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  1. "My best friends father is currently on hospice, about to leave us, due to Covid, how funny is that bro!?" just shows me how immature you are. This is a virus and people are going to die. I am in that group that is at very high risk and I am not out there talking crap like that. If you are old, over weight, diabetic, etc you are at risk. Instead of throwing that in our face why are you not out there looking and for an answer to help your friend. Why is America one of the worst in response to this nation, world wide epidemic? - You can put that on Politics - It is an election year as well as how hospitals get compensated by the Gov for the CV19. There is so many false claims just to get money from the Gov. You can do that research yourself. The Dems do not want Trump to look good. Who is to blame for our sorry response? There is numerous countries already going through the legal process to address that and take action against China. China may be to blame, as if that matters, but our country still needs to look after it’s people. - Like Trump said and like he stated the answer was and is still Hydroxychloroquine and if you Google Richard Bartlett provides an answer as well for those with respirator issues. I would not say it is a silver bullet for all but it does help. Below is my reference - What is a common factor with these countries; HINT they are all centers for Malaria and what is the cure - Hydroxychloroquine There is no way that everyone in Taiwan is going to stand 6 feet apart and there is no way Bangladesh has a better medical system than we do. Taiwan – Cases 481 – Deaths 7 Bangladesh – Cases 269,115 – 3,557
  2. You crack me up. I am still laughing.
  3. I agree LB and once they get their agriculture going that will add another revenue stream.
  4. Same here, I too like seeing this. Makes for a good future relationship and demonstrates commitment to making thing right.
  5. This is why I was reluctant to post this. This really requires research to understand what is happening. Reading 5 or 6 posts does not tell you what is happening. LGD has done an extensive research and posting on this subject. It is about return what was taken from us through taxes. The Fed, which is not even part of the Gov. The Central Banks. This requires extensive reading. Take a moment to do some research before you commit, you may be surprised what is going on.
  6. I am being positive since the US, GB, and the UN have been very active with these negotiations. I am being positive here as well.
  7. NESARA is being done by EO as the Democrats control the House. Parts of this are being rolled out but much of it is the foundation for events that will be happening here in the next few months. You will need to do some digging as you will not see this in any of the main stream media. In some cases you will have to judge. Number 16: Trump is the only President that has not gone to war in his first term. We have pulled troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Germany. NESARA goes way back, back as far as the 80's. TRUMPSARA are things the President has added or adjusted to meet today's events. The list of 20 items are things that you can monitor to see if they are taking place. Plus it gives you an idea as to what to invest in.
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