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  1. HaHa - we can see you has been in this for some time. I remember those days. Every Monday was the RV but this system went off line or only China got the RV.
  2. .03 to .10 would work for me too. As long as we can get out of this mess and start investing on our own.
  3. Thanks screwball. I see and understand, so where is all the national and international outrage? Why are these people not being investigated or arrested?
  4. Morning Pitcher. I have following a lot of your posting the last few days. You have been one busy beaver out there. I am not on as much as I used to be s some of them may have been a few days old but were really informative.
  5. I do not like to get into the political side of things because there is plenty of blame to go around for both sides, but can anyone explain the Obama administration relation with Iran. It just seems like the guy had it out for the USofA.
  6. I am thinking that calling DJT's bluff is probably not a smart idea. I would take a serious look around if I was Iraq about that. Sooner or later the rest of the world will release that DJT was probably right. Nuke deal was a joke and should have never been done. He has done some great things. I wish that he would be a little more presidential and that the Dems would get a handle of the far left. I think we can all live happily in the middle.
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