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  1. Edith prayers going out to you and Jimmy!
  2. I am praying great things for us all !!!!! GO RVVVvvvvv
  3. More amazing news by you also DT as the momentum grows stronger will it be enough to push over the finish line! Lets pray it does!
  4. Did someone mention it was time for a drink? With information of late has been exciting some good and then not so good but more good than bad. Listen i dont know if this makes sense to me LOL. Maybe i just need to calm down a little I will buy Horsesoldier a drink since he was the first to mention it was time for one. I am reaaly excited to meet many of you one day! Gooooo Rvvvvvv we are getting closer!
  5. That is funny and I bought all my dinar from Ali at Dinar Trade! Go Rvv
  6. I kind of feel like this chat is a therapy session and I would like to say i have been in this investment since 2004 and I joined DV in 2010. So around 16 years and i like ChuckFinley thought it may have a return on Investment alot sooner and not such a long ride! But I think it has been the journey with this little community that has made it much more enjoyable even for not knowing anyone here and wishing when we reach the destination and we have a RV. I hope many can make it to belize and will have the chance to meet many of you i feel as friends even we have never met. So here i
  7. I just fear that a bulk of this package is sent to states that are poorly run and the rest to a slush fund for none essential things. The ones that will pay the price is us the working people of this country.
  8. I pray this is a Rv train that cant be stopped now and how much i look forward to all of you in Belize!!!
  9. Expedite as in urgent, It seems the language they have been using this last week and the start of this one. Gives one some hope that they have a deadline to meet and I hope they do. Go RVVV
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