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  1. Yes Luigi more lies from the so called guru's.Watch they probably all will now have gag orders again.
  2. So what happened to the bills ready for voting not new amendments of first reading. What a bunch of butt
  3. Interesting last sentence " she explained that the Ministry of Finance has been activating bilateral agreements with various international financial institutions that support the consolidation of a balanced and sustainable financial and economic system. "
  4. More Bull Shite from the so called Guru's as usual
  5. More Bull Shite from the so called guru's
  6. This guy Walkingstick is so full of BS. So where did he get his info he must have a personal contact with the governor al-alak, I guess he meeting with the big 3 car companies here in the US. I guess the big 3 going to give release and value of the new cars HA HA. or maybe he received his info from Frank 26. More lies from the Bull Shitteers as usual
  7. I tried to say the so called guru's were outright lieing and told this was the rumors section I had explained big difference from a rumor or outright lie. Tried redicule me over this lie vs rumor. I guess people like the lies the so called guru's put out. so let them keep their lieing when the so called guru's know this statement they make is an outright lie.
  8. You are forgeting they get paid for the volume of people reading on the internet with the hits they get, that;s why they continue to give false information. You have some who make thousands of dollars monthly by making false statements on the boards. Why work when you can constantly lie making all kinds of money. So here you have the internet world wide of people reading this garbage promoted on internet
  9. Linda Bower- Your right who would believe anything the so called guru's say. So far as the amount if it went to 50 cents I wouldn;t hesitate to cash in a good amount I hold.
  10. We have a bunch of liars given advise of what will happen with the dinar. How can you believe anything they say this MarkZ feels there be no taxes what an as*hole we all will pay taxes on this money if it happens. While the goat says the CBI tells her they want to conclude this by July 01st. then you have the Frank26 telling you they trying to talk to you again and finally the Pimp is doing his flip flop about the dinar. How in the hell can anyone believe anything any of them says. As I have said all you need to do is read the articles coming out and you know more than the so called guru's on this board and what lies they are telling you about the dinar. Have a good evening and read the articles to be ahead of the so called guru's.
  11. The airline deal is 5-6 Billion and to be funded by the Central Government Yes we wait and see. I have no faith in this Iraq Government to get to 1 to 1 JMO Good night
  12. Plus you will soon see a lot more corruption of projects starting with the crooks stealing large amounts of funds in months ahead. I just hope they increase the amount for dinar so we can get out of this crooked country with some return on our investment.
  13. Yes and governments and people soon forget when they see a lot more money to be made as you see the World Bank is financing the project
  14. Oh I just read above that the World Bank now is to Finance plan for Baghdad 2030 of course this will be low interest. There you go its starting the borrowing process of course the labor will be cheap labor for the project
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