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  1. Just curious... Does the 2021 budget have to be complete before the Dinar RV's?? And if so, when do they normally complete their budget? Hopefully SEPTEMBER!!!!! Trying not to get TOO excited, but it sure looks like it is REALLY close!!!! I've been following this baby for 11 years. Time to be born!!!!
  2. I completely agree with you Adam. I think the current situation will speed things up. Sure beats NOTHING happening! I have been on this ride for 10 years now and have certainly learned the power of patience. Just going to sit back and watch it happen. Pulled out my Dinar yesterday and counted it, looked over all the documents, read the Cash In Guide, checked my Passport and dreamed of Belize!! I know it's going to happen and I'm ready!!!!😁
  3. So, in reading the article about the G20 meeting, it looks like it was held in November 2018. Will it be held in November 2019 this year???
  4. Thanks for the belly laugh this morning ADam!!!! I'll be listening to Fido for sure! Can't wait to see what the future holds....
  5. Happy Holidays Adam! Enjoy your family! Here's to an incredible 2019 for us all!
  6. Have not received any emails from you since April 19. I have emailed support but no response. Getting ansy!! Please let me know who to contact or what i need to do. Thank you!!
  7. Has there been another post by Adam?? The last one I have seen was July 13th. Still having issues with the website I presume?
  8. What is really the hold up? Seems like the major issues have taken place and it is a lot of smaller issues they are now talking about and trying to figure out. Couldn't the Dinar RV now and all the rest of the issues be passed later? Still optimistic and patient.....THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO ADAM!!!
  9. Merry Christmas Adam from Texas!!! Have a Blessed Holiday and the best New Year ever!!!!! Look forward to meeting you after the RV!
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