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  1. Pity that nobody will step up to help this lady. My responses have to be approved and only about 20 % , so why waste my time? besides I am not knowledgeable with WARKA .
  2. It is a good thing that we don't have incompetency in congress.
  3. Well, I AM older than dirt as one of the "kids" I coached in Little League made ADMIRAL last year. and this dirtbag could really use a good old fashioned RV/RI !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Captain in which branch, Navy or ???????????? Whichever, I know that you are proud and you should be.
  5. I'm sticking with Okie and his $ 12.00. Okie would never lie to us.
  6. Adam, I want to be the first to THANK YOU for the text announcing the RV/RI and all that you did to get the best value for our Dinar. I know that it hasn't happened yet, but it IS close and I wanted to be the first !!!!!
  7. Just curious, do you still feel that the rate will come out at $0.10 ?
  8. Agree ! We come here to get or give opinions about what Adam has to say and don't give a rats behind about a rubie, trophy, happy face or whatever Thanks for mentioning.
  9. A friend of mine figured out that President Trump uses Twitter for a laser pointer and uses Democrats and the Media for cats !
  10. I, like many others in Dinarland, have mentally spent my "windfall" dozens of times already. I can hardly wait to do it FOR REAL!!!!
  11. I don't know if I am ready for an RV/RI. It's just too soon ! (A big LOL)
  12. The woman is just an employee doing a job and probably knows no more than Joe the plumber.
  13. Almost like GROUNDHOG DAY ......... Haven't we been here before?
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