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  1. Yet their currency is less than a penny. Come on man, push that button.
  2. Thanks Adam. Things seem to be moving in the right direction.
  3. I took you advice from a past post - THANKS. I am 2/3 of your posted and had a really bad case on phenomena that gave me a new outlook on life. I am spending more time with my wife and kids/grand kids and less time here. I still do my updates on VIP but not on the forums as much.
  4. Is anyone using the dinar? Ever picture i see is of the USD. Country should be free of dinar by now.
  5. Like I have said in the past, until one or two of the MP are shot died only then will they have a since of urgency to get business done.
  6. Then you know where I am coming from. I am trying to retire and spend sometime with my wife. We need to catch up with life and enjoy each other while we can.
  7. Welcome and just my view point. I feel that the major problem Iraq has from moving forward is Corruption. These protests will act as a catalyst to start the process of removing that as well as to start the passing of laws that will improve all of Iraq.
  8. Thought I recognized a friendly face. See you at the DV Party.
  9. I hear you. You and I need closure so we can take care of family and enjoy our time left.
  10. Thanks Adam, let's close this out. I am ready to retire.
  11. Thanks for the great info and dialogue NYK and GregHi.
  12. Being a horse lover she has been to more than one rodeo. Hope you are doing well Starrier.
  13. I hope so Gypsygirl11. Like to get this year wrapped up and the New Year off with a bang.
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