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  1. ChuckFinley

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    Great stuff, thanks Adam.
  2. ChuckFinley

    Holy moley! Rv tied into Trump

    Well, he did say "1-800" numbers.
  3. Been through 3 Gov shut downs. Right now 25 % of the Gov is shut down. I have been in some that seemed to last for a long time. Landlords and Credit people do understand that they will be getting paid. You just have to ride it out. Trump gave in last year in an effort to show good faith, olive branch. I think the Dems could move forward with this. Obama had 9B for the Fence. Just change the name from "Wall" to "Fence" and move on. I just feel that it is the Very Far Left that is the problem child. As a side bar the 101st is headed to the boarder, it is not going to stop. This has been an issue every since I can remember. If this was anybody else but Trump this would not be happening. P.S. if you did not see this coming then I think that is on you. Everyone in general should have 6 months of reserve funds for emergencies. If you wish to Neg me feel free.
  4. Same here, even though these guys talk things to death they are talking about it and just that is very positive for everyone.
  5. Need to check my Can of Peas.
  6. I hear you. I am getting so long in the tooth (16 years) that I feel like a Saber Tooth Tiger.
  7. So far so good. Hoping to close this year out with a BANG.

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