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  1. Today I am.actually at the point of wondering if it will ever happen.
  2. A certain man named Jeff is trying to sell it as a lop. . The zeros coming off the notes not the exchange rate. However , I can't see how that would fix / improve their economy or purchasing power..Hoping this correct and it is off the exchange rate sooner than later
  3. Some body gave me negative for trying to prevent any of the folks here ending up in the same situation. !!!????
  4. Hi everybody, I haven't posted in quite some time. However, I want to make everyone here at DV aware of the following... About 4 weeks ago I received a message in my fb messenger from someone who has been on.facebook for many years. I found it a bit strange because I had not heard from him in a while bit he doesn't post on Facebook often. He is a member here on dv. Away it turns out he had messaged 2 other dv members through Facebook. I actually think now that it was nt him who sent the original message as when I looked his page he had not posted to fb since May. I think his Facebook has been hacked and he may not be aware of it. So I clicked the link believing it was from friend.. Well on Thursday afternoon my facebook got hacked to the point where they changed the recovery email and the password so I could not recover my account . They then started messaging folks on my friends list with the same link as I had gotten from my friend. Hence why I now think he has been hacked. On Friday morning I went to the ATM to get money for work and it was EMPTY. THEY HAD MANAAGED TO HACK MY BANK ACCOUNT. SPlease make all your friends aware of this.. I will eventually get my money returned once the bank has investigated..
  5. Is it possible for them to float the dinar on the fprex before they pass the hcl or does the hcl need to come first?
  6. Every government in the world is corrupt at some level. Iraq just seem to be masters at it and have a whole lot more corrupt politicians than in most western countries
  7. Yes I think that is the more sensible plan. The CBI did say several years ago that the 3 zero notes would continue to exist with the lower denominations for 10 years. However, I don't think they will give us 10 years
  8. Nobody really I don't think. Look how many times we have see or heard of articles where the 3 letter agencies have supposedly told them to raise the rate and they haven't. If it came in around 50 pence or 1 pound I would cash enough to keep me going a wee while till it rises.
  9. Liking the sound of this. Just wish they would getoving with it
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