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  1. Thank you Adam for everything and Merry Christmas to everyone here God bless you all
  2. I hope and pray you are right Chuck we need to end this year on good terms! Go RVVVV
  3. I agree with you both and God bless President Trump and General Flynn who my family backs over 100 percent. It is a battle we cannot lose.
  4. I wish both you guys a happy 50th Birthday as i will be turning 60 in October so Im hoping it RV's for both your Birthdays and we party in Belize for mine!!
  5. Hey that goes for me to chuck it was very helpful! Im praying hard for all of us this happens soon.
  6. Hey sign me up I want the cruise everything! I have been holding dinar since 2004 and I am ready to let it go. I cant wait to meet as many of you as I can and ty Adam and everyone who has work to bring us news and keep us all grounded through this investment!
  7. My wife and I are at the lake sitting on the steps of the camper together and a bird flies by and poops on her hand. Of course I get a good laugh and then people are telling her its good luck and go buy a lottery ticket. So she does and guess what no winners. The very past weekend we are sitting same spot and a bird this time poops on my head, Im thinking this must be really good luck and so im hoping brings us all a little good luck with the dinar! just wanted to share my good fortunes Go RV
  8. Great to see you back yota! It is crazy to see what these people are saying here they must be nuts!
  9. Is now a good time to buy into bitcoin? I never have before. I have my portfolio in high dividend stocks for the most part but see opportunity
  10. SaudiArabia is trying to get rid of opec and take its place in charge of oil, They hate Russia and Iran. watch what happens!
  11. Meant to say Biden is not mentally or physically fit for any job.
  12. Listen Joe Biden will never be president as I believe he is mentally fit or physically fit for the job. He is only being used as a front man one who is somewhat likeable for the moderate democrats. I believe it will be who they pick for VP may indeed be their wish to be the real president.
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