (aerospace) and have a friend at Delta. If they don't take the shot it is going to cost them an extra200-250$ a month insurance.
  8. @yota691do you ever sleep?!?! My lord... thanks for all you do. I sure hope to meet all of my DV peeps "SOON"🤣 Much appreciated... thanks!!!😊
  9. Yeah and I need a "very soon" RV🤣Please...thank you in advance🤡
  10. Good thing I have Ivermectin then...😉 I'm not getting the shot and know several people that got their hole family tested...guess all have it. and really don't have it just the sinus and allergies.
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