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  1. The outcome seems to rest upon Iran being removed from sanctions or I doubt the agreement could be finalized without subjecting Iraq to international restrictions. The whole idea has interesting financial implications. Iran is negotiating on the nuclear deal as we speak, suggesting the sanctions removal is a given. IMHO
  2. Al-Kadhimi: Approval of the budget is an important step and the approach of crises will not lead us to a conclusion Time: 2021/04/01 00:02:18 Read: 1,469 Times The Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, described the parliament's approval of the 2021 federal budget as an "important step." Useful acronym. In the big news you find it on the Euphrates News channel on the telram. To subscribe click here
  3. Urgent Parliament votes on full 2021 budget law Time: 2021/03/31 23:10:00 Read: 3,185 Times The House of Representatives voted on the 2021 federal budget bill to end months of controversy. Parliament added 12 new articles to the law, while four of it were deleted: {38-42-43-47}. The budget amounted to 129.9 trillion dinars (about $89 billion).. The parliament passed one of the most prominent budget articles, the Kurdistan Region's dues, in article 11 of the law.
  4. Kurdish mp expects budget negotiations to continue next week Baghdad Today - Baghdad On Wednesday (February 17, 2021), PUK mp Hassan Alli confirmed that there had been nothing new about the current negotiations to reach an agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil. "The situation is the same, and there are ongoing meetings, but there are fundamental points of disagr
  5. This is the key piece of this guys concern, which is why Iraq maintains a peg to the US dollar, thus no games. As far as controlling the mass of money, once a revalue of the exchange rate is instituted whatever stored currency will have no choice but go to the banks for lower denominations since they won't be able to spend large notes in the local market. [The current drop of the exchange rate and further drops suggested has caused much of the chunky money to be exchanged to dollar for wealth preservation.] MHO
  6. Deputy: Parliament will present the budget for the first reading tomorrow 14:37 - 09/01/2021 Information/ Special... House of Representatives Member Yonadam Kana confirmed Saturday that the House of Representatives will introduce the 2021 federal budget bill for first reading on Sunday. "The house's agenda for tomorrow will not include any laws other than budget debate," Kana said. "The House of Representatives will introduce the budget bill for the first reading on Sunday," he said. The parliamentary finance committee s
  7. This was always the overlooked portion.....Joe Biden can go suck it too.
  8. You weren't expecting them to preannounce an increase were you? Update would be the market sensitive phrase.
  9. Based on the timing is seems to be an effort to promote support for the whitepaper reforms in Parliament
  10. Better make sure China doesn't set up those Confucius institutes in those proposed schools. Iraqis will dine on a steady diet of Chinese propaganda from this trojan horse and be consumed from within. Sweden caught on and closed all of them. Trump designated them as foreign missions. Iraq beware...
  11. Yeah but the term of being temporary doesn't seem to be defined. I think there was a report a month ago that stated the Parliament needed to legislate a maximum term a proxy could hold a position without parliamentary approval. This is how Maliki got away with Moshen in the CBI. They could be temporary for a very long time and in this case it probably serves for the good.
  12. 14-09-2020 11:25 AM Al-Kadhimi makes major changes in several positions Baghdad/ Al-Akhbari Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has made major changes in several positions in the country. Al-Kadhimi decided to name: Mustafa Ghaleb Scary Book Governor of the Central Bank Suha Daoud Elias Najjar Chairman of the National Investment Authority Engineer Manhal Aziz Rauf Al-Habibi Amin Baghdad Salem Jawad Abdulhadi Al-Jalbi Director of The Iraqi Trade Bank
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