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  1. Frank26 is taking a page from Okie and using all capital letters to look like he knows what he is talking about...... It was fake a decade ago with Okie and it is most likely the same with Frankie Baby !
  2. *** Sandy Ingram For this example...we are going to have over 1 million Iraqi dinars...We're going to say that Iraqi dinar floats to or equals 1 dinar to 1 US dollar...when you do the math you find out quickly that your total tax would be right around $335,423. Do I need to repeat that? $335,423. That is how much you will owe the IRS. I know some of you don't believe in the IRS. Others say it's not a real government agency. And some of you up until now have never cared, but let me tell you, if you want your're going to need to claim the financial gain.. I am planning on a greater government "grab" and I expect to pay about 60% taxes...... And at this point, happy to do it. Just GIT 'R DONE !!!
  3. Oh yah..... SSDD..... We are closer than we have ever been before !
  4. It is what they have been doing since day 1 ....... It is called "PUMPING". It is much like "PIMPING". So, don't go running to the nearest seller of Dinars and buy a bunch of it.
  5. Closer, but will it ever happen...... in our lifetime?
  6. Somehow, I still feel like these are all re-run "announcements". SSDD .....Same Shiite Different Day! One thing is certain, WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !!!!!!!!!
  7. It just means that Thanksgiving is coming and this turkey is a Dinar turkey..... and if anyone belives this turkey IS a turkey.... GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE !
  8. It seems like this " I am told they are still working towards the early January 2022 revaluation of the dinar. There is a huge necessity to actually conduct the project to delete the zeros as the first step and this could happen any day now as we move closer to 2022 " is an annuual rhetoric Gurus like to use at the end of EVERY year. One thing that they are right about is that WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE .
  9. The GOI has been working at a fast pace with guys like Frank when I first got on this ride a decade and a half ago.
  10. Yes, Ron, we ARE at war and it is pitiful that we have a president that cares more about power and control than for the good of America and Americans. Trump may have been brash and harsh, but he did love his country and countrymen and did more to help BOTH ..... more than any president in MY lifetime ( And that is a very long 83 years) !
  11. Okay, we are doing what we have been doing since day one.......WAITING !!!!!
  12. Heck, That's all we have been doing since the beginning....... WAITING ! These guys are saying absolutely NOTHING ! But we ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !
  13. Not really..... Remember, this is Iraq we aretalking about.
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