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  1. Content from another site.
  2. Ok Bros, I am looking for some good news here today. Time to get back to normal and see how September is going tome setup and played out for us.
  3. Thank you KristiD and you are right OSI. This community and site have been very good to me. I crossed the line with that post. Looking back, the material I did post probably should have stayed there. As for what I am posting now would probably cross that line again and should remain in OSI..
  4. Got to keep the bar stocked.
  5. Agree, I like getting into these topics. There its a ton of folks out here that have a vast array of knowledge and I am tapping into it.
  6. That is all we can do. I went into this thinking maybe 5 years, well we can see how that worked out. Let's see how Septembers plays out. I am thinking we have a solid shot there.
  7. Had to give you the Big Green Emerald for this one.
  8. Thanks for joining. I have been seeing a lot of Dinar Trashing while I have been doing my research for the VIP section. I might really be off base here but it does not look like most of them have not spent the time to research what is truly happening. In most cases it comes back to what ever they are selling.
  9. Thanks Yota, they just need to get those funds free and back into their account. Hard to do that during the holidays.
  10. Ok, I can see this party is about to kick off again.
  11. Just we all have too much time on our hands.
  12. Where are the Bros? Is it me or is it just this slow right now?
  13. Never the Twain will meet.
  14. I would have to agree. Twain is for sure in its sights, as well as many of the surround countries. Low hanging fruits goes to HK and Twain.
  15. I was think if China moved on HK, I would buy the currency just like I did the dinar. I was thinking of a Kuwait type play. The only problem, like many of these plays, is that there are too many variables in play. I could see a sudden drop but does HK recover to be a global investment center or does Singapore back fill that spot.
  16. I think you have to many letters - ELO. Bring the music to the Bros. Pitcher, side bar here. I was thinking of checking this out. If China goes into Hong Kong and the HK dollar drops what is your feeling about taking a position?
  17. I lived in Oahu for 2 years. You hit all the best spots.
  18. Lets road trip all the islands, I am game. Come On Bros Give Some Info!!
  19. Perfect timing, just checked in. Thanks Adam and your staff for the great support. I love the final stages.
  20. Let me know if you find one. i am willing to head over to the sand box. Keep me posted.
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