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  1. I still can't believe people believe these goons. 🤣. Does anybody here actually think they will release the budget tomorrow with a new rate???
  2. For uear I have consistently got it over $3.00 with my pendulum. Hoping it is sometime this year
  3. So.... let me get this straight. ... They passed and ratified the budget. Put it in the gazette so it is now law... Now they are going to appeal some parts of it....Have they actually released any of the monies? Or is this further delayed until they get the appeals done and maybe change the rate? 🙃🤫
  4. So... if they were to approve this law, and we know with iraq it is a huge IF, would they be able to implement it without changing the rate?
  5. If their currency has such a pathetic value and as according to the CBI..IT is gonna stay that way.. why do they need such big reserves ? what am I missing.?
  6. I haven't asked in a whole. I will try tomorrow when I am focused. I have a typing test to do tonight for a new job. Interestingly it did say a while back it would not tell the rv date. Bit it did say yes to it happening in 2021 and I have consistently gotten a rate over $3 for several years
  7. Did anybody see zeffy's post about the budget. I was rolling over laughing at him He found article that said the budget would POSSIBLY be returned to parliament.. But he was claiming the budget would be cancelled and there would be no 2021 budget. Even had the audacity to post a headline saying I win you loose.!! The condescending jerk then slagged off anybody who was watching his video. Strange how that very video appears to have been removed....Lol!
  8. Just wondering... IF they pass the oil and gas law.... do they need a real rate or can they go ahead at the current ridiculous rate?
  9. I hope kaperoni is wrong. I want it like yesterday
  10. Thanks Adam. Wishing , hoping and praying for an improved rate sooner than later. I am so ready to tell my boss what to do with my job. So many plans but some I can't do until the dinar moves. Happy Easter to everyone at DV.
  11. I have agree with you on all of this. 100%. Any country that there to help rebuild is not going to accept this current rate. If the white paper reforms are happen then they must need a true rate......Oh bit wait... Zeffy said we are all confused and only he understands this investment. ... SO that means the rest of the dinar world know jack , unless you a zeffy
  12. How can the reforms in the white paper.. work at this crazy rate. I would have thought it would need a true value and be an internationally recognised currency for that to work. Plus IF they pass the HCL do they not need an rv/ ri for that to work?
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