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  1. Sounds like you will be joining me. I am staying positive because i really think this could be our year. Then - see below I like the way you are thinking HCR. When this hits Siberian Shadow will be getting a well deserved new ride, as will I.
  2. Was in the military and have been in the Gas Chamber many of times as well as during field training exercise. Theseus is absolutely correct in his assessment. Many of those times those chambers were not even at full strength. That would have lasted for sometime, been still on your clothing, and they would have to know to look up wind and not to touch their face. Walking though it would have resulted in the same effect.
  3. You go Yota. I am sick of all this BS. I am drawing the line when it comes to hiring people and having bricks delivered so they can attack business, kill owners, and steal everything in sight. Trump better call out the military and deal harshly with these thugs. I have several friends that were Democrats and now started YouTube channels exposing what was going on and YouTube cut them off.
  4. YOUR GOING TO BE RICH!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I am leaning on "money is coming".
  6. Well, both of my palms have been driving me crazy the last two days. Constant itching, which is suppose to be a sign money is coming my way.
  7. Thanks Adam for all your work. Pass on to your staff my thanks.
  8. That's why I love this group. We are going to have to link up for sure.
  9. That is what I am talking about. I want to set both the indoor and outdoor record.
  10. Thug - Here is how get to sleep and wait till I get that Dinar!!!
  11. I would have to agree. They need to pull in as much as possible while not hurting the average citizen and then move it up. This will intern decrease the value of the dollar, thus drawing any remaining USD off the street.
  12. I am talking Blue and Red Light Specials.
  13. Same here, even at a dime I will be cashing out some. Time for me to move on from my job. 😎
  14. Thanks KristiD - I am planning on reading this again. I am loving HOPIUM while sipping on some Scotch or a tall frosty Dad's Root Beer there Pitcher. All of this while listening to : As for a rate. I am still in the camp of it being close to 1 to 1. There really cannot be that much USD left out there to cause a major wealth influx. If so, then after 17+ years they can redo "Party like it is 1999". They deserve it. But most of all, why would you turn in your USD for something worth less.
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