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  1. Exactly right. It's not Iraq's gold, and certainly not Iran's. We should recoup any and all investment in the Middle East campaign.
  2. Interesting, Is it political cover? One never knows. We do know Sadr wants that Maliki appointment to the CBI out.
  3. Souroun accepts Fayyad against the post of governor of the Central Bank of the Tamimi pair 919 views | 1 Updated 28/01/2019 2:33 PM (Watan News) - Baghdad A political source revealed early on Monday, the approval of the alliance of others backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr to take over Faleh Fayadh as interior minister. The source said in an interview with (Watan News) that "the alliance of the Saroon backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, agreed to pass Faleh Al-Fayadh, the construction candidate of the Ministry of Interior in exchange for the position of governor of the Central Bank." The source, who asked not to be named, said that "a candidate for the post of governor is the husband of the MP in the coalition Magda Tamimi." Finished 10
  4. In other words, "Pay for protection" What a bunch of horse crap.... Iran take your shot...When the dust clears you'll be hollowed out, this isn't Obama...
  5. You should in addition to fining the "No shows" make it a mandatory weeks prison sentence in Abu Ghraib...Not even those lazy sob's want that.
  6. I have to wonder when they speak of Proxy's are they going to include a change of the CBI gov? After all he is also a proxy appointed by Maliki. I do not believe he was ever approved by the Parliament. He has been recently called a proxy with the dust up over his name being placed on a new series of banknotes. All this proxy talk has made me curious as to his fate.
  7. An overtone in his remarks is the idea about ending the auctions. I expect him to be replaced...
  8. The only item I see left for this stability is the actual forming of the new gov. All the other issues previously sighted by the CBI are complete.
  9. Iraq president tasks Adel Abdul Mahdi with forming new government: lawmakers Newly-elected President Barham Salih tasks veteran politician with forming new government, sources say Image Credit: AP In this Wednesday, March 28, 2018 picture, Barham Salih speaks to reporters in Baghdad, Iraq. Iraqi state TV says parliament has elected the veteran Kurdish politician as the country's new president, a step toward forming a new government. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim) Published: 00:03 October 3, 2018 Reuters Sulaimaniya, Iraq: Newly-elected Iraqi President Barham Salih has named veteran Shi’ite politician Adel Abdul Mahdi as prime minister-designate and tasked him with forming a new government, two lawmakers told Reuters on Tuesday. According to Iraq’s constitution, Abdul Mahdi now has 30 days to form a cabinet and present it to parliament for approval. Salih named Abdul Mahdi less than two hours after he himself was elected president.
  10. All that money can't seem to buy him a good tailor. Green overalls and red and white "Dish Rag" wow that's stylish....🤗
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