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  1. I love the part that it will not be devalued very long. Then he states 2nd or 3rd Quarter. Might as well said 2nd to 4th Quarter. LOL
  2. My biggest concern is that I have to tend the Presidential and Prime Minister bar. Now i will have to file taxes in both countries.
  3. Now Iraq politicians sell out their own country. In 10 years China will be running that country and have millions of its citizens there. It will be engulfed by China's buddy Iran.
  4. That is what I like about the Dominion Servers - No Firewalls and an open DMZ. Next I will be seeing Davis as President of the US and Prime Minister of Canada at the same time.
  5. I love that HCR. Political Correctness has reclassified us from "Peasants" to "Taxpayers". We jumped right over Indentured Servants.
  6. Looks like they were using those Dominion Servers.
  7. Thanks Adam and Staff. All looking positive, early 2021 works for me as well as others here.
  8. Brother, the fight is not over. This is bigger than Trump or Biden and I know you know that. As I stated in an earlier thread that I worked in the Military Intelligence field and this operation is classic PSYOPS. This has been taking place for years. Very few will see through this. Total media control and no one spends the time to validate information or stories. People that wish to site back and not research will fall to Klaus Schwab and the Social Credit Scoring global plan. I work in the tech field (with a clearance) and those Dominion voting machines can easily be manipulated. If Biden is
  9. I feel you are right on this point Pitcher. Iran has really been pushing the envelope since the election. I have a feeling that all these Peace Agreements will start falling apart as well as the US getting back into the war business. On a larger scale, I am really concerned about this Klaus Schwab and these world leaders driving this New World Order - Global Reset. I have not given up hope but I feel that all elections going forward will be less than legitimate and that we will never have free election again. It will all look good, it would be within 2% to 3%, but we
  10. Too fast on the trigger. Posted in the wrong section but enjoy. This should have been in the crypto section.
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