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  1. YEP ! Anything would be great to see .... At least it would give us the the hope that SOMETHING is happening Sometime.
  2. Can Mr. Kaperoni explain how a 1X (in other words, NO CHANGE) will help the Iraqi economy ?
  3. Thanks appreciated............EVERY day is a blessed day. Something to remember (Right , JoeB ?????)
  4. BRAVO ! Ron................. I think that JoeB is a bit frustrated and can't understand the "wait". Like you, I got into the dinar hope about the same time. I felt that it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, BUT........... if it DID happen, I didn't want to have any regrets, so I bought just enough that whatever it RV'd at, I would be pleasantly surprised and pleased. And if it didn't, I wasn't out all that much........... kinda' like buying a lottery ticket. So far, I am not better off, but I and all of us are STILL IN THE GAME!! Maybe JoeB overspent a bit which caused his bitterness. And having said that, I DO enjoy your posts and weed out the kooks from those that just might know a bit about what they speak. All summed up, I still think that NOBODY knows what the fate of this Dinar ride really is. Just my two cents worth.
  5. Not me, I am waiting for Okie's $12.00 rate. In the meantime I think I will go out and buy a few million more dinar.
  6. Fredst, I was also wondering how close we actually are. With those , as you stated, "crooks" in their government. I can't help but think that whoever is to make "THE CALL" seems to me that he or they would hoard as much of the dinar as possible just before that "CALL" is made and he or they would have so much power or clout not only in Iraq, but possibly the whole world. I don't want to be called Chicken Little about the sky falling, I just don't trust government.... Iraqi OR the U.S . JMHO.
  7. Adam said: There is talk about protests continuing due to his appointment, but I'm leaning towards "fake news" on that one. It would not surprise me at all to learn that the "protests" being referenced are paid for by Iranian or Malikian sources. And I ask, could this "paid for by Iranian..... sources" be with the billions that Obummer gave Iran, hmmmm ???
  8. I, and everyone else, should take anything Frank26 says with a grain of salt and should think that anything he posts is purely entertainment............. in other words, FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!
  9. Ron, my 2 cents is on you and if I were you, I would just ignore people like Joe B. It's easy to criticize someone like you who put hours into bringing any information to the DV family whether it is good or bad. At least it gives us something to reference. Look at our president and all he has done .... tax cuts, low unemployment, great economy, trade deals that brought and still bringing back companies that left because of regulations that Trump is trying to get rid of..... and in spite of all these great things, there are idiots that have impeached him. Now we have to wait for the Senate to disallow the scam. I know you are not the president, but everyone that does good work will always have a few idiots that like to criticize. Just try to ignore the ignoramus jerks and continue what you're doing. More of us appreciate your work than don't.
  10. G.W. Bush said in his announcement of our invading Iraq that it wouldn't cost the U.S. Taxpayers a single dime. I guess he had the RV in mind because of what happened with the Kuwait Dinar.... Ya' think?
  11. I've got news for Guru Francis Albert........ It IS possible for banks to make you fill out a tax form and withhold X amount of dollars for IRS, just like they do at race tracks when you hit a big winner in the thousands of dollars. Sometimes you are able to recoup some or all at tax time (depending on the shrewdness of your tax man), but the Government will have that sum til that time.
  12. Well, it looks like that Iran /Iraq relationship has just about ended our dream of any kind of RV/RI. Damn !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I don't know what his thoughts are, but I am sure that he doesn't give cents for any guru posts, JMHO. And I have the same general feelings.
  14. And a very good day to you as well Mr. RS. I believe that I say for all who read your posts that they are entertaining and informative and we appreciate your diligence in performing this service for us. Hopefully you won't have to do this much longer. Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and all of us.
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