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  1. Report post Posted 21 minutes ago Good Morning Dinar Vets, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They are simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON *** Jeff *** when you see them bring forth the budget that's when you're gonna see the rate change. It's that simple. How many budgets have they had and the rate change wasn't in there?? Maybe it isn't really that simple, ya' thinks?
  2. Thanks, Ron. I know what you mean, but with some of these gurus, it is like when someone in Iraq's governing position sneezes differently, it is a signal that xyz is about to happen. Just the same, I look forward to your posts and hopeful we get to that window and it stays open. Keep diligent oh faithful warrior. I have many two cents left.
  3. I ask you, Dinar Vets family, are these updates starting to look like the "pumper" reports from years past? I would like to think that these are from reliable sources and that today's info is much different, but as all these windows keep opening and closing, I have to wonder..........
  4. ..that is the reality that you and I are in and you guys can't be in a better spot. Mr. Breitling, I know a better place that I could be and that's at the bank CASHING IN !!!!
  5. They combined two games: 1) KICK THE CAN down the road 2) MOVE THE GOAL POSTS Are we back to "PUMPER GURUS" again? Just wondering.
  6. Thanks for bringing these "opinions" to DV. We have heard encouraging "opinions" dating back to Okie. Lately the news has been positive and hopeful. But these today sounds more like a bit of back peddling and I can't say that it isn't at all unexpected. For all these years we have seen the ebb and flow with this venture. But we still believe that someday Iraq will get out of its own way and get it done. We still wait...... it might be this glorious weekend or this month or next year or certainly by 2025..... But we will still hold out hope and pray that it will be SOON !!!! Just remember that life and peace is more valuable than a Dinar RV or RI. God Bless America, our troops, our first responders and you and me.
  7. Okay, I'll buy that...... So, go ahead and "par" up. I'll wait for the float (for about a week).
  8. Okay, I am convinced..... So go ahead and Revalue or Reinstate already. Anytime is alright as long as it's done by the weekend. (It'd make a really great celebration along with the 4th)
  9. It looks like we just might be "closer than we have ever been" for REAL !!!!!
  10. When Petra said..............They've got to make a move here pretty quick in order to solve that problem.......... He forgot that we are talking about Iraq and they don't gotta' do anything that normal countries would/should do. Just my 2 cents worth Oh well, we just wait and wait and wait....... SOON !!??!!
  11. AHA, I was right. It DOES have something to do with a movement..
  12. Not being a market person, but what is "ema" ? Is that market talk for ENEMA ?
  13. I actually thought he was joking about the $0.66 per dollar. But as for myself, if it comes out at this or a lower amount, I will probably cash in 1 tenth of my dinar and see if it floats up. At least I will have my original investment back with a bit more to enjoy. Probably wouldn't wait too long before cashing in the rest, though. Wondering what others would do.............
  14. I suppose that this translates as "WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE", huh?
  15. Thanks, Ron......Randy Koonce has been pretty level minded in this venture and this report is very encouraging. Let's git 'er done !
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