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  1. Based on the timing is seems to be an effort to promote support for the whitepaper reforms in Parliament
  2. Better make sure China doesn't set up those Confucius institutes in those proposed schools. Iraqis will dine on a steady diet of Chinese propaganda from this trojan horse and be consumed from within. Sweden caught on and closed all of them. Trump designated them as foreign missions. Iraq beware...
  3. Yeah but the term of being temporary doesn't seem to be defined. I think there was a report a month ago that stated the Parliament needed to legislate a maximum term a proxy could hold a position without parliamentary approval. This is how Maliki got away with Moshen in the CBI. They could be temporary for a very long time and in this case it probably serves for the good.
  4. 14-09-2020 11:25 AM Al-Kadhimi makes major changes in several positions Baghdad/ Al-Akhbari Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has made major changes in several positions in the country. Al-Kadhimi decided to name: Mustafa Ghaleb Scary Book Governor of the Central Bank Suha Daoud Elias Najjar Chairman of the National Investment Authority Engineer Manhal Aziz Rauf Al-Habibi Amin Baghdad Salem Jawad Abdulhadi Al-Jalbi Director of The Iraqi Trade Bank
  5. Al-Kadhimi makes major changes in senior government positions 2020-09-14 04:23 A- A A+ Shafq News/ On Monday, prime minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi made major changes in a number of government positions, an official source revealed on Monday. The source told Shafq News that Al-Kadhimi decided to appoint "Mustafa Ghaleb Scary Al-Book", governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, and appoint "Suha Daoud Elias Al-Najjar" as chairman of the National Investment Authority, and "Engineer Manhal Aziz Rauf al-Habibi"
  6. It included the Central Bank, the Secretariat of Baghdad and integrity. Al-Kadhimi makes major changes in positions 11:24 - 14/09/2020 0 Post it on Facebook Tweet Information/Baghdad. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on Monday made a series of major changes to a number of government and official bodies. Al-Kadhimi appointed Mustafa Ghaleb Al-Kutbi as governor of the Central Bank, Suha Daoud Elias al-Najjar as chairman of the National Investment Authority, Manhal Aziz Rauf al-Habibi, secretary of Baghdad, Salem
  7. Nassif got up on the wrong side of no one again...Leaders have to make tough choices.... if Kuwait was so hateful they certainly didn't have to give an exemption to the reparations payment schedule as they did.
  8. One very interesting connection is to me is that he was part of the he Department of State sponsored Future of Iraq project, to which he was appointed as rapporteur of the Transitional Justice Working Group. This the original document where a $3.00 exchange is first mentioned....Got to love the Irony...
  9. 2020/08/29 12:54 Hits 14 Section: Iraq Regional delegation visits Baghdad this week to discuss Kurdistan's share of 2021 budget Baghdad: A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will be in Baghdad in the middle of this week, PUK member Hassan Ali said Saturday. Alli told Al-Maslea that the regional delegation, which will come to Baghdad, will participate in the rebalancing next year and discu
  10. I'm always glad when they talk about currency auction corruption, but this complaint is apples and oranges. This guy is assuming the correlation is tariff revenue to auction import value, not considering the tariff is a fraction of the goods value; taxes get paid, goods get sold etc. As long as they keep shining a needed light upon those auctions, which is the largest source of corruption in the country, I'm happy. I expect those auctions will be ending soon.
  11. 10-07-2020 04:59 PM Deputy reveals ongoing conflict over the management of the Central Bank, Amanat Baghdad and the Investment Authority Baghdad/ Al-Akhbari A member of the parliamentary integrity committee Alia Nassif, on Friday, revealed a conflict between the political blocs currently taking place on the administration of the Central Bank and the Secretariat of Baghdad and bodies of integrity, investment and others, as well as special degrees, pointing out that the last parliamentary bloc was formed, referring to the bloc "Iraqis" headed by Amma
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