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  1. pp you crack me up.
  2. I am sure Adam is watching this as hard as we are.
  3. I am thinking Mexico would be nice. Going to do some traveling when this hits to check it out.
  4. That right, let's get our positive bro vest on. I have been in this over 16 years and I am not giving up yet.
  5. Do not get all bent out of shape in all these gurus bla-bla. The only guy I am listening to is Adam. Remember, any day to standby is good enough for me.
  6. That is why I have been following this and looking at the last two weeks of July.
  7. Here is what I posted earlier. 1. Article VIII provides in Sections 2 and 3 that members shall not impose or engage in certain measures, namely restrictions on themaking of payments and transfers for current international transactions, discriminatory currency arrangements, or multiple currency practices, without the approval of the Fund. The guiding principle in ascertaining whether a measure is a restriction on payments and transfers for current transactions under Article VIII, Section 2, is whether it involves a direct governmental limitation on the availability or use of exchange as such. Members in doubt as to whether any of their measures do or do not fall under Article VIII may wish to consult the Fund thereon. hope this helps.
  8. Some very interesting comments made here. Interesting to see what Adam's take is on this?
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