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  1. You can call BS on ANYTHING Frank says...... PERIOD ! (And you would be right.)
  2. They can say ANY amount and it will be the amount I/we have thought about at one time or another and how we would deal with that amount...... any where betwen Adam's $ 0.10 to Okie's $12.00. I am sure every one of this Dinar world peoples have imagined EVERY amount and how they would deal with any amount..... Just as we do with the lottery when we buy a ticket. The only difference is that that lottery ticket has an experation date and OUR date has never been set YET ! And I am sure every Dinar holder would just LOVE to see a date and whether they "hit it big" or got just a participation prize
  3. Anyone can be whatever they want to be on the internet........EXCEPT SMART !!!!
  4. I can only hope and pray that this is "IT". But so often we have been told that the budget had to be passed or XYZ had to be removed from office, etc, etc. and when those DID happen with no RV, they always said something like the HCL has to be passed..... And now that it looks like this is "IT", will we once again be disappointed? What are they going to need done next? (Can you tell that I have become weary from Dinar Hopium?)
  5. Don't be hard on the guy....... He was just following what his father, rest his soul, always said. He told Tiger " Concentrate entirely on golf and screw everything else." Just being an obedient son.
  6. Yes, Ron, I agree. The Gurus are really scrambling to make "news" of an imminent RV. Hell, EVERYONE is prepared for the "GO". Trouble is that we have been prepared for the past ten or so years.
  7. Easy for MILITAMAN to say................ Because he has been saying the same thing so many times that hie nose is as big as Hoboken.
  8. *** Footforward I'm happy to exchange all of my dinar for anything over 3.50...catch it because it's going to be too fast...they make it sound like everyone caught a $9 rate on Kuwait dinar when in fact very few of any actually caught that outside of forex... Don't know about you, but I will GLADLY cash in at $1.50.
  9. That's an easy one.......... The Gurus are lying...... But Iraq has a bit of a problem with the truth quite often.
  10. You really don't need our blessing about the changing of the "weekly". We can look forward to a weekend report just as easily as a Wednesday report.
  12. I can't believe these clowns....... As if the wintrer storm in the United States would stop a rate change in Iraq!!! These guys must be politicians with all of their B.S. lies.
  13. Include me in on the "not know them" listr. But then. at my age, they could have posted yesterday and today I would say "never heard of them". But any information givers are nice to read and get opinions. So, WELCOME...... What did you say your names were?
  14. Unfortunately, this COULD be the case. There are no guarantees. It's not like going into politics and instantly becoming a multi-millionaire.
  15. Seems to me that I have been reading this same "shhtuff" for the past ten years. And will probably be reading this NEXT year as well.
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