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  1. Breitling has a way of helping me stay grounded and encouraged. Thanks Ron
  3. I did a quick google search. Not sure this has actually happened. It seems there is some things being batted around but not sure this will go anywhere. Lets hope it grows support and moves in the right direction. At some point I do believe the dominoes will start falling.
  4. I understand what you mean. "IF" this happened, not sure why this would be true when Okie is just a made up name and character to give someone a platform for misinformation and confusion all these years. Over the years I have read several times when "Okie" had health issues. All the bashing would subside somewhat for a while......only to continue again until his next health issue.
  5. Caddieboy, pretty sure President Trump is well aware that an incredible evil plan to convict an innocent guy was thwarted today. Why that would be troublesome to you speaks volumes. Lets hope the trend continues....
  6. Thanks fort he info MEP01. My chiropractor uses Standard Process brand in his office. I relate to the slow take off when I get up sometimes........I will be getting some of this product.
  7. your funny.... that you think he is the one drinking the cool aid
  8. Floridian, i read it as Keylime was agreeing with your question, as in you are not the only one that feels that way
  9. IMB4321, to be fair to Breitling, he really did not give a date, he just replied to the suggestion by the person asking the question. It is possible by the date mentioned. But it was nice to hear his response. Lets hope the possibility turns into reality.
  10. Markinsa, can you let us know the woman and/or the time frame to look for on this video?' i would like to watch it all but want to see what you are talking about. thanks
  11. I checked his profile page. it appears he has been banned..
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