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  1. I work in Cincinnati but live in southeastern Indiana and my commute is 3 hours a day plus work 10.5 hrs, And the kicker is one lane traffic on interstate and SR..which makes it even longer. I Come on retirement before I'm too broken to retire...
  2. Adam said a few weeks ago that he was trying to push the weekly to Friday but old habits hard to break so maybe he will do one Friday.
  3. No worries... had my brain spinnin'...LOL
  4. oh yeah...duh...LOL. my oversight...i'm just ready to throw my steel toed boots and welding helmet at my work and be done with everyone... 😎
  5. I thought April 1st was the end of the first quarter??? But I'll be happy with March 1st... 😊
  6. yes they will cause it'll be a birthday to remember if i get to go cash in Monday 😁
  7. I listen to Iron maiden every morning going to work. LOL... When Pandora goes out of reception/net it switches to that station. 💞
  8. Oh I'll be joyous but generous after all the years of people always saying it's a scam or wallpaper...I might be a little bitter and just laugh. Since 2007 here...
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