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  1. can somebody advise me when the Iraq parliament is due to return from holiday?
  2. Ok..... now I am confused???? Have they linked them ministries of education and health, postponed filling the education minister until the next tremor are they gonna vote on it before they go on holiday???
  3. If this blows between now and Monday morning...... my boss will just get a call saying goodbye my security tags are in the post.
  4. Every time I read the article find something different. I do not think it actually means to devalue the currency at all . However, I think to devalue the Iraq dinar in relation to reducing the note count
  5. I have to agree, I think something has been lost in translation . Like all countries of the world they have the official language and slang and local language. I think, and I maybe very wrong, but depending on the language used would determine how it is interpreted and who does the interpreting. I can't see why you would take a country forward as they have, especially in the last 6 weeks or so and thenbasically devalue or effectively lop the currency in someway
  6. The mental picture you have just created IS NOT good! NO NO PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY!!!
  7. HOLY BE JEEEEZZZZ!!!! So both parliaments are redundant until the 13th???
  8. PP, It is still saying this month and over $3. I did make a post a while back saying the 16th was significant but I hae no idea what month so maybe this month
  9. Right, gonna throw a wee bit of a spanner in the works. I STREE THIS IS NOT MY VIEW POINT. Had a friend in another group advise that he has spoken to folks in Kurdistan media company who claim their is no plans to RV anytime because the dinar is not ripe for forex investment and for over the last 10 years it has not moved much against the dollar. This person does not now believe it will ever rv? However, my argument would be they have been under sanctions for over a decade approximately and during this time the dinar was never viable for the forex. Given the huge progress they have made over the years and particularly since the ? imf said they had to free their currency and PROTUS kicked them in the knackers they have been moving at lightening speed. Why would you do all that not to have a currency of value?
  10. I think the window may still be open. As thuggie highlighted in one of his posts.... It is the Kurdistan parliament that has been raised until the 13/7/19, not by the looks of it , the main Iraq parliament.
  11. Neither will. I will be too busy enjoying life, buying alpacas to start my new adventure

    Go Iraq

    That's ok. Monday is the first of July.
  13. Somebody not worth listening to. Unfortunately one of these guys are going to be right on the money one of these days and then claim all the glory.
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