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  1. I guess that this "SOON" is like a Dinar RV "soon", huh?
  2. If the process has started, how come MY Dinar is still almost worthless ???
  3. It seems to me like we have heard that song before...... How many times????
  4. Thanks Ron. These RUMOR reports all make sense and shows a path to an increase, but bottom line is that the Iraqi Dinar is still worth less than a penny and they seem to be happy about it over there.
  5. Sounds to me like Mr/Ms Mountain Goat is really trying hard to bea genuine PUMPER !!!!
  6. yendor


    Cancer is truly a terrible disease. I lost my late wife in '01 to Cervical Cancer at age '54. Then, I reunited with a high school flame and dated her again for two years until lung cancer took her in '12. So, not only do I pray for you, but certainly feel the pain that you are enduring to watch this dreaded monster invade a loved one. Prayers are truly a great help in this situation and you have a lot of unknown family of friends here at DV pulling for you and Jimmy. God's Blessings.
  7. That's what this world is all about..... give and take and more importantly, listen and learn. My motto has always been, "I don't hate ANYONE, but some people's absence is appreciated."
  8. I really don't care who he is and I wonder why you would want to pass on this unasked for information. He could be Albert Schweitzer, and it wouldn't matter one way or the other to me and probably most other Dinarians. JMHO
  9. Thanks for bringing these to DV. It is amusing to hear (read) what these guys "think" that they know and when what they say will/should happen DOESN'T happen then how they scramble to say why it didn't. I must say that they ARE entertaining. You are so right when you say "NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN" ! ! ! ! Forever Blessings to you as well, my friend.
  10. Are these so-called "gurus" supposed to be knowledgeable? They talk more like politicians than someone who is sharp. They just don't seem to have an understanding about what they are talking. Yes, I certainly DO believe they are poiticians.
  11. "SHORT ORDER"......... is that the same as SOON ?????
  12. What we want or what we get, I would just love to see some kind of positive movement that increases the value of these Dinars that we are holding. ANYTHING ! Just Git 'R Done !
  13. One has to have a membership drive, doesn't one?
  14. The only goon that really matters is sitting over there in Iraq someplace.
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