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  1. LOL, this better happen soon or our grandkids will have grandkids before we see this hit.
  2. ChuckFinley

    Adam Montana 14 November 2018

    Good points there jimbarnhadt. I am a firm believer of 1 to 1.
  3. ChuckFinley

    Adam Montana 14 November 2018

    My SWAG would be 2019. I feel this new GOI really wants to get things done. They will need the remaining time to get the budget and laws in place. This is addition to getting started on corruption.
  4. I just love the Rumor section. When I am having a rough day I just come here and find out that I am a millionaire.
  5. This sounds very positive. I really do not know what has to be accomdlished but I would take any rate and work from there.
  6. Saw a commercial for Glenfiddich. Will have to check it out.

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