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  1. It is pretty sad state of affairs we live in. Thanks Shedagal.
  2. From Yota Kurdistan informs a high delegation of Baghdad fears of the census .. Allaq: We work to conduct this month 2019/09/19 03:45:14 The Kurdistan Regional Government on Thursday expressed fears of political interference accompanying the process of conducting the census in 2020, announcing the formation of a committee in the Council of Ministers of the region to express an opinion on the mechanism of the census. "We discussed with the delegation the issue of the census in a clear and frank manner," said Minister of Planning Dara Rashid in a joint press conference with the Minister of the Region, Khalid Shwani, and with a high delegation from the federal government headed by Mahdi al-Allaq, advisor to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. "Technicians in the Kurdistan region and Baghdad are working to create a suitable atmosphere for the census." He explained that the census needs to normalize in all areas of Iraq and then proceed with a successful census, adding that the Kurdistan Regional Government fully supports the conduct of the census provided that away from political interventions. Rasheed continued the previous censuses in Iraq from 1927 to 1997 witnessed political interventions, and we hope that the new Iraq efforts will be focused on conducting a census away from political interventions. For his part, said the Minister of the Region Khalid Shwani during the conference that a high delegation of the Iraqi government came to the Kurdistan Region for the purpose of discussing the census, and we in turn confirmed support for the census, but we have some problems and concerns, especially with regard to the disputed areas, and we have asked the government delegation Federalism should take these concerns into account and take precise technical measures to show the real reality of those areas and to register the indigenous people of those areas and not according to the current reality, which has witnessed changes. He added that we have received promises from the delegation to make efforts to address these problems, noting that we are waiting for the delegation's meetings with technicians in the Kurdistan region and within the framework of the results of those meetings to report by a committee formed from the Government of the Kurdistan Region to the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan and within the framework of the results of the meetings will be announced Attitudes regarding the mechanisms of conducting the census. Al-Allaq said at the conference that our meetings with the two ministers in the regional government were fruitful and we discussed the preparations of the regional government and the federal government to conduct the census in 2020. He added that we discussed what was mentioned in dealing with the disputed areas during the census, pointing out that we will discuss in order to enhance confidence between the two sides in regard to those areas taking into account the international articles and items related to the census. He noted that the delegation will hold meetings with the Statistical Commission in the Kurdistan Region in the coming days and with the United Nations Mission in Iraq with the aim of reaching an agreement and consensus to find solutions to the problems in the way of the technical plan and preparations for the census. He revealed the intention of the federal government to conduct a census in November of 2020, stressing that at the highest levels there is support and coordination and coordination by the Kurdistan Regional Government to conduct the census.
  3. From Yota Deputy: We will work to ensure that the mistakes of the previous issue of the share of Kurdistan and its exports are not repeated Policy 2019-09-19 | 03:46 1,087 views Amjad al-Oqabi, a member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee, warned on Thursday of the recurrence of "problems" in the 2020 budget on the share of the Kurdistan region and its oil exports, stressing the work to ensure that "previous mistakes" led to those problems. Al-Oqabi said in an interview with Alsumaria News, `` The Federal Minister of Finance was the first to buck the budget in 2019 when he launched part of the region's budget allocations despite the region's failure to deliver oil imports to SOMO. '' But they have so far failed to provide convincing answers or find a mechanism to resolve the problem with the region. " Al-Oqabi added that "the problems will be repeated in the budget of 2020 with regard to the region's oil exports and its financial revenues to the federal government if we repeat the same previous mistakes and did not put a clear formula obliging the region to pay before getting the amount of the state treasury," explaining that "the region is issued daily between 450-550 thousand barrels of oil, but the budget is not recorded only 250 thousand barrels, and yet we did not receive one dollar of them. " He continued, that "courtesies and patronage by the Prime Minister is something we will not accept and emphasize that everyone is equal in rights and duties," noting that "we will work in Parliament to host the Prime Minister and strive to determine the amount of oil exported accurately and imports derived from them, which must be taken guarantees to pay them categorically Without any interpretations. " Al-Oqabi stressed that "the final resolution will be through a vote on the draft oil and gas law, and we will work to give priority to resolving this law in the near future due to its importance in order to resolve the recurrence and controversy every year."
  4. From Yota Urgent The Oil Committee is forming a fact-finding committee on the Kurdistan Region's oil exports Editing Date:: 2019/21 16:00 • 33 read times BAGHDAD: The Committee on Oil and Parliamentary Energy, on Saturday, the formation of a fact-finding committee on oil exports in the Kurdistan region. The committee said in a statement reported by the Information Department of the House of Representatives received (Euphrates News) that the Committee "held its meeting chaired by MP Hibet Halbousi and the presence of members of the Committee to discuss a number of important issues related to the oil and gas sectors." He added: "During the meeting discussed the invitation by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the Committee on Oil and Energy, legal, and financial." It was decided during the "meeting to form a fact-finding committee on the region's oil, consisting of seven deputies of the Commission to submit its report to the chairmanship of the Commission within two weeks of its formation." The committee also discussed "the letter of the Ministry of Oil regarding the establishment of the hydrogenation unit of naphtha and the improvement of gasoline in Kirkuk province and the contract with the investing company, as well as the presence of representatives of the committee in the pricing meeting on the sale of crude oil." They also discussed "the letter of the First Vice-President of the House of Representatives on the oil and gas law and discussed the letter of the Korean Embassy to the Commission through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the draft crutch gas." is over
  5. From Butifldrm 2019/09/21 12:46 The number of readings 112 Section: Iraq Erbil requires Abdul Mahdi to pay $ 24 billion in return for oil imports and ports BAGHDAD, Sept 21 (KUNA) - Iraqi Kurdistan National Union (PUK) MP Hassan Ali said on Saturday that the meetings between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on ending disputes are backstage. Ali said in an interview followed by obelisk, "The Kurdistan Regional Government has pledged to send 250 thousand barrels of oil and put them in the accounts of SOMO and send the revenues of border crossings in return for conditions." He added, "The Kurdistan government confirmed that it owes $ 24 billion to oil companies as a result of cutting the budget in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 under the governments of Maliki and Abadi." He pointed out that "Kurdistan confirmed that these amounts must be borne by Baghdad because they came as a result of the region had to contract with those companies in order to pay the salaries of its employees." He pointed out that "there is significant progress in the negotiations and pledged the delegation of the federal government, which visited Erbil recently to submit the issue to the Council of Ministers and there is a possibility to pay the amount in the form of payments and in return the government pledged to send oil immediately and daily." Follow the obelisk
  6. From Yota Hassan Fadam: The Kurdistan Regional Government is trying to buy time and procrastinate in the implementation of legal and constitutional obligations regarding the sharing of wealth and the oil file By Alialhajj 20/09/2019 10:04 PM | Number Of Hits: 347 Continued...
  7. Would have to agree. I have been following this for some time. China is all about the "Road and Belt" or also know as "One Road One Belt". This will cover over 157 counties. There is already talk of Panama and Mexico joining. This is a little more complicated than just trade. China is CASH heavy and they are using it in the Americas to build inroads.
  8. Thanks Pitcher, on a global scale China's "Road and Belt" or also known as "One Road - One Belt".
  9. Looking forward to it. We just need to get this Bro party started. We have some fuel here----- This from Adam: Good afternoon all! "There are some rumblingsssss right now! This recent development with China may be “more than meets the eye”, and I’m hearing some encouraging things about the oil law (DoD posted some of it here) - I’ll expand on that as time allows, but in the meantime we are having a flash sale!! Use discount code “flash” for: - $10 off 3 month VIP!" rel="">VIP - $16 off 5 month VIP!" rel="">VIP - $76 off PLATINUM LIFETIME VIP!" rel="">VIP — $106 off PLATINUM +OSI ACCESS!!! This is a flash sale! It ends soon - get it now! Discount coupon code “flash”. That alone should be a motivator to get pumped.
  10. This is a great starting point. If you are in some of VIP and lessoned to some of Adam's old call in shows, at .10 we should be able to invest our way to freedom. Let get closure before Oct baby.
  11. ECONOMY ECONOMICS Balassa-Samuelson Effect REVIEWED BY WILL KENTON Updated Apr 25, 2018 The Balassa-Samuelson Effect is a phrase that describes the result when countries with high productivity growth also experience high wage growth, which leads to higher real exchange rates. The Balassa-Samuelson Effect suggests that an increase in wages in the tradable goods sector of an emerging economy will also lead to higher wages in the non-tradable (service) sector of the economy. The accompanying increase in inflation makes inflation rates higher in faster-growing economies than it is in slow growing economies. The Balassa-Samuelson Effect was proposed by economists Bela Balassa and Paul Samuelson in 1963. Breaking Down Balassa-Samuelson Effect The Balassa-Samuelson Effect suggests that the optimal inflation rate for developing economies is higher than it is for developed countries. Developing economies grow by becoming more productive and using land, labor, and capital more efficiently. This results in wage growth in both the tradable good and non-tradable good components of an economy. People consume more goods and services as their wages increase, which in turn pushes up prices. How the Balassa-Samuelson Effect Holds up Developing Countries As emerging economies develop and become more productive, they also see increased wages, but they see these increases in both tradable and non-tradable goods sectors of the economy. When wages increase at a slower rate than productivity, countries wind up producing more than they can consume. These countries then have a current-account surplus. When wages grow faster than the productivity rate, workers consumer more goods, and the current-account surplus falls. There can be imbalances regarding wages and prices for tradable and non-tradable goods that run counter to the Balassa-Samuelson Effect. For example, tradable goods that can readily be sold in other nations might not see much price difference in other markets. However, non-tradable services and goods could see pricing and wages that reflect their local economies. The salaries of workers who perform the same jobs in different nations can still see drastically different wages despite high productivity growth. The personal services provided by a driver, a barber or a doctor are not tradable goods, for example, and may see deeply discounted rates in developing countries. This can occur regardless of productivity levels and stem from the economic imbalance with more developed countries. The effect an appreciating real exchange rate has on an emerging economy depends on whether the country has a fixed exchange rate or floating exchange rate. Fixed-exchange-rate economies will see an increase in overall prices while floating exchange rates will see increases in the exchange rate
  12. SAY WHAT - Attracting Investments to Iraq. C'MON MAN better get that less than a penny currency and make it a global player first. THANKS 6LY410. Let's get this party started. Bros had that bottle chilling a tad to long for my taste.
  13. From Yota Abdul-Mahdi and parliamentary education discuss the file of the candidate of the Minister of Education and activation of the law on the protection of teachers Political | 03:15 - 18/09/2019 Abdul-Mahdi and parliamentary education discuss the file of the candidate of the Minister of Education and activation of the law on the protection of teachers
  14. From Yota Deputy: a political bloc that paid millions of corrupt deputies to adopt a campaign demanding the abolition of the offices of inspectors Policy 2019-09-15 | 07:44 909 views MP Ola al-Nashi, MP of the National Approach Bloc, warned on Sunday against the abolition of the offices of the general inspectors, considering these offices as the "first wall" of the corruption process. Other deputies in order to convince them to vote on it. "A certain satellite channel belonging to a well-known political bloc has long been campaigning for the abolition of the offices of general inspectors," Nashi said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. In order to adopt the campaign to claim and influence other deputies in order to persuade them to vote on the abolition of offices. " She continued, "There are many obstacles that have weighed on the work of the offices of general inspectors, but most of them were able to address important and dangerous files and referred to the competent authorities and judicial, as well as contributed effectively in the parliamentary interrogations in previous sessions and uncovered serious files that overthrew corrupt ministers in the previous phase." . Al-Nashi pointed out that "the honest national deputies are against the idea of abolishing the offices and are striving to legislate a law that enhances the work of the offices and their independence from the ministries in order to perform their tasks effectively to reduce the rampant corruption in the state departments." She added, "Developed countries and indicators of integrity have high we find it has several regulators may reach dozens, while Iraq, which suffers from serious levels of corruption where there are only three regulators, and corrupt and behind them strive to abolish the only regulator that He works within the ministries and is the offices of the general inspectors, which is the first wall against corruption. " She pointed out that the abolition of the offices of inspectors general "will negatively affect Iraq's international reputation in the field of combating corruption and also breach the international agreements concluded by Iraq with international organizations concerned in the fight against corruption and reduce its international level of integrity."
  15. From Butiflldrm Tarbeel Customs records revenues exceeding one billion dinars in one day 723 views 19/09/2019 Baghdad - direction The Tripoli Customs Department reported on Thursday that revenues of more than one billion dinars were recorded on Wednesday. "The continued increase in revenues achieved in most of its customs centers comes as a natural result of the efforts made by its staff working there as well as distinguished management during the current period," it said in a statement. She explained, `` revenues earned in the account of the Ministry of Finance with the Central Bank of Iraq, which is subject to audits of the Office of Financial Supervision and thus be registered the highest revenue supplying the state budget after oil revenues, despite the challenges and constraints and the acute shortage of qualified personnel and the lack of minimum requirements and means and customs work devices. '' ba
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