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  1. I listen to Iron maiden every morning going to work. LOL... When Pandora goes out of reception/net it switches to that station. 💞
  2. Maliki needs to be leaving with a noose around his neck.
  3. cutter73

    Questions for Adam Montana 11 June 2018

    July 11th?🤣
  4. Oh I'll be joyous but generous after all the years of people always saying it's a scam or wallpaper...I might be a little bitter and just laugh. Since 2007 here...
  5. Good evening DV... And thank you You. Love the news... Also have been wondering... In the time of excitement...I haven't seen Snow... Anyone???
  6. IKR... Show me the money! I'm broken, tired and poor... LOL
  7. He's not worried...cause Maliki is going bye bye!!! Hang 'em high!!! we can only hope and pray.

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