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  1. BKD

    Questions for Adam Montana 24 October 2018

    Adam, if they delete the 000's from the dinar how will that affect the value of our investment?
  2. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    Thanks Adam, you certainly put in a lot of work and effort to keep us updated.
  3. BKD

    VIP membership

    Adam, please clearly state what would happen to the dinar if three 0's were eliminated. How would it affect our holdings. Thank you.
  4. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 October 2018

    GoRV!!! My first granddaughter was born a week ago today! What a nice school fund to give her with the RV. Thanks Adam for the new update.
  5. Thanks Ron...Some interesting events seem to be happening to get the monetary situation under control.
  6. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 3 October 2018

    Great news Adam. Hopefully now the RV is back on track and good news will be arriving shortly.
  7. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 19 September 2018

    Things still moving ahead. Need to get them to speed up the political situation, but as Adam said this is Iraq
  8. Lots of good reading. Thanks all for the time put into this info.
  9. BKD

    CBI News 09/13/2018

    Thanks for the further steps to an RV. Good News coming
  10. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    Oct 3rd-good date personally in my life. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    Thanks Adam, always positive news.
  12. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 August 2018

    Thanks Adam, we all wait for the HCL passage. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. BKD

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 August 2018

    Thanks Adam! Let's hope the government gets seated and continues on the road to an RV!!!

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