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  1. OK, it is Friday night. All week long I was working for the UPDATE and my WEEKEND. Sing It Adam ---
  2. Thanks you for taking to time to post. Give my best to your staff. What ever way you go with this it is fine with me. I would be happy just waiting for the TEXT to arrive.
  3. Thanks Adam and yes I am working those Crypto. Getting ready for the big run.
  4. I know what you mean man. Had COVID and it took about 7 days to pass. Had 2 days of fever and 5 days or so of just feeling tired. Sleep like a Big Dog those 5 days and then BANG, good to go. I have been in this for so long I have forgotten when I got in. I would say 17 years or so. I was young and my children(twins - boy and a girl) were just starting high school. Know my daughter has been married for almost six years and I am an Opa with 2 grand children. While my son is a Captain in the Army and has about 7 years in. Never thought it would take this long.
  5. Sounds good. I would rather wait and get a detailed report than get a quick overview today.
  6. Agree, many positive steps. Let's see what Adam has to say.
  7. You know you have been here to long when you read that and say to yourself "Here we go again". That was the first thing I was thinking.
  8. Man, this is the longest two weeks of my life. Let's hope that this puts us over the finish line so we can all move on.
  9. Thank yo Adam and Staff. I will be Waiting and I will be Seeing you on the island.
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