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  1. Hhhmmm... wonder if this part of the reason the finance minister resigned today. He has served in other goverments and departments
  2. If this is true and it happens... with Kazemi in charge the people of iraq and our investment might have a chance!. At least a better 1 than if the state law was in charge and more so if potato head and his goons were running the government. What amazes me is that if the majority know / remember the horror of maliki in the past why would they not push ahead with an ri he can get his hands on the money, stop them doing it or before he or his party get any real power. Surly if they did it before that he could not change it if his party was in charge... or is my thinking just dumb?
  3. What a sad world. Doctors and nurses are not infalable. We are human beings Sometimes we just can't save people
  4. Pp... I did not need that mental picture!🤣🤣😂
  5. Surely you can't need this amount of gold ... along with the currency reserves they have , if you do not plan to increase the value of the countries currency?
  6. Rochester... very well put and explained.I believe you are correct in what you say. I am however beginning to wonder if we will see it in our lifetimes. Their so called leaders are beyond incompetent. I would never wish another gulf war but I sometimes wish the western countries would take them by the neck , shake them like rag dolls and say you can have your country back when we have sorted the utter mess you have made. When we have made it better for you citizens and when we give you it back you will follow what we say to the letter until you learn how to do things properly. Additionally, while we are fixing your mess any evidence of corruption by any body in office will not pass go, will not collect 220 pounds ds/ dollars / dinar and will go to jail immediately for an indefinite period
  7. They can say they support early elections all they want, as long as malaki and his goons are free to bribe and influence the politics in Iraq the people and the country will never be free
  8. I hope all the political parties are prepared for the long haul.... Sadar and his followers have the will power to last months if need be. I don't think for a minute he will join any talks any time soon unless Parliament is dissolved
  9. Some guru has claimed Kadhemi will be put in place this Saturday for 2 terms. I hope he is right cause he appears to be the best hope for the country and our investment. I find it interesting that he has just got on with the job and not entered the arguments that I know off.... maybe he knows something we dont
  10. Doesn't matter who leaked the recordings... if they prove it to be him... hell mend him. He should pay the price as any other person would. Iraq would be a better place without him
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