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  1. No Frank26 you are stretching the truth which is not to dissolve the government but to resign his position as Prime Minister, whereas Saleh would be in charge of the Prime Minister position. Stop putting words in which are not true. You have a habit of doing this to make people reading your comments think this is true of what you are saying rather than being truthful of what the article says. Frank26 keep the lies away from the dinar vets site ofyour misinformation. I don't have an interest to reading any of your misinformation you put out here.
  2. I don't believe they would have had all these deaths & injuries if Sadr would have stayed on course instead of running as a chicken from his supporters of the cause. I feel its his fault for the deaths of the people. It seems when they have pressure he wants to run tail the other direction scared for his own life from Iran instead of staying on course. What a shame for the people. If he was not going to follow through then he never should have started. JMO
  3. Al-Sadr is very unstable. He gets the people feeling he was going to change things and clean up the corruption. Then he drops them like a hot potato. Just like with his deputies convenience them to resign and leaves them hanging. He really is not a leader good riddens he really is afraid of his own life instead of the people & fighting the corruption. JMO
  4. Ron these so called rumors from Frank-Mark & the goat are out right lies not rumors this is a rumor sectionnot a liers section. Don't know why youon continue to let this be presented here on dinarvets. JMO again
  5. Luigi1 The article I was referring to I believe came out about 9 to 10 years ago. It was quite a while ago I purchased my dinar in 2010 so I am not sure date of article I was referring to maybe early teens. Long before the Dr passed away could have been when he came to New York & had seminar answering questions of dinar, JMO of course/
  6. If I recall I believe Dr. Shabibi had said we would have up to 10 Years to cash in the dinar. I could be wrong on the number of years but not with this redictious number of 10 days. Remember this so called Mark Z is always putting out BS statements of whats going to happen. He is constantly lieing about what will happen with the dinar. You cannot believe anything he says.
  7. Well MARK you justed answered the question for yourself and the rest of these so called guru's. " As long as the government looks peaceful & settled they can go ahead and move forward with the rate. " As we all know this country is far from looking peachful & settled so there is no way they can bring forward any rate change or RI.go tell this to all your so called guru friends about the truth of the rate and tell them to stop their lies and bull shite they trying to give us & to stop the constant lies that are being places here. If I was in charge of this site you & the rest of the guru's would be banned on the site for all the BS here every week. JMO Have a great weekend Mr. Mark
  8. Nader- What did your father call you again at 3 AM giving you this information about the dinar ?
  9. More lies from Frank 26 & Firefly. What a crock of bull. These guys constantly lie every time you post their BS Luigi 1 Give it up
  10. More Bull Shite from Frank26. hey Ron why are you keeping this guy Frank 26 on this site? You know he is constantly lying every time he shows up on the site. Its not a rumor but an outright lie from him.
  11. With all the rampant corruption going on with the auctions, this could be controlled by the CBI governor but he lets the corruption continue. As I have previously said he is just as corruption as the rest of the crooks in Iraq or he would control this with the auctions.
  12. Another Guru BS article. Don't believe anything from these so called guru's. They are full of . You should know this by now they are constantly lying now for how many years. you and I can do a better job of lieing to everyone here.
  13. Luigi1 Give it up Let these bs group rest for a while say like for a year without hearing of their BS. They like to see their own writing. especially Mark Z- Bruce the goose- Mtg Goat & Frank 26 did I get them all> I know their are more but these are the worse. Your not helping any by helping them to promote their BS either
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