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  1. These DooDoo talking heads just don't get it. They talk like the people of Iraq know about or even care about the holidays we celebrate here in America. Iraqis couldn't care less. These Gurus areclike politicians......... CLUELESS !
  2. STATUS QUO seems to be the order of the day for the past 2 decades, ya thinks ?
  3. we can combine all that with an new exchange rate and the citizens will get what they are waiting for, the HCL. Their share of the wealth and rightfully so they should! imo... the 1/12th payments to run the country has not been implemented, thus, this next few days on the EFL and 2022 budget both being about finance are key... Lets see what they do..[post 2 of 2] I can tell you what they will do in a sIngle word and that is what they have been doing since day one........N O T H I N G !!!!!
  4. Posted 11 hours ago (edited) Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Militiaman Article: "Finance holds a consultative meeting to implement two systems...and reveal their benefits" ...We expected there to be meetings today with Sadr, Finance Minister and CBI Governor. This is not just getting started, they have the system ready to go and todays meeting is about the process of initiation of implementation of the system. They will be consistent with international programs and systems. [Post 1/2] *** MilitiaMan With all we know the automation of the borders, the AYSCUDA SYSTEM, the BUNA PLATFORM, ISO20022, deletion of the zeros project, etc., we can see there is far more progress in the white paper programs than ever before. The CBI papers show they already printed currency for the project...So it is not surprising that we see the big hitters having a meeting on implementation over advanced internationally acceptable systems...I like what we are seeing. [Post 2 of 2] *** Pimpy Looks like the independents have at least shown a little bit of their hand...they might be heading towards the direction of Sadr. It is not set in stone yet. They're waiting for him to get finished with his 40 days of seclusion. I thought it was done but apparently not... Article: "The Independents are waiting for a position from Al-Sadr after the deadline for the framework expires". I think what they want to know is...if you want us to help you establish the government and take sides against the Coordination Framework what are you giving us. What are you promising us. *** Frank26 Article: "Is it time to delete zeros? Economist commented" MR. ECONOMIST YOU KNOW VERY WELL IT'S TIME... OR YOU WOULDN'T CONTINUE TO BRING UP THE SUBJECT *** Militiaman Article: "Initiating the implementation of a new mechanism to support the validity of the issuance of customs permits" Put this with the meetings with the CBI, the Finance Minister, the IMF, the World Bank, Banks in Iraq, etc...we can see that Iraq is going international and quickly now, as in very quickly!!! It appears that it is all systems go now... Even the deletion of the zeros project is being talked about...we are well on our way for a big change in the way things are going to run and what mechanism they will use. It won't be 1460 imo...[See MilitiaMan's post Above] *** Mnt Goat STATUS OF THE RV...The news is all fantastic and this is moving fast now...The plan is laid out and the clock in ticking towards a targeted timeframe period to begin. Yes, we are now in this period, according to the Central Bank of Iraq, tic toc, tic toc. Yes, and he/she forgot......... WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !!
  5. YEP ! And, "W E A R E C L O S E R T H A N W E H A V E E V E R B E E N B E F O R E "
  6. And still there is no increase in the value of the IQD. But their government officials are rich as hell !
  7. Or, possibly since we are talking about Iraq, it COULD be ready by 2033 !
  8. "with a very good financial situation the time for them to return to a previous era with the exchange rate looks to be in the process…" Wanna' bet ?
  9. That is equivalent to when a politician says, "TRUST ME ! "
  10. Look at it this way...... If they give back $500 per million Dinar, we have lost half of our investment, right ? THEN, they go ahead and reinstate at $3.20 .... The bottom line is that each million Dinar will gfet $1.6 million. Is there anyone here that would be upset with this end result ? As for me, give me that scenerio and color me GONE !
  11. Well, KRAPERONI could be right. I hate to say this....... but what he says might just happen this way. I have said many many many times that when I first got into this venture, I thought that it was too good to be true.... and for that reason, I bought just what I could afford to lose and enough that I would be happy with if it WAS the real thing. But this ride hasn't come to an end and even though the money that I used to buy my dinar would have easily been spent on something else and long been gone by now, I still have my Dinar and there is still hope that there could be a nice reward for " hanging in there" all of these years. And as Ron always says: Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON
  12. C'mon Goat, quit with the BS. Nobody is believing any of this.
  13. Why do I get the feeling that NONE of these so-called "gurus" know absolutely nothing as to the progress (or lack of) with the Iraqi Dinar ? Every post seems to be a "guess and by golly" with every post. At least they are entertining, if nothing else. Oh well, we shall sit and wait, knowing that WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE ! ! !
  14. We can HOPE that it were American dollars and not China's currency.
  15. And this is the government that we are expecting to make this dream come true for us ???? we are REALLY in trouble.
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