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  1. Good point - not well liked but will become liked by all. Kind of fits the bill. Just need to check out the eyes.
  2. Thank you to you and your Staff. I am hanging in there and staying positive.
  3. Lots of positive news here, we just need a little closure.
  4. Thanks Adam, very encouraging. 🙏 - VOTE. My whole family did ours early this week.
  5. Putting that computer in a box full of rice is not going to help that issue.
  6. RAD-5, top level back up there boss. Looking forward to the update.
  7. Thanks Adam and I mean it. I am just not being polite here. You and your staff have done and are doing a great job. I will be doing a full blown layout and verification of my documents and dinar. See you are the PARTY. By the way - I JUST VOTED TODAY, voting site was busy but got in and out within 10 minutes. Starting the WAVE.
  8. Thanks Adam and Staff. We are still on course and that is all we can ask for. Keep on keeping on.
  9. Thanks Adam and once again to your Staff as well. I am here for the long haul.
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