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  1. Thanks. That's what I surmised, but then I wondered if it was about Jackie Gleason's Ralph Cramden character saying, "POW, right in the kisser ! ". Or does that date me as an old codger?
  2. Thank you PB. Sometimes people can get a bit carried away with their emotions. I think if this ride were to come to a happy ending then all wounds would be healed.
  3. I haven't been able to tell what the "POW" symbol represents. Is it a good or a bad thing? ANYONE?
  4. Are we closer than we have ever been? Is Oakie making his final approach to making his long awaited landing? Iguess we will find out about all of this pretty SOON !!!!
  5. Just a thought...... Rumor has it that Trump holds a BUNCH of Dinar and since he worked without a paycheck, could it be possible that he could be working on this RV/RI to happen before he leaves and he would pull in his deserved backpay?????
  6. Pitcher, What is your prognosis for the market world if Biden is declared the winner and if Trump is declared? I respect your opinion. Thanks
  7. Talk. talk talk..... There seems to be a lot of "TALKING" going on. I'd sure like to see some "DOING".
  8. *** Jeff We're very close guys. You have to look at the bigger picture with Iraq. Kazemi the new PM he's gotten more done in less than half of this year than the whole country of Iraq's gotten done in the last 15 years... they're at their highest level of stability...we are very close in this. Keep your eyes on the borrowing law and it'll walk you to the finish line...we're in a great spot. We don't have much more to go.... So, this means that we are really closer than we have ever been ? Or is it happening SOON ????????
  9. I think a lot of this stability has to do with Trumps getting ISIS on the runwith their tails between their legs. They are afaid to show their faces from their holes because they know that Trump's expert assains will bloe them to smitherens . JMHO.
  10. If not this week, maybe this year or next year or....... But we ARE closer than we have ever been before !!!!! I think Pimpy should change his name to "PUMPY" .
  11. *** Mark On the RV front I am still hearing very positive things that lead me to believe we will see this before the end of the month. Lots of chatter…I am also hearing we should have a lot of news by tomorrow morning. Or maybe not.................. But we ARE closer than we have ever been.
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